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EZ does it with fold-up design: Consisting of three pieces - a stand, ergonomic keyboard tray and mouse pad - the WorkEZ standing desk conversion kit works for both laptops and desktops, although it isn't suitable for big monitors. The height adjusts up to 55.8cm and its collapsible, adjustable design is easily removable. The eco-friendly packaging is 100pc recyclable too. €115.42; plenty of space, the FlexiSpot desktop workstation is available in three size options and two colours. One of its greatest appeals is its ease of use, with 12 height-adjust settings and straight up-and-down movement. It has built-in tablet integration and assembly is straightforward.From €266.19; uk.flexispot.comThe Yo-Yo Mini height-adjustable desk, which is 68cm wide, is suitable for those under 5'11" tall when placed on a standard desk of 72cm. Assembly takes five minutes, while to change from sitting to stand height can be done in seconds, thanks to aluminium springs. It comes with a three-year warranty and is available in black and white.€309.95; standingdesk.ieThe nicely proportioned 1home sit-stand height adjustable desk convertor easily accommodates two monitors, keyboard, mouse and even your cup of coffee and holds up to 13.6kg. Ready out of the box, users can choose the right height with the pump-assisted lifting mechanism. The desk, made from laminated particleboard, and the steel base are durable.€112.88; Indo Business

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Buy Height Adjustable Desk Riser to Work Comfortably and Stay Healthy
Do you feel exhausted or like a half open rusted penknife after office? Is sitting prolonged in the office really killing your back? Are you gaining weight? Are you experiencing all of the above? If yes then buying a height adjustable desk riser is the only solution to improve your productivity whilst maintaining an overall good health. Why Movement Matters a Lot? No matter how comfortable your office chair is, spending long hours while sitting in the same posture has a very harmful effect on the health. It will not only increase the chances of backache, body pain, diabetes, and obesity but it will also have a very great impact on the productivity of the individuals. The beauty of height adjustable desk rise is that it allows the individuals to perform their work without compromising their physical comfort. Sitting in the same body posture will also increase the fatigue and stress level in an individual. The height adjustable desk riser will help you to keep your body active and healthy. What are the Benefits of Using Height Adjustable Desk Riser? There are many benefits of using height adjustable desk riser in offices. Some of them are listed below: Helps in maintaining a good body shape. Reduces the chances of weight gain as additional activity burns extra calories. Keeps an individual active and energetic. Helps in improving the potential of the customers. Reduces the chances of back pain and body ache. Is Your Chair Killing Your Back? Almost every another person complains of a backache and discomfort who works for prolonged hours in the same position. If you also feel discomfort while sitting on the chair for a long period of time, you should immediately look for a reliable online supplier for buying superior quality and easy to use height adjustable desk riser. How to Select the Right Desk Riser for Yourself? As there are so many options available in desk riser, how will select the right one for yourself? Well, there are a few things which you need to consider before selecting the right desk riser for you. Look at the height of the table and compare it with your height. Make sure that table is made using superior quality wood. Have enough space to keep all your accessories. Provides enough space for movement. Enables you to increase or decrease the height of the desk easily and quickly. By keeping these few points in mind, you will surely easily select the right desk riser for yourself. It is advised to approach a reliable and renowned supplier in order to buy superior quality, durable, and branded desk risers at the best possible prices.
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