Which Song of Led Zeppelin Had the Best Lyrics?

Robert Plant once said his favourite song was Kashmir. The music is a great example of Led Zeppelins alchemy: the guitar riff is in triple meter and the vocals in quadruple meter. Its one of their rare progressive number and cemented their place as a more than just hard rock band.The lyrics, to answer the question, are beautiful. Ill leave you with the first verse:Oh, let the sun beat down upon my face

Stars fill my dream

I'm a traveler of both time and space

To be where I have been

Sit with elders of the gentle race

This world has seldom seen

They talk of days for which they sit and wait

All will be revealed

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Why does the cold make LEDs less efficient?

The answer is simple.As we know LEDs are after all diodes which are by nature semi-conductors.As we know with the increase in temperature the free ions in the semi conductor also increases.which again means higher the temperature(up to some limit) lower the resistance and higher the conductivity. ( meaning diodes have negative temperature coefficient of resistance).Now coming to the actual answerAt low temperatures the free ions inside the LED is less ( meaning it has a higher resistance). Thus we have to provide a higher potential difference in order to obtain the same output. Hence the efficiency is low at lower temperature s.Higher the resistance lower the current, lower the current lower the re-combination of electron-hole pairs.Lower the re-combination lower the light emitted.

Which inturn means low light efficiencyHope I have answered your question


Was there something fundamentally different between 1776 and 1867 in the world that led to Adam Smith's and Karl Marx's books being so different?

Well, it's important to remember that both Smith and Marx were foremost philosophers, not economists in the modern sense of the word. They were both deeply concerned with human freedom. In Smith's time the free trade he advocated wasn't very popular--European states were still largely mercantilist. Contrary to popular belief, Smith's economic beliefs were founded on empathy, and he hoped free trade would emancipate people from the institutionalized oppression of the church, guilds, corporations, and government. By the 1840s, free trade had become the norm in Europe and the U.S., and Marx saw that when combined with an industrializing economy, it exacerbated wealth disparities and, through the wage relation, strengthened institutions' control over workers, rather than loosened them. Smith and Marx wrote very different books indeed, but they aren't necessarily the polar opposites that we are often led to believe


Why didn't the neighbouring governments led by Congress send additional police forces during the Gujarat riots in 2002 on the request of Modi?

One word- Politics.The INC had planned to not help Gujarat under CM Modi.

Narendra Modi requested the Chief Ministers of neighboring states- Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan to send aid in the form of law enforcement and paramilitary personnel. He made the modest request of 10 companies of armed police from each State. The letters of request were sent to the three Congress Chief Ministers on March 1, barely a day after after the violence broke out.MP and Rajasthan refused blatantly, while Maharashtra sent a limited number of personnel. Madhya Pradesh CM Digvijay Singh replied after 2 weeks and refused to send personnel due to heavy commitments of Madhya Pradesh Special Armed Force within the State.Even after the riots, Congress continued dirty politics with Ishrat Jahan Fake Encounter case.Sources-


Is "led" no longer a word?

I've been led to believe that it is a word."Led" is the past tense of the verb "lead" (which rhymes with "bleed"). It is also the past participle.But the English language is often confusing. There is another word spelled "lead" which rhymes with "red" and thus is a homophone of "led", but this "lead" is a noun, and the name of a metal.Also, the similar-sounding verb "read" is pronounced like "reed" in the present tense, but like "red" in the past tense and past participle.As a result of all this, many people do write "lead" when they mean "led", but that is considered to be a misspelling.


Plato said a country should be led by philosophers, is that practicable?

I think it is already taking place. The authorities of a certain country follow the philosophy (religion, views of life, view of social make up) they believe in.For example, education and higher learning: in socialist-minded countries, universities are accessible to all and get subsidised, while in capitalist-minded countries, admittance is rather for those who can afford it. Class philosophy may not be accented in the open, but it is implemented in reality.

Health also is affected by the philosophy (or lack ) of the government of a country. The highest ratio of doctor per 1000 citizens in the world is in Cuba, almost 6 for 1 k citizens, the lowest in Somaila, Benin, Togo etc. and it is 0.02 doctor for 1000 inhabitants.As for defence and aggression, peace or domination, well statistics are on the net.


What are some problems in 4G that will be solved in 5G?

I will provide a technical answer to this question -5th generation networks have two facets - the 5G new radio (NR) and the 5G core network (5GS).The 5th generation network is envisioned to address the following use cases -A. Massive Machine Type CommunicationsWhere all our machines and appliances will be automated and controlled through intelligent 5G applications.

B. Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR)To provide a larger data pipe to deliver content and services through AR and VRC. Extremely low latency mission critical applicationsSmart cities, smart traffic controls, realtime decision making for industrial automation and digital supply chain, driverless cars etc.There are many other use cases being studied, but in summary - the motivation behind 5G is to envision a digitally connected and automated future.


What has led to the downfall of organized religion in America?

Many, many things have contributed.Part of it is sexual and financial scandals.Part of it is that we are more affluent and comfortable than ever, which means we're less in need of the solace religion can offer.Part of it is that science has undermined Scripture, by showing that it contains many factual errors.

But most of all, it comes down to two things: individualism and the Sexual Revolution. People no longer want to adhere to rules against things they enjoy. It's hard to tell people Do these things you don't really like doing" and even harder to tell them Stop doing things you like doing.

Churches with tough rules alienate their members. Conversely, nice" liberal churches that abandon tough rules and tell their members God loves you just the way you are" strike their members as pointless and unnecessary


Is Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" plagiarized from Spirit's "Taurus"? How should the court case be settled?

The Zep haters, and there are lots, will say yesto them this is just more evidence that Zep are nothing more than thievesThe Zep lovers, and there are lots, will say noto them this is just another case of someone trying to gouge some money from Zep..I have listened to boththere is a plethora of expert opinion and audiovisual demonstrations on Youtubeand while I admit there is a similarity in parts of it, I dont believe there is enough to say it was plagiarizedbut what do I know?If it comes to the point, and I think its a big if, where a Judge finds that Zep did indeed steal it, then obviously a writers credit would be appropriate along with some moneyhow much and in what form, who knows?


Can LED's work as a solar cell?

Yes, LEDs and Solar Cells work by inverse processes.In a solar cell, a photon enters the cell and excites an electron from the conduction band to the valence band. The electron is collected out of the cell, creating current.

In an LED, an electron flows into the cell and recombines across the band gap to give off a photon, which is the light emitted from the LED.But the process can work just as well in either direction.The band gap energy determines which light is involved. Solar cells absorb any light with higher energy than the band gap, and LEDs emit light at the band gap.Solar cells and LEDs are optimized around different functions, but the process works both ways


What is the best LED home projector?

The best LED home projector: Prima ProjectorNow a days many of portable projector is available in market. But The best portable Projector is Prima Projector. Unlike any other portable projectors you've seen before. Prima Projector turns every moment into an ultimate, standalone multimedia experience.Portable, slim and light as an iPhone 8 Plus!Powerful 1080p resolution, watch your movies in HD quality.Screen projection of up to 200 inches.200 lumens of brightness, bright enough to lighten up the whole room.

Built in Android software so you can easily stream anytime, anywhere.Easy screen sharing and hot spot for seamless entertainment.Prima is great for teaching, school/work presentations, occasional movie nights, showing your photos to family or friends, gaming, and much more. All you need is a flat surface and you're ready to go!Prima 1080p HD Pocket Projector


What other phenomenon has the rise of streaming led to?

I think the other answers are pretty good. I would add one more side effect of streaming: resurrection of old or cancelled shows.Streaming accelerated the demand for content. So shows once viewed by Hollywood as damaged goods, such as canceled shows, are now considered to be opportunities. After all, it costs millions of dollars to develop a new series from scratch. Whats more is that many cancelled shows already have an existing fan base that will inevitably gush about revivals to their friends and on social media.

As a result, what you see sometimes are shows that are producing new episodes but on a different channel from the original. This is called show swapping in the business. For example, Lucifer reappeared on Netflix after being cancelled by Fox in 2018.


What do Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Queen, Metallica and The Eagles think of today's music?

Robert Plant has been particularly visible in collaborating with younger artists across different genres and not dwelling on his past achievements with Led Zeppelin. So I think he is open to listening to contemporary stuff and, as with anyone, he will like what he likes.I don't know about the others but I have noticed a trend where, in interviews with the older rock legends, they come across as open-minded and supportive (for the most part) of the modern music scene. Far more receptive, in fact, than their fan base which tends to be stuck in the past reminiscing about the good old days when music was music, etc.I suspect that they will generally acknowledge and appreciate any new music that they like, while also thinking that it's not quite as good as what they've achieved in the past!


Is the Mi LED 4k TV flash sale fake?

Technically no, practically yes. It's a method (unethical and cheap, if you will) to... (1) Market a product by inducing desire, forcing buyers to compete and find/create its position - in a already crowded segment (2) Fast Price Discovery and Price Adjustment - even though price references are already there (3) Limit margin losses for a newly launched relatively low priced product - you can simply sell just limited units, say few 10s or few 100s (4) Get market share quickly in a market segment having heavy entry barriers (5) Dictate pricing (see what Jio is doing in Telecom with deep pockets) (6) JIT Inventory Control (7) Demand Tracking & Projections (8)...Through Flash Sale on Flipkart, now Mi has data and knows demand level at current price levels, without selling much inventory and by bearing losses. In the process, over next couple of months, they will have entry, market share, positioning, ...

