Why Is Xbox the Better Console?

i have both i like the 360 because it software downloads are better and faster.ps3 takes hours to download stuff 360 has a chargebale batrery pack that last longer so it worth buying. the online play is larger and games are more interactive. 360 has kinect witch is awsome and completly controller free i havent played ps3s move yet. ps3 has bluray which i watch alot. people argue about the graphic saying that ps3 are better or 360s are better but they are pretty much exactly the same ps3 are recorded in native resolution but most play in 720p most of 360s are in 1080p but they look the same on my 42in lcd and my friend 60in dlp.i like both but i use 360 for gaming and ps3 for bluray i didnt think i would like 360 cause ive only had playstations but when i got it i loved it.

1. Is there console commands for xbox 360?

No. The command console has been stripped from the game for the Xbox360 and PS3.

2. What is the best Game on every Console?

So hard to decide that, I can only say for what console I have played so PS2 I would say star wars battlefront, Xbox 360 Gears of war 2. For xbox one Sekiro!

3. From console to GUI applications [closed]

First you might want to look into the curses library, which facilitates the creation of terminal-based interfaces.On the truly graphical side of things, the OS windowing system is responsible for most of the heavy lifting. Generally the OS draws a bunch of stuff to an in-memory bitmap, and then says to the graphics card "Hey, can you show this crap on the monitor please?". Repeat 60x per second. As such, when you are wanting to write a proper graphical interface, a lot of the stuff you are going to be doing is basically just talking to the operating system - "I want my window to be placed here", "let me know when the mouse is over this part of the window", "alright can you change the mouse pointer to an hourglass please" etc.Of course for most uses you want to be using a graphics library to handle that talking-to-the-OS stuff, leaving you free to code up your UI in a platform-independent manner

4. Crawl Errors in Search console

I came across the same problem on my VDS recently. I was running CentOS with CloudLinux (LVE) and it turned out that CloudLinux was at fault.Cloud Linux limits resources available to the account so if you get more visitors and resources end, you would get 500 errors. My solution is to disable any limits set in LVE, so when one website gets a lot of traffic, the whole site might slow down, but it will not give 500 errors.Kind Regards

5. Reverse bash console text flow

This would be a very odd behavior. The main reason is this: How would it handle the output from any command which generates several lines, such as ls or cat? If you have a screen which scrolls opposite of normal, it would print cat ./foo in reverse order. I think your best option is to go with the comment left by Zypher and just move the monitor. Standards are great, but trivial standards which cause the opposite of their intent are worthless. Do what works best for you in your situation

6. Console Based Snake Game

the moveUp / moveDown etc can be more genericand then instead of moveUp() and others you give the direction as parameter:

7. Trying to open a subtab in Service Cloud Console

You can try Custom console Components and you can add the URls there. Setup ->Customise -> Console -> Custom Console Components Add them to the Page Layout it is displayed at the top as a button . From here you can configure you UI to have sidebars where you can display the URLS.

8. What is the best game console?

Hey, I my self have a ps3 i like it playing call of duty modern warfare a lot and battlefield bc2. But that's just me i grew up playing wolfenstein and all those oldskool fps games. If you like that to you should go for xbox or ps3. If you are more in adventure and playing with friends you should go for wii! Everyone is always saying a wii is gay etc but i grew up playing ps1 ps2 ps3. and i have to say wii is awesome the graphics are not that good but i had fun with it! And that's what its all about.

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