What Is the Marketing Term for When a Company Sells a Software That Includes Other Softwares?

Find a reseller and ask for a meeting face to face / one on one. Schedule the meeting in a room where the reseller and yourself will be alone. Hand the reseller a copy of your software with one hand and in the other pull out a gun and aim it at the resellers face. Then look the reseller in the eye and say "Either you sell my software or I splatter your brains all over the wall, which will it be". This will most likely end with the reseller agreeing to sell your software. It may also end in a lengthy prison stay but at least you can say you tried.

1. Graphics card underclocks itself in games, any help?

what software do use to OC? you could try other softwares like the msi afterburner,or saphire trixx. maybe if you overclock with those the card wont underclock?

2. Is it wrong to download movies, games and other softwares from torrents or P2P?

What do you mean wrong? If you can afford the movie, soft, or whatever you download, buy it. If you are poor like me, who cares?

3. Can I install windows 10 over my windows 7 OS without losing data through usb stick when I have only installed windowsdrivers in a separate partition, and I have my files and other softwares in different partitions?

As long as these appsdrivers are registered with Windows 7, they will be migrated to Windows 10.nWindows Upgrade never affects your files and programs, if something is not going to work with Windows 10, it will inform you, then you can take a call. Files are never affected by upgrade process, although you may have to install newer version of drivers that works with Windows 10. Windows sometimes automatically updates it through upgrade process or you will get via Windows Update.Can I install windows 10 over my windows 7 OS without losing data through usb stick when I have only installed windowsdrivers in a separate partition, and I have my files and other softwares in different partitions?

4. how to keep MS Office and Other softwares while upgrading to windows 7?

Google ways to backup activation for CS4 and Office. It's amazing how fast you can find solutions to these. As for the installation, you might have to look for an ISO from a torrent if the sites do not provide full downloads.

5. What other softwares do I need to "beef" up my computer's security?

download IOBIT security/free and IOBIT advanced system care/free...finds malware/trojans/worms/ protectes your pc

6. Other softwares like Wine [closed]

You mean to run Windows applications ? There's Crossover Linux, Crossover Games, & Cedega - but all are paid and use the WINE codebase. Another is Mono which implements the .net frameworks and runtimes on Linux

7. I changed my OS from Win XP to Vista XP. It's good but my other softwares don't work with it. Is there no....

Yep thats one of the problems w/ Vista.. your progs wont work

8. Can I use other softwares than Linger to run a self-paced reading task

There's a program called Paradigm that has built-in support for Self-Paced Reading, it also handles Arabic characters. You will just type in your sentences and then use back-slashes to specify each segment. For example:The actressshotthe officerwhowas standingon the balconyParadigm will log a timestamp for the onset of each segment (in Excel) so it's pretty easy to analyze.

9. I just bought the Ipod Itouch and i was wondering how do i add other softwares, 3rd party softwares to it?

1. jailbreaking[very dangerous] 2.wait and apple will be out with sdk[software devolopment kit ] which is safe search in youtube ul find it **** my itouch is in recovery mode and idont know wat to do

10. Getting guitar hero 5... can I use with other softwares?

Ok, what you have to do is just plug in the wireless thing into your system's usb port. As long as it's the same system, it should work for all the other games. I have GH 5 and I play it with all my other old GH games. Hope this helped.

11. what are some other softwares like virtual dj?

Traktor is the most popular with electronic DJs, Serato ITCH comes with higher end DJ controllers and is famed for its simplicity, "djay" is hot with Mac and iOS users. Serato Intro comes free with many entry-level controllers as is probably the easiest overall to use. It comes with the Mixtrack Pro, which is the best value of the cheap "DJ tables", having everything you need to DJ at an overall very low price. The Mixtrack Pro is so good many professionals use it, even though it's not meant for them at all! There are other types of DJ software (Mixxx, DeckaDance, MixVibes, PCDJ etc) but the above are the main ones.

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