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How Can India Get Back the POK and Aksai Chin Region?
Yes, certainly both !!! but why only PoK & Aksai Chin will fall itself & come under India's domain by it's own people - but so also Gilgit, Baltistan, Baluchistan & Sindh will try to come & seek India's domain & union type of Federal Rule, on it's own !!!There is no need for India's Aggression & forceful takeover of neighboring provinces, as these Citizens are fed up with current style of ruling & highly exploitative nature of Governance, without any benefit going to these provinces & to its Citizens !!!There will be revolt in these 4 - 5 neighboring provinces & will pose serious attraction from the outside World like, UN, USSR, USA & other European Union Confederation on atrocities & terrorism bestowed upon them by Current Ruling Regime & from past regimes since Independence period of respective provinces !!!• Suggested ReadingWhy are people against Jehovah Witnesses?I am not opposed to any religion although i may appear to be critical of some faiths this is due to the fact that they have for years been scathing themselves of other faiths due to the freedom of speech act, any one can pretty much say anything provided it does not promote hate or violence. 1st main reason would be cause people dont like having someone preach at their door. 2nd would be that they already have their own faith and dont want to change. 3 rd sometimes if they talk to the church pastor he will advise them not to talk with the witnesses. 4th cause people view religion in general as very hypocritical they dont want anything to do with any religion------Why is it so hard for people to believe that God really exists?Good question! I always wondered myself! But the proof of Gods existence has been here all along! The universe itself is the proof; it exists & we exist inside it. God is its creator. A creation cant exist without a creator. But who or what created God? According to the Holy Bible, God created Himself! (That truth doesnt seem to make sense, but paradoxes are like that. Anyway, God can do anything because Hes omnipotent!)Also, God is usually unseen. Invisible things that dont interact with others are difficult to distinguish from things that dont exist. However, being omnipotent, God can change His appearance; that means that maybe we sometimes see Him but cant recognize Him because He appears as we dont expect Him to appear!.------Is it possible that I might never catch SARS-CoV-2? How possible? What are the odds?Right now, there are 2 million cases in the US, out of 328 million people, so in a very rough (and maybe meaningless) estimate, there is about an 0.06% (6 cases per 1000 people) of catching the virus. It is likely much higher if you do not mitigate (6 feet), live in a densely populated area, live with many people that go to different areas during the day, and so on. So there is currently an 0.06% chance of catching the virus, or 99.04% chance you wont - but DO NOT stop mitigating.I, OTOH, live in a 6400 person small town on the central coast of California. (It is bright and sunny today, 70dF, light breeze coming off the ocean What you might call, Paradise. ) We do not know the actual number of cases because the local health department wont reveal the real number if it is 04. (Dont get me started.)------If electricity flows positive to negative, then how can the resistor come before the LEDDiodes require a current limiting resistor in series with it. Usually a light emitting diode (LED) sits adjacent to the resistor, and is called a series resistor where the two other components in that circuit node are an LED and a voltage source.-V--------series resistor-LED-OR-V--------LED-series resistor-Either of these work. When there is no current limiting resistor on either, the LED will probably light up once then dim, or the semiconductor junction inside has been destroyed.If the circuit has other active components associated with the LED, then the conventional rule is to still place the series resistor adjacent to the LED on the anode, which is either marked () or the anode is the lead which is longer in length of the two legs or leads------Why do many consider Kurt Gu00f6del the greatest logician of the 20th century despite the fact he was a theist?Religion and theism is an extremely personal matter. People often forget how intimate, private such a topic is. For many, it is outside of realm of logic and objectivity. Its just faith as the saying goes.Also let us assume that God is not real. If a person believes the Pope is based in France, it does not necessarily imply that he is wrong about other unrelated topics. Hitler could state that killing Jews is wrong and he would be right. Being a massive hypocrite does not invalidate your points.I am not qualified to comment on his arguments for theism and particularly his ontological argument(s) for God. I suspect you may have a harder time than you expected trying to de-bunk them.Gdel's ontological proof------What rights do the USA, Russia, and other countries have to attack on Syria so blatantly?In reality NONE just the blocks BULLY boys inflicting pain and suffering trying out all the new advanced weapons in their arsenal. I think we have all dealt with bullies during our growing up years so this just takes it to another level. Africa with all its wealth oil, gold and diamonds is just another example of being ruled by bully dictators over the years stripping it of the wealth belonging to the people who live in abject poverty. The UN nobody steps in to help. Mugabe after 37 years of robbing raping and murder gets to ride of into the sunset with immunity. It truly is a sad state of affairs around the globe. At 79 years of age I am glad its close to check out time.------What role, if any, did the EU play in Britain's decision to leave the EU?Toe of the boot.UK is much better off in the very much richer EU. She would have benefited a great deal in the long run, but she was too insular and too stubborn to drop the in favor of the . She can't have it both ways, otherwise she's conning the EU. England must drop some of those English ways.Also there is the money laundering problem. The Cayman Islands is an autonomous British Overseas Territory. As a tax haven, it doesn't fit into the international fair trade paradigm, 181st in the world in export value, 92% of GDP in services. Switzerland, the world's actual financial center, ranks 17th in the world in export trade value.Once a pirate always a pirate, I guess. This stubbornness of theirs will be their undoing.------As a Christian, how do you feel about yourself when you successfully convert another person to Christianity?Like many others who have already answered, I have not converted anyone of my own ability or design.I merely give testimony of how God has solidified my faith through personal experiences throughout my life. I put down the Words that God leads me to put down. I do my very best to relate to unbelievers what God has told me to relate. And let The Holy Spirit of God do the rest.God is the only one who can show someone that He IS. God Commands and man chooses whether or not to obey. God gives evidence(on a personal and subjective level) and man interprets that evidence to his/her own benefit or detriment.Only God can quicken the spirit with discernment, understanding, and Faith. And then, only if the person has Love, Forgiveness, and Mercy in his/her heart.All Glory goes to God Almighty------Who ultimately caused the death of Romeo and Juliet?Friar Laurence was fully responsible. First, he married two young teenagers who barely knew each other, from feuding families, with no consideration whether their families might have an opinion about it. Then he gave Juliet a poison that made her appear dead and put her family through that nightmare. And then he didnt stay with Juliet to make sure she was okay. He relied on an undelivered letter and went back to tending his plants as if he had no further responsibility. If hed been watching over Juliet, as he should have done, he could have told Romeo when he showed up that he could wait a few minutes and shed wake up. How Romeo and Juliet could have dealt with their families after that, I cant imagine. But the Friar is guilty, for sure.------Why weren't Hong Kong & Macau given back to the Republic of China instead of People's Republic of China? ROC still exists today!Because the PRC threatened to invade when Margaret Thatcher met with them to discuss renewal of the lease. It is not clear that PRC knew the terms of the lease or the expiry date (or whether the lease needed renewal as it was in perpetuity) but the UK approached them about it. PRC were not prepared to discuss renewal and so issued an ultimatum, either hand HK over or they would invade. Handing over HK was completed but those wishing to leave born before 1997 could apply for a UK passport and leave.The PRC have so far broken the terms of the agreement and have continually undermined HK autonomy. I believe the above are factual, unlike much of the PRC china propaganda posted by their paid government snoops.------Why did early hominids stop climbing trees?It wasn't so much that hominids stopped climbing trees as it is that they committed to habitual bipedalism. The changes in anatomy associated with being habitual bipeds simply made climbing trees much harder than it was for our nearest relatives.Have you ever seen a chimpanzee climb a tree?They quite literally walk up the trunk. This style of climbing is greatly facilitated by having a divergent big toe to help wrap around and grasp the trunk. Further, having a lot of mobility in the ankle is beneficial. Having relatively short legs compared to arms helps.Humans can climb like this too, but it is far more awkward.The traits that make us good bipeds make us lousy arborealists: we have a big toe in line with the rest of our toes, we have much less ankle rotation, and our legs are exceptionally long compared to other apes------How long did your 'dark night of the soul' last?About 6 years.Constantly.It was brutal at times but letting go has been a grief process after grief process. There was no choice. I couldnt do any formal meditation practice.All I could do was watch the feelings and make sense of what was coming out.I have no regrets. The peace and stillness is lovely. And the insights I gained now help me to empathise with others in new areas of life and to share the methods I created to get me through it.Ultimately its all appearance but I find there is a natural flow to it.Im writing a book about how meditation methods can be adapted to help with recovery from abuse. Quora is proving useful in prompting content.Thank you for posting the question------What was/were the reason/s behind the decline of the Indus Valley civilization?Shortly after 2000 BC when an era of drought pretty much brought an end of this culture. The Sub-Boreal climatic era began in the BlyttSernander sequence of Holocene climates. The climate was generally dryer and slightly cooler (by about 0.1 C) than the preceding climate, but still warmer than today. In the Indus valley at the city of Harappa, Indo-Aryan people had began cultivation by irrigation.The Late Harappan civilization shifted from the Indus basin about 19001300 BC to the Ganges River basin. These were Indo-Aryan people known during the "classic" Vedic period. This archaeological culture is called the "Cemetery H culture" which was a Bronze Age culture in the Punjab region. It spanned from Pakistan and northern half of India and gave rise to the Vedic Civilization and the decline of the Indus Valley Civilization.
Hongli Zhihui Mini LED Display Won the CDIA Annual Best Display Module Product Award
From May 31 to June 2, the three-day international display technology conference (ICDT 2021) was grandly held in Beijing. The conference gathered display enterprise elites and academic leaders to carry out in-depth exchanges in the field of information display, aiming to actively promote the research of display technology and the development of intelligent manufacturing technology. As a leading semiconductor packaging enterprise, Hongli Zhihui Mini LED products Hongping micai crystal series were exhibited at booth a69 of Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center, and won the bronze award of CDIA's best display module product of the year.International Display Technology Conference (ICDT) is the only independent brand display technology conference held by Sid outside the United States. As one of the important activities of the International Display Technology Conference (ICDT), China display industry award (CDIA Award) aims to commend the excellent display technologies and products of the previous year. This award is a high recognition of Hongli Zhihui display technology.Hongping · micai crystal cob p0.9 82 inch product has the characteristics of ultra-high light transmittance, high brightness, high color gamut, high contrast, low power consumption, long service life, infinite expansion of screen size and so on. Using the unique bright color integrated black packaging process of Hongli Zhihui, it is in the leading position in China in terms of appearance blackness, ink consistency and power consumption, and realizes subversive visual innovation.The product also has higher dynamic contrast, higher brightness and color gamut. Combined with HD HDR system, the display effect is better. Through infinite expansion, HDR playback of 4K, 8K and other high-definition videos can be realized. The high color gamut performance makes the display screen richer and more realistic. It is mainly used in commercial display fields such as security, cinemas and shopping malls.Relevant technicians of Hongli Zhihui said: "the beautiful and fashionable appearance and ultra-low power consumption are expected to break the threshold that the traditional LED display can not enter the consumption field due to serious appearance graininess, gray and unsightly off screen, high power consumption and special power supply, and bring the LED display into the trillion level consumer market."Hongli Zhihui always adheres to the respect for technology and innovation, constantly strengthens the core technology advantages in the display field, establishes a mini / micro led joint laboratory with South China University of technology, and actively applies for patent protection for related technologies and products. In the future, Hongli Zhihui will continue to strengthen technological innovation, further promote the market-oriented, large-scale and industrialized development of domestic Mini / micro led new technology, and contribute to creating a more beautiful "vision" for the LED industry.Original title: ICDT 2021 Hongli Zhihui Mini led Ultra HD display won the CDIA annual best product awardThe source of the article: WeChat official account: Hongli Zhihui] welcome to add attention! Please indicate the source of the article.
Which Is a Better Buy LCD Or LED Or Plasma Or DLP?
