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1. History of single bed Upon completion of the present US 72 expressway in the 1990s, the old road was given to the county and cities of Stevenson and Bridgeport to maintain as County Road 74 (CR 74), but the local governments convinced the state to take back the road, which was redesignated SR 277 in March 2003.

County leaders and city leaders in Bridgeport and Stevenson were not happy about the road being their responsibility and turned down requests to take the road back several times. The roadway has many bridges and is designed in such a way that maintenance of the road was deemed too expensive for Jackson County. After a large effort by the county and local state legislators to get the route back under state control, ALDOT reluctantly took back the highway as SR 277, insisting that they would swap mileage with SR 35 west of Scottsboro. However, that mileage swap never occurred and SR 35 west of Scottsboro remains a state-controlled highway.

SR 277 does not include all of former US 72. The route is 9 kilometres (5.6 mi) long and only includes the portions between the interchange of old US 72 and US 72 east of Stevenson to US 72 just east of Bridgeport.

SR 277 travels on the original Memphis and Charleston Railroad bed. ------ 2. Personal life of single bed Kamau has been married to Phillip Karanja (alias Phil or Melvin), a film director and former Tahidi High actor since November 17, 2017. Their honeymoon was celebrated in Seychelles. In an earlier relationship while at Kampala International University in Uganda, she took in at the age of 19 and gave birth to her first son, Leon Karanja, in 2006 who Phillip, her husband, adopted. In September 2019, it was revealed by several news media that she and her husband were expecting their first child together. The actress was said also to have lavished a baby shower in December of that year to celebrate the pregnancy which was predicted to be a baby girl, and later went on a babymoon in The Maldives with her husband. She narrated how she almost gave up getting pregnant again. She later put to bed on December 15, 2019 to her husband's first child by her, a baby girl ("Baby K"). ------ 3. Instagram (Dean song) of single bed "Instagram" (stylized in all lowercase) is a song recorded by South Korean musician Dean. It was released on December 26, 2017, by Universal Music Korea and distributed by Joombas Company. An R&B and soul track, it deals with "stuffy, gloomy" feeling of scrolling through one's Instagram feed late at night.

Despite a lack of promotional activities, "Instagram" topped South Korea's national Gaon Digital Chart and peaked at number two on Billboard magazine's K-pop Hot 100. The single sold over 2.5 million downloads domestically and earned Dean the Best Composer of the Year award at the 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards. ------ 4. Alabama State Route 277 of single bed State Route 277 (SR 277) is a 9.350-mile (15.047 km) state highway in the northern part of the U.S. state of Alabama, traveling along part of former U.S. Route 72 (US 72) in Jackson County ------ 5. Release and promotion of single bed On December 19, 2017, Dean began teasing "Instagram" with a photo post on his Instagram account. He announced the forthcoming single in a second photo post four days later. "Instagram", along with a music video teaser, were concurrently released on December 26. The Korean Broadcasting System and Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation banned "Instagram" from syndication on its networks after deeming the song "unfit for broadcast". Due to its title, the companies determined that it violated regulations for mentioning a specific product brand. On the day of its release, singer-songwriter IU published a pair of cover videos of the song onto her Instagram account. Her post received over 340,000 likes within 12 hours of being shared. A black and white music video for "Instagram" was uploaded on January 30, 2018. ------ 6. Plot Introduction of single bed In the early years of World War II Alice Charlesworth is running a farm single-handed in the absence of her husband who is incarcerated in a Japanese P.O.W. camp. When she encounters Barton, a young deserter, on her land she gladly accepts him into her home and her bed. Although Barton eases Alices loneliness and her frustrations, they do not become friends and there is always some uneasiness between them, perhaps owing to the difference in their ages or perhaps to Barton's weak and frivolous nature. To hide the young man from detection Alice dresses him in her own clothes and tells people that he is her sister. The drama reaches a shocking conclusion when army MPs arrive searching for the deserter and one of them is attracted to Barton, believing him to be a woman ------ 7. Paratropical subsea of single bed A Paratropical subsea is a high-latitude body of water within a paratropical province and one in which the temperature regularly falls below 20 C (68 F), but not below 10 C (50 F) which is considered sub-tropical. Paratropical subseas are distributed equally polewards of eutropical subseas.

Paratropical subseas are absent of corals and well-developed carbonate beds and seagrass, yet contain a mixture of Tethys Ocean lineages of the Eocene as well as Boreal and anti-Boreal (Southern Hemisphere) taxa. This marine environment supports a single species of a few mollusks found in eutropical subseas. Brittle stars, Turridae, Cassis, Euspira, and the rock snails Muricidae thrive in paratropical subseas. ------ 8. Catherine Kamau of single bed Catherine Kamau Karanja (born February 3, 1987) is a Kenyan award-winning actress, popularly known as "Celina" (or "Selina") and "Kate Actress".

She came into the limelight for her role in the Citizen TV show, Mother In-Law where she played as Celina. She has also featured in other films such as; Sue na Jonie(2017) , Plan B and Disconnect.

Catherine attended Chogoria high school where she joined the drama club and became popular for her talent in the club before moving to Loreto Msongari where she won the 'Miss Loreto' Award.

She has a diploma in Communications, majoring in public relations from Kenya College of Communication and Technology.

