Will Intensive Stretching Reduce Your Ability to Do Other Activities?

No stretching will only improve your fitness. You will love it

1. What are some other activities to do with a 17 mos old girl?

Painting is good fun! Dip her hands & yours in the paint & make pictures like that. My little girl loved it (& so did I) they are also lovely to keep. I am not sure which country you are in, but you could also try something like Rhythm Time or Tumbletots.

2. Would you avoid skiing since it is quite dangerous compared to other activities?

I train in slalom twice a week and yesterday i feel and broke my nose and scratched up my face. Am I going to quit? no i get to big adrenaline rush from it

3. What are some other activities/ sports for a pit bull besides the basics?

The cinder blocks would definitely be cruel. Start taking him to dog training classes. After he learns some basic obedience you can get him involved in dog-specific sports like fly ball or agility. Do you have a treadmill? Many dogs can be treadmill trained and that can burn up some energy as well

4. Did you have time to draw or do other activities when you were a medical student?

Im a second year. And I have time to co-conduct (I make learning guides and sometimes run rehearsals) the medicine glee club. Meaning I study every part of almost every piece ahead of everyone else in the choir. Yes there are lots of opportunities to do other things in medical school. As long as youre organized and efficient. I plan every day to the last hour

5. What's a best place north/east/west of Dallas for a 2 or 3 night vacation with lake/other activities for kids?

Try Jefferson, Tx. It is east of here, near Caddo Lake. There are historical hotels in town, and camping at the lake. There are also places with cabins at the lake. The lake is beautiful, and they even have steamboat tours. In Jefferson, they have a train ride, carriage rides, horseback riding, and boat tours all within walking distance of the hotels. This is also an interesting area if you are into history at all. I do not know how old your kids are, but they also have a neat walking ghost tour at night. I am not into ghosts, but it was fun anyway to see the houses and hear the stories. Have fun wherever you go!

6. I'm planning a trip to Niagara Falls with my family. Any other activities or places of interest in the area?

Be sure to take them on the Maid of the Mist boat tour under the falls. If you plan on visiting Canada, make sure everyone takes plenty of identification with them. Last time we went, the Canadian security was polite and professional. Unfortunately I can not say the same for our Home Land Security. They were needlessly rude towards everyone including children (one of them said something very rude and uncalled for to one of my daughters. I reported him). If the weather is nice, try to do a lot of walking around. It's worth it. Have fun.

7. How does Islam balance worship with other activities?

English translation of the Quran by Muhsin KhanMy personal view of the 2 sections above (so take with a pinch of salt)These 2 sections of the Quran to me seem to be saying that when it's time for worship, worship! When it's time to work, work! Work could possibly be considered a type of worship if your have the correct intention. However, I am no scholar, so you should probably get this clarified by someone more reputable

8. Do colleges want Jack ofAll Trades,or a Student highly-focused in 1 area (although also does other activities)?

Do not mind the idiot above me. Probably 1, but 2 has a MUCH higher chance of getting in than the average joe.

9. Craft suggestions for a daycare at the gym? Or any other activities?

What I've always done when I was little was make silly popsicle picture frames with little decorations like glitter, feathers, etc. Another one was that you get one of those LONG sheets of paper to lay on the ground, where the kids lay on them and you trace their bodies (kind of like a crime scene, do not tell them that though) and put it on the wall for them to see or something like that. Also for the bigger kids, you can make use of the gym and play classic games like Sharks and Minnows, or red light green light. I hope these suggestions help. :).

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