LED is the lastest technology for hdtv .It come with mega dynamic contrast ratio that give stunning picture quality.Very thin set and 40% less power consumption.If you can afford I would recomend led tv. Samsung and Sony are good brand to get.http://www.amazon.com/gp/redirect.html?ieUTF8&locationhttp%3A%2F%2Fwww.amazon.com%2Fs%3Fie%3DUTF8%26ref%255F%3Dnb%255Fss%255Fetk%255Fce%255Fav%255F%26field-keywords%3Dled%2520tv%26url%3Dsearch-alias%253Delectronics&tagcomputer0bd-20&linkCodeur2&camp1789&creative390957but if you want cheaper one I would recommend LCD over plasma,They have less problem,not burn-in,thinner set,less power consumption and last longer.I would suggest Samsung new 2009 model that come with high contrast ratio,great picture.http://www.amazon.com/gp/redirect.html?ieUTF8&locationhttp%3A%2F%2Fwww.amazon.com%2Fgp%2Ffeature.html%3Fie%3DUTF8%26ref%255F%3Damb%255Flink%255F84188471%255F1%26docId%3D1000365861&tagcomputer0bd-20&linkCodeur2&camp1789&creative390957• Other QuestionsCan I put a regular shop clamp light on my snakes cage? The lamp's label (not bulb) says it contains lead. Huh?Not if it contains LED, go with the 19 bucks. This is a living animal.Corn snake care sheet:Babies- 10 gallonAdults- 20 gallonBedding/substrate- aspen, about 1 inch for babies, and 2 for adultsOne side of the tank needs to be 85 degrees, the other needs to be in the low 70'sEach side needs a hide, so the snake can get out of view if neededYou will need to change the snakes water every dayWater needs to be provided 24/7The water bowl needs to be big enough for the snake to soak inYou need at least one climbing branch (if one from outside, bake on 350-400 for 15-30 minutes. make sure this branch is ALIVE, not dead, or it may catch fire as you are baking it)You may want to put some decoration in the tank for showYou need a mesh-wire lid for the tank, make sure it has locks, snakes are escape artists!!!Feeding:Babies- 1-3 pinkie mice a weekSub-adults- 1-2 fuzzy-medium mice a weekAdult- 1-2 (recommended 1) large mouse- small rat a weekDo not handle your snake until 24-48 hours after feeding.-Hope I helped!God Bless------Do energy saving light bulbs really save you money?Yes....Fluorescent bulbs last 10x longer & use 75% less electricity.One 18 watt fluorescent bulb will last the same number of hours as 10 - 75 watt incadescent bulb with life cycle savings of more than $80 over the life of the bulbs.(Lighting accounts for 15% of your homes electricity.)Incadescent bulbs produce 90% heat & 10% lightCFL's produce 90% light & 10% heat.So by switching to fluorescent bulbs, not only will you be saving on the energy to "light" your home, but you will also save on the amount of a/c you use.I know we have noticed a tremendous difference in the temperature in our home since we have switched to cfl's. It cools a lot quicker & stays cool.I definately recommend them...I know it takes a little more to dispose of, but it's well worth it. Find the nearest recycling company the recycles cfl bulbs...Just think, you'll only have to recycle them once every 5-7 years. I think it's well worth the sacrafice...Take care & God bless.------I have a scooter battery, how can i use it for light?1. find a car or motorcycle light that fits your application. Make sure the bulb voltage is the same as the battery voltage.2. note the wattage of the light bulb, say it says "12 watts". find the battery capacity, usually something like "2.5 amp hr". figure the amps required to light the bulb, amps watts/volts. say you have a 6 volt battery. amps12/6 or 2 amps. then calculate how long the battery will last, hourscapacity/amps. in this case 2.5amp hr/2amp 1.25 hours maximum.3. wire the battery terminal to a 5 amp fuse, then wire the other end of the fuse to a on/off switch, and the other end of the switch to the bulb. wire the other end of the bulb to the battery - terminal.4. an LED light of the same voltage as the regular incandescent car or motorcycle bulb will last many times longer for the same size battery. the drawback is that LED lights are expensive, and not very common in 6 or 12 volt versions.------What are some good things to write on a resume?Depending on the position an applicant is applying for, they should tailor their resume with roughly 1215 industry specific words and task relevant experience.For example, if a posting reads:Corporate Recruiter Responsibilities:Full-cycle recruiting including phone and in-person interviewing, coordinating interviews and coordinating with hiring managersSource candidates via LinkedIn, job boards, networking, university relations, and Boolean searchesBuild recruiting processes and metricsFind creative ways to attract top talentAn applicants resume should read something like this:Placed Recruiting, Inc., Chicago, IL. January 2016 PresentTalent PartnerFacilitated a full-cycle recruitment process across all business lines and sourced candidates through proven recruitment channelsSpearheaded campus recruitment to build brand awareness and expand companys relationships with target schoolsScreened and analyzed over 5000 resumes to match past experience with future relevant tasksDeveloped a 9-step data based reputation matching system that more accurately predict candidates job successThe verbiage used is:This led to that statementsGSDer (get stuff doner) words/action wordsQuantified resultsIndustry specificTask relevant experienceCheck out Placed - Find your dream job - Hire your next rockstar and get partnered with an expert who will help you shine.------Is there a simple way to tell axial inductors and resistors apart in through-hole type PCBs?Generally, every component will be identified on the silk screen printing by a letter (sometimes two letters) and a number.The numbering (at least on all the boards I've worked on starts from the upper left corner when viewed from the component side and numbers are usually repeated for different component types.Some examples:L inductorR resistorC capacitorU integrated circuit (chip)D diode (including LEDs)Q transistorLk link (wire bridging tracks)J or JP jumper (the small plastic caps found inside many computers)Other letters may also be found for more specialised components.If the silk screen is absent or unreadable, removing the component and measuring the DC resistance with a multimeter may reveal what it is (assuming it isn't a failed component) as small inductors generally read as 0 ohms where a resistor will read somewhere close to one of the preferred values - note that the component must be removed from the board for this as you may get parasitic readings from other components connected in parallel.Is there a simple way to tell axial inductors and resistors apart in through-hole type PCBs?------Approximately how much energy can be generated from a portable hand-crank device?Many variables.Those radios you refer to use gear multiplication to spin what is nothing more than a small motor similar to what Mabuchi markets in hobby shops.It is not that much power. Many of those radios use an efficient circuit so they do not draw large amounts of current in operation, and the batteries you are usually charging are a bundle of three nicads that are half the size of an "AAA" cell. If you swap those for some regular AAA cells, the charger will not charge them. The same if you tried NiMH types.They have been making hand powered flashlights, like the "Shake lite" and a flashlight you continually squeeze to keep the small generator spinning for over a decade. When the Soviet Union collapsed, many items from their military became available on the open market, and they had piezo powered night vision scopes, monoculars and binoculars that remain energized as long as you held even pressure on the lever, and those go back over 20 years. This makes calculators childs play to power because their whole history was about making them more energy efficient from the first TI Datamaths in 1972..------In an algorithm based interview, is it stupid to tell the interviewer that you know the answer to that question already?In an algorithm based interview, is it stupid to tell the interviewer that you know the answer to that question already?From the tone of the question and the details, it sounds like you're inclined to be dishonest about it. You're asking whether it's "stupid" to do the thing you're not inclined to do, and it sounds like you're not really asking whether or not you should do it, but how long to make your fake pauses. Ugh.Knowledge doesn't work against you in an interview. If you were asked an algorithmic question, an answer like "It looks like we could just use algorithm here, so the answer would be is great.I've been asked a puzzle question in an interview (which are bad, in case you didn't know) and responded with "I've seen the harder version of this same question. Do you still want me to answer it?" The interviewer did, and asked about the harder version, which I showed along with its solution. The interviewer was more impressed than he should have been (which is part of why puzzle questions are bad)------What are the projects I can make on signal and systems? It's a semester project and we're allowed to use Arduino.Try making a little diorama of a road junction, complete with traffic lights. It doesn't have to be modelled exactly, if course, just a painter board and you could put the LEDs in boxes or even embedded in the board.Maybe a Morse code transmitter. You type, it sends Mirse.Maybe an intercom for hearing-impaired people (or teenagers), with a few pre-programmed messages one end and a display the other. And response buttons-ok, no, don't know. You could use a touch screen each end, with two arduino units connected by I2C.Maybe something similar but using Grey code conversion.Make your own serial communicator with parity bits or ECC.Talking alarm clock that shouts at you. You'd have to use an SD card to hold the voice recordings.A toy that records you. I know these cost u00a310 in a toyshop, but you could be as creative and imaginative as you like.Interactive maps. System but not signals, particularly.I've run out of ideas now.What are the projects I can make on signal and systems? It's a semester project and we're allowed to use Arduino.------What are the impressive features of Nokia XL vs Moto E?Nokia XL and Moto E are two very good smartphones but falls in totally different categories. The price difference is not much between them but here are some key point which one should consider before buying one of them:nMoto E is more cheaper!!! At just INR 6999 it is the best in class budget phone with latest android on board, where as the Nokia XL runs on heavily customised Android v4.2. GO for it for the VANILLA ANDROID experience under 10KNokia XL has a better screen, better OPTICS, with rear LED flash and a front camera for those SELFIES, which gives the Moto E a big thumbs down. If you want a solid product for casual photography then go for it.If you are a GOOGLE product and service user then Moto E should be your first choice as this supports google services where as Nokia XL is based on microsoft (outlook account and the windows ecosystem.) nMade a wise choice buying the phoneWhat are the impressive features of Nokia XL vs Moto E?what are the impressive features of NOKIA XL VS MOTO E?.
For Healthcare Professionals, See the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
Wouldn't choosing to be Strictly a Democrat or a Republican, be a bias threshold for judgment on one's vote?loyalty, reps and dems are established just like poeple wont switch to some new football league as oppose to nfl same way its hard to vote for someone other then reps or dems------Dennis Kucinich--- what are your opinions of him?He is totally ignored by the mainstream media, but his ideas are far superior to those of the so-called frontrunners and he should be given much more consideration than the media is giving him.------Where do you believe the polarization that exist within politics today comes from?Americans are desperately trying to keep their country from sliding into socialism with a total loss of liberty. And the socialists are just a desperately trying to destroy America to build their utopia------What will it take for Obama to do before his voters realize they put our country in grave danger?I think your President is very clever to have arranged a depression when he takes office. What better way to ensure not to get voted in next campaign by short sighted ignorant voters------who should i vote for? clinton or obama?hillary...u should read the democrat polls and their comments of voters as to why hillary is the best of all candidates - on her experience, qualfications, hardwork, and most electable as next prez------Will the Republicans learn from Waterloo and support climate and energy legislation?I think Senator Jim DeMint was comparing Obama to the Duke of Wellington in that reference. The Duke of Wellington was a Torie (conservative) and likely a role model for Senator DeMint------Why did you vote for Obama?universal healthcare coverage, ending Iraq war, good energy policy, rebuilding and modernization of infastructure, and reform to the financial sector, plus ending guantamano, support of gay rights and abortion where three minors------Are you proud of an American political party as sadistic as the Tea Party?Tea partiers are not a political party. Everything you claim is wrong. Tea parties are made up of Republicans, Democrats, Independents and everyone else who is fed up with tax and overspend government------what's the difference between the tea party movement and #occupywallstreet?The most fundamental difference is that the Tea Party narrative is people versus the government, while the OWS narrative is the poor and middle class versus the rich. The OWS narrative is more constructive------If Obamacare is so wildly popular, why are Democrats avoiding their constituents like the plague?Because CRAZIES KEEP THREATENING TO KILL THEM. Unlike Eric Cantor who felt the need to parade a poor schizophrenic man in the media to make himself look better, Democrats chose to lie low.------Are Conservatives aware that the Free Market created ObamaCare, and in the future Universal Healthcare?I'm sure the 5.4 million people that have had their insurance cancelled and the millions whose health insurance premiums have double or tripled in price due to 0bamacare are very grateful------Why are the polls showing President Obama ahead of Governor Romney?Only dumb people will vote on president just base on religions preference and believe. Smart people look at everything and balance out positive and negative side before pick to vote for------Is Obama's 'keep your insurance' comment like Bush's 'mission accomplished' comment?except there are millions more uninsured now than before Obamacare was implemented. if you really cared about improving healthcare for every American you would be in favor of scrapping Obamacare completely------What do you think of Barack Obama's presidency so far?think about who voted him into office...mostly minorities and white students...most of them have no idea what Obamas agendas were...they just voted him on his looks and youth and color..NOT his experience or intelligence------How did we let this happen?Generally when people regurgitate the thoughts of others, they have the presence of mind to try and reword it so it seems like their own thoughts. This is just a lazy rant------Why is the US not number one in health care in the world? Why does ElSalvador have a better infant mortality?A lot of the money spent goes into corporate profits rather than care. We also have a large number of uninsured and under insured people that drive down the average care standard------Where was the Tea Party when President Bush expanded Government-Run Socialized Healthcare?The people who became the Tea Party did not start paying attention until a Black person was elected President. The first Tea Party rally was almost three months after Obama took office.