Introduction to Platform Bed

1. Lambert Graben of platform bed Lambert Graben is a graben in Antarctica. It intersects the coast at Prydz Bay and contains the largest glacier in the world, Lambert Glacier. The graben is a Permian rift which contains coal beds. The graben has been correlated with the coal bearing Godavari Valley of the Indian Peninsula prior to the breakup of Gondwana.

. ------ 2. Amenities of platform bed Palasa railway station has a double-bedded non-AC retiring room. Other amenities at the railway station include computerized reservation offices, telephone booth, cloak room, waiting room, vegetarian and non-vegetarian refreshment rooms and book stall. ------ 3. Geology of platform bed The graben is a Late Palaeozoic-Mesozoic triple junction failed rift. Precambrian metamorphic rocks, composed of granulite-facies sequences intruded by granites and pegmatites, are overlain by the Permian sedimentary Amery Group. These rocks outcrop on the Platforma Kamenistaja and Else Platform within the northern Jetty Peninsula (Jetty Oasis).

. ------ 4. History of platform bed During the period 1893 to 1896, 1,287 km (800 mi) of railway tracks covering the entire coastal stretch from Cuttack to Vijayawada, was built and opened to traffic by East Coast State Railway.

ReorganizationThe Bengal Nagpur Railway was nationalized in 1944. Eastern Railway was formed on 14 April 1952 with the portion of East Indian Railway Company east of Mughalsarai and the Bengal Nagpur Railway. In 1955, South Eastern Railway was carved out of Eastern Railway. It comprised lines mostly operated by BNR earlier. Amongst the new zones started in April 2003 were East Coast Railway and South East Central Railway. Both these railways were carved out of South Eastern Railway.

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