Where Can I Find 1" Or 1/2" Round Led Lights with Grommet to Use As Clearance Lights on My Truck?

Your best choice would be to order a catalog from J C Whitney. They have just about everything you need. In some state red is illegal, yellow is common and you see them on big 18 wheeler trucks all the time.

1. Where to buy strip LED lights that you can stick to the side of a mirror?

Stick On Lighting

2. What light bulbs carry no health risks?

LED lights are coming more popular there encased in plastic and come with screw in bases to fit old fixtures they use less power but you sacrifice omni illumination they tend to direct their light but manufactures are making them better and putting them to more use because incandescent bulbs are on their way out of production and mercury is environmentally dangerous when not handle with respect. can you imagine when millions of mercury bulbs make it to the trash then landfills and then water tables and then to our glasses of LOL pure drinking water ,your suppose to dispose of them in recycling boxes and send them to a collection company I can see that happening .here we go from the frying pan to the fire .

3. How do i wire my DUAL Subwoofer LED lights to my car so they actually work?

wow ...enjoy those dual speakers while they last, which wont be very long

4. How can I build a digital circuit with a row of LED lights that light in sequence?

The microcontroller is a good idea. Also, how about a CPLD? You can get a kit from Xilinx for under 100 bucks. if you are lucky you might be able to dig up a free demo board from companys like xilinx, or possibly try ebay

5. What can I wire my LED lights to in my car?

send the wire through the firewall to the battery

6. is it illegal to have solid blue led lights on your motorcycle in ohio?

blue lights are not to be used on the rear of vehicles./ motorcycles, fronts only. aslong as they do not operate static mode

7. Questions about how to get LED lights to flash with music beat?

Agree with what Cindy replied

8. What is the electricity situation in Zambia? Do people use LED Lights? cellphones instd of wired phones?

About 19 percent of households in the country had access to electricity. More households in urban areas, 49.3 percent had access to electricity than those households in rural areas, 3.2 percent. Among the provinces, Lusaka recorded the largest proportion of households with access to electricity (51.4 percent), followed by Copperbelt (43.9 percent), Southern (13.5 percent), and Central (11.9 percent). The province with the lowest proportion of households with access to electricity was Western Province (3.5 percent) A modern house in rural Zambia has no electricity. Instead it uses paraffin and candles for lights, a car battery to power a record player and small batteries to run a radio/cassette player. It is perfectly possible to manage without electricity. As Zambia is a country with plenty of sunshine, solar panels can be used to generate electricity. So, I cannot see them wanting to be bothered with a huge bicycle and waste energy by pedalling when the sun can do the work with a small gadget.

9. Can a car have LED lights with all this colours red, blue, silver/white, green, aqua?

It relies upon at something of your coloring [ eyes/hair ] as nicely, yet you may placed on basically approximately all colors - it basically relies upon on the coloration.think of jewel tones, and icy tones attempt: ice pink, warm pink, cherry pink, burgundy [ ruby ] icy yellow, lemon ice eco-friendly, emerald, pine eco-friendly [ emerald ] ice blue, royal blue, denim, military [ sapphire ] icy aqua, turquoise icy violet, surprising pink [ amethyst ] additionally white, grays, black NO orange, tan, browns

10. Bought a car. Need to remove interior electrical effects (LED Lights, aftermarked alarm system, etc)?

confusing step research in a search engine that will help

11. can I connect a 12v fuse to a 10 or 15v for my led lights?

I am guessing you measured 15v with engine running, 10 with it off.... Any will work

12. Why don't my led lights work correctly on my motorcycle?

Two things I could think of is 1. Wrong connection, 2. Some little loose connection

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