------Why should I vote for McCain?To be honest, you should do your own research to find which candidate's values and policies reflect what you believe in. All you are going to get on here are opinions------Should George Bush Run health care?Health care should stay private and not socialized. Every social program should be destroyed. They do nothing but keep people with their handout which causes more money to come out of my paycheck.------Why do people on this site think universal healthcare is associated with communism?From the PR agents, spin doctors and media who live on the very lucrative health, insurance, and pharmaceutical industries. They are very afraid of their profits being curtailed by universal health care.------Why are Americans so against a system like the UK's NHS?Americans are not against it. Big business, Insurance Companies, and Lawyers are the ones who are suppressing the opportunity. They are the ones who have caused the shutdown. We Americans are not well enough informed...------If the USA is broken in many fundamental ways, as some say, who or what do you think is responsible?I think that it is a combination of the people who have been in office and the fact that Republicans and Democrats go after each other instead of going after the issues------Re: Obama's "transparent" administration, "How's that hope and change working out"?President Obama has done as great job, as evidenced by his reelection. The deficit is dropping substantially fasted than planned, because of the improving economy. Since you are a conservative, you hate that.------Why should I not vote for Mitt Romney?He will outsource you. Abortion is just a scam the Republican party is using to sucker conservative Christians out of their votes. They will never outlaw it. It is their golden goose.------What exactly has Obama done in the past 9 months that has benefited this nation?stimulus money for buying cars and homes, however that only affects the individuals and not the nation as a whole, since the stimulus devalues the currency and therefore hurts the nation------What's more important - preventing government involvement with healthcare or creating competition?what president obama should do is come out against health care reform, then the kneejerk republiCants would support it to the hilt, the only thing important to them is defying their president!------Do you think Americans are generally OK with current government? Put differently, what is the level of satisfaction?Almost everyone can find something they dislike about politics, so if you ask a broad question such as "Are you okay with the government?" the majority of people will say no------Does anyone else find it interesting (if not maddening) that the Democrats and Republicans can't work together?obama is a polarizing figure, full of petty insults and sarcasm and full of himself. He has no leadership skills. His agenda is chilling because he seems determined to destroy the nation------Why do dems claim that we have sub-par healthcare compared to other developed countries?No one claims we have the worst system, but the World Health Organization ranks us 37th, which is not good considering our healthcare system is the most expensive in the world------Questions about the government and how elections are held in Germany?An important term to mention in this context is Proportional Representation (look it up on wiki). That is the biggest difference to other systems of voting. The person leading the government is called Kanzler/Chancellor.------Can you name one business that makes a profit that the democrats have not tried to take over or destroy?Funeral Homes. Although with the millions that will die with denial of healthcare with Obama Care, they will take another look at taking over the funeral homes. A big tax will be in order------Here is why Universal Healthcare is bad....can you argue othwerwise?I agree with you. Our schools are socialized and look how they turned out. Some students cant even read, especially in Mississippi and Louisiana. Fema is under the gov control and they suck.------Are Your Senators Acting in Washington On Your Behalf, Or Their Own?Have you ever heard of lobbyists? They vote for the lobbysts not the American people's best interests. We need to outlaw lobbying if you want your best interests taken care of------Who led the 1994 Republican Revolution?That would be a terrible response on Obama's part. Obviously Romney will have some sort of canned answer against such an accusation, only making Obama appear weak and almost childish with such a retort------Q for the American right: Who would you choose between Obama and the British National Party?Assuming that I am willing to break all the walls of reality, and take to heart your obvious bias towards said party as true, I would probably side with the BNP------Do conservatives at all know what they're talking about when calling Obama a socialist?the republican does not even know the difference between a commie and a socialist yet they claim obama is both boy romney losing to obama sure hurt the republicans sorry ***------Have you seen the thin line blur between capitalism and socialism?I do not see any blur, Hillary and the Democrats are promoting Socialism. The changed the name to liberalism, now they call themselves progressives but it is socialism plain and simple------Why did Glaxo-Smith Kline pay for all the $25,000 a plate meals in Hamilton, Montana at the Romney fundraiser?Glaxo-Smith Kline is rewarding Romney for saying he will repeal the Affordable Care Act (what detractors refer to as Obamacare). Insurance companies and drug companies prefer the broken health care system we have now------How do tea partiers live with themselves when they say they are "grass roots"?All of the disruptions they (Tea Party) have caused this year and previous is all negative for them. The voters are going to show them how much they dislike these policies------Isn't it pathetic for a country as wealthy are the US to not provide an affordable healthcare option?Truly Pathetic it's almost sad. A World Superpower that prides itself as the pinnacle of Western Civilisation, but refuses to help their poorest people. Or maybe, THEIR Western Civilisation is OUR Capitalism?------Are you proud of Obama that he hired a Radical Revolutionary who loves Rationing Care to led Obamacare?Every step and decision the Obamunist makes proves what conservatives were saying prior to his election. It is unfortunate that the older people will suffer from the effects of this appointment------Do you think the Thousands that came to Protest the Health Bill in DC, will have any effect on the Dems voting?Not at all. Democrats are completely out of touch with mainstream America. And the only effect that mainstream America can have on their elite, arrogant attitude is to put them in the unemployment line.------Is this yet another example of Bush's "love for the troops?"?bush needs to vacate the white house, i dont think the americans realize what a detrimental affect he has done not only to the US economy but to its citizens as well------Honestly who do you feel will won presidency?He fooled everyone once. Do you often buy lousy products because of good marketing? Do you keep buying the product even after you find out it sucks, just because the marketing is so good?------This guy has ruined my dad's business and cost us thousands, what can i do?Sounds like you need to check city ordinances before doing anything. Then he would have nothing to complain about. And nothing here shows it is racist based. Waste of time throwing the race card.------College graduate -Want to move to California or somewhere warm. suggestions?It is cheaper in the central valley with housing that costs about half what it does on the coast. Salaries are lower but more than offset by the reduced costs of living------What is wrong with polygamy?Well if you dont mind sharing your husband with a bunch or other wives thats your business, however you dont see the husband sharing his wives with other men do you?------Will Reid and Pelosi admit their crooked ways and drop the Nelson fraud from their bill demanded by 13 states?I hope it goes to the Supreme Court where the Conservatives still control the power and Scalia and the Conservative rip on Pelosi so badly her that her botox starts to leak------Why do democrats think Obama was an amazing president?democrats think the womanizing drug addict mafia backed kennedy was a great president and his brother teddy was a great senator so who knows how they come to the conclusion they do------Does Obama's actions prove that the Republican way is the true way of governing?So many lies.... The Republicans filibustered middle class tax cuts, the Republicans filibustered the public option. Republicans started the wars in Iraq and are prolonging the war in Afghanistan, Obama will end them.------Obama or Romney? Your opinions?Obama has disqualifed himself from being President due to his endorsement of homosexual marriage and abortion, in violation of the law of God. "One nation under God" Remember that, from the Pledge of Allegiance?------Did Richard Nixon have any redeeming qualities at all?Aside from one, single unfortunate indiscretion that he covered up rather than coming clean about, he was a fairly decent President. He was sure as hell better than what we have now------David Frum, President Bush's speechwriter, says that conservatives are to blame for Obamacare passing?Mr. Frum is once again right on the money. The Republicans are about to find out that the vast majority of Americans will find the health care reform legislation very much to their liking------do you think that the people who hate health care reform are idiotic?Not really. But I do think they are putting more of their critical thinking skills to work on the government than they are other citizens. Which is what Americans are supposed to do------Is rationing health care the same as universal health care?No. The only way a universal system can be affordable is to not cover everything for everyone and means there has to be rationing. Some agency decides who really "needs" things------Why do many people become publicly liberal but have deep down conservative opinions?They lack the courage to resist the Leftist indoctrination ruining America even though they know in their hearts that Marxist theories are just a scam to grant Power to Elitist Despots------Why isn't the Democrat-led Congress, with the votes to do whatever they want, passing Obama's healthcare?Because unlike republicans who move in lock-step, no matter what is being presented, the democrats actually have differing opinions on political questions. That is called debate and is healthy for our government.*------Cons, can you give me an example of how Obama has ruined our nation?You are missing the big picture, he has continued the proven failures of his predecessors. He can be faulted for wrecking the country for this reason. The hope and change campaign was pure Bolshoi.------Do you think Obama is satisfied with his policies causing 2.6 million people to fall into poverty during his?Let me see if I got this straight. You are saying the President controls the economy and he has the power to force companies to hire people. FYI Corporations are posting record profits.------Aren't Dems in the process of wreaking havoc on state budgets?? States can't cover once federal funds run out?Do you really think they care? They will bankrupt country with the states asking more every year to support what they have done! Dems only think of themselves and the American Public!------as a healthcare professional, do I have a right to hate the idea of socialized and government-led healthcare?What western country will you go to? Cause every other one has government health care. So unless youre off to a 3rd world country enjoy your new career whatever it may be
Is It Safe to Resolder Multiple Sets of LED
Sure - all you have to do is come up with a 3V 8 amp power supply, otherwise the 8 sets will simply overload the power supply, perhaps burning it out, but certainly leaving the lights dim or out1. What factors led to Twitter's growth?It's interesting, but the celebrity factor with Twitter is the exact opposite of what it is in the real world. Real world, a celebrity uses it, then promotes it, and everybody's got to try it. With Twitter, celebrities did not get there until it was popular. Twitter was a sensation before Larry King, Ashton Kutcher, or Oprah Winfrey started using it. What made it a sensation?The founders (Evan Williams and Biz Stone) had already proven themselves successful with another innovation (Blogger), which they sold to Google. Because of this early success they could afford to take some time and build something solid. There was no financial pressure because they had money in the bank. They therefore spent their love of technology on building a great service.Simplicity. Twitter is surprisingly simple. Any idiot can figure out how to use it.Early adopters. Evan and Biz, due to the aforementioned early success, had an indoor with influential people of the Web. They did the smart thing and introduced Twitter to some of these influential people, who then started using it.User-driven. Like most great innovations, users had their own ideas about how to use Twitter, which deviated from the founders' vision. Twitter was simple and flexible enough that it allowed users to experiment and play around with ways to use the service, so they did.Word Of Mouth. It still works. Once the early adopters had their chance to play, many of them influential members of the Web community, they started mentioning Twitter in public (on their blogs, social networks, etc.). Their blog and social followers took the hint and picked it up.More Word Of Mouth. After early adopters, the cool kids (followers of the early adopters) did their own experimenting with Twitter. They discovered other cool things it could be used for. They too started promoting Twitter as a fun business and personal communication tool.Offline WOM. Because early adopters kept promoting it and the cool kids said it made them more cool, the great unwashed masses could not help themselves. They did not want to be left out. So with the help of early adopter enthusiasm and cool kid peer pressure, everyone else joined it. What is so interesting about this is that many of these Johnny-Come-Latelies heard about Twitter off line from their cool friends. This is a bit oversimplified, but this is based on my own observation of Twitter's growth. The features that make it worth talking about, for both the early adopters and the cool kids, are:SimplicityScalabilityFlexibilityInteroperability (this one is HUGE) Those four useful features, each one with its associated benefits to more than one segment of Twitter's (unintended) vast market, are the impetus that provided for Twitter's success. But the cause of it has been WOM on the part of its users and the earned PR it has gained as a result of that WOM, and later, celebrity usage.The reason interoperability is such a huge driving factor for Twitter's success is because once users figured out that they could improve Twitter for themselves and their friends by building a third-party interactive platform that provided real added value, then Twitter became all the more valuable. It increased in value for at least one segment of the overall market with each value-added service that other developers brought to the table. Third-party applications that were not any good fell away; those that provided value were used more often and that increased the value of Twitter overall.To my knowledge, Twitter is the first company that has risen to this magnitude of success in such a short time based in large part on interoperability. If you look at other platforms with APIs, most of them would still have the same amount of value (or more) if you take away the third-party platforms based on the API. Not Twitter. Twitter has more value as a result of its API being used in ways unimaginable to its founders, and if you take that away the service will lose value. This has played a huge part in its success. Now if they could just figure out how to capitalize on it.2. Considerations for converting a LED Bulb from AC to DC powerThe best idea by far would be to measure the voltage/current from the original driver and then replicate it. However, from your measurements some guesses are possible.If they light up at 8V, then they are probably 9V nominal (3 diodes in each SMD) 0. 