Well known as Celina, Catherine Kamau is also the brand ambassador for Harpic Kenya. ------ 9. Critical reception of single bed Entertainment news website Oh My Star chose "Instagram" as one of the most memorable songs of the year. Hong Seok-woo of Cine21 magazine felt that the lyrics were "touching" and complimented the guitars on the track. Billboard magazine ranked the song at number thirteen on its list of the 20 Best K-pop Songs of 2018. Writing for Paper magazine, columnist Jeff Benjamin described the record as "one of the most relatable tracks out this year" and listed it at number nine on the publication's Top 20 K-pop Songs of 2018.

Dean and co-composer Highhopes shared the Best Composer of the Year award for "Instagram" at the 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards. Dean also earned nominations for Best Hip Hop & Urban Music and Song of the Year at the ceremony. The single was also nominated for Song of the Year December at the Gaon Chart Music Awards. ------ 10. World Championship Results of single bed BDO1993: 1st Round (lost to Steve Beaton 13)

1999: 1st Round (lost to Co Stomp 03)

2001: 1st Round (lost to Jez Porter 23)

2002: 1st Round (lost to Wayne Mardle 03)

2005: 1st Round (lost to Martin Adams 23)

2007: 2nd Round (lost to Ted Hankey 34)

2008: 1st Round (lost to Darryl Fitton 13) ------ 11. The Triple Echo of single bed The Triple Echo is a 1970 novella written by English author H. E. Bates. Set during the early years of World War II the story describes the strange relationship that develops between a young army deserter and a married woman struggling to run a farm alone in the absence of her P.O.W. husband. Bates later said he began working on the story in 1943 but encountered a stumbling block over a character, later removed, and was unable to make any progress with the project until 1968. Although first published in book form in 1970, the complete story was originally published in the Daily Telegraph magazine in instalments during December 1969. The book was filmed in 1972. ------ 12. Sei bellissima of single bed "Sei bellissima" is an Italian ballad song written by Claudio Daiano and Gian Pietro Felisatti and performed by Loredana Bert. During the years Bert claimed to be the actual composer of the song, but that at the time she was unable to sign it as she was not a member of SIAE. According to Bert, lyrics were inspired by her relationship with Adriano Panatta.

The musical arrangement by Vince Tempera was inspired by Riccardo Cocciante's "Bella senz'anima".

The song premiered at the 1975 Un disco per l'estate, being eliminated from the competition; nevertheless, the single was a commercial success, peaking at the thirteenth place on the Italian singles chart. The song was the first hit for Bert, following the commercial failure of her debut album Striking.

The verse "a letto mi diceva sempre non vali che un po' pi di niente" (i.e. "in bed he used to say 'you are not worth a bit more than anything'") was initially censored and replaced by "e poi mi diceva sempre non vali che un po' pi di niente" ("and then he used to say 'you are not worth a bit more than anything'"). A version with the original lyrics was eventually released the same year. ------ 13. Tyne cyclist and pedestrian tunnels of single bed Tyne Cyclist and Pedestrian Tunnel was Britain's first purpose-built cycling tunnel. It runs under the River Tyne between Howdon and Jarrow, and was opened in 1951, heralded as a contribution to the Festival of Britain. The original cost was 833,000 and the tunnel was used by 20,000 people a day.

It actually consists of two tunnels running in parallel, one for pedestrian use with a 3.2 m (10 ft 6 in) diameter, and a larger 3.7 m (12 ft 2 in) diameter tunnel for pedal cyclists. Both tunnels are 270 m (884 ft) in length, and lie 12 m (40 ft) below the river bed, at their deepest point. The tunnels are over 60 years old and are Grade II listed buildings.

At each end, the tunnels are connected to surface buildings by two escalators and a lift. The Waygood-Otis escalators have 306 wooden steps each, and are the original models from 1951. At the time of construction, they were the highest single-rise escalators in the UK, with a vertical rise of 85 feet (26 m) and a length of 197 feet (60 m). In 1992, escalators with a higher vertical rise of 90 feet (27.4 m) and 200 feet (61 m) in length were constructed at Angel station on the London Underground. The Tyne Tunnel escalators remain the longest wooden escalators in the world.

20,000 people a month used the pedestrian tunnel in 2013. ------ 14. Career of single bed Kamau played the role of "Selina" (or Celina) the wife of "Charlie" (Patrick Oketch) on the Citizen TV drama series began 2006, "Mother-in-Law" before leaving the show for another, the Swahili language TV series, "Sue Na Jonnie", in which she played the role of "Sue".

In the 2019 romantic comedy film, "Plan B", produced by Sarah Hassan and directed by the Nigerian film maker, Dolapo Adeleke (Lowladee), she played the role of "Joyce".

For movie, "Plan B", she was nominated in the "Best Supporting Actress in a Film" category in the 9th edition of the Kenya Film Commission Kalasha Awards 2019. That was also the same award category she was nominated in the 2018 edition for, for her role in the movie, "Disconnect". She had earlier won the "Best Lead Actress in a TV Drama" award in the Kalasha Awards 2017 and again got a nomination in 2018, for her role in "Sue Na Jonnie".

She is also a content creator and a youtuber,in her youtube channel she speaks on fashion,style,acting,lifestyle and motherhood.She is very passionate on the issue of teenage pregnancies,having been teen mother,has a dubbed phrase Queens must wait,where she encourages young girls to wait first before deciding to be mothers. ------ 15. Background of single bed Lehmann was born in the village of Alt-Kstrinchen in the Kingdom of Prussia on May 29, 1842. He received a common school education. He came to Wisconsin in 1858, and eventually settled in Hustisford, where he became a restaurateur. In 1864 he married Auguste Schwensow (1844-1920) of Hustisford, a native of Brandenburg.

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