Which Video Game Console Is the Best?

The Playstation 3 is obviously the best when it comes to bang for buck. I mean wifi built in, best looking graphics, and a little thing known as blu-ray. However the 360 on the other hand is amazing for the online play with Xbox Live. Playstation's online play just can not touch it. If I had to pick one or the other it would be the Playstation 3 though. I do not count the Wii in the battle because any real gamer is not going to own a Wii over a 360/PS3. The Wii is more of a casual experience for little tykes or seniors who want to keep active in my opinion. Edit: Boy oh boy, lolifofo is giving all sorts of bad incorrect answers today. The PS3 is known all over for having the best graphics out of all three systems if you are playing in High Def. If you do not believe me do a quick google search. Also to the person who said if you want online gaming then go with a 360. While the 360 is great for online gaming, want to know what is even better? The PC! As great as Xbox Live is, a nice gaming rig trumps every system in online play easily.

1. Which is a better console?

Get a PS4 It's cheaper and more reliable also It Is getting allot of love from developers

2. Are there free console games ?

Only if you have Playstation plus

3. USB to USB console

The link-level protocol of the USB is a very different one as the RS232. It uses 2 data wires, it is packet-based, it is master-slave and it can connect many nodes on a single wire (RS232 is bidirectional). The abbreviation of "universal serial bus" is a little bit misleading: it is designed to be so universal as the RS232 was, but it is not a stream protocol. To have a direct stream connection between two machines, some type of data stream should exist over the link-level USB protocol.The result is that in essence you have an usb-to-serial converter, which acts as an intermediary layer between the USB and a bidirectional data stream. It should not be rs232, and also it should not do a physical conversion. You can buy a simple usb link cable to interconnect two machines. As two usb slaves can not be connected directly, they also need some intermediary usb master. This works mostly by giving an usb-ethernet interface to the machines connected with them, but giving an usb-serial interface would be possible too, and these devices may exist. Next to the RS232, the Apple has developed a hardware-extended solution named lightning for that, although I would suggest more the RS232 direction on practical reasons.However, there is a much smaller diversity in the machines bioses of most PC architectures. If you want a console redirection with them, you have only a physical RS232 connector on the mainboard for the task. Most BIOSes/EFIs wo not even use an usb-to-rs232 connector, only the physical rs232 port on the motherboard

4. what is the best video game console?

Xbox is way more fun online than ps3

5. Which console is better for my son? (Nintendo Wii or DS or a ps3 console)?

The wii sucks, they care more about motion controls than a good game. The PS3 is way more expensive, but it's worth every penny and then some. Plus the PS3 can play bluray dvds! The wii can not even play regular dvds, get him a PS3.

6. Best Video Game Console for Me?

xbox 360 is the thing for you it has great action games

7. What console are the final fantasy games on?

Ps3 and ps vita. All the final fantasy ps1 games including VII Crisis core (psp game playable on vita) Remake of III FFX hd coming to both. Crystal guardians (spin off) Prinny can I really be the hero 12( pspvita) All the ps3 FF. And final fantasy 0 (not in English)

8. which is the best gaming console?

It really is up to you. My advice would be to check out comparisons and read advice at some of the review sites www.gamespot has some good stuff but it can be hard to find and overly technical Try www.gamescales.ca and look at their comparisons and advice pages to give you some insight. But my personal opinion is I like my Wii for family and party games and my PS3 for my online and shooter/adventure games and my Xbox 360 for my Zombie killing. But I loved my PS2 go I guess the PS3 is probably the best bet, it is hard to beat the free online gaming and BluRay.

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