Whats the Best Way to Remove Ink From an Ivory Leather Sofa?

I agree with both the hairspray or Mr clean

1. How do you remove dried in emulsion paint from a leather sofa, without damaging it?

Use "goof off" and you can get it at any hardware or paint store

2. Which colors blanket go well with Reina Green leather sofa?? Reina Green is difficult to match well.?

maybe red

3. Help Designers!! I just bought a Burgundy Leather Sofa and Love-seat?

Sounds like a good beginning. How about painting the walls a gray. Grays and browns and burgundy is very classy . You can also use some breige or taupe. Actually, taupe on the walls would look great. Just not too dark. Keep the windows simple. Maybe an arrangement with burgundy and black and white and brown. Or brownish twiggys or something like that. A bold area rug. Bold and fairly bright, otherwise the room might end up too dark. Cozy is good, but not dark and dead

4. how can I repair cat scratches in my new brown leather sofa?

Unless you remove and replace the affected area, you really can not . What you can do is keep the scratched areas properly treated with leather care products to restrict any premature failures

5. Is it OK to get a new leather sofa before I get my house painted?

Go ahead and get it now if you want it. It's no problem at all to cover it with painter's plastic. I cover ALL furniture when I paint for someone. Never had a call back for splatter. hope this helps

6. How do I get pee out of a leather sofa?!?!?

You will need to kill the bacteria that will cause a smell and need to get to as many areas as you can. Use Em Clean which will kill the bacteria. Spray liberally all over the leather and any other accessible areas. It is tested and safe to use on rather and fabric. If you have Aniline style leather ( one that is absorbent) the urine is likely to stain the leather. You can use an aniline cleaner which will help with this if the Em Clean does not Please do not use household cleaners or soap as these may set the stain and also will not kill the bacteria. Hope this helps Judyb Leather care consultant

7. I bought a leather sofa from DFS UK which I waited 8 weeks for, but it does not look like the swatch sample?

I would demand a refund. Call the furniture store and speak with the manager. If that fails to resolve the problem, tell them you are going to call the local TV station and local newspaper to complain about their poor quality products. I will bet he gives in

8. How to stop my kitten scratching our leather sofa?

When the little "ripper" starts tearing away, give him a hit from a water pistol. Water will not hurt puss, but it will program him to associate clawing your furniture with an unwelcome squirt. We have a 15y moggy and a 10m kitten. This worked for them.

9. How can I remove marker stains from my leather sofa?

Have u tried Mr Clean Magic eraser?? it works well

10. How do I stop my cat from pissing on my $10,000 leather sofa set?

sorry but i bought the spray at walmart it did not work. so i can say spray water tell him no. but this sound like vet problem take him he may have urine infection

11. How can a lavender oil stain be removed from a dark brown leather sofa?

The problem here would appear to be that you have removed some of the colour from the leather surface (it may be a 2 tone leather where the top colour/finish has been removed) and no amount of cleaning etc will resolve the problem. Please DO NOT use Mr clean magic erasres as on this type of leather you will do a lot more damage. DIY kits will not work and may make the matter worse

12. How can I remove biro ink from a leather sofa?

Nice going. Was that you or one of the kids? Anyway, what might be helpful is to find someone nearby who specializes in auto upholstery cleaning/repair. When I worked for BMW, we always knew the number for one of those, they are lifesavers when it comes to leather car seats, which are very close to if not identical to the same material they use in the house. If it comes to redying the sofa, they can do a very small spot so that it's undetectable.

