What's the Carbon Footprint on Internet Usage?

That depends on your power source, and the power source of your internet server. However, in most households, I would guess it's on a par with lighting (unless the house has put in all LED lighting or something), and considerably less than cooling. And even if the electricity is generated entirely by coal, it's probably also at least a bit behind the carbon footprint of a car that sees even moderate usage.

1. I need a light for my 10 gal?

If you have a standard incandescent hood, you can replace the bulbs with 6700K fluorescents that screw in the same socket. Marineland has hidden LED lighting in the right Kelivin that is submersible and can grow plants, and I have heard the Marineland double brights will grow java moss and other very low light plants. The plant LEDs are ultra expensive. LEDs are definitely cooler running

2. Where can I get circular whiteboards?

If you use a search engine that promotes business links (such as Bing) you should find several suppliers under the search "whiteboard circle magnetic" - even if these suppliers do not have what you are looking for in stock, I saw several that offer to make custom products. You might also approach a small, local, cabinet shop to see if they would be willing to make them. Circular whiteboards could be made by anyone with a router, the whiteboard stock can be bought right off the shelf, and easily cut to specification. Just a note to those who have not worked with this material before, a router will provide a cleaner cut than even the best jigsaw blade...I personally would use a carbide router bit with a downward spiral to prevent even the smallest chipping or tearout. But you want a magnetic whiteboard, so that's going to require a bit more to make, if you do not buy one. Specifically, you would need a magnetic layer, under the whiteboard surface. This could be done by gluing the core material, a thin sheet of steel, and a sheet of white, smooth laminate (no texture on it). This is something that could be done by a custom woodwork shop, or cabinet shop....'most' folks who use their garages as a woodshop would not have the necessary tooling. One other source you might try is a local school with a tech skills class....you may be able to get a student to make these for you, if you provide the materials. An alternative to a magnetic whiteboard would be magnetic chalkboard paint. You can purchase magnetic chalkboard paint, and apply it to a smooth core material, or chalkboard paint onto a steel sheet. (I would use a spray gun to apply, to get the best results, and do not forget to prime first). Here is an idea for the game 'box frame' art you have on your blog too.... you will get more would epth' and 3 dimensional look if you use sheets of clear acrylic (i.e. perspex, plexiglass, or "Lexan"). Some or all of the art could be painted directly onto the acrylic sheets, or you might print the art onto clear pages instead of paper, or cardstock. (I've used the sheets for overhead projectors like this, in a standard inkjet printer). One added touch - attach some LED lights to the edge of the acrylic, inside the box frame, to light up the project. The overhead projector pages can be found at most office supply stores, and the LED lighting can be found at a variety of sources, in a variety of styles. I would go with something I could use on a battery myself, just to avoid having an exposed cord. Rockler is a supplier to the woodworking industry, both commercial and for the individual, and they carry many of the materials I've mentioned here. Outwater Plastics is another supplier, and I know they've got an assortment of LED lighting available. Have Fun

3. will green peppers grow under shop lights with the right fluorescent bulbs?

No. You would need much more intense light. The plants may grow a little, but they will eventually get very leggy/spindly and collapse. I doubt they would flower at all, much less fruit. You would need to use a halide grow bulb (or panel, if you are up to trying LED lighting) with other reflective gear to maximize exposure. You would probably also need to hand pollinate the flowers once they bloomed.

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