Where to Buy an Inexpensive Full Size Headboard?

have to be honest 200 bucks is rock bottom aint gonna get cheaper new plain cheap. I've decided over my 2000 dollar love of my life headboard i can not afford, that I will make one and attach it to the wall. This can be done inexpensively and home depot will cut the wood for you. Get batting, at least 3 yds of upholstery grade fabric, a staple gun and wood screws. there are tons of DIY on this online via HGTV, DIY network etc. It may only cost you 100-200 base then. Or, ebay girlie. That's a tough one. sometimes JC penney sales them

1. Am looking for instructions to turn a couch back and arms into a headboard like I've seen on TV. Ideas?

Just remove the fabric and the dust cover.Remove the springs from the clips.Then cut the front frame board flush to the arms.Slide the bed unit in and you are good to go.

2. headboard dilemma?

yes it's probably right. if he is using a double bed and says this...it must have 2 slots for the 2 different frame sizes. very beleivable. my daughter's headboard has the same feature.

3. Looking for a cute headboard for teenagers?

Make it you can be more creative that way:) Look on used websites in your area.

4. My horn doesn't work lights are dim and no headboard lights and my car wont start could it be battery .?

Sounds like a dead battery, charge it up and you may be OK but if it happens again, I would check the battery and or charging system

5. should i get a headboard?

storage headboard if it is easy to use. If not none as it will be heavy and difficult to move...if you ever plan too

6. I need some idea's for making a headboard. My room is Shabby Chic/Cottage style?

What about a length of white picket fence

7. Can a California king headboard/footboard be used with a standard king mattress?

Yes. The California King is only longer, not wider

8. have you ever left a dent in the headboard?

No never a dent but I have left a stain

9. How to fix a squeeky headboard?

have your sex in another bed

10. where can I get headboard screws from?

problematic aspect. seek from google. this might help!

11. Headboard that is not flush with wall?

Try gluing a piece of 3/4" board to the head board with a piece of felt on it to keep from dmageing the wall. You can find felt "feet" for chair or table legs at the hardware store. To keep it from looking "tackie" paint or stain to match wall or headboard.

12. We have just purchased a new headboard, footboard for our bedroom. It is ....I guess you would say distressed?

The bed color will be a nice contrast with the floor. The wall color's up to you, but stay away from bright colors in a bedroom you want soothing

13. I have a dark brown padded leather headboard. I want to change my bedroom curtains and comfortor set. ?

think of some things in nature and match em to that .. then change the material, pattern, etc .. i think grey would look good .. like a mushroom .. or green .. even a nude color would look good :)

14. Can a metal mattress frame be substituted for a weak wood frame that comes with a headboard, siderails & footboard?

You can purchase a standard metal mattress and box spring frame. It must have more than just four legs as a king size bed frame needs more support and should come with center supports or more legs on the actual frame. So, what do you do with the headboard and footboard? Use them. Attach the headboard to the wall and bolt the footboard to the existing holes in the metal bed frame. If you cannot attach the footboard to the frame, then perhaps do without it while still using the headboard.

15. How can the size of a headboard change the feel of a room?

paint it pale ice pink and put in one of those funky plastic crystal chandaliers. Also, sew a few silver sequins to some floaty cotton drapes for the window v. feminine!

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