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How Do I Fix a Leather Sofa That Has Been Discolored with Nail Polish Remover?
if you can, take back the sofa. sofa's covered in cheap, painted leather usually have cheap, poorly built frames. if you go to a furniture store that sells furniture for money not credit, you will be surprised to find how affordable quality really is. a good sofa will last several generations and age gracefully and usually retain or go up in value.1. What is the best way to prevent a 6 yr old cat from clawing at a leather sofa?The absolute 100% effective way is to keep him out of the room that the sofa is in! Get a scratch post, and cover it with some old leather from somewhere if that's what your cat likes to dig his claws into. Everytime you see him go to scratch your sofa, take him away with a sharp NO to make him jump, and put his paws on the scratch post. He should get the message. I hear soft paws work, but once they start coming off you may have problems if you do not catch them in time. Chalice2. What things match or look well with a black leather sofa? As in what colors should i paint the walls, etc.?Red walls-muted with Oriental decor-lots of brass and black lacquer, some Bonsai trees, a small table-top fountain, Oriental fans to hang on the walls, and do not forget the Chinese lanterns, and a screen. Sea grass area rugs. Or... Greens and florals-and earthy theme. Or...an African theme and use a leapord or tiger print throw for the sofa with bulky chest style coffee and end tables.3. Painting a room to compliment a caramel leather sofa suite?Since Caramel is sort of a neutral color you could go with just about any color you want. Do you have a favorite painting, or picture you are using in the living room? You can use the color schemes in that to paint your walls. Going with a lighter shade. Have you thought about using more than one color? That can be very striking...4. Removing rash causing allergen from new leather sofa?Lemons. Buy a dozen, cut in half and rub the leather down. It will cut any oils. Rinse and buff dry. Severe Allergy reaction can reoccur for up to a year. My spouse suffered penicillin reaction that lasted 8 months, flairs up for no apparent reason and Doctor said till the body is totally rid of any trace this will occur. You allergy is no so severe any iota of the contaminate and you will break out.5. What wall paint color goes with a beige leather sofa and loveseat?My sister put a medium brown color on her walls, which I thought would be horrible but really made the room look classic and elegant6. what color wood do you think goes best with a black leather sofa? ?A naturally clear finish on a light wood like ash or birch7. How can I clean leather sofa without damage?There are professional leather cleaning products out there. Look to an office supply / industrial products company for better quality ones. A good one will run $15 per 16oz8. Has anyone ever used turtle car wax on a leather sofa? Please HELP ME OUT!?I use cheap dry on shoe polish for getting rid of marks, but not turtle wax. You will slide off. Just a warm wash cloth with water will sheen it up a bit for the day. Then buy some leather restorer at the locat store. There are wipes available, also. Good Luck.9. What is the best way to clean a leather sofa? Specifically dog odor (no stains...yet!!!)?baby wipes, really they work i have a boxer and a bullmastif, and the wipes clean up quickly but are mild enough not to damage the leather10. Should I write with a marker on my leather sofa?The beige colored marker probably wo not work. I would suggest getting a leather cleaner or a leather stain remover11. Can leather stain removers bring back color to a beige leather sofa?Look in the yellow pages of the phone book for some one who does vinyl or leather repair. Car dealerships and restaurants use these pro's to touch up car upholstery or seating upholstery all the time. Best to let a pro mix up a matching color to take care of this accident. Afraid this service will cost a few dollars. Good Luck
Does a Lighter Colored Leather Ottoman Go with a Darker Leather Sofa?
Sounds good together. You know what would set it off, is making your walls in a faux suede illusions paint the same color as your ottoman. Then accenting your walls in The dark worn brass look. Maybe even curtains the same as your couch. Have fun.1. Anniversary Gift Ideas for Husband who is a beginner artist?Awwwww!!! Congratulations! Well, traditionally, the third anniversay is supposed to include leather. Maybe get him a new leather wallet, jacket, or other leather item related to something he's into. Also, keep in mind that leather can be engraved. Maybe get him a leather wallet with a meaningful inscription2. The best western belts for men - 2019A belt chosen properly can add a subtle detail and dimension to your look. Belts are an amazing accessory to showcase your individual taste, personal preference. Below are the best western belts for men. This belt is made from genuine leather with a stunning embossed pattern on. It allows interchangeable buckle and all you have to do is snap out to change it. This belt comes in four different sizes to choose: Small (30-32), Medium (33-35), Large (36-38) and Extra Large (40-42) and available in two colors: black and brown. The snap is sturdy, strong. The beautiful embossed scroll work will add a wow factor to your western-style outfit. The buckle is changeable, so you can replace it with any of your favorite ones. However, this belt is not so durable and may not be a good choice for petite people since it is longer than expected and not have enough holes. This is the perfect choice for people who just wants an average belt and is easy-going in picking belts. This is the perfect belt for a cowboy look. It is made of genuine leather, overlaid with a tooled design and featured with a cowboy prayer conchos. The length varies from 30 to 46 inches. The belt itself is well manufactured with sturdy, thick leather. People who love authentic western belts will just fall in love with this. The conchos are what made this belt looks special. The buckle is also removable, allow you to replace with the buckle of your choice. The only minus point is the inaccurate size. It is smaller than expected. Therefore, remember to order somewhat 2 inches over your actual waist size. This belt is also made from genuine leather. It comes with snaps for changing buckles, which is convenient. It presents in four color options: black, dark brown, brown and white. There are five sizes available: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large and is promised to fit 80% as expected. In addition, five holes at the tip end allow this belt to fit you comfortably. The design is amazing with a classic vintage distressed look. The edge is stitched for extra strength and looks nice without any stray threads. The leather feels good. However, it is bonded with glue, not a whole piece of leather. The snaps are also not sturdy. The belt itself is not durable at all. Overall, this is just an average belt that suitable for people who love the vintage look. This is made from 100% leather, which is really nice. The belt has a unique design featured a colorful fabric-inlay that looks great with any pairs of jeans. The size varies from 32 to 44 inches. This belt is really sturdy, well manufactured. The design is versatile and unique. The fabric-inlay really adds something special to this belt. It also will add a stunning finishing touch to any outfit. However, it is hard to fasten because of the stiffness. Overall, this is a great option for people who want a unique belt that can go well with any outfit. This belt is also made from real leather with no bonded scraps or glue. It was embossed with a stunning western style leaf pattern. The belt also came with snaps for changing buckles that are stiff and sturdy. Sizes vary from 32 to 46 inches. There are two colors available: brown, gray-black. The biggest plus point is the design. From the pattern to the color, the belt give this gorgeous antique look that can liven up any outfit. However, the quality is not really good. The belt does not seem to be well manufactured. Instead of having stitches along the border to secure and keep the belt from splintering, this has none. Because of that, its durability is not really long. Overall, this belt goes well with people who care more about the look that the quality. This amazing belt is made from authentic cowhide leather. It is embossed with real leather hand-woven into an X pattern and scorpion design. There are snaps for the interchanging buckles. Sizes vary from 32 to 46 inches. There are three colors available: brown, tan and black. The most eye-catching part is the beautiful hand work design of the belt. With this unique design, you can dress up any casual or western-style outfit. The leather itself is thick, strong and sturdy. The quality is above average, better than what you would expect. However, it is not really durable. The lacing pattern will unravel after a period of time. Overall, this belt is a great choice if you just want an average belt with a unique design. This is also a 100% made from real leather. The belt does not provide snaps for the interchanging buckle. However, it features a stunning antique snap-off buckle with two-horse logo design. Sizes vary from 30 to 44 inches. Only one color is available. This belt is well made with high-quality leather that is strong and sturdy. The buckle is the most attractive feature of this belt. Its durability is also pretty impressive. The only problem is the buckle is not really sturdy and keeps coming off. Overall, this is a nice belt that you would want to have it in your wardrobe. This is an unusual option since it is made with nylon rather than leather. However, the Pueblo pattern looks gorgeous and gives a frontier heritage vibe to any outfit. The polycarbonate locking cam buckle is sturdy, strong and suitable for any outdoor activities. There is only one size that fits to size 42. This is a great belt for air travel. Well, we all know that moment when you have to take your belt off in front of lots of people to pass that security checkpoint. With this belt, no longer have you suffer that situation anymore. The belt is lightweight but holds securely. There is only one small issue that the belt is a bit thinner than usual, it would be perfect if it was wider. At a whole, this is an amazing belt that suitable for almost everyone. You wo not be regret buying this. This is just a basic, simple leather belt that goes well with a casual look. The size varied from 34 to 44 inches. It is recommended that you should order one size up from your pants size. This belt is absolutely well manufactured with thick leather, even stitches along the border to prevent splintering. The buckle is nice and sturdy. This is a staple piece in the wardrobe that every man should have. However, the leather is a wee bit stiff. It will probably soften up over