How Software Development Is Like Shopping for Office Furniture

Last week, my team was informed that our physical desks would be reassigned to another team, and we are now responsible for designing and sourcing our workspace. Im sure this is not an odd situation for a startup, but as part of an existing organization this is well outside of my range of expertise.During this process, I was able to draw parallels between my experience evaluation, sourcing and assembling our new furniture to the software development process. Step 1: Functional RequirementsWhat do you need?

Why do you need it? You talk to your office-dwelling peers and other people who are looking for office furniture. You talk to people who use office furniture all day.

You make some decisions about the things you need:You need a work surface, so you decide to search the internet to figure out what kinds of desks other people like you are using. You (probably) need a chair, or at least something to rest your bum on. Google Search autocomplete helps you find recommendations on office chairs.Step 2: Minumum Viable ProductI dont know about you, but when I think about minimum viable furniture, I think IKEA.

A quick trip to ikea. com helps narrow down the options to a few combinations of office environment friendly desks and chairs.You dont need anything fance at this point, youre still vetting the options. A simple flat work surface and stool will do.

Step 3: DesignAt this point, design isnt a huge concern. But, you still have to pick the colors for your furniture. Basic black and white will work for now.

Well consider this our wireframing step. Step 4: DevelopmentOnce youve decided on the desk and stool you want to try, you have to put them together. This is a combination of preparing your environment, unpacking, selecting your tools and putting the pieces together.Step 5: ReleaseCongratulations!

Youre now ready to put your workspace to the test. Scooch up that stool, plug in your MacBook and get to work.Step 6: SupportAll software products are going to require some form of routine maintenance. Likewise, your IKEA furniture will need the screws tightened down every couple of weeks.

Neglecting this will surely cause heartache down the road.Step 7: RetrospectiveOnce youve had some time with your minimum viable furniture, the next step is to determine the additional features and functionality that you need to make your work day easier and more enjoyable. Repeat this process for each new feature, and youll have a pile of recyclable flat-pack boxes in no time!.

RELATED QUESTION Is an acrylic kitchen sink a good replacement choice for a builder grade flimsy stainless steel one? Stainless, even the thin ones, are far superior to acrylic for a kitchen sink. I havent seen any acrylic kitchen sink last more than a few months before they showed a lot of stains, damage and wear.

They easily mark from copper clad and aluminum pots and pans. Cast iron pans will easily scratch the acrylic. A dropped knife will take a gouge out.

Staining is a persistent issue especially from grease, oil, spaghetti sauce, coffee and juice drinks. Personally, I would not use an acrylic sink anywhere other than a bathroom. MarkKw

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