5W diodes. Ten of them gives the nominal 5W rating for the whole bulb, so that works out.If there are two parallel strings of 5, then the total voltage is 45V, and the max current per string is probably about 50mA, with a little less than that for safety being a good idea. Times two gives 100mA. I would aim for a little less than that to be safe since you are not sure what the original driver was giving.3. Which one will be better, the USA LED world or the China LED world?"Which one will be better" -I am probably one of the most pro-China Quorans around, and I am pretty sure my name is on some "list of known wumaos" somewhere.That said, my answer to the question would be: neither.The US is leading the world right now. How is life under their plutocratic hegemony? Pretty ing terrible, obviously. The rest of the world only exists to feed the appetite of their 1%.See: Danny Wong's answer to Why are you a socialist?The American people has it marginally better than the rest of us (it's called the trickle-down effect), but life is not exactly all sunshine and rainbows for them either, especially if they are working class. They are a victim of their capitalist system, just as the rest of the world. See: Danny Wong's answer to Which is a greater threat to democracy, Russia or China?So would a Chinese hegemony be a better alternative? Frankly, I am not convinced.But is not China a communist country, and therefore rid of all the bloodsucking, capitalist tendencies of its imperialist rival, you ask?Well, no. You see, China is actually way more capitalist than many people realise. See: John Lombard's answer to Why do people say China is a capitalist country?Given our lack of workers' protection, environmental regulations and such, I would say that we are easily one of the most capitalistic countries on earth right now.A Chinese hegemony would look very different from an American one. Instead of invading other countries, murdering their civilians, stealing their shit and leaving a putrid, slimy trail of colour revolutions wherever we went, we would acquire and monopolise their shit, and make their people work for us in slave-like conditions in one of our sweatshops. To understand this, you simply need to watch American Factory on Netflix. It documents the story of how a Chinese billionaire sets up shop stateside, and the subsequent cultural clash brought about by the intense, merciless Chinese work culture.Legend has it that Karl Marx worked at Huawei before he wrote his masterpiece. Is it any better than an American hegemony? I dunno, it depends on if you would rather be killed by a military drone/douchebag cop, or kill yourself by jumping out of a sweatshop's window.I guess what I am saying is, I do not want a world ruled by capitalism, but Marxism/socialism/communism. The whole world has to be in on this - if any country tries to lower its taxes or oppress their people by making them work more for less, and make itself more attractive to businesses, the profit-driven nature of Capital would turn that country into a plutocratic haven, filled with exploitation and inequality, while the rest of the world either languished in poverty or had to follow suit. And thus a race to the bottom begins. That's what capitalism really is, a race to the bottom.But this is something men far wiser than me understood a century ago, hence the slogan, "Workers of the world, unite!"
Explain the Key Points of LED Lighting Driving Power Supply in Detail
In order to save energy and power, LED has been greatly promoted, but led needs a power driver, which will directly affect the service life of LED. Therefore, how to do a good LED driving power supply is the top priority of LED power designer. This paper introduces some problems of LED driving power supply, hoping to provide some help to engineers.1. The driving circuit directly affects the service life of LEDThe LED driver we mentioned includes digital driver and analog driver. Digital driver refers to digital circuit driver, including digital dimming control, RGB full-color change, etc. Analog drive refers to analog circuit drive, including AC constant current switching power supply and DC constant current control circuit. The driving circuit is composed of electronic components, including semiconductor components, resistance, capacitance, inductance, etc. these components have service life. The failure of any device will lead to the failure of the whole circuit or some functions. The service life of LED is 50000-100000 hours. If it is continuously lit according to 50000 hours, it has a service life of nearly 6 years. The service life of switching power supply is difficult to reach 6 years. The warranty period of switching power supply sold on the market is generally 2-3 years. The power supply with 6-year warranty is military grade, and the price is 4-6 times that of ordinary power supply. It is difficult for ordinary lamp manufacturers to accept it. Therefore, the faults of LED lamps are mostly driving circuit faults.2. Heat dissipation problemLED is a cold light source, the working junction temperature cannot exceed the limit, and a certain margin should be reserved during design. The design of the whole lamp should consider many aspects, such as beautiful appearance, convenient installation, light distribution, heat dissipation and so on. It is necessary to find a balance point among many factors, so that the overall lamp is the best. The development time of LED lamps is not long, there is not much experience to learn from, and many designs are constantly improved. The power supply used by some LED lamp manufacturers is outsourced or purchased. The lamp designer does not know much about the power supply, so the heat dissipation space for LED is large and that for power supply is small. It is generally to find a suitable power supply after designing the lamps, which brings some difficulty to the power supply. It is often encountered that due to the small internal space or high internal temperature of the lamp, and the low cost control, it is impossible to allocate a suitable power supply. Some LED lamp manufacturers have power R & D capability. The above problems can be solved by evaluating at the initial stage of designing lamps and designing power supply synchronously. In the design, we should comprehensively consider the heat dissipation of LED and power supply, and control the temperature rise of lamps as a whole, so as to design better lamps.3. Problems in power supply designa. Power design. Although the LED has high luminous efficiency, there is still 80-85% heat loss, resulting in a temperature rise of 20-30 degrees inside the lamp. If the room temperature is 25 degrees, there is 45-55 degrees inside the lamp. The power supply works in a high-temperature environment for a long time. In order to ensure the service life, the power margin must be increased, which is generally reserved to 1.5-2 times.b. Component selection. When the internal temperature of the lamp is 45-55 degrees, the internal temperature rise of the power supply is about 20 degrees, and the temperature near the element should reach 65-75 degrees. The parameters of some components will drift at high temperature, and the service life of some components will be shortened. Therefore, the devices should be selected that can be used at high temperature for a long time, with special attention to electrolytic capacitors and wires.C. Electrical performance design. The parameter design of switching power supply for LED is mainly constant current parameter. The size of current determines the brightness of LED. If the batch current error is large, the brightness of the whole batch of lamps is uneven. Moreover, the change of temperature can also cause the output current of the power supply to shift. Generally, the batch error is controlled within / - 5% to ensure the consistent brightness of the lamp. There is deviation in the forward voltage drop of the LED, and the constant current voltage range of the power supply design should include the voltage range of the LED. When multiple LEDs are connected in series, the minimum voltage drop multiplied by the number of connected in series is the lower limit voltage, and the maximum voltage drop multiplied by the number of connected in series is the upper limit voltage. The constant current voltage range of the power supply is slightly wider than this range. Generally, 1-2v margin is reserved for the upper and lower limits.d. PCB layout design. The size of LED lamps left for the power supply is small (unless it is external to the power supply), so there are high requirements in PCB design and many factors to be considered. Enough safety distance shall be reserved for the power supply requiring input and output isolation. The withstand voltage of primary side circuit and secondary side circuit shall be 1500-2000vac, and at least 3mm distance shall be reserved on the PCB. If it is a lamp with metal shell, the safety distance between the high-voltage part and the shell shall also be considered for the cloth plate of the whole power supply. If there is no space to ensure a safe distance, other measures should be taken to ensure insulation, such as drilling holes on PCB, adding insulating paper, potting insulating glue, etc. In addition, the heat balance shall be considered for the cloth plate, and the heating elements shall be evenly distributed and cannot be placed centrally to avoid local temperature rise. The electrolytic capacitor is far away from the heat source to slow down the aging and prolong the service life.e. Certification issues. At present, there is no standard for LED lamps in China. Relevant national departments are studying and formulating. The certification of lamps sold in China is based on the standards of lighting lamps, while those sold abroad are CE or UL certification, and some are based on foreign LED lamp standards. Therefore, in view of this situation, it is difficult for the design of switching power supply to meet the above standards at the same time. We can only meet different certification according to different requirements.4. Use parameters.The selection of purchased power supply mainly depends on the voltage range of constant current and constant current. The constant current value is lower than the standard current of LED. The selection of voltage range shall be moderate, and try not to select a large range to avoid power waste.
Why Are LEDs so Popular? Discussion on Connector of LED Lighting Standard
Light emitting diodes (LEDs) have revolutionized indoor and outdoor lighting. This solid-state lighting (SSL) technology has excellent efficiency, controllability, chromatography, thermal performance and unique shape. It is eliminating the ancient Edison incandescent bulbs (as well as fluorescent lamps, metal halide lamps or sodium vapor lamps). Now, most new indoor and outdoor designs and upgrading of existing designs will first consider led. However, designers should be careful. At the same time of rapid innovation, there will also be some hidden dangers, such as non-standard connection and end-user solution mismatch, which will cause a negative customer experience.It is not just the light source itself that has been completely changed. For example, LED lighting is also changing the design and shape of connectors and their fixtures (called lamps). These connectors are an essential part of any lighting system. They do not accept AC line voltage, but lower DC voltage. The typical current is usually between 3 A and 7 a. In addition, LED lighting system is usually part of the control network supporting digital addressable lighting interface (DALI) and zhaga industry standard, and provides intelligent, energy-saving and high-performance lighting as a key link of smart home or office.Therefore, before designing LED lighting system, engineers have the responsibility to be familiar with these standards and their reflection in real-world connectors, because new designs are rising rapidly.This paper briefly reviews why LEDs are so popular, and then introduces and describes these two connection standards to ensure interoperability, rapid development and easy deployment of intelligent LED design. Finally, the connectors of Amphenol ICC are introduced, and as the practical embodiment of relevant standards and their applications, the application of these connectors is summarized.Why are LEDs so popularThere are many factors promoting the development of led into lighting source:Cost reduction promotes the increase of output, which further promotes the reduction of cost and the increase of outputBasic reliability and life enhancement of LED as light sourceThe improvement of the circuit is mainly the improvement of the power supply driving these LEDsImprovement of optical output quality characterized by color temperature (Kelvin) and color rendering index (CRI)Incentives, standards and enforcement measures