time. Overall, this belt is perfect, an amazing choice for someone who loves simplicity. This is another amazing option for a western-style belt. The belt is made 100% from genuine leather with real leather hand-woven into an X pattern. The buckle is made in a set with three matching engraved pieces and removable. Sizes varied from 32 to 46 inches. There are two colors available: Black and brown. The design included star conchos and embossed western pattern that enhances the cowboy look. The quality is amazing. It is not hard to say that this belt is definitely well made with no cheap coated metal. This belt totally looks nice with boots. In conclusion, this belt has high quality, stunning design and absolutely fit the cowboy theme. Do not hesitate to grab one. Made with beautiful genuine leather, this belt certainly pleased any picky customer. The design featured a faithful recreation of the Walking Liberty half-dollar along with embossed western-style patterns that can liven up any outfit. Real leather is also braided into an X pattern. This gives the belt a stunning touch. The interchange buckle function is also added. The belt came with different size from 32 to 48 inches and available in two colors: black and brown. If you are looking for a stunning western belt, this one is definitely for you. The quality is just awesome. This belt is definitely well made with high-quality leather, sturdy snaps and careful bar-tack stitching along the border. The leather feels nice and lasts a lifetime. Not mention that the recreation of the Walking Liberty half-dollar is totally not cheap coated metal. There are no problems that you can find about this belt. Overall, this is a stunning belt with wonderful design and craftsmanship; a must-have for any men out there. A belt made with quality America tanned leather is absolutely a great option for you. This belt is embossed with classy basket weave using durable bridle leather. The inches buckle is shiny, sturdy and just look astounding. The size varied from 32 to 60 inches, which is amazing. The stitching along the border is carefully sewn. The quality of the leather is impressive. This is surely a high-quality belt on the market. Nevertheless, you can wear this belt on casual occasion or at work. The durability is also amazing. Due to the high quality of leather, this belt can last for ages. You cannot find any issues while using this belt. Everything is just right. At a whole, this is an excellent belt that any men would like to have in their wardrobe. Those are some options of the best western belt for men. Choosing a nice belt is not easy, hopefully, with this review, you can pick for yourself a perfect western belt. In conclusion, take your time and you may find something that is not just affordable but also attractive and high quality.3. define what a vegetarian is and what a vegan is?Vegetarians do not eat that which results from the slaughter of an animal. This includes red meat, poultry, seafood, gelatin, lard and rennet. Vegans do not consume meat or animal products, (like eggs and dairy) and avoid purchasing products made from animals, (like leather and wool) and products which have been tested on animals. (Like anything made by Procter and Gamble)
Bonded Leather Sofa Vs Genuine Leather Sofa?
HAD A BONDED LEATHER SOFA AFTER HAVING A REAL LEATHER ONE, THE DIFFERENCE IN COMMFORT AND DURABILITY WAS REMARKABLE. THE BONDED LEATHER SOFA MADE US STICK TO IT IN THE SUMMER AFTER A WHILE I NOTICED PLACES WHERE IT LOOKED AS THOUGH THE LEATHER WAS SCUFFING AWAY, BEFORE WE KNEW IT THE WHOLE OF THE SOFA STARTED PEELING AND WE HAD TO DISPOSE OF IT. WILL NOT BUY A BONDED SOFA AGAIN1. Outfit ideas for the fall?I am a freshman, too! Lol, I usually wear sneakers, skinny jeans, and a pullover, but that's just me :) Here is what a lot of people in my school wear: Tops: Leather or moto jackets over tees (plaids, too!) Buttonups or plaids by themselves Sweaters Hoodies Tunics Zipups Bottoms: Leggings Skinny jeans Sweatpants Shoes: Combat boots Flats Uggs Converse Vans Nikes Accesories Scarves Silver jewelry Simple necklaces Most of the stuff would go together in an outfit (but PLEASE do not do combat boots with sweatpants, lol), so have fun making them!2. Are you a leather expert? How can I tell if my new leather chair and ottoman are 100% leather ?slap it if it goes moo its leather3. how to remove stains on my dockers leather wallet?try scratching it off, if not that use a rag and as little water as possible, leather and water do not mix4. leather for a knife sheath?Just use plain old cowhide. Lace it with artificial sinew. You can get everything you need from Tandy Leather. www.tandyleatherfactory.com/5. Should I buy white leather sofa?Leather will oxidize over time just like a penny. It will also ingest dyes from fabrics like blue jeans. Once this happens nothing will fix it. They are great looking in your roped off living room with the plastic covers on the shades but not very practical for everyday use. The better leather sofas will have a maintenance and warranty but just for the frame. We are talking the several thousand dollar ones. Leather needs to be conditioned to hold it's moisture and cleaned. It is highly susceptible to damage from UV rays.6. For Her: 11 Alternatives to the Iconic Birkin Bag That Don't Cost $10,000Gifting a designer bag or wallet is one way to impress your lady on any occasion. But if you really want to go all out for Christmas, Valentine's Day, or a special anniversary, there's nothing better than the coveted Hermes Birkin Bag. Sadly, with prices between $11,900 and $300,000, this celebrity must-have is not within the financial realms for many shoppers. While the likes of Victoria Beckham and the Kardashians may get to enjoy the delights of an authentic Birkin, for most of us, the mythical bag lives only on the glossy pages of celebrity magazines. Although a real designer bag requires significant financial muscle, there are plenty of Birkin-inspired bags on the market. These equally stylish Birkin Bag alternatives suit every budget and are just waiting to hang off the arm of your girlfriend, wife or lover. She will love how close to the real thing these bags look and will surely appreciate the effort you made trying to make her Birkin dreams come true. Not as famous as the Hermes Birkin, the Michael Kors Studio Mercer Tote is gaining popularity. The luxury designer knows how to design a leather bag, and this useful option is no exception. Durable and versatile, the ivory leather is easy to match with most outfits. And the adjustable shoulder strap can be removed to transition the bag from day use to a more formal setting. It may not have the sophistication or build quality of a real Birkin, but if you want the famous shape without the price tag, the DELUXITY Women's Designer Top Handle Satchel will do. Made from faux leather, this bag features a removable shoulder strap as well as two handles and a matching wristlet. It's available in 40 different colors and patterns to match even the most outlandish of outfits. One of the major downfalls of the Birkin Bags for vegans is that they are constructed from genuine leather. Luckily, if you are an animal lover, there are several great vegan alternatives to the Birkin Bag (popularly called Virkins). One such bag is the K_elly Style Women's Designer Top Handle Satchel. The wrapped handle adds a touch of class to this bag, and the included bottom studs ensure this satchel can sit on the floor or a table without falling over. Ask any woman, and she will tell you that having a matching bag and wallet set is optimal. That's why the 1988 MMK Collection Women's Satchel Handbag dons our list of the best Hermes Birkin Bag Alternatives. Not only does this attractive, black handbag mirror the iconic silhouette of the Birkin Bag, it also comes with a matching coin purse. As an added bonus, the exterior of this bag features litchi grain PU leather for a casual, comfortable and durable style. The Dasein Handbag features a number of Birkin-esque elements with a price that's anything but. Featuring double-rolled, top handles and an adjustable 50-inch shoulder strap, the vegan leather bag allows for plenty of individual interpretation along with a number of striking color options. The most expensive Hermes Birkin Bag ever sold had a crocodile skin pattern mimicking the pattern of snowfall in the Himalayas. While not every genuine Birkin Bag is made from crocodile leather, that's the look most associated with this designer handbag. For a Crocodile Purse without the Birkin pricetag, the QIWANG Leather Crocodile Purse is an excellent choice. This Birkin look-a-like is sure to catch some attention thanks to its embossed cowhide leather fashioned in the style of crocodile skin. Moving up the price scale, the Tuscany Leather Handbag with Golden Hardware offers a mid-priced alternative to the Hermes Birkin Bag. This attractive satchel is made from genuine hammered Italian leather. The semi-rigid structure helps the bag keep its shape, while the jacquard lining protects the leather interior. The major differences between this bag and the real thing are the top zipper, the lack of the signature Hermes padlock, and $100,000. If you do not want to shell out for an authentic Hermes Birkin Bag, but you are still willing to spend a bit of money on a designer bag, consider the Kate Spade New York Cameron Street Candace Satchel Bag. Described as chic and boxy, this shoulder bag holds its structure much like the famous Hermes option, but the textured, pebbled leather is soft enough for casual use. Plus, the interior pocket is super useful for holding bits and bobs, and the bag sports a super handy removable shoulder strap. The Coach Serra Satchel is reminiscent of the Hermes Birkin Bag, but it still has enough of its own style not to break any copyright laws. The gorgeous, glovetanned leather means this satchel is visually stunning, while the genuine snakeskin accents give the bag a bit of personality. Plus, the crossbody strap makes for easy crossbody wear, and the outer pocket boasts an innovative slide tab closure for storing your valuable items discreetly and securely. This Tory Burch purse comes in two attractive colors: classic black leather and a softer tan leather. Named for Lee Radziwill, the younger sister to First Lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis, the bag features three interior compartments and is crafted from Italian leather. The Lee Radziwill bag is a great mid-range option if you are looking for designer Birkin Bag alternatives. Although it will still cost you a couple thousand dollars, the Saint Laurent Classic Sac De Jour Small is the most luxurious Hermes Birkin Bag alternative on our list. Saint Laurent is making some of the best designer purses right now, and this top-handle purse is no exception. The tubular handles, compression tabs and gold padlock echo those same elements found on the coveted Birkin. However, this bag has fewer metallic accents for a more understated look that can be worn both casually and formally. This is truly a bag to give the most important woman in your life.
