What Is the Most Recent Made LED Light in the Store?

In today's days for 12W you can get a 75W replacement for example check out link blow

1. why isnt my led light blinking?

Options icon>Screen/Keyboard>LED Coverage Indicator>On>Save Hold * (Looks like this>*A) and press the Call Button(the button with the green phone you use to make calls), unlocks the keyboard.

2. How do you change a PC's power led light?

yes it can ,you have to order the part,a little soldering will be needed depends on the model of the computer,and where the power led light is located

3. How to get the red led light to blink for missed calls on blackberry curve?

do you have your missed calls going into your sms folder? thats where you need to have them go in order to have the led flash

4. How can I control the LED light of my mobile phone that blinks up on every notification?

It's going to depend on what version you have, and what kind of notifications you want. Go to settings, sound and notification, notifications, interruptions, and fool around with it until you get what you want. You can shut off notifications from individual apps.

5. York gas furnace will not come on..at all.?

There's a loss of power to the whole system due to the lack of led light and -AC reading on your old stat. I would check the transformer with a multimeter, volts, amps, resistance, the incoming 120v terminals and the outgoing 24v term. It could be the circuit board fuse, too, like was mentioned. There may be a fuse on the circuit from the transformer to the board, too, it depends. The other possibility is the disconnect switch that's next to the furnace,or even the door switch. I am leaning toward a bad transformer which would explain all the symptoms. Thank you for providing so much detail, here.

6. How to use led light's?

You use a microcontroller and LED matrix interface ICs (they allow you to connect a multitude of LEDs to a microcontroller, with only a few I/O lines from it, freeing the controller from matrixing itself. To match music, you need analog filters or a DSP, to determine beat or other signals to trigger visual events.

7. How do I Physically COLOUR the led light in my blackberry?

Depending on the model of your blackberry it is relatively simple This is how i did my BB Curve 8900. Go to you tube and find a tutorial on how to dismantle your BB once you have disassembled it get some clear tape and colour it the colour you want with a sharpie (I did mine purple when i had mine but i have friends with green orange pink ect) find the LED that lights the trackball and stick the tape over it and re-assemble turn on and check out the new colour of your trackball. If you do not feel comfortable taking your phone apart do not do it though as some people have trouble putting things back together. Hope this helps.

8. Linksys router will not connect to internet. The green "internet" LED light is blinking? My ISP is Comcast.

The flashing internet light means the router sees a connection through the internet port. If all else fails, press and hold the RESET button for five seconds to reset it to factory defaults. You should be able to connect afterward, but you will need to reconfigure it for security, etc. Hope this helps.

9. How do you make a led or light bulb blink rapidly.?

You should tell us what rapidly means = once per second, 10 times per second or 100 times per second? I think most LEDs are capable of thousands of blinks per second, but not incandescent bulbs. The specs on your bulb or LED would also be helpful. For 100 blinks per second = a strobe light: Connect two (or any even number) LEDs in parallel, but half of them connected backwards. Three volts ac with a 1000 ohm variable resistor in series supplies the power. Start at maximum resistance and decrease till the flashes are reasonably bright. Do not get greedy or you will destroy your LEDs. You should replace any LEDs that are brighter or dimmer. If you have lots of LEDs or the voltage is less than 3 volts, perhaps as low as a 30 ohm variable resistor is best. The LEDs blink at 50 hertz if you have 50 hertz power, 60 hertz if you have 60 hertz power, with half of them blinking while the other half are dark. The result is 100 hertz or 120 hertz. If you want half speed, you can connect all the LEDs the same way and use any diode in series with the variable resistor to get rid of the other half cycle of the ac. You wo not be able to see that they are blinking except as a strobe which slows or reverse the motion. Most LEDs are ok with 2 volts ac, but 2 volt transformers are rare. You can use a 1.5 volt battery instead of the diode, if your transformer is less than 2 volts. Neil

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