What Do You Say Couch, Sofa Or Davenport?


1. Decay stain removal from sofa?

there is no way of getting that stain out

2. What is the best way to clean a tan microfiber sofa?

It depends on the stains. Some cleaning ideas for you (always test a small, inconspicuous spot before using): 1. Rubbing Alcohol. Rub on with a clean rag. Blot with a different rag. Allow to dry. 2. White Vinegar. Rub on with a clean rag. Blot with a different rag. Allow to dry. 3. Shaving Cream. Sounds strange, but Shaving Cream is an excellent All-Purpose cleaner that rinses off easily. Shaving cream is simply whipped soap that does not suds much. It cleans well and rinses off without leaving suds. Dampen the area needing cleaning. Rub in shaving cream. Wipe with a clean, wet rag. It does not matter which brand of Shaving Cream you use, as long as it is white shaving cream. 4. For strong smells, Smells BeGone...Available at Aco Hardware; Ace Hardware; and Bed, Bath, and Beyond 5. For static, rub down with a Bounce dryer sheet 6. For cat or dog urine, clean what you can by blotting. Then clean again using rubbing alcohol. After this has dried, pour Lemon Scented Pine Sol into a spritzer bottle and spray the couch with this. I just learned this trick from a friend. It works. 7. For deep-down cleaning, rent an upholstery cleaner from Home Depot or Lowes. Or call a professional upholstery cleaner.

3. take off pee from sofa?

same way you would with a puppy. just scrub it with fabric cleanerr and just keep scrubbing it until its clean. you can also try dish soap, with some bleach.

4. Is it possible that mice came inside my new sofa?

yes , i have found one in mine before, not a good feeling

5. how do you treat a leather sofa?

You may be able to use saddle soap which is for leather or a good leather cleaner. I am not quite sure where you get it but maybe Walmart or Lowe's or even an auto store (for car seats). Good luck

6. What is a better and cheaper alternative to sofa?

Bean bag chairs! They are comfy and versatile :)

7. How do I clean suede sofa?

You either call a store that sells suede and ask them, or you call a professional leather cleaner. NEVER use any liquids on suede!

8. What's the best/easiest way to clean a sofa?

buy a new one? =)

9. i have a narrow living room shall i buy a corner sofa or a 3 seat sofa and chair?

why not make two smaller seating arrangements?one on one end and one on the other end. you will just need to tie in the colors

10. Ink on a white leather sofa HELP!!!?

Assuming you mean ink from a pen: If the floor is lined (has a sheen) spray it with hair spray (the more low-cost, the further perfect) and wipe clean. If the floor is sueded (not lined), saturate a white cloth with hairspray and daub until eventually the settee is clean back. Repeat procedure with club soda to get the hairspray out.

11. Can sofa cushions be washed?

It sounds like they will probably take a long time to dry if washed in a washing machine, plus it might ruin the foam. It's never recommended to do so. You can surface clean it though. You can try using a damp soapy cloth on it, then vacuum it. You can also probably take it to the dry cleaners and they will do it for you. It wo not be deep-cleaned, but it may be the best you can do

12. ho to stop my cat peeing on the sofa?

If she used the letterbox why did you take it away? If she does not have a litter box where else is she going to pee?

13. Where can i buy patio sofa sets?

Rc willies

14. How to get the smell out of my sofa?

I swear by SportWash. It's a laundry detergent that elminates odors. Put a tablespoon or so in a spritzer bottle and fill with water. Spritz the stain. You can find SportWash at Wal Mart in the sporting goods section or on Amazon.

15. How to turn a twin bed into a sofa?

I used a twin bed as a sofa when I first moved into my house. What I did was get a king/queen sheet and fitted it to the bed(I sewed it up so that it looked like a big cushion.) Then I added two body pillows. The "couch" was against two walls so the pillows rested against the walls. On the other small side I put a roll pillow like an arm rest

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