What Wall Paint Color Goes with a Beige Leather Sofa and Loveseat?

I would go with a dark, bright color and paint the wood an off white. The aquamarine would be a good choice. As odd as it sounds, have you ever considered red? A true red, not an orange red

1. my boyfriend wants to know:if u fart on a leather sofa, does the smell soak into the leather?

Only if its a wet one

2. How can I clean a leather stain?

Try using magic eraser I always use it to clean my child's leather diaper bag. Using it weekly for three years. I've used it on leather sofa and car seats too. Clean with the magic eraser, then clean with a towel and then pledge it. Good Luck !!

3. How can I cover a seat pad thatu2019s peeling off, on what I thought was a leather sofa?

Discuss your concerns with them to see what they have to offer.How can I fix the seat pad on my sofa? It's peeling off, and it's not leather as I thought it was.

4. Dark brown leather sofa,chair beige desk and floor clock.The floors are light wood?

Go to roomvues.com and upload photos of your room. You can see your entire room painted with the colors of your choice or get color advice. It's great!

5. What can I use to color and oil a leather sofa that I use outside on a screened porch?

Myself i would just use regular old saddle soap to clean and keep the leather protected.You can get a can of it from TSC or a farming type store or any store that sell horse supplies.I use it on my leather coats and chaps

6. What colour wood stain would you recommend to compliment a caramel color leather sofa please.?

natural or light

7. My kitten has just jumped onto my leather sofa and ripped it.Does home insurance cover this.?

How does a kitten jump on a leather sofa such that it rips so badly that it needs to be replaced? I bet it can be repaired. As for the insurance issue... if your insurance covers this, then you are paying WAY too much! Raise your deductable, lower your premium, and be more responsible.

8. is there any way to get ball point pen ink off of a leather sofa?

Been there, only the culprit was me, for leaving a pen where our two-year-old would find it. We had pretty good success with hair spray, the cheapest the store had. It contains just enough alcohol to dissolve many kinds of ink (and some grease marks) but not enough to damage the leather. Test it someplace inconspicuous first. The underside, where it wraps the base or where the legs are, is good. Use a clean rag or paper towel and once it's picked up any ink, turn it to a clean side or you can re-deposit the ink. Of course, then you have gummy hair spray to clean off, but it's water-soluble. A damp sponge and immediate drying does the trick.

9. How often should I condition my leather sofa?

Take a picture now that its new and when it begin's to look dull time for the leather soap conditioner or ask the store salesman he should know or read the product lable in any store that carrys it

10. how to remove a white spirit stain from my brown leather sofa?

Sounds as if it's a bleached spot rather than a stain. If it truely is a stain, try a good commercial leather conditioner that cleans as well as conditons. If it's a bleach spot, I would try the suggestion of shoe polish.

11. What should you put on a Leather Sofa to keep it looking good?

I am sure there is an Armorall product to protect fine leather...usually sold at Auto Mart type stores..used for leather interior in a car. Have fun!.

12. How do I clean my dusty, leather sofa?

Go to your auto parts store and buy premoistened leather seat wipes for autos. They work good and moisten the leather without getting on clothes

13. Can I use hand cream or lotion to condition my leather sofa?

Judy B's answer is a marketing answer (she is the marketing director) for a leather care company. There are two main types of leather-care products - water-based and oil-based. Each type claims to be the best way to preserve leather. The truth is much more complex. If you look up the Leather Research Laboratory you will find that because leather comes from different sources and is chemically complex the conditioner that works best depends on the type of leather (cow, pig, snake, crocodile, etc.) and the processes used in the creation of the leather.

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