Which Drive Do I Save Limewire and Other Softwares That I Download Off the Internet?

C is usually where everything is stored, and D is for recovery(just for that). So your C drive or you can saave it to your desktop(make folder for your things)

1. What other softwares do I need to "beef" up my computer's security?

download IOBIT security/free and IOBIT advanced system care/free...finds malware/trojans/worms/ protectes your pc

2. Is it advisable to install only windows in C drive & all other softwares in other drives?

i ought to first recommend resetting the kit fix parameters. by ability of default, kit fix makes use of a great form of disc area. My advice is to first turn it OFF (start up up, rightclick 'my computing device', choose for residences,, choose for kit fix tab and found a tick mark in turn OFF kit fix, click prepare. ) this would take a jiffy on the same time because of fact the clock icon exhibits. on the same time because it stops, bypass the slider each of how all the way down to 2% and untick the OFF field and click ok. Doing this common removes all fix aspects and frees all that disk area and then resets a minimum fix that keeps to be adequate for many human beings. next, visualize what you are waiting to truthfully bypass over interior the journey that your no longer easypersistent crashed. it particularly is mandatory because of actuality the day will come as quickly as you are waiting to lose a great form of the photos and various suggestion. My element is to actively get rid of what you could stay without and make certain that what is easily valued is on the externalpersistent. Doing defrags and various equipment wo not fix the authentic concern - it particularly is which you have lots of advice. Will take time, yet some hours of doing this would pay off great. good fulfillment

3. Other softwares like Wine [closed]

You mean to run Windows applications ? There's Crossover Linux, Crossover Games, & Cedega - but all are paid and use the WINE codebase. Another is Mono which implements the .net frameworks and runtimes on Linux

4. Is it wrong to download movies, games and other softwares from torrents or P2P?

I used to think it was okay, but not so much anymore. I, like you, try to buy the stuff if i like it

5. Getting guitar hero 5... can I use with other softwares?

every guitar hero guitar is compatible with any guitar hero game =]

6. I changed my OS from Win XP to Vista XP. It's good but my other softwares don't work with it. Is there no....

When programs do not run on my Vista OS, i just try running the program in compatiblity mode. 9 times out of 10, the software tends to work. I recommend you do the same, Until the necessary patches are available to remove the endless vista problems. Best of luck to you !!! ;-)

7. What is the marketing term for when a company sells a software that includes other softwares?

This is called a "Software Bundle" / "Software Bundling"

8. any other softwares that do the same as photoshop??

Certainly GIMP, it can do pretty much anything Photoshop can do with the right plugins

9. What is the future of AutoCAD?

In the immediate future AutoCAD is steadily going to make it more simple and user friendly because the amount of time taken to lean the software and the difficulty in converting a design idea into a drawing is currently difficult and not very intuitive currently.One has to spend weeks to learn the software.And drawings are usually made with input devices like keyboard and mouse. which is not very intuitive. But as gesture and voice based inputs become more viable, the future of not just AutoCAD but also other softwares will become easier to learn and use.Designers would be able to learn to use the software in a few hours and intuitively draw whatever they think and speak

10. Are there any other softwares that I can use to make a movie/video?

You can use pinnacle studio to make movies

11. other softwares like itunes?

Try some protable software, they do not need to be installed, so you can run them, even Limited accounts. However, only open-source programs are portablilized, seeing as you can edit the code

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