taken by the government to improve lighting efficiency to save energy (it is estimated that lighting accounts for 15% to 20% of total energy consumption)Development of industry and government standards that ensure interoperability between LED light sources and compatibility with intelligent controllers.The last point is particularly important. An important size category of traditional incandescent bulbs is the "E26" 26 mm (mm) diameter Edison screw bulb, which is almost commonly used in residential environments in the United States and many other countries (Figure 1). It is being replaced by LED and fluorescent bulbs, but to a lesser extent. Of course, there are other sizes, such as E12 base, but E26 is the most widely used at present.Of course, standardizing to a single base and socket can reduce costs. The same technology has also led to a variety of bulb shapes, power levels and other attributes built around this foundation, while reducing concerns about long-term replacement of burned bulbs. Early generations of LED bulbs used E26 base to be compatible with existing sockets, making users accustomed to LED lighting. These E26 LED bulbs are still widely sold because there are countless such sockets in use, so the replacement process will take a long time.However, compared with incandescent lamps, LEDs are very different in current, voltage (DC) and power consumption. Incandescent bulbs usually use 120 / 240 V AC power supply. In addition, the wire of E26 socket often has relatively large threaded terminals, which is not ideal for LED light source power supply (Fig. 2). Therefore, new standards and connector types are needed in order for LEDs to give full play to their potential from the system level to the physical connection level.Recognizing the needs of modern lighting interface standards, the Digital Lighting Interface Alliance (diia) developed the Dali standard.The Dali standard redefines lighting connectionsDali is a special protocol for digital lighting control, which can easily realize firm, scalable and flexible lighting network installation (Figure 3). The first version dali-1 is more suitable for digital control, configuration and query of fluorescent lamp ballasts, and less led factors are considered. It replaces the simple, unidirectional and broadcast operation of the existing 0 / 1 to 10 volt analog control mode.The standard also includes a broadcast option. Through simple reconfiguration, each Dali device can be assigned a separate address, allowing digital control of a single device. In addition, Dali devices can also be programmed for grouping operation, so that the lighting system can be reconfigured through software to avoid changing wiring.With the growth of user expectations and the improvement of LED technology, the development of dali-2 standard is promoted. Dali-2 is not only an industry standard, but also a standard of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC 62386). Dali-2 adds many new commands and functions. Dali-1 only includes control mode, while dali-2 covers control devices, such as application controllers and input devices (such as sensors), as well as bus power supply. It focuses on the interoperability of products from different manufacturers, and is supported by dali-2 certification plan to confirm the compatibility between products and specifications (Figure 4).Like all comprehensive standards, dali-2 is complex. In short, with a single line pair as the bus, each device on the Dali network can be addressed separately. The bus is used to provide both signals and power. The supported power supply can provide up to 250 Ma at 16 V DC (typical). This standard supports equipment powered by AC lines or DC power rails.Although various standards define ultra-low voltage (ELV), IEC defines ELV equipment or circuit as: the potential difference between electrical conductor and grounding does not exceed AC 50V or DC 120V. Dali control cable is classified as ELV equipment, so it only needs to be basically insulated from AC mains power; It can be routed together with mains lines or multi-core cables including mains lines.Beyond dali-2: zhaga specification, aiming at lampsDali-2 and other standards are important, but they can only stop there. It is not within the scope of its definition to define how to link standards to specific applications, such as LED lighting and lamps. In order to solve this problem, the international zhaga alliance has formulated the interface industry specification of components used in LED lamps. The alliance is a member project of IEEE industry standards and technology organization. As of 2019, it has more than 120 members.It's time to find out the difference between lighting equipment and lamps. The term "luminaire" is used in the lighting Engineering Society (ies) lighting manual, ANSI / NEMA standards and IEC. It was added to the National Electrical Code (NEC) manual in 2002 and is officially defined as "a complete lighting unit consisting of one or more lamps and components designed to distribute light, locate and protect the lamp tube and connect the lamp tube to the power supply". Lamps include lamps and all parts directly related to the distribution, positioning and protection of lighting devices, excluding supporting parts, such as arms, ribs or rods; Fasteners for fixing lamps; Control or safety devices; Or power lead. Lamps have a variety of forms and are suitable for various occasions, from outdoor street lighting with strict functions to indoor office lighting, and even "fashionable" retail or home lighting."Lighting equipment" is not defined in NEC and generally refers to anything in the mind of the user, which may include some or all of the following elements: lamp tube (bulb), perhaps with lampshade, lamp ball, lens or diffuser, support, lamp pole or lamp accessories, and other elements.The official name of the zhaga specification is books (specification), which aims at electrical, mechanical, optical, thermal and communication interfaces and allows the interoperability of components. By following the zhaga specification, designers can ensure that users have interoperable, replaceable or repairable components, and that led lamps can be upgraded when new technologies appear after installation.Zhaga Book 18 and book 20 are particularly useful for designers who use LED lamps; The former focuses on outdoor design, while the latter is for indoor applications.Zhaga Book 18: "intelligent interface between outdoor lamps and sensing / communication modules" specifies the contents of power supply and communication. In addition, it also specifies the mechanical coordination and electrical pins of the connection system defined in version 1.0. It simplifies the addition of application modules, such as adding sensors and communication nodes to LED lamps, and ensures plug and play interoperability.Zhaga book 20: "intelligent interface between indoor lamps and sensing / communication modules" defines the intelligent interface between indoor LED lamps and sensing / communication nodes. The node is connected to the LED driver and control system, and can usually provide sensor input or realize communication between network components. Nodes can be installed and replaced on site.epilogueLED lighting has greatly changed the indoor and outdoor lighting of industry, commerce and residence. It combines energy efficiency, long life and flexibility of lamp configuration almost perfectly.Editing: hfy
Knowledge About Israel History
Club career of israelBorn in Be'er Sheva, Shahaf joined Maccabi Be'er Sheva at the age of 15, making her debut on 12 December 2006 against ASA Tel Aviv University. She played with the club until the beginning of the 201314 season, when she was loaned to F.C. Ramat HaSharon, to which she was loaned ever since. On 17 November 2015, in a match against her old club, Shahaf scored her 100th league goal.Shahaf was also loaned for a brief period to ASA Tel Aviv University and played with the club in the 201415 Champions League qualifying round, getting sent off against Atltico Ouriense.------Yisrael EichlerYisrael Eichler (Hebrew: .mw-parser-output .script-hebrew,.mw-parser-output .script-Hebrfont-family:"SBL Hebrew","SBL BibLit","Frank Ruehl CLM","Taamey Frank CLM","Ezra SIL","Ezra SIL SR","Keter Aram Tsova","Taamey Ashkenaz","Taamey David CLM","Keter YG","Shofar","David CLM","Hadasim CLM","Simple CLM","Nachlieli",Cardo,Alef,"Noto Serif Hebrew","Noto Sans Hebrew","David Libre",David,"Times New Roman",Gisha,Arial,FreeSerif,FreeSans , IPA:jisael aile; born 27 March 1955) is an Israeli politician. A member of Agudat Yisrael, he served as a member of the Knesset for the party and the United Torah Judaism alliance from 2003 until 2005, and again since 2011------Beni Israel CemeteryBeni Israel Cemetery, also known as Cemetery Beni Israel, is an historic Jewish cemetery located at 1301 E. 2100 Road in Eudora, Douglas County, Kansas. It was founded in 1858 by German Jews who were a part of the German Immigrant Settlement Company from Chicago that had founded Eudora in 1856. One-year-old Isaac Cohn who died September 5, 1858, was the first person buried in the cemetery. Burials ceased for decades in 1928 until being reactivated in 1978 when responsibility for the cemetery was taken on by the Lawrence Jewish Community Congregation of nearby Lawrence.On January 2, 2013, Beni Israel Cemetery was added to the National Register of Historic Places.------Career of israelHe was one of the main collaborators of Nikolai Yezhov, head of the NKVD in the years 19361938, and collaborator of other organizers of the Great Terror in the USSR.On August 16, 1937, he became the head of the board of the communist concentration camps GULAG NKVD five days after the beginning of Polish Operation of the NKVD. According to NKVD documents, 139,835 Poles who were citizens of the USSR were convicted in 1937. Of this number, 111,091 Poles were directly killed, and 28,744 Poles were sent to communist GULAG concentration camps.In 1937, he directed the deportation of 172,000 Korean citizens of the USSR from the Soviet Far East to Central Asia (to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan).He was arrested in 1938 and executed in 1939.------Gaza strip of israelThe following lists the consecutive attacks on the Gaza strip:2000: Muhammad al-Durrah incident2004 May: Operation Rainbow (2004)2004: Raid on Beit Hanoun (2004); Operation Forward Shield2004 September: Operation Days of Penitence2005: (Israeli disengagement from Gaza)2006: Operation Summer Rains2006: Gaza beach explosion (2006)2006: 2006 Israel-Gaza conflict2006: 2006 shelling of Beit Hanoun2006 November: Operation Autumn Clouds2008: Beit Hanoun April 2008 incident2008 February: Operation Hot Winter2008: (2008 IsraelHamas ceasefire not an attack; ended November 4th, 2008)2008-2009: Gaza War (200809)2009: List of Israeli attacks on Gaza, 20092010: March 2010 IsraelGaza clashes2010 May: Gaza flotilla raid (in international waters)2011: August 2011 Gaza Strip air raids2012 March: March 2012 GazaIsrael clashes; Operation Returning Echo2012: Operation Pillar of Defense2014: 2014 IsraelGaza conflict2015: 20152016 wave of violence in Israeli-Palestinian conflict2018: GazaIsrael clashes (November 2018)------Professional career of israelAfter taking more than two years off from competing seriously, Alie Israel qualified for the 2008 Indoor USA Championships and tied her personal best in the 100m and set a new personal record in the 200m at the Jim Bush Invitational with marks of 11.71 and 24.19.In 2009 Israel smashed her indoor personal best by recording 6.94 in the 55m dash and 7.38s in the 60m dash. Israel also qualified and competed in the 2009 USA Indoor Championships taking 8th place in the 60m dash.During the 2009 Outdoor season Alie continued to improve upon her successful indoor season posting 5prs in the 100m dash ending her season with a new personal best of 11.53s for the 100m dash and 23.72s for the 200m dash.------Israeli presidential electionAn election for President of Israel was held in the Knesset on 19 November 1951 following the 1951 Knesset elections and the formation of the third government (at the time, the length of the president's term was linked to that of the Knesset). Despite his poor health, Weizmann stood again, and there were no opposing candidates. Although Weizmann was the only person to stand, a vote was still held. The result was 85 votes for, 11 against and three blank ballots. 21 MKs did not vote.He was sworn in for his second term at his home in Rehovot on 25 November.Weizmann died a year later, and an early election was held to choose the country's second president.------Yitzhak Kahan of israelYitzhak Kahan (Hebrew: ; November 15, 1913 April 24, 1985) was President of the Supreme Court of Israel from 1982 until 1983. He was the Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry into the Events at the Refugee Camps in Beirut also known as the Kahan Commission, which was established to investigate the Sabra and Shatila massacre.Born in Brody, Galicia, Austria-Hungary, he was the brother of Rav Kalman Kahana, a former Knesset member. He studied law, administration, and economics at the University of Lviv before emigrating to Mandatory Palestine in 1935.In 1950, he was appointed a magistrate judge in Haifa, and he became a district judge in, 1953. On October 7, 1970, Kahan was appointed to the Supreme Court of Israel.On March 26, 1981, he was appointed President of the Supreme Court of Israel.------Encyclopedia of the Holocaust of israelThe Encyclopedia of the Holocaust (1990) has been called "the most recognized reference book on the Holocaust". It was published in an English-language translated edition by Macmillan in tandem with the Hebrew language original edition published by Yad Vashem ( ), the Holocaust Remembrance Authority in Israel. All its contributors are reputable Holocaust scholars and academics. Although the encyclopedia is easy to read and use and contains no disturbing pictures, it is not recommended for users younger than high school age.The Encyclopedia was the winner of the 1991 American Library Associations Dartmouth Medal.------Controversy of israelIn 2008, a lesbian couple married in the UK wanted to host a wedding party in Israel at the banquet hall in Yad HaShmona. After Yad HaShmona learned the couple was not a straight couple, the venue cancelled the reservation. The couple filed a lawsuit on grounds of discrimination based on sexual orientation. The lower court judge ruled in favour of the couple based on a year 2000 law forbidding discrimination in public places.In June 2014, the appeal by Yad HaShmona was denied by the Jerusalem District Court, which upheld the lower court's ruling on the case with a compensation 80,000 (around 20,000).