Aluminum Formwork: a New Leader of Green Building

Reporter recently learned from the green building high quality development activities, compared to wood formwork, we used to choose in the past project, aluminum formwork has much more advantages of reusability, environmental protection and better result. It is expected to lead the green building on the development of new high quality road. The reporter sees in the spot, here does not have the fine day a suit of ash, the rainy day a foot mud the construction site scene, more does not have the dust to float in the sky.

Walking all the way from the project site, the road is very clean despite the construction site on both sides.The project has carried out fine management, intelligent creation and green construction in quality control, dust prevention and other aspects, and has achieved certain results. According to the person in charge of the project, aluminum formwork is used in the construction of Xiahe garden project. Compared with the 8 times of using traditional wood formwork, The Times of using aluminum formwork can reach 200 to 300 times, and the quality of wall forming is better.

Normal wood formwork construction technology, verticality and roughness are 0 to 8 mm, aluminum formwork construction completion of the measurement data is 0 to 4 mm, and the wall can be directly growing without secondary plaster construction work, the product surface level off is smooth, uniform color, after dismantle concrete wall can achieve marble mirror effect, and can directly reduce the cost and plaster. Aluminum formwork construction can also improve the construction efficiency. The traditional wooden mold construction needs 4 to 5 days to construct a layer, but the use of aluminum formwork can be increased to 3 to 4 days, greatly improving the construction efficiency.

Compared with wood formwork, aluminum formwork reduces the potential safety hazard caused by sawing and other operations. Due to the characteristics of the material itself, there is no fire risk. The aluminum formwork is lighter in weight and lower in hoisting frequency, which greatly reduces the probability of accidents during construction and provides a good guarantee for the safety of construction personnel.

In addition, aluminum formwork in the conservation of wood, energy saving and environmental protection at the same time more reduce the cost of use, the overall economic benefits of the construction unit, construction efficiency, civilized construction level, construction safety and so on have been greatly improved. As a whole, although the aluminum formwork industry has not started for a long time, in recent years, with the promotion of green building, it has accounted for about 20% of the entire formwork market in 2017. At the same time, efforts will be made to improve the recycling effect of aluminum formwork, extend the service life of aluminum formwork, and promote the continuous development of green building RELATED QUESTION How comfortable is long distance(around 14 hours) chair car journey in Indian Railways?

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