What Is the Console Command to Skip Quests?

You can run this command:setstage [quest ID] [stage #]You can find quest IDs and stage numbers here at UESP.Usually, stage 200 is the end of a quest; so can just write setstage [quest ID] 200 to mark a quest as completed

1. Optimizing simple menu in console app

Starting with a small nitpick, that the rest of the application code already has -- use full names for variables. Avoid the habit of short variable names like b. Feel free to use the full name of boardList instead. Remember that readability, clarity, and simplicity are key in programming.Remember to always guard your inputs. We do not know if bookList is null or not and we are attempting to use it by calling a method on it. This will cause a NullReferenceException. Simply check if it is null before using it.The repeat variable is sticking out to me. It is declared at the top, but only used in one of the case statements. Using a break statement to control the do-while loop would be a cleaner approach.The next issue with the code is the line this.mainMenu(b);. This causes a recursive call that can fill the stack if called many many times (via the input "1" -> "any key but 1" -> repeat) or worse, cause some interesting bugs later on. Try adding another console output after this.mainMenu(b);, hit the above path a couple of times, and try to figure out what happens.A way to address this is to remove the line this. mainMenu(b);, make this mainMenu(. ..) function private and create a different public method that repeats the call to mainMenu(...).Finally, we can add some helper functions with decent names and enums to help define what case "1": actually means. This helps to eliminate the magic, hard-coded, numbers to some degree (they are just a nature of the beast when dealing with these types of menus). When we put this all together, we get a different approach. Remember that this is only based on the code I've seen, so take it as an example/another way to do the same thing, not an objectively better solution

2. Which console should I get?

OK, i am a die hard 360 fan, but i will not always go with a 360. just to throw that out there. now the PS3 is a good system but with the economy the Sony company is near its breaking point and about to go bankrupt. which means they will be shutting down very soon. so what this means is that the PS3 may not last many more years. I believe this will be their last year personally. Prices for an 20 GB PS3 is around 400 i believe. and the 80 GB is nearly 600 or very close to. The 360 is stronger than ever despite you having to put so much money into it i believe it will still come out to less than a 80 GB PS3. If you are a big gamer, the 360 has a much better, and bigger online community. To play online it only costs 50 a year, 1 payment a year of 50 bucks. if i were you i would go with the xbox 360.

3. Tic Tac Toe console program

Your conditions testing for victory have a bug, due to your choice of data structure.In the array arr, a number from 0 to 8 represents an empty space, and a number 10 or 11 represents "X" or "O". (This is what I infer from your code; it would have been helpful to document it using a comment where the array is declared. )It follows that the condition arr arr arr == 3*10 is true when the first player has played in cells 6, 7 and 8. However, because 11 11 8 = 30, it is also true when the second player has played in cells 6 and 7, and cell 8 remains empty. The same applies for other win conditions involving cell 8. This bug could be fixed by using different numbers to represent the players' moves. I would suggest using 1, -1 and 0 to represent "X", "O" and "empty" respectively. There is no need for different empty cells to be represented in the data structure by different numbers; if you want to print the board with numbers in the empty cells, then the code to achieve that belongs in the function which prints the board.

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Decorating with Console and Driftwood Sofa Table
A coffee table and end tables get a great deal of attention in homes, but there are other tables you might like to consider also, like console and driftwood sofa table.There always seem to be some confusion about both of these varieties of tables. Originally, a console table had just two legs and it was mounted on the wall, letting it look as if it were looking at just two legs, since the bracket was invisible. In later years, some console tables gained an extra set of legs, driving them to a lot more as their sofa backing counterparts. The word console means ledge, and these tables were inspired from the wish for shelves inside a convenient location, particularly in a hallway. Designers simply added legs to give them more stability along with drama. Driftwood Sofa table should indeed be similar and goes to comparable time, the 1600s and 1700s. Originally we were holding used as an impromptu writing desk, being placed higher and behind a settee or sofa. While note writing fell beyond fashion, a minimum of while at the sofa, the sofa table remained a trendy addition for homes, providing a handy location for candles from the pre-electric light age and making the couch look more attractive if this was set during a place in contrast to being from the wall. Today, console and driftwood sofa table are virtually interchangeable in your home, supplying you with more designsIn order to give a table in the hall, for instance, you can opt for a traditional console table, but you might like to look at sofa tables at the same time, especially if you are seeking a specific shape or style.Console and driftwood sofa table work particularly well inside a long hall or at the top of a stairway. You may also make use of them within an entryway in place of an accent table. If you use them from the entryway or at the conclusion of a hall, you might like to consider adding one higher than the table so guests can check their hair, makeup, and lipstick before heading out.If you wish to use the table behind a sofa, you can pick any number of console and driftwood sofa table for the position. Typically, you will need a table that is about two-thirds to three-quarters the length of the sofa or love seat and the top table should not exceed the rear of the cheapest portion of the sofa. For those who have your sofa resistant to the wall, consider pulling it out somewhat and adding a sofa table between it and the wall. This will help make your room feel much more spacious and you will make use of the table to display family photos, souvenirs, antiques or perhaps a spray of fresh of silk flowers.That's among the great things about console and driftwood sofa table. They permit you to add a great deal of personality to a room. While many people think they may be still just beneficial to candlesticks along with a bowl of fruit, these tables allow you to express yourself, not simply through the kind of table you decide on but additionally what you choose to visible on it.Just like a highlight table, console and sofa tables do not need to match one other table inside your room. They are able to naturally, however they do not need to. Instead, apply for an argument piece, choosing something a bit more ornate or embellished to highlight it. These tables are made being mindful of this although many times a wallflower or more within the bunch, chances are good that you can locate a table with a lot of personalities, regardless of whether you want something chic and modern or classic and timeless for your home.How comfortable is your sofa / couch, and how often do you sleep on it?Very comfy, and I barely ever sleep on itWhy is my Sofa peeling the paint off my wall?You have to put something under the couch legs to stop the sliding. Because you are probably damaging the floor as well. Go to the hardware store and look around for something like little rubber pads, that's not going to slide. Depending on the style of your couch, it might work and look better on an area rug. Also you really should make a user name, you are going to get spammed to death showing your email address.
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