Quality of Flex Steel Brandon Leather Sofa and Love Seat?
purple, surely. yet, i could make particular that it particularly "authentic" purple, purple, or "barn/rustic" purple. gentle purple or vermilion does not look stable with black leather-based. Goldenrod could look stunning! it fairly is nearly a mustard colour, yet with a gold seem to it. you additionally can attempt deep green/wooded area green. it actual relies upon on the subject matter of the room1. What can I use to get ink off a leather sofa?Huggies diaper wipes. They work surprisingly well. My daughter colored all over her body, clothes, new shoes and the walls with an ink pen. It came right off with a diaper wipe! In fact, I just used one yesterday to remove permanent marker from my hands and shoe (I dropped the marker) and it came right off! Give the wipes a try first! Worst case scenario, they do not work and you have wet wipes around the house that you could use for lots of different things2. how to remove scuff mark from brown leather sofa?Mr Clean makes a sponge that will work called a magic sponge. Available at any grocery store in cleaning isle3. How do i get green felt tip pen off my cream leather sofa?try hairspray and then water to get the hairspray residue off quickly, maybe a leather oil after to make sure it does not dry the sofa out there4. Which colors blanket go well with Reina Green leather sofa?? Reina Green is difficult to match well.?cayan orange/yellow, deep beats red, biege5. My kitten has just jumped onto my leather sofa and ripped it.Does home insurance cover this.?Your insurance is not going to cover it unless you have the sofa insured for any damage . If it was me I would have the sofa repair out of my own pocket and get rid of the cat.6. I just bought a bonded leather sofa what is the best thing to wipe it down with?A lint free dust cloth for weekly upkeep in dusting. An occasional damp cloth to remove body oils and such for deeper cleaning. Be sure to dry off any water residue. Chemicals, sprays and polishes are not necessary and will eventually either discolor the sofa or cause rub off on your clothing. The tanning process leather goes through seals the leather. Usage only makes leather softer and more comfortable in time. Cleaning agents may dry out the leather and eventually cause it to crack, particularly the arms and the cushions.7. what accent color looks good with black leather sofa and love seat?red!!8. I just purchased a forest green leather sofa set and I need colour ideas for curtains paint & accessories HELP?Why not consider spice colors, like burnt orange/rust, gold tones and tans with a small amount of red in the accents. All of these colors go well with forest green. I do not think purple will look well with the dark green leather and the black furniture, too drab. I would shop for patterned curtains, maybe a stripe or a geometric design; then pull colors out of the curtains for paint color and accessorize inspirations. You have a zillion paint colors and more limited curtain fabrics available to you. So, begin with the curtains. And, yes, red will be too Christmas-y, for sure.9. hi, what is the best way to clean a leather sofa?well try this: Before cleaning leather, determine whether the leather is finished - like luggage, furniture and garments - or unfinished - like baseball gloves, work boots and saddles. Then Things You will Need Leather Conditioners Saddle Soaps Damp cloths Dry Towels Sponges Leather Protection Sprays Leather Cleaning Kits Steps 1) Step OnePlace a small amount of a gentle, moisturizing soap such as Dove on a damp cloth and bring it to a light lather. 2) Step TwoRub the damp cloth on the leather without putting too much water on the leather. 3) Step ThreeWipe away lather with a fresh damp cloth. Do not rinse the leather in water. 4) Step FourPolish leather with a dry towel. 5) Step FiveTreat leather with a leather conditioner after it has dried completely. Tips & Warnings: Cleaning leather is a dangerous game. Cleaning can change the color or appearance of the leather. Always test the cleaning on a small invisible patch of leather before proceeding on the whole item. Avoid products like mink oil, shoe polish and waxes when cleaning leather furniture or garments. Tips & Warnings: Consider seeking professional assistance as improper cleaning might damage the leather.***Hope this helps good luck...YASMIN
How Can I Protect a Leather Sofa? My Dog Stays in the Living Room During the Day.?
put your sofa in garbage bin......... remember dog own the house1. How can I get cat urine smell out of my black leather sofa?I do not know about leather, my cat peed on my fake leather couch once (she was in heat and apparently very temperamental), i treated it like I treated any other cat urine: a 50/50 solution on white vinegar and water and then natures miracle also buy a black lamp to determine where the urine is and when it dries use the black light to make sure its all gone. Also if she keeps doing it try to figure out why so you can solve the actual problem itself2. Is it possible to paint or stain a leather sofa?In hobby shops, they sell a dye that is used for leather...it is available in several shades. It may be good to test a small area on the underside of a cushion prior to staining/dyeing the whole sofa; however, it may be an alternative worth considering. The source below also has an acrylic dye for use on leather...worth a look!3. my cream leather sofa is discolored (yellow) in one place, what will restore the natural color?If the pigment is damaged through sunlight etc then the pigment will need replacing as the colour has been bleached out of it. Please do not use DIY products to do this as they do not work and they may permanently damage your leather. There are leather specialists who do this type of work and they should be called in to have a look. Make sure they are using professional products and have been trained by a specialist company (not one that supplies DIY products) then you will get a good repair that will last. 'Condiitoning' products will not rectify this damage and can make the matter worse so should be avoided. Take care what advice you take form the internet as there is a lot of misinformation on leather care which can lead to greater problems. Hope this helps4. Hubby doesnt want a cat cos he says it will shred leather sofa .... is this true?We have three cats and a kitten in our house and all our lounge furniture is leather, they have never touched it, cats are more likely to scratch at materials and carpets, we also have a scratch pole which they use5. Is there a do it yourself way to restore color on a black leather sofa? (faded in places)?Restore Black Leather6. i have deep dark brown (leather)sofa set. what color entertainment center would match best? expresso or black?definitely espresso7. my friends talked me into buying a leather sofa and i hate is there a way i can cover it?Well, I am sure you know there are sofa covers. But, if you want something different; try a thick blanket, faux fur material on the seat part, You could also try selling it, if it is in good shape, you may get enough money for it to buy what you want8. how do i get a stain outta a leather sofa???? help?Try some murphys oil soap.. Good Luck! :)9. What is The Best Way To Clean Leather Sofa?A leather sofa is one of the beautiful upholstery and every homeowner wishes to have one. But the owners who have got the leather sofa knows how difficult it is to maintain it. You may be very careful when it comes to cleaning your leather sofa as using the wrong method will damage the fabric. Many owners do not care about cleaning their leather sofa but it is very important to know that if it is unclean then there is a chance that it becomes the home of dirt and allergens. These contaminants will not only destroy your leather sofa but it will cause many breathing problems to your family members who use it. Regular sofa cleaning will help you to keep your leather sofa in a good and healthy condition. Below is the best way through which you can give a new look to your lovely leather sofa. The first step you are supposed to follow when you get down to clean your leather sofa is to vacuum it. Vacuuming will help in eliminating large particles present on your leather sofa. Make sure you choose the best vacuum which can be used on leather fabric. Vacuum clean your sofa from folded areas too as most of the debris is found in such places. Thoroughly vacuum the sofa upside down. You can even attach the brush to your vacuum cleaner for effective cleaning. The brush has the soft bristles which does not harm the fabric while dusting it. To prepare the cleaning solution all you have to do is take a bowl and add water and white vinegar in equal amounts. White vinegar is the best and natural cleaning agent to clean leather sofa. You will receive the best result when you clean your leather sofa with white vinegar and the good thing is, it is easily available in every kitchen. Use distilled water for preparing the solution as tap water may contain some kind of chemicals which can cause the leather. After that mix the solution properly. In the next step, apply the solution which you have prepared. Take a fresh rag and dip it in the solution. When you dip the rag into the solution, see to it that you just slightly wet it but not drench it. More liquid used can make the situation worse. Later gently scrub your sofa. Use proper method while you scrub your sofa. Start from the top and then move towards down. After a few strokes rinse properly the sofa and then work on the next part. Follow the step and scrub your entire sofa thoroughly. Once you are done with cleaning, you've got to treat the stains. While cleaning your sofa note down the stains so that it helps in removing the stains afterwards. Different types of stains need different treatment. Some stains like grease stains, oil stains can be removed by sprinkling some baking soda, ink stains can be removed with an alcohol solution, a dark solution like nail polish stains can be treated with lemon juice solution. There are several ways through which you eliminate these stubborn stains from your sofa. After couch stain removal, make sure you are letting it dry for some time. For conditioning the sofa or sanitizing it, you can make use of tea tree oil and white vinegar. Take a bowl and add 12 to 15 drops of tea tree oil and mix it with 2 cups of white vinegar. Properly stir it. Do not use commercial conditioners as it contains chemicals which can harm your leather sofa. Using a homely solution will give you better results and is completely safe to both humans and pets who use the sofa. Apply the solution on your sofa carefully. Take a rag and dip it in solution, do not drench and properly scrub over your leather sofa. Let the solution be on your couch overnight. Next morning, take a fresh cloth and bluff the sofa properly. Dry it completely so that you can put to use. This will help in restoring the original look of your sofa. 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24 Hours ... with Sean Mcvay
