What Do Social Democrats Think of Communism?

Social democrats have had a complex relationship with communists. Generally speaking, the relationship has been antagonistic. Social democrats have mostly seen communists as ruthless totalitarians who do not truly belong to the Left and communists have seen social democrats as the tamed lapdogs of capitalism, fooling the workers into accepting piddling reforms and working against the socialist revolution.

Although the social democratic/communist split runs deep, and in the 20th Century was based on very incompatible understandings of socialism, there have been examples of good cooperation between social democrats and communists, especially if we define democratic socialist parties, such as the French, Italian, and, later, Spanish socialist parties as social democratic. The moderate Eurocommunism which gradually took over in the Western European communist parties after 1956, brought communism towards a rapprochement with social democracy and this sometimes blurred the distinction between the two movements. At this point, however, the communism of parties like the French and Italian communist parties had become identical with democratic socialism in any case, and were no longer, in many ways, truly communist. Where the communists were becoming more liberal, the socialist parties often moved further to the right to distinguish themselves.So, in general, the social democrats and communists have been, at best, electoral rivals, and at worst, outright enemies. A lot depended on the other factors at work in the country in question rather than absolute ideological questions.

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What makes an idea for a business good/successful? How can one come up with these ideas?

Results make an idea successful. Its nothing until its executed and gets results. And the results will be affected by hard work, and luck, not just the idea.The following is copied from All ideas are brilliant before execution, one of my blog posts:That idea you have, the one you think will make millions? If its any good at all, youre not the only one to have it. Youre right now in a race with somebody else to execute on it. Whats more likely, however, is that it wont make it through the gauntlet of execution. Its really hard to get from idea to opportunity.

Most ideas have huge fatal flaws that would be obvious to somebody with the right experience, but arent obvious to somebody who hasnt tried to build on them.As you get into the reality of developing a prototype, fleshing it out, making a minimum viable product out of it, youll discover why it wont work. Trying to design and code a software or web product quite often leads to the discovery of why it wont work as conceived.

As you get into the reality of user testing, initial marketing, you might discover that nobody wanted it. Or they wanted something different. Trying to get early users, customers, distributors, allies, or channels often leads to discovery of the hidden flaws.a2a


What would have happened if Germany had invaded the United States during WWII?

Such a scenario would not have been possible. Nazi Germany did not even have the logistical or strategic capabilities to invade the United Kingdom in 1941, never mind cross the Atlantic and invade America.Hitlers Operation Sealion to invade Britain never came to fruition because the RAF was too strong against the luftwaffe to make an English Channel crossing conceivable.

For an invasion of America to even remotely suffice, Hitler would first have had to completely defeat the RAF but then also Britains Royal Navy (as well as Americas counterparts) to gain control of the Atlantic.But even in that extremely hypothetical scenario, how would such an invasion be possible? When playing an invasion of Britain, the Nazis didnt have advanced landing craft only deep sea barges to transfer troops, which were extremely vulnerable.Given the size of the logistical and supply lines required, an attempted invasion on American soil would then be completely untenable. The United States would geography, manpower and resources all overwhelmingly in their favour. The Nazis would not be able to deprive them of anything, impose any blockades or kind of containment or encirclement strategy.Thus, it would not be possible for Germany to hold any serious portion of the U.

S East Coast, for any serious amount of time. Americas geography makes it almost invincible from any kind of military attack, which is why it has become so powerful


Why didnt Hilary Clinton stood against Trump this time?

I think it is the tradition rather than law forbidding any once-lost candidate re-contesting next time.Any party will have many able people, others too must get a chance. If a loser keeps trying (for that matter, even a winner), when will others get their chance?Also, a once-lost candidate is deemed unfavorable. It is true she got 2.

8 million more popular votes but her party - with her as the presidential candidate - failed to win collegiate votes in some critical states and hence presidentship.It was not exclusively her fault but revelations of some damming mails cooked her goose.She got a sort of a black mark, she can't again contest with that black mark on her. The party may have trust in her but the party must also keep the voters in view. It can't invite unpleasantness.If the party projected her once again, voters would surely ask - "dont you have any 'better' person than this loser? Is your party so down & out?"The case of winners is different. The party can always say, "she/he did well as the president, so we proposed the name again".