------HaMakhtesh HaKatan of israelHaMakhtesh HaKatan (Hebrew: .mw-parser-output .script-hebrew,.mw-parser-output .script-Hebrfont-family:"SBL Hebrew","SBL BibLit","Frank Ruehl CLM","Taamey Frank CLM","Ezra SIL","Ezra SIL SR","Keter Aram Tsova","Taamey Ashkenaz","Taamey David CLM","Keter YG","Shofar","David CLM","Hadasim CLM","Simple CLM","Nachlieli",Cardo,Alef,"Noto Serif Hebrew","Noto Sans Hebrew","David Libre",David,"Times New Roman",Gisha,Arial,FreeSerif,FreeSans , lit. The Small Crater) is a makhtesh, a geological erosional landform of Israel's Negev desert. One of five makhteshim in Israel, and seven in the world, it is the third largest in Israel at 5km by 7km. It was charted in 1942 by Jewish explorers------Yakhini of israelYakhini (Hebrew: .mw-parser-output .script-hebrew,.mw-parser-output .script-Hebrfont-family:"SBL Hebrew","SBL BibLit","Frank Ruehl CLM","Taamey Frank CLM","Ezra SIL","Ezra SIL SR","Keter Aram Tsova","Taamey Ashkenaz","Taamey David CLM","Keter YG","Shofar","David CLM","Hadasim CLM","Simple CLM","Nachlieli",Cardo,Alef,"Noto Serif Hebrew","Noto Sans Hebrew","David Libre",David,"Times New Roman",Gisha,Arial,FreeSerif,FreeSans) is an Orthodox moshav in southern Israel. Located in the northern Negev desert near the town of Sderot, it falls under the jurisdiction of Sha'ar HaNegev Regional Council. In 2019 it had a population of 734.------Raphael Hadane of israelRaphael Hadane is the Liqa Kahenat (High priest) of Beta Israel in Israel.Born in Seqelt and studied with the Qessim as a child. During the Italian occupation of Ethiopia, he had moved to Ambober where he worked as a farmer. He studied Hebrew briefly in 1955 when an Israeli rabbi taught in Asmara. In 1985 Qes Adana immigrated to Israel along with his wife and eleven children.Hadane has argued for the acceptance of the Falasha Mura as Jews. At a ceremony in 1994 marking the 10th anniversary of Operation Moses, Hadane recited the Yizkor prayer in Hebrew and Amharic in memory of 4,000 members of the community who died en route to Israel.------Early life and family of israelSpira was born in Reisha (Rzeszw), Galicia, southern Poland, to Yehoshua Spira, the "Keren Yehoshua" of Ribiditsch, and Tziporah. Yehoshua Spira was the son of Tzvi Elimelech Spira of Bluzhov (Baowa in Polish) (18411924), also known by the eponym Tzvi LaTzaddik (Hebrew ), after his major work. Tzvi Elimelech Spira was the son of the Tzemach Dovid (Heb. ) of Dinov, who in turn was the son of Tzvi Elimelech Spira of Dynw (1783 1841), the author of Bnei Yisaschar (Heb. ).Spira married Perel Unger, the daughter of Shalom David Unger, the Zashavna Rebbe.------Pourquoi Isral of israelPourquoi Isral (Israel, Why) is a 1973 French film directed by Claude Lanzmann in his directorial debut. The documentary examines life in Israel 25 years after the birth of the state. Lanzmann spends time with, among others, German-Jewish migrs, intellectuals, dock workers, police, prison inmates, and the newly arrived, surveying life in the new homeland. The title of the film is often incorrectly given as a question "Why Israel?" however, Lanzmann intended it as an answer or an explanation from a collection of viewpoints.The film premiered just three days after the Yom Kippur War in Israel. International media attention was caused by an incident in Hamburg, where leftist groups violently prevented a showing of the movie in October 2009, claiming the movie took a one-sided Zionist perspective.------Organisational structure of israel historyThe highest concentration of progressive congregants are in Australia, where they represent 20% of the nation's affiliated Jewish community. A majority of affiliated Australian Jews join Modern Orthodox congregations, although only about 6% of Australian Jews are practicing Orthodox. Most recently, Conservative Judaism was introduced into Australian Jewish life. The Progressive movement has not expanded rapidly as the main sources of Jewish migrants (South Africa, the former Soviet Union and Israel) have a relatively modest tradition of Reform Judaism (Ehrlich 2009). According to Dana Evan Kaplan, the establishment of Progressive Jewish Day school has been a factor in maintaining and stabilizing the community's numbers (Kaplan 2000). Progressive Judaism in Australia has traditionally been more conservative in practice than its larger counterpart in the United States where Reform Judaism is the largest Jewish movement in the country (Meyer 1988).------Publications of israel historyBooksDogma in Medieval Jewish Thought: From Maimonides to Abravanel (1986)Maimonides on Human Perfection (1990)Maimonides on Judaism and the Jewish People (1991)Maimonides on the "Decline of the Generations" and the Nature of Rabbinic Authority (1996)Must A Jew Believe Anything? (1999)Maimonides Confrontation with Mysticism (2006)Science in Bet Midrash: Studies in Maimonides (2009)Torah in the Observatory: Gersonides, Maimonides, Song of Songs (2010)Reinventing Maimonides in Contemporary Jewish Thought (2019)TranslationsHe is the translator of Isaac Abravanels Principles of Faith, Gersonides Commentary on Song of Songs, and Maimonides Book of Love.------Sixth government of IsraelThe sixth government of Israel was formed by Moshe Sharett during the second Knesset on 29 June 1955. Sharett dropped the General Zionists and the Progressive Party from his coalition, which included Mapai, Mizrachi, Hapoel HaMizrachi, the Democratic List for Israeli Arabs, Progress and Work and Agriculture and Development.The only changes to the cabinet from the previous government were the dropping of General Zionist ministers Yosef Serlin, Israel Rokach and Yosef Sapir; instead of appointing new ministers to the cabinet to replace them, Sharett divided their portfolios out between existing ministers. Although his party departed from the coalition, Progressive Party MK Pinchas Rosen remained Minister of Justice.With the exception of Deputy Minister Kalman Kahana who resigned on 15 August, the government remained in place until 3 November 1955, more than three months after the July 1955 elections.
Knowledge About Child Safety,Making Connections Survey of Child Safety
Making Connections Survey of child safetyThe Making Connections Survey is a neighborhood-based, longitudinal and cross-sectional survey funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. It serves as an evaluation of a larger initiative supported by the foundation and was designed to collect data measuring how neighborhood change affects the well-being of children. The Making Connections Survey was conducted by National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago between 2002 and 2011 with residents in ten low-income communities across the United States. The final survey dataset includes responses from roughly 28,000 interviews at three points in time.------Basina, daughter of Chilperic I of child safetyBasina (fl. 590), was a Frankish princess, the daughter and youngest child of Chilperic I, King of Soissons (later Neustria), and his first wife, Audovera. After surviving the assassination of her immediate family, she became a nun. She later helped to lead a rebellion by a group of the nuns, which became a scandal throughout the region. This event was chronicled by the bishop and saint, Gregory of Tours, who was one of the bishops chosen to settle the matter.------Sponsored Legislation of child safetyIn 2014, representative McCay floor sponsored a lot of bills. Among these bills were SB0015 Apportionment of Business Income Amendments, SB0016 Tax Credit Amendments, SB0043S01 Firearm Safety and Violence Prevention in Public Schools, SB0112 Property Tax Assessment Amount Amendments, SB0120 Property Tax Notice Amendments, SB0129 Driving Privilege Card Amendments, SB0155S05 Indigent Defense, SB0165 Public Education Appointment and Hiring, SB0176S03 Office of the State Board of Education Employment Amendments, SB0244S02 School Funding Provisions, and SB0245 Personal Property Amendments------Legislative ratings of child safetyIn 2015, Schaefer was given a rating of 100% by Texas Right to Life. Conversely, NARAL Pro-Choice Texas gave Schaefer a score of 0% in 2013. Empower Texans gave a score of 100% three legislative sessions in a row (2017, 2015, and 2013). Additionally, in 2015 both the Young Conservatives of Texas and the Texas Eagle Forum gave a score of 95% to Schaefer. With regards to sexual orientation/gender identity, Equality Texas gave him a score of 14%.------Synopsis of child safetyThe storyline is based around Shaan and Saima. Moosa played by Shaan grows up in a cave due to his father being killed. His father was an Imam (priest) who died in Moosa's hands when a bunch of pandits came and attacked his Mosque. Saima comes along with her father who dies as well when some evil goons attack and she is taken hostage by Shamoon (Shafqat Cheema). What will Moosa do about this?------Causes of child safetyInvestigators proposed several hypotheses for the cause of the accident. No traces of explosives were found on any wreckage or human remains. Mechanical failure was also suggested but not able to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. The most investigated hypothesis was the possibility of birdstrikes damaging the aircraft, specifically by migrating birds. Due to the aircraft crashing into the Black Sea to a depth of 600 meters and into the mud, limiting the investigation, it was impossible to determine for certain the cause or causes of the crash.------Tranformative justice as a response to socioeconomic issues of child safetyTransformative justice also refers to policy and practice responses to socioeconomic issues in societies transitioning away from conflict or repression. It is closely associated with the scholarship and practice of transitional justice, and refers to "transformative change that emphasises local agency and resources, the prioritisation of process rather than preconceived outcomes, and the challenging of unequal and intersecting power relationships and structures of exclusion at both local and global levels"------Themes of child safetyAyesha's Rainbow explores the friendship which blooms between a young Bangladeshi girl and her white elderly neighbour, and the racism, prejudice and stereotyping that young Muslims experience in Britain. The story is partly autobiographical, based on Khan's own experiences growing up in Britain in the 1980s and 1990s and as a Community Safety Officer in East London's Isle of Dogs, during a time when racist right wing candidate, Derek Beackon, was elected as a councillor in September 1993.------Susie Hargreaves of child safetySusie Hargreaves OBE (born 1962) is a British executive who works in the charity sector. In 2011 she was appointed chief executive officer of the Internet Watch Foundation.In 2004 she was a finalist for a European Woman of Achievement Award. In 2015, she received an OBE in the Queens Birthday Honours for services to child online safety. Hargreaves was also a finalist in the Executive of the Year 2017 category at the ISPA Awards and a finalist in the European CEO Awards 2018.------Josiah Thomas of child safetyJosiah Thomas (28 April 1863 5 February 1933) was an Australian politician. He was elected to the House of Representatives at the inaugural 1901 federal election, representing the Labor Party. Thomas served as a minister in Andrew Fisher's first two governments, as Postmaster-General (19081909, 19101911) and Minister for External Affairs (19111913). He joined the Nationalist Party after the 1916 Labor split and transferred to the Senate at the 1917 election, serving as a Senator for New South Wales from 1917 to 1923 and from 1925 to 1929------Senior peer counseling of child safetySenior peer counseling, a.k.a. Peer counseling for seniors, provides senior citizens with a trained volunteer counselor to provide assistance with emotional support and encouragement to those who are experiencing life changes that often accompany aging. Seniors typically use counseling to discover ways to deal with grief, loss, physical limitations, financial issues, mild depression, family relationships, loneliness, isolation, housing situations, anxiety, change in cognitive function, and care giving for a spouse.------Tiberius (son of Justinian II) of child safetyTiberius (Greek: , Tiberios; 705711) was the son of Emperor Justinian II and Theodora of Khazaria. He served as co-emperor of the Byzantine Empire with his father Justinian II, from 706711. Both were killed in 711, when Bardanes led a rebellion which marched on Constantinople. After Tiberius' death, two different individuals impersonated him, with one, named Bashir, going on to be hosted by Hisham ibn Abd al-Malik, the Umayyad Caliph, before his lie was discovered and he was crucified------Aldermanic career of child safetyIn 2010, Ervin was appointed by mayor Richard M. Daley to replace the retiring Ed Smith as 28th ward alderman. Ervin was subsequently reelected in 2011, 2015, and 2019.He is the Vice Chair of both the Committee on Budget and Government Operations and the Committee on Human Relations. He also serves on the following committees; Committees, Rules and Ethics, Economic, Capital and Technology Development, Education and Child Development, Finance, Pedestrian and Traffic Safety and Transportation and Public Way.In the runoff of the 2019 Chicago mayoral election, Ervin endorsed Toni Preckwinkle.------China of child safetyAfter her retirement from the Home Office, she visited China three times. In 19231924 she became a member of the Commission on Child Labour under the auspices of the Municipal Council of the International Settlement of Shanghai. In 1926 she was a member of the Advisory Committee on the China Indemnity of the Foreign Office.In 1931 she served on a mission for the International Labour Office to Nanking, regarding a factory inspectorate for China. She was also a member of the Universities China Committee in London from 1932 to 1936.------O. P. Hoff of child safetyOle P. Hoff (May 17, 1853 March 18, 1924) was a Norwegian-American Republican politician and the first commissioner of labor in the U.S. state of Oregon. Hoff was the sole employee of the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Inspector of Factories and Workshops (now the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries) when he was appointed commissioner after the bureau's creation by the state legislature on June 2, 1903. He served as Labor Commissioner until 1919, when he became the Oregon State Treasurer. He died in office on March 18, 1924..------Organizations of child safetyMorahan was an active member in promoting avocations for citizens with mental disabilities. He was member of the American Organization for Retarded Citizens, which raises funds for solutions for autism and other issues. The state senator was also actively involved in Big Brothers, Big Sisters, as well as the New City Rotary Club. He served on the agricultural, educational, homeland security, and mental health committees. Morahan visited and supported veterans' organizations, specifically those of the Korean War where he served in the army and the Second World War------Family of child safetyWilde married Anne, eldest daughter and coheir of Sir Thomas Harries, 1st Baronet, M.P., serjeant-at-law, of Tong Castle, Shropshire. who died in 1624 aged 16 at the birth of their only child. There is no record of a subsequent marriage. He died aged about 79 at his house in Hampstead and was buried at Wherwell Priory, Hampshire, then the seat of Charles West, 5th Baron De La Warr who had married Wilde's only child and heiress, Anne.