This is the fourth installment of The MMQB’s “24 Hours” series, inside-inside, multimedia stories for the 2017 NFL season, chronicling a day in the life of an important figure in pro football.After seven years in Washington, the last three as Jay Gruden’s offensive coordinator, a soon-to-be 31-year-old Sean McVay took over the Los Angeles Rams in January, becoming the youngest head coach in NFL history (modern era). It’s been a whirlwind first off-season, though if you observe McVay running the team, you’d think he’s been at it for a decade. In May, during the Rams’ third OTA session (which meant full days with the players and live practices), McVay welcomed us behind the curtain.* * *Los Angeles, Calif. May 24, 2017 9:43 p.m. PTSean McVay answers the door to his contemporary-style house in Encino Hills, a neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley northwest of downtown L.A. He moved in a few weeks earlier. His mother, an interior designer in Atlanta, has been furnishing the place. She’s off to a strong—and, to McVay’s occasional astonishment, expensive—start. But her work is far from done. About half of the home’s 4,660 square feet remain bare. McVay lives here with his girlfriend, Veronica, who moved with him from Virginia.After McVay, the former offensive coordinator in Washington, got the Rams job on Jan. 12, he planned on returning to his Reston, Va., townhouse to gather his things. But there was too much to do in California. So Veronica and a few friends took care of clearing the townhouse, and it sold in a day. McVay never made it back.He’s wearing his usual: shorts, t-shirt and running shoes. “Come in, make yourself at home,” he says.* * *10:01 p.m.McVay toured six houses when he got to L.A. The fourth felt like the winner. But then he saw this one. It overlooks Burbank and has an enormous open patio. The bells and whistles abound: a gas fire table near the edge of the balcony; a miniature balcony overlooking the pool; floodlights—remarkably powerful floodlights; surround sound inside and outside; an Alexa system that controls the lights on command. (“Alexa, turn all off.”) And a glass wall that slides open at the push of a button, converting the living room into essentially a fancy covered patio.“Pretty cool, huh?” McVay says as he reveals each nook and cranny. He’s too earnestly impressed to be bragging. He grabs a beer and takes a seat near the gas fire table, only to discover that the cushions of his new patio furniture are damp. Oh well. He’s calling it a night soon anyway. The youngest head coach in NFL history explains that the consequence of waking up early is going to bed at the hour of an old man.* * *May 25 4:01 a.m.The alarm was set for 3:45 a.m. And now he’s ready for work. The plan was to leave a little after 4:00. The camera crew following him today was to arrive at 4:10. They show up at 4:06. McVay is welcoming but clearly eager to go. The day is already slipping away.* * *4:17 a.m.McVay winds his black BMW 750i through nearly two miles of his Encino Hills neighborhood to the freeway. His commute to the Rams’ temporary football offices at Cal Lutheran in Thousand Oaks is 28 to 30 minutes at this hour, depending on how you hit the lights. Some mornings McVay will listen to an audiobook. (Lately it’s been Extreme Ownership: How Navy SEALs lead and win.) Other mornings he’ll call people back east. He can catch his parents at this hour. Today he just chats with the camera crew, as hip-hop plays quietly in the background. 24 HOURS WITH ... ADAM SCHEFTER: Behind the scenes with the NFL’s top newsbreaker* * *4:37 a.m.McVay’s office is sparse. There’s a large oak L-shaped desk and cabinet, and four screens: two computer monitors, a laptop and a large flat-screen, which displays the contents of McVay’s main computer. On the wall is a blowup picture of Rams linebacker Alec Ogletree leading a huddle. That’s it. There’s also a blowup of running back Todd Gurley and a painting of Eric Dickerson, but they’re yet to be hung. The room comfortably fits two large leather arm chairs, a small leather sofa and a round table with three chairs. On the table is a list of hour-by-hour daily schedules covering all the way through August. In the back is a one-man locker room equipped with a shower and toilet.McVay, drinking black coffee and a sparkling water (Rams general manager Les Snead got him on it), is at his desk watching clips of plays from Atlanta and Washington that he’ll be installing today for his young Rams offense. It’s Day 3 of the third OTA session. Practice is from noon to 2:00, but players will arrive for meetings at 8:00 a.m. McVay wants to show examples of how these new designs play out against different defensive looks. “One thing about going through all these clips,” he says with a smile, “is you gain a real appreciation for how good some of your former players were.”* * *6:10 a.m.He’s still watching clips. The only break is for a bowl of cereal, which he takes back to his desk. Today it’s Frosted Flakes; the cafeteria was out of Frosted Mini-Wheats. He eats with a plastic spoon out of a small paper bowl. Distractions keep popping up, and he winds up barely finishing half. It’s all McVay will consume for the next eight hours.* * *6:41 a.m.Offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur pops into the office. McVay and LaFleur have been friends since 2011, when they worked together on Washington’s staff. They discuss a wide receiver screen play.“I think it’s so hit-or-miss for a running back to block this defender when he’s offset,” McVay says, pointing to an example on the video.“So you want me to switch it out?” LaFleur asks.“Well, I’m asking your opinion here, too.”“Yeah, I think it just depends. If you do have the running back aligned there, you have to have other plays off of that.”The discussion continues for several minutes. They go over which plays to install today and which to hold until next week. There’s a fine line here, because in the NFL you don’t have plays per se; you have variations of concepts. It all must tie together.* * *7:03 a.m.Tight ends coach Shane Waldron stops in. McVay also solicits his opinion as well on whether to put in the package he discussed with LaFleur. It directly affects Waldron’s players, and he’d prefer to wait until next week. “If you don’t mind,” Waldron says.“Not at all,” McVay says. “That’s why I’m asking.”* * *7:08 a.m.Now it’s Rams head trainer Reggie Scott who drops by. He has injury updates. McVay asks him which player so far has run the most total yards in OTAs. (The Rams track this data with a GPS program.) McVay guesses wide receiver Mike Thomas, and he’s correct. (Naturally; wide receivers run farther downfield on each snap than any other player, plus they must jog to and from the huddle.) McVay also guesses Todd Gurley is near the top because of the way he continues to run through the whistle. Scott’s polite tone suggests this guess is close but not spot on. “Yeah, he’s top third,” Scott says.* * *8:00 a.m.Defensive coordinator Wade Phillips is in the defense meeting room, addressing his whole unit. He’s wearing a red plaid shirt but will later change into Rams gear. McVay stands in the back alongside cornerbacks coach Aubrey Pleasant. In a few minutes, Pleasant and safeties coach Ejiro Evero will take over, addressing the defensive backs. They’ll go back and forth, playing off one another and challenging safeties and corners to understand who is providing help in Los Angeles’s matchup coverages. McVay sits quietly in the back, taking notes.* * *8:55 a.m.Now it’s McVay’s turn to run a meeting. He’s addressing the entire offense. He jumps right in, no intro. “Today we’re going to be exclusively in ‘11’ personnel (one back, one tight end), working against pressures.”McVay calls on players at random throughout the meeting. Rams employees have come to fear this. Nothing is worse than the head coach catching your daydream in front of the entire room. From quarterback Jared Goff to the quality control assistants, many have learned the hard way to pay undivided attention. Some have even taken to keeping a cheat sheet at the front of their binder, listing all the Ram slogans and acronyms that McVay asks about. It’s not unusual for McVay to call on a potential victim and hear frantic page-turning.A few weeks ago star defensive back Trumaine Johnson was asked to name one of the two C’s that define their culture. With abrupt certainty that only a corner can conjure, Johnson said commitment. Wrong. “But he was so confident about it,” McVay later recounts for Veronica and friends, “that I paused and thought, ‘son of a gun, am I wrong about the two C’s?” (For the record, it’s character and communication.) 24 HOURS WITH ... JOHN LYNCH: A whirlwind draft day for the new Niners GMTowards the end of the meeting, McVay goes through a tight red zone route combination. “Here we’d tell the F receiver on this stick route to tight-turn it.” The video shows a Washington receiver catching a short pass and turning upfield towards the end zone. The next clip shows the same play, only run a little crisper. “We tight-turn it, get a little further away from the nickelback.” On screen, the receiver pushes the ball down just a yard short of the goal-line. “And then we give Todd [Gurley] another TD.”* * *9:50 a.m.Special teams coordinator John Fassel—known as “Bones” for his lanky build—is leading the next meeting. It’s in the same room as the offensive meeting and is slated to start at 9:50. The second the clock ticks over from 9:49, McVay calls out, “What time does this 9:50 meeting start?” He’s busting Fassel’s chops, but the veteran assistant hastens anyway. Fassel dives in, full energy, a few seconds before the clock ticks to 9:51.* * *10:10 a.m.It’s time for the full team meeting. This is where today’s emotional tone is set. McVay explains that there will be a competitive session near the end of practice, offense vs. defense at full speed (no pads, so no tackling). Three drives, each valued at one point. The offense gets a point by either gaining three first downs or 40 yards. The defense gets a point by forcing a punt or turnover before then.McVay reiterates some of the mantras that he wants his team to live by. He talks about the importance of operating with poise and tempo. Of communicating. Of pursuing daily excellence. “We expect to achieve and live our highest standards,” he bellows, pacing back and forth. “You know those three things we have. Coach Wade Phillips, what’s one of those three things?” McVay keeps pacing, knowing his renowned veteran defensive coordinator will answer quickly and get the ball rolling.Except Phillips says nothing.McVay stops and turns. “Our APP [slogan], what’s one of its three things?” McVay asks again. Saying the three letters—APP—is a disguised lifeline for Phillips; a few weeks earlier Phillips himself had come up with the acronym. He’d picked off three values McVay commonly preaches—approach, preparation and performance—and proudly announced, “I have an ‘app’ for that.” Now here’s Phillips sitting in Row 1, before the entire team, drawing a blank. He starts to blush. “Help him out!” McVay barks. “Approach, preparation and performance,” nearly 100 dumbfounded voices mutter. Giggles start to creep across the room. Purely by accident, McVay has caught his unlikeliest daydreaming victim yet. Phillips can only laugh.