Add to that, the stigma factor associated with a loser.During these 4 years out of power, new promising candidates were certain to arise, Biden is the one that got patty's backing.I think, she backed off gracefully, without making a mess. That is a grace worth appreciating.


Why isn't John Paul Jones celebrated as much as the other three in Led Zeppelin?

The simple fact is, unless a bass player is the front man, singing, or playing in an extremely flashy way, they invariably get overlooked. Invariably.John Paul Jones is probably the most highly underrated bassist of all time. The same is true for his excellent keyboard work. As a bassist myself, I spent a great deal of time studying his bass work. Hes quite brilliant! And his tone was great! Led Zeppelin would not have sounded at all like the Led Zeppelin we know and love without him. And theyd probably not have gone as far as they did without him. His playing was absolutely crucial to their sound.As amazing as his work with Led Zeppelin is, I think the only reason he wasnt in the limelight as much as the others, was his own choice. With his level headed way of thinking, he didnt consider the whole rock star trip to be worthwhile to pursue. His contribution to Led Zeppelins music was satisfying enough to him, and his focus was on making the best possible music, and leading his own personal life, privately.All the truly greatest bands are all about the chemistry between the members. Change one element and the whole thing turns to mush. This is why the remaining members of Led Zeppelin decided to end Led Zeppelin after John Bonham passed away. That chemistry would never be the same with a different drummer, even Jason Bonham. Im certain the same would have been true if John Paul Jones had died instead. I have great respect for their decision.


Who would win in a fight between Darth Vader and Kylo Ren? How close would the fight be?

If and that is a very big "IF" Darth Vader and Kylo Ren were to fight, Kylo would win hands down. The biggest factor in that win would be the fact that Kylo has achieved mastery over the force in ways that Darth was nowhere near at the peak of his Power.The force extraction that we see him using on Poe during the interrogation is on a whole different level. Vader was nowhere close while he was interrogating Leia.That blaster frozen mid way during that whole scene and Kylo going about his business as if it wasn't even a minor itch on his nose tells you how much control he has over the force. The best that Vader could do was deflect those mostly.

Did you see him take that blast from Chewie's cannon for a crossbow? You still need to ask this! He took it head on and still fought.Don't get me wrong, I'm a Vader Fan through and through but Kylo really got his "Force Training" sorted before going around being the bad guy.Now, to also answer the next big question as to why did he lose to the newbie pair Rey and Finn. Dude imagine yourself killing your father, taking a cannon blast to the chest while being mostly deranged (which was speculatively the reason for the kill) and then suddenly realizing that your worst fear another force user with a strong will is right there in front of you. Enough to make anyone wobbly in the knees and lose control of the immense concentration required to use the force I reckon


GoT SPOILERS: Why did Daenerys burn down King's Landing in Game of Thrones S8E5?

Daenerys was always impulsive. In season 7 episode 6 in between 15min to 20min there is a discussion between her and Tyrian, where he is very calmly trying to explain her to be not impulsive and she is getting angry and accusing him of siding with his family. Even after tells her there were other options to burning father & son (sams family), she was counter arguing angrily.Tyrian even argued when in blackwater she flew over burning ships while 100s of arrows were flying, anyone could have killed her, she took it as if he is thinking of her death.

Everything said and done, I find Cersei responsible for her actions. By kiling Mysendei who had her last words Drecarys (burn it), Cersei sealed not only her fate but also of the Kings Landing. The killing sent Dany to shock and that drew Dany into suicidal attack on Fleet that failed her last siege of Kings landing.

