Why Doesnt My Audio Out on My Orion 46 Inch LED TV Work?

HD tvs do not use red/white audio for sending sound out. You have the red/white audio plugged into the tv's sound input. The only sound out the tv has is optical. So you need to get an optical cable and run it from your tv to your surround system. If your system does not have an optical in, you can run red/white directly from your cable or sat box to your surround receiver, run HDMI into your tv for picture from the box, and turn off your tv's sound

1. Question about the samsung led tv?

TVs are tested and designed to stay on for long hours but in practice the longer your leave something on the shorter is the life of some components inside your equipment. Another fact is that if we leave things on st-by or on for nothing you are consuming electricity, lets do something for this planet switch thing off if not used. After all it will leave you something extra in your pocket. HOPE IT HELPED.

2. samsung led tv wall bracket help?

ok you are seeking to spend extra money to place a television on a wall like a portray. now I relatively have a 32 inch television (nonetheless choose an even bigger one) yet once you are gaming on it you may might desire to be closer to the reveal screen for particular video games. as an occasion on undesirable business business enterprise 2 the different characters are smaller so i like to be closer to the reveal screen so i word extra flow in view that i am able to %. up the bits and bobs. I basically in my view think of in case you may stay with it and keep your money then gain this because of the fact it makes it extra transportable if choose be

3. Should I get an extended warranty for Samsung LED TV?

Answer 1 and 2, sorry. Oh hell yes you take it. A 32" TV used to run $900 if it was a mits, sony, or hitachi. Phillips, $400. The average 32" runs $350. While the price has come down, so has the quality in the way they build them. Piece of mind. 55" say $1400. $299 warranty. It breaks trip charge, labor and parts, $400 plus easy. Extended warranty's are nothing more than insurance policy's. Ask how many peoples cable box blew out the digital main board via HDMI. Say $250 parts, $80 trip, $100 labor. $430. $299 is not looking too bad now is it!.

4. LG LED TV Picture problem?

First answer is correct. Check your manual and see if your TV is has a screen maintenance function that cleans up image retention. On Panasonics, they have this feature where the TV will display a big white vertical bar that would go accross the screen to remove image retention. (reset the pixel color).

5. Which is the best led tv under 25000 for viewing cable connection?

U didnt defined how much inches of tv u want.nLets assume u need 40" tv, then theres1.micromax (full hd, 2 hdmi port)n2.vun3.phillipsn4.bpln5.onidaI also dont know which is best among them.nWaiting for anwer

6. 32 inch LED TV with 1080-120 OR 720-60?

You should definatly choose 1080p with 120 hz because it will look better in motion (no pixel bleeding) and it will have better detail. These tvs may cost more buy it will be alot better. You should definitly go with Sony, they are the best.

7. I scratched my LED TV and now color doesn t show up in the place that s scratched. Can I fix this?

youll most likely have to pay the tv place to fix it for ya by replaceing the whole screen panel

8. How do i make my Samsung LED TV look like a soap opera?

Go into your Picture Settings menu and find the setting for 'Auto Motion Plus" and turn it on and all the way up. This is the setting that smooths out the picture and creates the SOE.

9. I bought a LG LED TV today and it didn't come with a remote control. would I be able to use another model's?

You are probably better off getting a budget Logitech Harmony remote. Sometimes the remotes from other units work, but sometimes not. I have 2 panasonic BluRay players and the main functions on each remote work with either player, but not all of them.

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