* * *10:25 a.m.More meetings with the offense. McVay focuses on wide receivers, going over the nuances of spacing, blocking rules and how to set up routes that achieve separation. There also is discussion about Jared Goff’s progressions. The emphasis is not just on where the ball goes, but also why. This is for everyone to understand.One player McVay calls on consistently is Robert Woods, a free-agent wide receiver formerly with the Bills. (And always by full name. What’s our rule for five-step timing on this play, Robert Woods? What do you do here against two high safeties, Robert Woods?) Shortly after the meeting, on McVay’s way out, Woods, a diligent student with what’s planned to be a big role in Los Angeles’s passing attack, stops the head coach with a question. By the time he and McVay wrap up, five other players have gathered to listen.* * *NoonPractice time. McVay recently tore a quad sprinting, so he’s not running from station to station as much as he normally would. Though an observer would never know. The coach traverses the Rams’ two fields, spending most of his time with the offense. It’s McVay’s prime area of expertise, plus the defensive staff is highly experienced, starting with Phillips, who has served as a head coach in Denver, Buffalo, Houston and Dallas. Those coaches can run much of their own show.* * *12:21 p.m.The first of many offense vs. defense sessions is beginning. “Left hash, ‘11’ personnel!” McVay yells. “Let’s start this thing off right!” Then he turns his attention to his young quarterback. “Alright Jared, here we go buddy. Right tight, Y-left, draw left, 16-4 vice blaze. Hey, let’s set the tempo here. Let’s have a good day. If something bad happens, don’t blink.”* * *12:30 p.m.The Rams are practicing a run alert play. That’s when the huddle call is a run but Goff has the option to throw a quick slant depending on the defense. McVay takes Robert Woods through it. “L 17-dancer, 13-slider. You get these corners, they play off just in no man’s land on you, when you get into a reduced split. We get it to you, right through that outside ’backer who’s up on the line of scrimmage. You catch that thing clean, man. Julio [Jones] caught a couple of balls for about 20 yards. It’s a great way to make people pay. And you throw the ball about four feet.” 24 HOURS WITH ... PATRICK MAHOMES: A top QB prospect prepares for his big audition* * *12:41 p.m.The receiver drills need more precision. “Hey, listen! Listen! Listen! Listen! Listen!” McVay yells. “When we do this, in routes on air, come on man, you’re too on top of this, be three yards inside the numbers, right? You’re selling this through to the hash. Give somebody room to feel this, know what I mean?”* * *12:54 p.m.“Hey Robert Woods! Good finish, man.”* * *1:02 p.m.Backup quarterback Sean Mannion is intercepted on a deep ball. A receiver ran the wrong route, bringing the free safety into play. Mannion watched it happen and threw anyway.The defense, which has talked trash for much of the scrimmage, goes nuts. Someone yells, “Yes sir!”“No, no that’s not ‘yes sir,’” McVay hollers. “That’s what happens when you do your own shit. I love that that just happened.” He walks over to Mannion. “Hey, don’t let [the receiver] screwing you cause you to make a bad decision. Because you’re going to bring the safety over there.”“I just don’t want to throw from one side to the other,” Mannion says.“And here’s what I would say to you: Throw it away,” McVay responds. “Because that’s the only play [available] when he screws you. Because when you stay on that side, that safety’s going to key over the top.”McVay keeps Mannion on the field for the next snap.“Alright buddy, let’s do this: right hash, ‘12’ group, 3-jet Y bird slice.”Before the snap, LaFleur whispers something to McVay about the interception. “I know, you can’t do that,” McVay agrees. “Because you’re going to take the safety to the freaking play. That’s what I said to him.”Mannion’s throw on the 12 group, 3-jet Y bird slice is complete. McVay perks up. “Good. There you go right there. Good job, Sean.”* * *1:17 p.m.Mannion’s interception is one of several poor plays for the offense. McVay says for anyone in his vicinity, “Defense, you guys are kicking our ass on offense.”* * *1:26 p.m.There’s a problem: Soon-to-be-32-year-old center John Sullivan, a former Viking in his first year with the Rams, is too smart. He’s reading the defense and immediately calling out perfect offensive adjustments. That’s great in live action but counterproductive in practice when you’re trying to develop your second-year quarterback. “Hey, John,” McVay barks. “Let him”—Goff—“make these calls!”* * *1:45 p.m.The defense continues to defeat the offense. McVay gets frustrated at his second unit. At the end of a third-down play that, in an actual game, would have surely been measured by the chain gang, he yells “Two’s are off! [i.e., Second team, leave the field.] Point to the defense!” A little later, after the defense has won the drive-battle 3-0, left tackle Andrew Whitworth approaches McVay and tells him he got it wrong. The offense should have been granted a first down at the end of that second drive. The score should have been 2-1 defense. ALBERT BREER’S GAME PLAN: On Mike Zimmer’s new perspective, and his plan for the Vikings* * *2:05 p.m.Practice is over. The entire team is gathered at midfield. “First of all,” McVay says, “it’s a good start for next week. What we know is this: We go through some of those situations, it’s a great test of our poise, for everybody. But our communication, getting in and out of the huddle, we’ve got to be better with that. It starts with me, okay? We’ve had three days of great work. Love your effort, love your intensity. Let’s see if we can start tightening up the screws. In the competitive period, give it up for the defense today, you guys got the best of us.” Muffled applause. “But we’ll come back, we’ll continue to compete, we’re all making each other better. Where’s Robert Quinn at? Give us a breakdown, Robert Quinn! Give us a breakdown, Big Rob!”1-2-3 Rams!* * *2:16 p.m.Drinking one of the dozens of smoothies that team nutritionist Joey Blake prepared for the team, McVay sits at his desk watching film of the practice, which ended seven minutes ago. In a few minutes the entire offensive staff will watch and analyze it together. Various staffers flow in and out, many catching snippets of McVay’s concerns. There were some time-related issues that hindered the practice’s flow. The passing game could have been sharper. A receiver got hurt. The offense got shorted some yards by unfavorable spots of the ball. That one isn’t a big deal, but still. Most maddening of all: The film reveals that defensive linemen consistently lined up offside. No one noticed.* * *2:53 p.m.In the offensive meeting room, McVay sits at the head of a long table, opposite the projector screen. The other eight chairs are filled by assistant coaches. They’ll be there for the next three hours. McVay calls out every play beforehand, often analyzing from memory what’s about to happen. He runs the remote, which can be maddening. He’s known as a “remote tyrant”—someone who rewinds plays again and again. He used to drive Jay Gruden crazy in Washington.* * *3:02 p.m.“They’re lined up offsides,” McVay says, pausing to examine the defensive line before the snap. “No shit,” deadpans offensive line coach Aaron Kromer. The helmets of three defensive linemen are clearly in the neutral zone. “Look at these guys,” McVay whispers.* * *3:17 p.m.“This is not a good route,” McVay says. “Watch this. He’s been better than this.” The film shows Robert Woods getting absorbed by a press corner. “He’s not threatening anybody vertical on this play.” Woods already knows this. He’s the type who harps on his own mistakes. He had approached McVay after practice. Toward the end of the film meeting, when the position coaches each sum up their final thoughts, receivers coach Eric Yarber will admit that Woods is generally more consistent than he was today. Two bad routes were the difference. No one is worried. OFF-SEASON REPORT CARDS: NFC East | NFC North | NFC South | NFC West | AFC East | AFC North* * *4:41 p.m.McVay wonders something: Is his presence on the field during the hurry-up drills hindering the offense? Does he need to let the players grow under fire a bit more? He honestly doesn’t know and asks the room what they think. Every coach assures him the current setup is fine.* * *4:49 p.m.“Good progression by Todd, man,” McVay says, watching Gurley make a blitz pickup from his running back position. In the offensive meetings earlier, Gurley had worn an affable, subtly bemused smile, making you wonder if his mind wasn’t drifting toward topics a little more entertaining than the protection rules that were up on the whiteboard. But McVay called on Gurley several times, and each time his answer was quick and spot on. And now his actions on film verify his focus. McVay turns to running backs coach Skip Peete. “Gurley’s a smart guy, isn’t he coach?” Peete concurs.* * *5:11 p.m.“This is where my blood really boiled,” McVay says. The film shows the second-team offense lining up incorrectly just before McVay called off their drive in the scrimmage. “I yelled ‘Two’s are off! Points for the defense!’” He laughs.* * *5:33 p.m.One thing the film reveals: Whitworth was right. The offense had indeed gained three first downs on one of its drives. “I love that he cares so much, that he’s so competitive,” McVay says. This presents a golden opportunity: When practice resumes the following week, McVay will announce the mistake. The defense, which had been cocky and believed it won the scrimmage 3-0, will learn that the score had actually been 2-1. They’ll throw a fit and cry politics. (McVay, being so offense-minded, constantly worries about playing favorites.) And from that, the next scrimmage will be infused with competitive energy.