What Does Your New Sofa Colour Choice Say About You?

Apparently the most popular colour for a new sofa is still grey. Despite the fact that we (as a nation) are getting more adventurous in other areas with colour on our walls and elsewhere, we chicken out when it comes to a new sofa. And I have to say, I am guilty of this interior design sin myself, as I have three grey sofas. Three! One at home and two at the country cottage. I think it's because a new sofa is such an expensive purchase for most people that they just play it safe. Confident that any tone of grey will outlast fads and give them a neutral base for adding colour with accessories. Which is true. BUT. It's so boring. And it's not even as if there is a lack of choice or inspiration out there either. So, with tongue firmly in cheek I am going to have a little lighthearted look at some of the fabulous sofa designs (and colours!) available at DFS and what 'type' of person might buy them. The Trafalgar Grand Sofa in lilac velvet (1,599) is the ultimate in refined elegance. Calming and serene, this is the shade to calm the nerves after a fraught day dealing commodities. This home owner is prepared to invest in luxury, even if it means waiting until the right thing turns up. Hence the empty frames and lack of bookshelves natch. She (I think it would have to be a she) considers her home her sanctuary, buys her own flowers, and likes nothing better than an evening at home wrapped in cashmere. Alone. Move over Sienna Miller this sofa owner has just stolen your boho crown. The Salsa Sofa (available soon), is for a woman who knows her own mind. She's not afraid to mix and mismatch and will happily take the best designs from around the world and throw them all together. With ultimate flair. They remind her of festivals in Mexico, all night parties in Ibiza, and wandering the souks of Marrakesh. Make no mistake, if she invites you round you will soon have your feet curled under you and a drink in your hand. With a cocktail umbrella on top. Some home owners just want their homes to feel lived-in. Surrounded by all they hold dear, their hobbies, and souvenirs from jaunts in the country. The Brionna Sofa (available from early June) does not shout look-at-me, but is obviously very at home nestled amongst the lovingly tended plants. It's a comfy spot for crafting, reading, and reminiscing. When refreshments are served you can be sure that the fruit cake is home-made and the tea has been made with real leaves in a teapot. The Well-Travelled But Now Settled-Down Family Member It happens to everyone. Foreign travel has to take second place when the family starts to grow. The record collection has to be kept out of the way of sticky fingers, and the sensible head has to come into play when it comes to furnishings. Except the Joules Cambridge Sofa in plain yellow with floral decoration (998) is not exactly a boring choice. It's traditional shape is brought up to date by the vibrant colour and the floral motifs are a finger up to conventionality. A great place for a bedtime story. You've got me. It's grey. But the French Connection Hoxton Sofa (999) is anything but safe. DFS describe it as Californian Dreaming, mid-century modern and 70s chic brought together. It's going to appeal to the-too-cool-for-school crowd. The Danish designer maybe who loves the pared back look with not too much colour. A minimalist at heart who appreciates good design, pale wood, and spends weekends hiking in the forest. In a knitted jumper. I know a few of these. Well, I know a few who aspire to this. Let's put it that way. Feminine without being girlie, decadent yet understated, the Palace Grand Sofa in blush velvet (1,799) recalls the look and plushness of the Art Deco era. This colour choice is not for a family of five. It's a no-compromise colour choice. It's not a sofa to be lounged on. It's a sofa to be perched on, legs elegantly crossed and with a tall glass of something bubbly in hand. No intention to be sexist but I firmly believe that most sofas are chosen by the woman of the house. Do not quote me. And if you have trouble choosing a sofa colour help is at hand. DFS have developed a brilliant new colour tool, specially designed to help you choose your favourite paint and sofa colour combinations. With four fabulous trends to pick from, and a gorgeous range of both wall colours and sofa shades to mix and match, designing your perfect room just got easier! You Might Also Like SOFA (AND CHAIR) TRENDS THAT WILL BE HOT IN 2018 7 THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN BUYING A NEW SOFA THE CASE FOR THE CORNER SOFA

1. Sofa status in Okinawa..is it true my ex can put our son on sofa without my permission?

Let the boy sit on the sofa

2. Help! Mismatched Sofa!! Huge Problem!?

Tan and dark brown are neutral colors. Spice them up with pillows and throws. Not a problem but an opportunity. Go wild with contrast use your imagination. If you can not do that then speak to the furniture shop if they sent you the wrong color, most will make it right

3. A question about "Sofa Sized Paintings"?

That's usually the one that has the dawgs playing poker and smoking cigars.... Stains?? LOL

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