What's Wrong with My Samsung LED TV?

Yet another reason not to buy a high end television from ebay. *edit per post below* Ebay does not qualify for warranty reciept registration. He's SoL and should have purchaed his several-thousand-dollar television from a real retailer and not from ebay.

1. Graphics card for 3 LED TV setup?

You can get a current generation graphics card like a GTX 780 or Radeon HD 7970 you can power up to 4 displays

2. How to connect speakers to tv?

You cannot connect a 5.1 speaker system directly to the TV you have to connect the speakers to a 5.1 receiver first that has the amplifier to power them. You need to have a 5.1 receiver (preferably with HDMI video switching) If the Receiver does not have HDMI video input switching then run all your video cables directly to your TV and all audio connections to the receiver directly from the source components. You would then have to select the right video input source on your TV, and the corresponding audio input on your receiver. I highly recommend a universal remote so you can operate the whole system with one remote, and program macros to allow you to hit one button to run multiple commands. This makes it much easier to use the system, "but" does take someone with some decent programming skills. Kevin 40 years high end audio video specialist

3. a 40 in toshiba led tv i bought?

From personal experience, Toshiba is on the bottom of my list of favorite TV's...They also have some of the worst audio of all TV's.. Do not confuse the 120v 60 cycles power source from a refresh rate. .....For reduction of blur on fast action, look for a TV with at least 120 hz. refresh rate......You may have to turn off the refresh rate to watch movies

4. Can I carry a 43" LED TV in Indigo?

Any size above 39 inches needs an additional handling charges which is AED 200 if you are going from UAE

5. HELP PLEASE: Samsung LED TV Damaged ?

If you can ignore this until your finances improve, you will be happier

6. Can we connect TP-LINK 150 Mbps TL-WN721N Wireless N to sony cx-50 LED TV?

Sony Bravia Wireless Link

7. What is the best led TV brand?

Best Brand For Led Tv

8. What is the import duty on a 55" LED TV from Dubai to India?

It depends on how you are bringing it.If imported as baggage, then 36.05%If imported in bulk through Cargo then 15% 3% Cess GST

9. samsung led tv wall bracket help?

There are many bracket in the market that will work with your tv. The sales person is trying to get you to buy a more expensive bracket

10. Is There Any Deals On Any Samsung 46" LED TV's?

Best Buy has a 51 Samsung plasma, 720p for $499 this week

11. Samsung 64inch plasma vs samsung 60inch LED TV?

64 Inch Led Tv

12. How many cents does it cost per hour to run Samsung's 55" LED TV?

Considering it consumes 250 watts and if you were paying 15 cents per kilowatthour it would cost you less than 4 cents per hour

13. Can someone help me with my Philips LED TV?

I do hope if all else fails, you have an extended warranty.... Hopefully, it is just something in your hookup. Does not sound good however, since you say you have sound.

14. Westinghouse LED TV LD4055 does not receive signal, what do I do?

read the manual on how to connect things up. sometimes the green connector of component video is also composite video input (depending on the TV). composite video is the yellow cable normally. do not plug things in with the power on. newer TV's can not handle it and it can cause damage. I am pretty sure the manual says that too... :-( do not try everything.try exactly the input you know should work and make it work. if you are trying to do antenna, set the TV for antenna, if cable, set it for cable. uses probably the same F connector (coax) for both.

15. How to play YouTube videos on my SAmsung LED TV?

Here is a video tutorial about how to get connected to the internet and then to your other devices

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