* * *5:42 p.m.McVay broaches an interesting topic with Peete and Kromer: Gurley needs to keep his shoulders squared downfield when running “duo,” which is an inside zone run with two double-team blocks. In the formation they’re watching now, Gurley knows the run will often bounce outside. That’s why he’s turning his shoulders outside. But if he stays square, defenders will react differently and, long story short, it’ll create better blocking angles for when the ball does bounce outside. McVay stands up to demonstrate. Peete and Kromer fully agree. “That’s why I think Matt Forte was so good for you guys in Chicago,” McVay says to Kromer, who was the Bears’ offensive coordinator under Marc Trestman. “He was patient to the line, and he could jump cut with his shoulders square. Who’s the other best duo runner in the league? Le’Veon Bell. Those guys are patient. They play with their shoulders square to the line of scrimmage. I think Todd’s going to be awesome at this play.” ROBERT SALEH, FROM 9/11 TO THE NINERS: Robert Klemko on San Francisco’s new defensive coordinator* * *6:16 p.m.The meeting is over. The building is mostly empty. A three-day weekend is coming up, which McVay will parlay into a four-day break for everyone. After finishing some miscellaneous office work, he heads over to the trainers room to meet with Reggie Scott. There’s an update on the injured receiver. Scott also advises that the 35-year-old Whitworth and 30-year-old free-agent defensive end Connor Barwin should have their practice reps reduced. McVay agrees. Both veterans will hate it, but you have to save them from themselves. Before he goes, McVay gets instructions for healing his injured quad: light running over the next four days, but only on a treadmill, where he can regulate his speed.* * *6:37 p.m.Time to head home. But first, a quick shower in the one-man locker room at the back of his office. Usually McVay does this right after practice, before the coaches watch the day’s film. Today there wasn’t time.* * *6:46 p.m.On the drive home, McVay calls Robert Woods. “Hey, I was thinking about our conversation after practice. We can definitely clean up a couple of those routes—you can run them better—but don’t let that take away from all the good stuff that you’ve been doing, man.” McVay and Woods spend a few minutes discussing the specifics of those routes.“But the main reason I was calling is because I could name about 25 good things you’ve done over last week and dating back to the minicamp, too. So, keep being hard on yourself because that’s why you are who you are, but don’t let it affect your weekend, man. You’re wired to separate, and you’ve done it consistently. And just watching how conscientious you are, and how you’re competing—showing the other guys how to compete, you’re making them better, too. And that’s what it’s about.”* * *7:08 p.m.McVay gets a call from Mom. Just a quick check-in. Before hanging up, he remembers something. “Hey those cushions on the patio chairs—how are they at absorbing moisture? It didn’t rain last night but they were a little damp.”* * *8:15 p.m.Veronica has just gotten back from the gym and isn’t sure that she’s presentable enough to be seen by The MMQB’s cameras, which have followed McVay inside. Her boyfriend chuckles at this.Rams assistant linebackers coach Chris Shula (son of Dave, nephew of Mike, grandson of Don) comes downstairs. He and McVay were friends in college at Miami of Ohio, and now Shula lives in one of the six bedrooms at McVay’s a house. The two coaches have a beer by the fire on the balcony while Veronica and a friend visiting from back east get ready to go out. The group has a 9:30 reservation for sushi on Sunset Boulevard. The fireside conversation never veers from football.* * *9:04 p.m.McVay trails the group out the door. “Alexa, lights off,” he says. Nothing happens. He tries again, this time with a more deliberate delivery, like how you talk to a dog that won’t sit. “Alexa, lights off.” Still nothing. “Alexa….lights…..off.” Finally, darkness.“He loves that light-switching thing,” Veronica says. 24 HOURS: THE SERIES: Adam Schefter | Patrick Mahomes | John Lynch* * *9:17 p.m.An Uber takes the group to sushi. Just one complication: The driver speaks zero English. McVay, in the van’s middle-row seat, pitches ideas to Shula (front seat) for how to explain that after the car reaches its first destination—Shula’s girlfriend’s house—it needs to continue on to the restaurant. That means a whole separate Uber ride. It’s only a matter of time until the ride ends and the gentleman behind the wheel is left wondering why no one is exiting his vehicle. Nothing Shula says to the driver gets through. Thankfully, at the girlfriend’s place, the driver produces a vocal translating device on his phone. McVay couldn’t be more impressed with the app.* * *9:42 p.m.The group gets a table near the front of the restaurant. It’s a trendy place devoid of sports atmosphere. McVay goes unrecognized the entire dinner. He and Shula drift in and out of conversations about football. At one point they quiz Shula’s girlfriend: How many wide receivers are on the field in “12” personnel? She says three but then quickly remembers that you subtract both of the personnel digits, 1 and 2, from five, not six. “Two! Two!” she says. Even at dinner, you must be prepared to answer McVay’s pop quiz questions in front of everyone. Question or comment? Email us at talkback@themmqb.com.
Buying Distressed Leather Sofas: How to Save Big
Buying Distressed Leather Sofas: Sofas In TroubleWhen doing the research for this aged furniture article, several sites popped up that explained what distressed leather is and how it's created. Some of them were so funny that they just had to go into this piece - at least for the entertainment factor they provide if not the information. One of the definitions out there is that it "has been scratched or rubbed or treated in some way to achieve a stylish effect". Like Sylvester after a visit to the cat salon Ooh, bad putty-tat! Another is "dyed with one color over another so as to create an artificially aged effect. Hey now they're talking about Grandma's new do - except for the 'artificially' part. Yet another one, states that it is "the simulated effect of age and wear". So now Steven Tyler is in on it But that's enough with the wordplay. Now to actually call it like it is, which is 'leather that has been artificially given an old and worn out look without any loss of integrity to the actual material itself'. Ah, now isn't that refreshingly un-spoofableDistressed Leather Sofas: Naturally Aged FurnitureBefore we run out of column space (or pixel points, as the case may be), let's get to the real point of this article. If you're out to buy a pre-distressed leather sofa to give your living room that perfect 'old money' look, there are some great places to look for them. Antique shops should be your first port of call. Naturally aged leather is the most authentic-looking kind. Even a 30 or 40 year-old leather and mahogany sofa will be sufficiently worn to give the desired effect. If older you're lucky, but you should expect to pay high four-figure or even five-figure sums for such works of art. These pieces will usually have been restored so no further treatment will be needed.Distressed Leather Sofas: Artificially Distressed FurnitureOn the other hand, if you're thinking of aging the pristine leather sofa that you just bought last month, here are a few methods you can choose from. The first way is to apply water liberally on the leather using a dishcloth or a bath sponge. Once you've done this, quickly blow-dry the leather on high heat, until you see the wrinkles and cracks start to appear. That's the first aging. If you want an even older look, do it again. Another painstaking way to distress your sofa leather is to apply either rubbing alcohol or leather balm, which is an alcohol-based microcrystalline wax, on normal quick-wear areas like the seat and arms, and then quickly and firmly brush it off with a rag. This will give your leather that dark oily worn looks that is typical of naturally worn leather. If you're going for a severely distressed look, then gently rubbing it with 240 grit sandpaper (very fine abrasive particles) should give you that bleached-in-the-sun look. You can also use wire brushes to achieve a worn effect.Distress-It-Yourself: D-I-Y WarningsThe risk of distressing your own leather sofa is that you might overdo it, and it could end up looking like it should be left out on the curb for someone to take away. Whatever method you use, do it on a small test area, like the lower part of the back of the sofa, to see if you like the effect. Many distressing methods are irreversible so when you work with sandpaper or wire brushes you want to start gently and go deeper once you're confident that it's shaping up to be what you expect. If all else fails and you think the end effect is dismal, you can use a leather conditioner to try and get it back to the way it was. However, that's not guaranteed.Distressed Leather Sofas: Buying Them Pre-DistressedIf you don't really want to go through the hassle of either Indiana Jones-ing through the neighborhood antique stores, or breaking your back to beat up a perfectly good leather sofa, then you're probably better off buying one that's been distressed already. There are some great furniture stores that sell distressed leather sofas, but remember, distressed leather is usually sold at a premium because of the additional effort in giving it that look. A leather sofa normally sold at around $2000 can be sold distressed for as much as $3500. Now that's distressing.
Stupid College Boys and Their Black Leather Sofa!?
Do not know what to do about the black furniture, exactly, but you might try a blue or green -but not too dark or saturated because of the heavy furniture. Too dark and it will be like living in a grotto. Blues and greens are "cool" colors. Think seascape and your black furniture is like an island or a rock in the breakers. Then to dress out your black furniture, find a patterned fabric, a stripe, maybe, that contains black as well as colors that go with your walls and have some big throw pillows made. That way you can bust up the black without going too girly. Also, your choice of art for the walls and whatever you do with the floor can help. Just remember to incorporate a little bit of the black. Alternatively, you can embrace the black and go with a jungle theme. Leopard prints, tiger stripes, oranges and golds -that sort of thing. It's a little scarier, but the guys might dig it. Good luck.1. what color sofa goes with espresso colored walls?white or off-white, cream, brown but only if it's leather. Actually any color leather but black would probably go. You could also go with light green if you want a color.2. How do I train my dogs to do their business in the yard?I have an old Dachshund, Ive had him since he was a puppy. They are notoriously stubborn and always expect to be the boss. I installed a doggy door at our sliding glass patio door. I put his bed facing the door along with his food and water dish. At night I place a portable wired fence, enclosing his bed between the wall and sofa. I leave the opening open to the doggy door. It works real well and can sleep without having to worry about cleaning up puddles and landmines. During the day sometimes we still have an occasional lazy moment. He bows his head in shame and will try to have the last growl when reprimanded.3. leather sofa & my new kitten?We were also concerned about this when we adopted a shelter