What Is the Difference in Picture Quality Between an Edge-lit LED TV and an LCD TV?

Edge lit uses fiber optics to route the light to the screen and the televisions are thinner. But the difference in length of the fiber near the edge to the center can sometimes cause inconsistent brightness across the screen. Back lit televisions are thicker but can have slightly better/more consistant brightness.

1. What is a good 32" HD led tv?

Samsung and LG are the leading brands

2. which tv should i buy?

compare to Plasma and LED TV. Plasma TV with out any motion blur. because of 0 response time 600 HZ refresh rate. LED TV with 2 ms response time / 120/200 HZ refresh rate, still unable to well cover the motion blur to sports / fast action movies. Plasma still better in dark / black colours display. LED TV is very closed to Plasma display quality. it reach 92 % of plasma quality. In general. mose of our human EYE will not getting any difference between a GREAT PLASMA and GREAT LED TV. there is some people EYE still unhappy with that kind of " motion blur ".from LED TV. is better for you to judge from you own EYE with side by side compare with sports movies ! because both are GREAT TV. but in totally difference DISPLAY TECHNOLOGIES. Panasonic use very new Plasma technologies. very low power consumption. 60,000 hours life time .with out burn in issue. is King of Plasma. world best HD TV --Pioneer Plasma is manufactures by Panasonic and use the SAME Panasonic made Plasma Display panel.buy an 50 inc Panasonic Plasma TV = own an world best HD Pioneer Kuro Plasma TV but paid much less in prices. Sony HI END LCD and new LED TV are Excellence in Quality . ( not low / mid end models ). The 46 inc Sony LED TV use Sharp Japan made LED display panel.one of the best quality so far. of course , Samsung LED is NO 1 in Quality and more reasonable in Prices ( prices compare to Sony ). i really cant said any things about the Sony 46 inc LED and Panasonic 50 inc Plasma. FAIR answer > equally pictures quality to our eye and both reliable. Those people again Plasma or those stay behind 2007 , still thinks Plasma get " burn-in " will go for LCD/LED. Those people support Sony will take Sony as best TV. Samsung is NO 1 in LED TV. ( total quantity LED TV sold worldwide ) Samsung taken more than 82 % LED TV market share worldwide, you will get answer ==go for Samsung LED TV.

3. If a led tv has a 60 hz does it mean it has a 120 hz?

HZ how loud it is. The speakers at the movies are 130 HZ

4. 40'' 120hz or 46'' 60hz LED tv?

In general, you can expect less blurring on fast action scenes (sports, game box sessions, etc.) with 120 hz over 60 hz

5. Which led TV I have to buy?

Click below link to buy .Amazon.in: Electronics1.Sony Bravia 80.1 cm (32 inches) Full HD LED Smart TV KLV-32W672G (Black)Resolution: Full HD (1920x1080) | Refresh Rate: 50 hertzConnectivity: 2 HDMI ports to connect set top box, Blu Ray players, gaming console | 2 USB ports to connect hard drives and other USB devicesSound : 30 Watts Output | Built-in Woofer: Power your entertainment with deep bassSmart TV Features : Smart Plug and Play: Easily connect and view photos, music and videos from mobile phone or USB device | USB Tethering: Seamlessly connect to Internet with Mobile Data | Access YouTube instantly with one clickDisplay : HDR: A truly lifelike viewing experience | X-Reality Pro: Rediscover every detail | X-Protection PRO: Xtra Protection TVWarranty Information: 1 year comprehensive warranty and 1 year additional warranty on panel provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase. Limited period offer valid from 1st Oct 2020 to 30th Nov 2020Installation: For requesting installation/wall mounting/demo of this product once delivered, please directly call Sony support on 1800 103 7799 and provide product's model name as well as seller's details mentioned on the invoiceEasy returns: This product is eligible for replacement within 10 days of delivery in case of any product defects, damage or features not matching the description provided

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