What Is the Best Game Console?

It depends what you want it for. Xbox is good for offline gaming, PS3 is good for online gaming and the Wii is good for family games. Hope I helped

1. Is console gaming worth it over PC?

out of your record, i am going to truly propose Uncharted 2. large tale, communicate, gameplay, etc. i would also propose Heavy Rain and pink useless Redemption. yet Uncharted 2 will be my first decision. one it truly is one from the record, i would attempt S.T.A.L.ok.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl. that's an older yet very underrated activity. you will get it for $20. even as that's bleak, that's finished in strong flavor. Very immersive and massive ecosystem, besides as problematical. it would genuinely take you better than 8 hours to finish. even as it truly is a shooter, it does carry some RPG factors (area quests, loot). be conscious although, the game has were given some insects, so i would acquire the hot patch in case you could. strong success! :)

2. Who thinks the wii is the only console is a video games console?

No its not the only video game console

3. Linux console resolution too high

Boot your kernel with vga=ask and select an appropriate resolution. Find whatever fits your small notebook and set in the grub file as you described in your question

4. How to ship a SNES console ?

Put it into a slightly bigger box and put LOTS of packing material. Ripped up paper will suffice. Make sure that there is no way that the paper itself can damage the box. Condition is everything with these boxes and you want to make sure that it arrives as described. Hope i helped :).

5. Can you download mods for a console?

I do not believe you can download mods for a certain console like a PS3/Xbox 360 but I believe you can download a modded save into your memory card

6. Which monitor is better for console gaming?

BenQ RL2455HM 24" Gaming Monitor

7. Once installed a PS3 game on a console, can I install it on other console?

Yes its possible for you to install 1 game on as many PS3s as you want their is an unlimited number of times the disc can be used


i have a xbox 360 and the gay thing about it is that u have to pay to play online, and that is not cool i would get a ps3

9. Generate alphabet with 4 copies of each letter

for(i=65;i")1 character shorter, but outputs to the screen instead of console

10. I want to buy a console for

Xbox 360 Elite is only $449 with the 120gig HD. I would say its a better deal, for a number of reasons. Its easy to get online content. They have a great online community. Lots of items to customize it further. Great Game selection. It will only get better! I am getting the Wii after the holidays when its available again.

11. [Video] How to Use the Cisco Centralized Network Controller (CNC) Tools

It could be that the CNC Web UI has the problem and your system is ok. I believe the CNC Web UI will put down 'icon' of the switch even if was not discovered. Little technical background that might help you with debugging. The discovery part of devices happens over an LLDP (link layer discovery protocol). If you running the latest IE4000 tsn firmware then LLDP is already present on your switch. When you install the 'TSN Features' package, it will also install LLDP on a cRIO. You dont need to do anything else after that just, connect cRIOs to the switch. First I would advise to console into your switch and see if the switch sees cRIOs. use commaind: 'show lldp neighbors' or neighbor I dont remember exactly. That should display list of cRIOs connected to the switch. If you dont see the list then: 1. you either dont have lldp installed on cRIOs 2. Make sure you are using port1(eth0) of the cRIO to connect the switch If you see the list over console but not in Cisco WebUI then UI is not able to talk to switch properly (I believe Cisco uses telnet to do that) Let us know what you find out

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