cat in January. We folded up two blankets and draped them over the arms of the chair. It does not look like a slip cover; just looks like we get a little chilly. :) Surprisingly, he does not often jump on the couch, though we have had two incidents of him picking the leather just a little bit. Then again, he is about a year and a half old. A watchful eye and firm NO will redirect any cat. Also, do not use the spray. That stuff is not for use on leather and will probably damage your couch.4. What do you say couch, sofa or davenport?I say Couch. Yes, I have heard all of those terms! :-)5. What color are you're walls and sofa?Eggshell White walls and Chocolate Brown sofas6. What is the price range of an L-shaped sofa?L shape basic price will start at 25k total 7 seaters medium quality like 3 years of warranty will cost you 35k high quality will cost you around 55k with 5 years of warranty n cushions will be kurlon n clothes will be used 800 per meter as ur selection7. How to clean spilled milk on a microfiber sofa?use a rag and water with a little vingar. in water8. Should I purchase the IKEA VRETA sectional sofa?IKEA is like throw away furniture--its great but will not last long. Its good as long as you know exactly what you are paying for. If you expect it to last 5 years or more, it wo not . So if you want a short term sofa, its fine; if you are looking for something more substantial, you will have to pay for it9. Tips on how to clean a beige microfiber sofa?The best way to treat microfiber I have found is to buy a steam vac from BB&B or Amazon.com. I have the Bissel "Little Green Steam Machine" and it works great on all upholstery. We use it to clean our pale green M-F couch and chair/hassock. It works wonders but requires drying prior to use again. I would not apply harsh cleaners such as Resolve or anything that requires a lot of harsh scrubbing. This will not only wear the microfiber and perhaps even tear it, but will also dull the sheen it naturally has. While it may seem a little more expensive to buy the machine, you could always rent the steamer or pay someone to do it and go that route. I have never heard of one ripping like that, but we do not have kids so I cannot speak to that or the sewing you are asking about... Remember that buying an appliance like this which can be used for years to come is an investment and has proven to us to be a great one since we have animals which also get the couches dirty outsid of stuff we spill on it as well. Good luck, and hope this helps!!!!
How Can I Get a Cranberry Juice Stain Out of My Leather Sofa?
Leather stain removal is a rather delicate process as leather can be easily damaged by the regular cleaning products. You must be very careful when treating the stains on your leather articles. While cleaning a leather product for leather stain removal, it is almost inevitable that the appearance of the leather would change. There are a number of reasons for this. One is that different kinds of skins are used. Second, colorfastness differs from leather to leather. Third, the cleaning process itself leads to a loss of oils from the leather. There are many more reasons, most of which are related to the kind of leather used. In general it is not advisable to use regular cleaning agents for leather stain removal For leather which has been treated with aniline, as well as for pigmented leather, a colorfastness test should be done. To do this you must apply some leather cleaner to the leather and then hold a clean lint-free cloth against it. The cloth should be white in color so that it is easy to see if the color runs from the leather and soils the cloth. If the color does not run, take a sponge, and apply leather cleaner to it. Make the stained region foam by making gentle circular motions. Do not rub! Let the foam remain on the leather for 3 to 5 minutes, and then blot with clean lint-free cloth. The foam will evaporate very fast if the leather is very dry. You can combat this by adding some distilled water to the cleaning product. What this does is that it makes the leather damp, and the dirt becomes freer for the process of cleaning. Leather in general dries naturally, but you could use a hairdryer to dry it as well. Sometimes, white vinegar is also helpful in removing grease stains from leather. Ink stains can be removed, if fresh, by even non-greasy liquid hair sprays. Otherwise, most ink-removing cleaning products can get rid of any stains even from leather. In both cases wipe the leather with a clean dry cloth after that. But before using any product, apply it on some unnoticeable part of the leather to see to it that it does not result in any adverse changes in the leather. If they do not react well with the leather take it to a professional for the leather stain removal. [Note: In general it is not advisable to use regular cleaning agents for leather stain removal.] Leather discoloration can be got rid of by using a leather dye that is close to the color of the leather. More easily soiled leather like suede and nu-buck should be cleaned using only nu-buck cleaning cloth along with the leather cleaner. This cloth is abrasive, and helps in breaking up the dirt in the stained areas so that the leather cleaner can act on it properly. Clean your leather products regularly if you want them to have a long life. Ideally you should be cleaning them twice a year. Using leather conditioners and protectants would help preserve the finish, and make them more enduring.1. How do I stop my cat from pissing on my $10,000 leather sofa set?ummm...take him to the vet it sounds like he has a unrinary track infection...and i am assuming you can afford the bill if you have a 10,000 dollar leather sofa2. how to remove blue ballpoint ink scribble marks from my beige rexine(false leather) sofa seat?please help!!!My toddler drew on our leather couch with a black pen! After I was through freaking out I tried the leather cleaners, the leather stain removers that came with the furniture and they did not work. What worked was alcohol, plain old isopropyl alcohol. It's sold at drug stores and costs less than a dollar. It worked. And I will never be without that stuff again! It got ink off my leather boots too!3. how to prevent cat from cutting leather sofa's ?Get it declawed. I have mine declawed. All of them. I dont wanna hear bs about it being painful for them afterwards. Cause she jumps and runs around like any other cat. Or theres caps for the nails i believe
What Color Would Go Well with Chocolate Brown Leather Sofa for a Theater Room in the Basement?
Virtually any color. They key is to use three colors in a room. Pick one that is a similar tone (cream, deep purple, burgandy, maroon, black, etc) and one that is opposite (red, orange, green, teal, etc). Honestly, it's up to you to pick the colors that you like. But, 100% guaranteed that as long as you stick to that basic rule, your room will look amazing!1. What's the best way to get pen marks off a leather sofa?I would try a leather polish, such as that used on shoes and quality handbags to see if that would take the pen marks off. If that does not work, I would "Google" pen marks off leather2. Have 3 dogs. they are scratching my new leather sofa really hard, and i can't seem to train them to stay off?How about restricting their access to that part of the house until they calm down? Or crating them so they will not destroy anything AND will be safe?3. what can i use on my natural leather sofa - will give 10 points for best answer!?Please do not use shoe polish as this will come off on your clothes and make repairing your leather impossible. From what you have said you have removed the top finish on the leather as well as the paint. This will need replacing. It may be that you cannot do this job yourself as it is a technical job to get it right.4. Redecorating living room. I have hardwood floors, just purchased a brown leather sofa & love seat. What color.?Wow, you really have a lot of options!. I would suggested that you use a sort of neutral color for the walls, something like a mushroom color and paint the baseboards (unless they are wood like the floor,) the ceiling, the doors and any other trim in the room white...very white! Then you could go with any color scheme you like for the upholstery and accents. My suggestions for those colors would be: 1. French blue (sort of a greyish blue,) chocolate and white. 2. Burgundy, teal and gold. 3. Dark green, beige and navy blue.5. how do i get a stain outta a leather sofa???? help?Seek diligently to find the place of purchase of the furniture.If you discover it is in the city.Persuade your boy friend,on second thought.Just be honest and express whole heartedly it was an accident.SHOULD YOU NOT SUPPOSEDLY HAVE BEEN VISITING AT THE HOME IN THEIR ABSENCE.THAT ACCIDENT COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED. YOUR BOYFRIEND MUST DISCUSS THAT MATTER WITH HIS FATHER UPON HIS RETURN.6. How do you get felt tip of a leather sofa? EMERGENCY!!!!!?I have used a product called Goo Gone. It works wonderfully! You can find it most anywhere that cleaning products are sold, and a little goes a long way7. whats the best way to remove ink from an ivory leather sofa?a can of hair spray on the stain! Then wipe clean8. Cleaning my leather sofa seems to have taken the color out?There are leather dyes out there. I do not know if they will work on your sofa, but you can try one in an inconspicuous spot on the sofa, see if it works. Let it dry thoroughly, then *also* check it to see it rubs off. You can find leather dyes at really good art stores, like Pearl Paint. You can also call in a pro and have them do this, if you've got the cash. In the future, use leather cleaner for your sofa. Leather cleaner is more of an oil/moisturizer. It wo not dry out the leather, and it wo not remove the color.9. leather sofa seam is ripped how can i repair it?if it is just the seam busted out you can hand stitch it back together. use a curved needle and use very fine fishing line or a tough polyester thread in the same color as the leather10. Can Mr magic Eraser remove all kinds of ink from leather sofa?Excellent answer AnnieR!11. I have a leather sofa that I would like to reupholster with cloth.. any advice?I have done things loke this lots of times. Carefullu remove the old cover noting how it was installed. There will be nails, glue and sewing. with a sharpie make register marks before removing all the stitches to disassemble the material. lay each old piece on the new material and copy it. be sure to copy the marks to the new material. you need those to know where to start sewing. You can sew almost any material on a regular sewing machine. Get a heavy needle and thread. It wo not be easy and good materialis expensive. That is why furniture costs so much. Be careful and do not get frustrated. You may need strong fingers or help fitting it all together. Be sure to mark your pieces. It would not hurt to take pictures as you go
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