It was only her luck that kept her living during the attack, remember the last attack not only killed her second Dino but also wrecked her entire fleet. This was indeed suicidal attack.Tyrians philosophy was very futuristic. Tyrian was man of 21st century, how can his theory hold good in pre-mideaval era!Anyway we might be seeing her being killed by Arya, who god knows how is not yet killed by No One yet. Or even there is possibility, Arya being killed by No One just before killing Dany.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for LED Driver
Can't find generic USB audio driver for a Samson COU1 USB microphoneAre you connected to the internet and allowing Device Manager to search Windows Update? That worked for me.As an aside, I contacted Samson support about this mic: they had a specialized driver, but it was poorly written and introduced cracks, pops, ticking noises, clipping, etc. into the recorded audio. Samson support suggested that I uninstall their driver and let windows update pick it back up -- and this worked marvelously.Don't forget that with this mic you may need to go into recording properties and set it as your default or selected recording source, or no dice, Chicago------(Backlight) LED Driver maximum number of LEDsIsn't it irrelevant how many LEDs you connect as long as the voltage is correct and the driver can supply or sink enough current?Only the string max voltage and current are relevant not the max number of LEDs.I don't know why they specify the output in terms of the number of LEDs. Why do some ICs have multiple sink channels for separate strings when you can connect them together to increase the total current? Flexibility to increase target market. I have 2 backlight strings of 120mA eachAnd about 24-30V per channel. Check out the TI LP8862, Allegro A8502------LED Visible Light encodingI found two issues that were affecting the response of the circuit:- The CSHUNT (capacitor in parallel with the LED) that should act as ripple filter didn't allow to follow correctly the PWM. So I removed and now works as I was expecting:- While encoding with digitalWrite() and delayMicroseconds() I was printing the iteration Serial.println(): this was making extra delays that were also affecting the output PWM.- I tested now in the range of my requirements and it works fine: Bit_time 166 usec, including a 95% duty cycle. That means 8 usec RTZ and the circuit responds fine------uC platforms to consider for faster CPU and 30 GPIO pinsI would probably look into the mbed platform. You might be able to use one of their DIP modules as your "uC DIP", though it will contain the necessary surrounding peripherals as well (crystal, power, etc). While this will be significantly more expensive than buying bare microcontroller chips, it sounds like you're not producing this in mass so that shouldn't be too much of an issue..There is a large developer community and the hardware can definitely meet your I/O and speed requirements. Due to the readily accessible development tools these rather complex microcontrollers will still have almost no start-up time------Calculate resistors for LEDI'd like to connect 10 LED to the Arduino's Digital PinsYou can't.The Arduino has an absolute maximum of 40mA from a digital IO pin, and a recommended maximum of 25mA from a digital IO pin.You can't get 350-600mA out of that.For those LEDs you need either a decent transistor to switch them, along with a suitable high power resistor with good temperature coefficient, or a proper LED driver, such as the CAT4101 or similar.You also need a power source capable of providing many amps to drive them all. At full brightness, 10 LEDs at 600mA would need 6A------Driving three high power RGB LEDs with PWM, from a 9v batteryIf you power off 9V then consider using some of the 3W LEDs in series: -Typically red leds need about 2.5V across them so wiring three in series will need at least 7.5V then there should be some current limiting circuit that might take 0.5V.Typically for blue or green leds they need 3.4V across them so maybe only series together two LEDs.You might just about get enough brightness with the NCP5623 chip this way but if not you'll need a current limit circuit and mosfets. The NTD80N02 looks OK but you need to limit current into the LEDs------No display after updating intel HD graphics driverSolved it myself, in the end.Long story short, fixed it by installing the ATI drivers, not the Intel ones.Steps:Used DDU to wipe all existing display drivers in safe mode. (Thanks to headkase for the recommendation.)Installed the ATI driver instead. Apparently the ATI driver package for switchable graphics cards has both the ATI and Intel HD Graphics drivers.Ran into some errors like "inf file not found" during driver installation, bypassed that by manually extracting and pointing Device Manager to the inf file via "update driver".Two blue screens and a DDU-aided reinstall later, it somehow worked.Ugh.