What Other Activities Can Be Done Other Than Going to a Resort Or Restaurants for a Corporate Team O

There are a lot of activities other than a resort/restaurant to do in Bangalore for a corporate team outing.I will mention a few down here of my favorites:Escape Room: Fun-filled indoor adventure your team can have a blast at. It is located in Koramangala. There are various other escape rooms in Bangalore. Those are good experiences as well. Wonder La: An Amusement park that is great for healthy team size. Everyone knows wonder la and if your team is young and energetic, they will definitely love such kind of thrills.Snow City: Ice and Snow theme based indoor amusement. Definitely not your everyday outdoor experience, snow city is a world of ice in Silicon city.My Play Factory: An entertainment, fitness, and sports facility that is one of if not the best alternative to resort outings. Sports enthusiasts in the town? This one is for you. If you are looking for a resort outing, YeFive | F5 is a great pick to get things organized

1. Do companies/HR consider your profile after a career break of 6-7yrs as a homemaker, but you have continuously engaged in either volunteering, online courses, learning languages, and other activities?

It sounds like you have all the bases covered. Where you can, be specific and have evidence.I do not hire often, but as long as you have the specific knowledge and skills for a job, I would look closely at your resume and be very interested in you because of those activities.

2. Other than sports training after school in Australia, are there any other activities in school as well?

?, come on, some of the questions. It seems Australians are marked as strange, FAR from it. They are normal adjusted kids as over here. They have almost the same as we have as in choir, music or bands, and Drama club. Almost forgot, this is how normal they are, they have after school detention, far from what we have. Please when your old enough, get a passport and a ticket and go, see what I have managed to see for myself

3. Why do people have to take language class and other activities to go to college?

Colleges and universities want their students to be whole. That means thinking about their world outside of the neighborhood and the home. Foreign languages are challenging to most people, and require a lot of rote learning rather than intuitive thinking like math or logic. A student is not rejected when he is not accepted to a college, he is self selected to find a better fit for his needs. Look at community colleges to prepare for big time universities - the first two years are pretty much the same everywhere - General Education requirements

4. Why do I prefer to watch TV over doing other activities I enjoy?

I think television is like a kind of drug. One programme changes another. TV shows, movies, and we are under hypnosis) Just say: Stop! and go to learn, to exercise, to talk to people. Remember, life is too short to waste it just for TV.

5. I'm going on vacation to Seattle next week... what other activities besides these would you suggest?

I agree with Jennifer B., you need to get out on water. Take the ferry to Bainbridge or Bremerton or go to Friday Harbour and go for a whale watching trip. It's not cheap but it's absolutely Pacific Northwest at its best!!!!

6. What do you call an activity accomplished by other activities

I am do not think that the two examples you mention should be grouped together linguistically as a single class (to the exclusion of other activity verbs). Levin (1993) classes teach as a verb of transfer of message, along with show, read, preach, etc.. verbs of transfer of message are notable in that they participate in the dative alternation:(1) John taught Mary the song. (2) John taught the song to Mary.Levin classes cook as a build verb, along with arrange, bake, carve, chisel, etc.. Such verbs are notable in that they participate in the following argument structure alternations: The material/product alternation, total transformation alternation, unspecified object alternation, benefactive alternation, raw material subject alternation, and the sum of money subject alternation. The example below is the benefactive alternation.(3) John baked Mary a cake. (4) John baked a cake for Mary.Cook and teach are show very different behaviour. It's not even obvious to me that they belong to the same aspectual class. I do not see any reason why there should be a linguistic term to describe the conceit of 'activities accomplished by other activities'. As far as i can tell, there's no evidence to suggest that the distinction has any relevance to natural language semantics.EDIT: Forgot to give the full citation for Levin. Here it is: Levin, B., (1993), English Verb Classes and Alternations: A Preliminary Investigation

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