Where Can I Find an Ikea Ektorp Recliner Cover?

There are many people offering to sell these. eBay - Want It Now Browse ikea ektorp. 1. Jul-14 09:23. Pottery Barn Ottoman Slipcover ... ikea dromminge slip covers. Jun-24 15:23. recliner slip cover Red medium size no leaver ...wantitnow.listings.ebay.com/_Chair-Slipcovers_W0QQsacatZ32888

1. Make a "recliner rocker" rock better?

You have to turn it upside down and look at the springs. That might give you an idea

2. how to protect my recliner from hair oil stains?

Drape a doillie over the part where someones head would go

3. SC-Is there a recliner/rocker chair?

I know you can get them that will give you a massage. But have never heard of one that will rock you as well. That would be handy Beulah

4. Do you think my boss will approve my request to replace my desk chair with a recliner?

No but if he/she does can I sit in it wif you?

5. I need to modify my recliner to make it higher.?

Suggestions: put 4 bricks, one under each base leg, which will make it higher. If you need it a little higher just tape another brick to each of the other bricks. Is there a way to turn over the recliner and remove the springs that make it rock? If not, whatever way you can keep it from moving with blockage blocks will have to do.

6. Did your baby sleep better in alternative places ( ie, swinger, carseat, recliner chair, etc..) Age of baby?

My daughter is 4.5 months and sleeps in her swing. I would love to get her out of it but she spits up alot after every meal and is already rolling to her tummy, so if I put her in her crib or my bed she will just end up face down in a puddle of vomit. :(

7. My couch recliner pull broke. How can I fix it?

my friend fixed his with a piece of pvc pipe, check that out for size

8. Where can I find a recliner (chair, not couch!) with a cupholder under the armrest?

13 months, the only element become that she favorite the table or the bookshelf to the settee. She's 18 months now, and there are nevertheless issues she struggles to climb. like the entertainment center. Thank God

9. Our yorkie went under the open recliner and we didnt know it and closed the recliner?

a couple of years ago my 6 pound poodle fell off the trampoline and vomited, our close friend vet said it was just because she was scared. I am sure shes fine (:

10. how do you get garlic butter out of the arm of a recliner?

if still tacky sprinkle talcum powder over the stain, leave for an hour then vacuum or with a dry towel or brown paper on the stain run over with warm iron or carpet spray after all of the above , then vacuum finally wipe down with undiluted white vinegar for the smell

11. How do I reupholster my leather recliner?

Yes, to reupholster, you take all of the fabric apart and use for a pattern when cutting new fabric. You can judge how much fabric to buy based on what you have. Be careful when you buy fabric to notice the width. This may alter the amount you buy.

12. Any suggestions to fix a tiny burn hole in a brown fabric recliner?

Colour the white bit with a matching brown permanent marker. I doubt if a warranty would have covered it anyway.

13. i have a black leather couch, green recliner, oak tables, and medium brown carpet. what colors shouldi paint?

A soft sandy beige like "Arabian Nights" by Behr would look good and soften the black couch. If you do not like this idea, maybe a darker or lighter shade of the green in the recliner would work

14. What is the best brand of recliner to buy?

Absolutely anything that does not look like a recliner. The standard old recliner look is a design nightmare. There are so many styles available that offer reclining capabilties that no one would think was a recliner. That is your best choice.

15. Would you prefer ...a bean bag chair or a recliner?

recliner...like the one I am sitting in right now

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