What Is next for the Xbox Playing Console?

Well if you havent yet heard theres a xbox360 ELITE. Which basically is i think 120 gigs of space(compared to regular 360 12gigs) Everything is black(headset,controller,console,EVERYTHING) i think its like 600 bucks or something, just go to xbox.com and check it out. Also i think they should start coming out with some see-throw ones like the old nintendo64 had, that would be awesome. And maybe just maybe a online tv show to boot, that you could watch through your 360 for free. Well thats all that i expect from this awesome console.

1. 2009 console war who will win?

the 360 seems to have more games at the moment, but PS3 is sure to be getting more. I personally find myself using my PS3 every day for anything from movies to games... the blueray is great. My 360 has some great games but I am currently on my third console and I will not take the three weeks again to send it out to wait for it to get fixed. I would say PS3

2. Help with buying game console?

i got lucky and bought my wii used at a game stop they most likely wont have a wii but they might have a 360 .if you dont want your parents to get pissed then try to find the wii on ebay they might have a slightly used one for great price.the 360 sucks it over heats within 30 min and burns your hard drive its just the way there made untill thats fix i would hold off on the 360.

3. What is your idea of the Perfect console?

The console that satisfies all my needs in a game console. - ability to play any disc format - can play music, photos, videos - have a superb and affective internet browser. easy to handle just like a laptop - full backwards compatibility with all previous gen. of companies consoles - extraodanary online experience - comes with free headset that is console company branded and is the best you can get - perfect controller to go along - Trophy suport for every game - in-game music - HOME - awesome online store (has much to offer) - updating and downloading stuff from store is quick and takes no longer than 30 mins. - dependable (wo not break) - tons of USB and memory card slots (console will always recognize every devise) - WI-FI - stunning graphics - huge hard drive - lots of customer care - free online - easy to use interface - costumizable - A big console (i want my console to stand out, not hide in a corner) - black (but the ability to change color. also can have cool patterns, sorta like snake's cammo) - ability to brand a symbol into console - and of course the games. (must be fantastic and have a game library that delivers. and has a variety of great games across different genre's. i just know i am missing stuff. but this is a brief summary

4. game console questions !?! please read?

I am sure it would. all it needs is a screen-input (you know, the three colored thingies). But hy, the PS1 and 2 ? very classy ! Good choice ! -Canter

5. C# ==> Console Application ?!?!??!?

you can, but I think I know what your real problem is. you are trying to compile it and it's complaining that asd() is not static; you have 2 choices, declare asd as a static public/protected/private void OR, create a brand new class and instantiate it inside main() I heartily recommend going down the new class route, using all static functions is very ugly. no, you cannot make main() non-static.

6. Need advice in buying a console?

Hey it depends on how much money you want to spend. I would wait to get the nintendo wii. But if you dont want to spend alot and you want to get a good system these are the age groups on the systems nintendo game cube: Kids Playstation2:teens Xbox:adults

7. Equivalent of tsclient for VMWare vSphere Console

As far as I know, there is not . You need to create a regular file share

8. Japanese games on australian console?

The Nintendo DS and DS lite are region free and will play games from anywhere on any console. However, the DSi is not region free - original DS games are still region free though and will play even on this console, but new DSi games have to be played on the same region console

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