What Hardware Do I Use to Attach a Wooden Headboard to a Standard Metal Frame Bed?

1/4"-20 carriage bolts with washers and wing nuts are the easiest way to attach them. That's what usually comes with the headboards. Hope this helps

1. What to do with metal frame for clothesline?

Some might not like the looks; if they are not being used just dig them up. They may have a chunk of concrete that may be as deep as 2 feet. At my last house I ran a steel wire on both ends then planted string beans with twine from the ground up. Way two many beans but it was fun.

2. how do i cut out metal frame windows when the nail flange is covered with siding?

you will have to peel siding back to get the window out properly. getting it apart is the trick and its hard to explain how to do it. but it just naps back together if you can figure out how to get it apart. Maybe try a handy friend that could show you. Good luck. :)

3. What type of glass block window installation should I choose? 1 company wants to remove metal frame and ...?

The second way is going to look better. The first way is going to be sealed up better. Its basically a choice of Pretty vs Practical. Personally I would go with practical, but if you are wife is involved, you have to consider pretty lol.

4. My metal frame bed is broken from one side where is was joint together with headboard leg.?

Glue wo not hold most likely. Look in your local craigslist.org and see if you can find a used frame for less than $20. That would be best

5. Intex Metal Frame Pool - 15'x48". Anyone have one?

Intex 15x48 Pool

6. 21.5x16.5 air fliter? Currently in it: blue mesh with metal frame (its gross!). Tried 20x16 but falls out?

Yes, I think that this one was meant to be washable also. BUT, if it's gross, Home Depot carries a cut to fit blue filter material (under $10) that is stiff enough to support itself under the suction, is washable, and every bit as good (or better than) the throw-outs. Use your old frame and cut one of those to fit it. That should hold you for a few years.

7. can i paint my metal frame futon?

You can get rust inhibiting paint in a spray can, like Rustoleum. Make sure you sand off any existing rust first. Read the directions to see if you need to spray a primer coat or sand the entire surface before applying it.

8. What sort of Metal is the frame of a collapsible photo reflector made from?

I have one, but (obviously) it's sealed, or rather, sewn in from view. It reminds me of a saw blade. Not as thick as one that is used to cut wood--but it snaps back into shape even if you bend them into different shape.

9. Can I put a full size mattress alone (no box spring) on a metal frame?

have a home store cut a piece of plywood, good thick stuff, 3/4 inch... into the same size as the bed frame... put the mattress on that, just like a platform bed.... you can screw the wood to the frame in a few places for safety or add bed slats under it. ... so it wo not fall thru when you jump on it too wildly!

10. how do i cut out the metal frame of my back dash to allow the air from the subwoofers into my car?

It wo not give you more bass but it having subs in the trunk does blockout noise so you get cleaner bass from inside the car. The sealed trunk acts as a sub box itself

11. What type of metal is the frame of a computer made of?

Copper. :D For the love of god, it's a joke and please do not try this. Consult any physics textbook for why.

12. I cant figure out how 2 take apart the metal frame of my trampoline?Do I just pull? It didnt work! Need tools?

The tubes slip together, but sometimes not so when disassembing. You will need to wriggle and wrassle em a bit. If they just refuse to budge, shoot a little WD-40 into the joint and let it soak for about an hour, rap on the joint a bit with a hammer then try pulling on em again.

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