------Pilot Record Improvement Act of child safetyThe Pilot Records Improvement Act (PRIA) of 1996 is a United States federal law created in response to several fatal aviation accidents attributed to pilot error. Many of the accidents could have been avoided if the current operator was made aware of the pilot's past safety records. The act allows operators to see an applicant's flight qualifications and other safety-related records, as provided by the FAA and the applicant's previous employers..------Carter Kane of child safetyCarter Kane is a fictional character and one of the main characters in The Kane Chronicles series, along with his younger sister, Sadie. In the novels, he follows the "path of Horus" by hosting the god. He is one of the strongest magicians in the world, next to his uncle Amos and his sister. He is in a relationship with Zia Rashid.The character was the subject of a 2015 "whitewashing" controversy on the covers of Kane Chronicles novels, particularly foreign language editions.------Star Wars Imperial Commando: 501st of child safetyImperial Commando: 501st is a novel by Karen Traviss. It is the fifth and final novel of the Republic Commando book series and derives its title from the canceled sequel to the video game Star Wars: Republic Commando. The book also contains a preview of Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil.Due to canon issues with the 2008 3D Clone Wars television series, which had just launched its first season, Traviss did not write a sequel to Imperial Commando.------Sudan Airways Flight 139 of child safetySudan Airways Flight 139 was a Sudan Airways passenger flight that crashed on 8 July 2003 at Port Sudan. The Boeing 737 aircraft was operating a domestic scheduled Port SudanKhartoum passenger service. Some 15 minutes after takeoff, the aircraft lost power in one of its engines, which prompted the crew to return to the airport for an emergency landing. In doing so, the pilots missed the airport runway, and the airplane descended until it hit the ground, disintegrating after impact. Of the 117 people aboard, 116 died.------Legacy of child safetyThe tale was one of many from d'Aulnoy's pen to be adapted to the stage by James Planch, as part of his Fairy Extravaganza. He also translated the tale as The beneficent frog, and renamed it The Queen of the Frogs when he adapted the tale to the stage.The story was also translated as The Beneficent Frog, by Laura Valentine, in The Old, Old Fairy Tales.In another English translation, erroneously attributed to Charles Perrault, the tale was titled The Friendly Frog.------Sol Lneas Areas Flight 5428 of child safetySol Lneas Areas Flight 5428 was a passenger flight which crashed near Los Menucos, Argentina, on 18 May 2011, killing all 22 people on board. The aircraft involved, a Saab 340, was operating Sol Lneas Areas' scheduled domestic service from Neuqun to Comodoro Rivadavia.The following investigation concluded that severe airframe icing had led to a loss of control from which the crew was unable to recover. The crash is the deadliest involving a Saab 340.------Matsapha Airport of child safetyMatsapha Airport (IATA: MTS, ICAO: FDMS) is an airport located near Manzini, a city in Manzini District of Eswatini. It serves flights of the Eswatini Government and mercy flights.Although a new airport for Manzini, King Mswati III International Airport, was inaugurated in March 2014, Airlink chose to continue flying to Mastapha. However, the Eswatini Civil Aviation Authority (ESWACAA) required the airline to end flights to Matsapha on 29 September 2014 and switch to King Mswati III Airport the following day.------Etymology of child safetyIn the Cree language, nhiyaw wiyasowwina literally translates to "Cree laws", but law is almost invariably referred to as wahkohtowin, which means "kinship", in reference to an individual's relationship with, and responsibilities within, the systems of which the individual is a part. As such, "wahkohtowin" is an imperfect translation of "law", because law in the pre-colonial Cree context does not refer solely to positivistic or formalistic rules. Rather, wahkohtowin is a set of obligations which flows from one's role within his or her community..
Liberals: Is There a Conservative That You May Disagree with, but Whom You Have Immense Respect For?
Let me begin with the statement that Liberal is often in the eye of the beholder, is subject these days to a sliding scale of definitions, some of them rather insulting, and Im not sure technically I am one, but -John McCain. I dont think I need to explain this one.Colin Powell. Again, no explanation necessary.I used to enjoy listening to William F. Buckley, he was so clear, and had such wonderful command of the English language, and a keen sense of humor. He was never harsh with his conclusions, and he never denigrated those who held differing views. Fortunately, he left behind some written works for those who want to see how its done.George F. Will is in the same category though nowhere near as accomplished as Buckley, but then, who is? Like Buckley, he is sufficiently adept at expressing himself that he can present a clear, rational argument for his position that relies on reason rather than emotion, and he leaves space for other reasonable people to hold a different opinion.Sometimes I would add Lindsey Graham to this list, and sometimes, I wouldnt. But Im sure he would liven up any party to which he was invited.Jeb Bush is a little dry, but he has a good mind, and seems to be a decent human being, who seems to understand the concept of the separation of church and state. John Kasich seems to be similarly intelligent, and very nice, even a kind person, but Im not as confident that he grasps the separation concept.This next one surprises me, but Trey Gowdy. He seems like a serious thinker, and as a prosecutor goes after things like a terrier, but also knows how to let go when hes sure the thing is dead. And hes sane.Thats a quality we could use in our elected officials, right or left, sanity. Everyone is racing for the far reaches of the spectrum, when they should be walking toward each other, meeting in the center, where reason can prevail• Other QuestionsI got fired after 2 months in my first software development job. I had to learn frameworks in a week and complete the project. I was not given good training, and senior developers did not have time to train me. Iu2019m at a loss. What can I do next?You were hired as a full-time employee at a consultancy that only does piece work. Right away, that should have raised a warning flag or two.You were productive, and even completed the project you were working on. Well done, the learning curve must have felt like a brick wall. No wonder you feel traumatized.Sounds to me like they only really needed you to meet their short term commitments, and never intended to retain you full-time. Most labor laws allow firms to terminate employment within the first three months without cause.That is where consultancies can inflate their profit margins. If they can pay you cheaper long-term full-time rates, but still bill you out at expensive consulting rates, they are raking it in.Let me hazard a guess that your employee agreement had the word "manager" in it, like "product manager" or something. That means that by law, they do not have to pay overtime, but you can bet they billed every hour you worked to the client. Even more profit.You need to determine whether they defrauded you by promising full-time employment, but really planning to release you when the project was finished. But first, find a quiet place and watch this video. There is a little coarse language, but all very to the point and not a syllable wasted.Seems like you have a legitimate grievance. There are websites where you can submit company reviews. You should have looked them up there first. A further guess is that you are not the only one they have wronged.Really for them to tell you what they did after two months is pure intimidation and bullying. No one can tell you that after 8 weeks (just 40 working days). Watch the video again.Consultancies are great, if you own one. You might think about incorporating with some true peers and going after large pieces of work. You could also approach your former employer on an hourly basis, and just invoice them, with notes about how the hours were used. They also may be using the video, so be careful.Make them pay two weeks up front, and dont let their account go deliquent. If they are late, watch the video again, and halt work until they are current. Always be looking for new clients.------What was feudalism a response to?Islamic light cavalry invading France - they had already taken all of Spain. They were checked at the Battle of Tours (qv) in 732, where the Frankish Infantry, occupying prepared positions, held of the Saracens for seven days of repeated assaults - and on the eigth day defeated them. A rare case of infantry defeating cavalry charges.Subsequently Charlemagne saw the need for cavalry of his own - and instituted Feudalism to sustain his knights. Basically, a mounted knight is a very highly trained specialist warrior - you cannot just set a stong man up on a horse, give him a shield and spear, and say u201cGo forth and slay the enemy !u201d - he needs training: his horse needs training: constant exercise. Also, he needs more than just one horse - he needs a war horse, and a spare, in case the first goes lame: and he needs a palfrey, or easy riding horse, so as to spare his charger for battle, and he also needed to provide additional horses for his men at arms, who would accompany him on the field of battle - as well as cooks, bottle washers, archers, spearmen, a smith, a leech, a priest, some serving wenches - a knight off to the wars led a small company, who would all have to be trained, equipped and skilled. To sustain this crew, he had to be given a domain, or slice of land, big enough to feed a community with enough young fit men to supply his needs, and obedient to his command: and grazing enough for a lot of horses.The feudal system was the organisation of rural society such that it could supply trained, fit and obedient troops - foot and horse - at the kingu2019s command. The later need for artillery, requiring yet more specialised skills in casting, mounting, moving and using cannon, with their attendent paraphernalia of cannon balls, and gunpowder that had to be kept dry - was a more urban set of skills, and was left to the burgesses to arrange. A train of artillery was also vastly more expensive------What were the factors that led to decolonization following World War II?The colonized natives weren't all that happy with the ways that colonialism was transpiring in their country, especially as they became better educated. Racist attitudes shared by the colonial powers, rapacious exploitation of natural resources, and denial of various attempts by the natives to gain a voice in what was happening in their homeland all contributed to a general pressure for overthrow of the colonial system. Independence movements were not always guaranteed to succeed if conditions were not good, but they were guaranteed to fail without the bravery, endurance, and tireless effort of patriots.Repeated major wars in Europe among the nations who were the main colonial powers in the u2018developing worldu2019 sharply reduced both the appetite and the capability for launching repetitive military expeditions to suppress independence movements in the colonies. Empires are quite costly and difficult to maintain, and sudden reductions of military and economic strength due to major losses in consecutive global wars turned out to be catastrophic for the colonial imperial system.The United States of America, led by President Franklin Roosevelt, came to the aid of the Western Powers against the Axis regimes, but made it clear that in exchange for American aid, the various colonial empires of the world would have to be dismantled after World War II ended. Not only was it more difficult to argue against the claims made by Axis propaganda while supporting colonial powers that often brutally suppressed millions of natives, but it made little sense for the United States to redeem the mistakes of their economic competitors in foreign empires. So Roosevelt gave his Four Freedoms speech and took various proactive steps with the formation of the Atlantic Charter to ensure that the tone of the postwar world would be one of liberation and freedom, not just for the conquered countries of Europe but for the entire world.The spread of Communist ideology in the colonial world empowered and inspired many natives to begin organizing for resistance and directly confronting and challenging the colonial system. There were other inspirations, such as the American and French Revolutions, but the Communists had the USSR willing to back up their ideology with helpful support from time to time------Does MS Dhoni deserve more respect than Sachin Tendulkar?There are 2 kinds of people. Those who were brought to the world by Cricket and there is Sachin, who brought to the world, Cricket.The game owes him.One doesn't get invited to the Wimbledon finals just like that.One doesnt get a fan like Daniel Radcliffe waiting in queue to get his autograph.One doesnt have angry fans ready to tear someone apart for not knowing him.My mom couldnt make me drink boost but he did.One doesn't influence the heart of a billion people. Unless he is SRT himself.While gamblers survive on the fan following of cricket, they agree that they cannot bet on a match unless that man gets out.Today, while most people want Dhoni to retire because of his bad performances, people dreaded of the day Sachin would retire.The very fact that MSD and several others, even IPL for that matter thrive on is the success of cricket was brought about and the market created by SRT when he became the icon of a developing India from 1990-2010. When India was fighting its own internal battles struggling to cope with the world, here was a person who led India almost exclusively by himself, showing the world that its a force to reckon with. I mean, in how many fields is India a renowned super power?For better or worse, if BCCI is the richest sporting body in the world, and if it needs to create a list of people who must be thanked for it, SRT would undoubtedly come first. Few friends joined him like SG, RD and AK along the way. Of Course, the foundation was laid by many other great past Indian Cricketers. Sachin took birth to carry the baton. That baton is being carried now by MSD and VK.And by the way, guess who recommended to the BCCI, a young MSD to be the captain!Update: SRT, SG, RD, AK all in top positions in BCCI. Indian cricket is in good hands now. ICC is globalizing the sport, many new nations are actively taking up the sport and its a positive trend
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