------LED filament bulb driverYou can use a capacitor power supply where most of the voltage is dropped in a cap on the AC input side of the bridge rectifier.The losses can be very low .The cap should be a X rated type at least 250VAc .The DC side of the bridge rectifier should have a filter cap across it to prevent annoying flicker .Place a surge limiting resistor of say 1 Kohm 5W in the AC side to protect things at turn on .The Cap supply is nothing new and it is described elsewhere.In fact some mains LED string drivers use them .------MOSFET only turns partially off when overheated why?We build high-temperature circuits, and find we have to test for this phenomena in an oven, although we generally work at higher voltages. IDSS increases with temperature on all MOSFETS and will eventually reach a point where the leakage is enough to keep it hot or it runs away; that is, the heat generated by the leakage current (in your case .7 * 12 or 8 Watts) heats up the junction enough to sustain the large leakage or allow it to continue to increase. Not an academic response, but maybe there is a solid-state physicist out there who can explain why this occurs------Add constant current to an XL6019 moduleYou cannot drive 6 LEDs with 12V.With 12V in and 6 LEDs you do not need boost buck, just boost. You should use a $7 Mean Well LDB-300L boost driver rather than the CV 12V source. Its size is about 30 mm x 20mm You would need to use LEDs that have a max current of 300 mA or higher. They also have 350, 500, 600 mA models.With a 12V input it can drive a string of LEDs with a Vf of up to 36V. The LDB-300L has a PWM dimming pin that accepts frequencies between 100 and 1,000 hz. Mean Well LED Driver Catalog------High speed (>30KHz) 10-bit PWM generatorSince the Arduino Due was mentioned above (and I can't comment yet), I'll mention on that here.On the Arduino Due, you can use the compare module for PWM, eg. By changing the "TOP" (what the timer counts up to - this sets the frequency) using the RC register in the AT91SAM chip, you can adjust the frequency (and resolution). To get 30 kHz, you end up having more than 10-bit resolution (with a 1:1 prescaler).I see there is also a separate PWM block in the chip. I haven't played around with that, but the datasheet should reveal more.------Display large decimal number using seven segments display closedThe way you've designed it, you're giving 4 bits to one display and 4 bits to the other display. That's great if you're trying to display your value in hexidecimal. (...which assumes the 7447 LED driver chip supported symbols AbCdEF.) Otherwise you're going to need another IC which inputs 8-bit digital value and either gives you 3-digit BCD (2,4,4 wires) or can directly drive the LED segments (3x7 wires). If your number will never exceed 63, you do not need to physically wire the 3rd digit. Alternately you might find another display module which inputs 8 bits and displays a 2-3-digit unsigned decimal value.------Connect audio device with bluetooth dongleIt is likely you are having compatibility issues between the three devices; computer, dongle and headset. Here is what the user manual states about compatibility.Your headset is compatible with Bluetooth enabled mobile phones. It features Bluetooth version 3.0. It also works with devices featuring other Bluetooth versions that support the Headset profile (HSP), Hands-Free profile (HFP), Advanced Audio Distribution profile (A2DP) and Audio/Video Remote Control profile (AVRCP).I might note the manual focuses on mobile phones. There is a lot of discussion about this issue on Philips' forum; SHB7000 Windows 7 Bluetooth Driver Problem & SHB7000 not working on windows 7.------UART LED Driver using MOSFETThe drive voltage refers to the $V_mathrmGS$ at which those $R_mathrmDS$ values are reported. The maximum $R_mathrmDS$ was measured with $V_mathrmGS$ 2.75 V, and the minimum $R_mathrmDS$ was measured with $V_mathrmGS$ 5 V. Your understanding of the other parameters is correct.Your circuit will probably work, but you may encounter problems at higher baud rates. The MOSFET has a gate capacitance $C_mathrmGS$ which will distort the edges of your serial signal. This value is referred to as $C_mathrmiss$ in the datasheet, with a maximum value of 50 pF------How to connect LED strip to be powered by charger and batteries closedLooks mostly fine. I'm not overly familiar with this specific charging module so correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like there is an input to charge the batteries, but no output pins, so you would have to directly draw current from the Li-ions. It should be fine for just a 2A draw, but any higher and I would make sure I have output current protection.When your batteries drop below 4V, you wont be able to directly supply 12V any more. I would suggest a 12V regulator or some kind of LED driver to maintain constant and adequate power------Who's responsible for USB 3 driversWhen a USB port is located on a motherboard, or connected to directly through a cable (USB on chassis for example), then the chipset on the motherboard is responsible for the USB ports, and as such, you need to install the chipset drivers.Most likely there are installers available on the motherboard homepage, but if there isn't, then the motherboard says: we use plug and play drivers that ship with Windows. Although the manufacturer is ultimately responsible for the drivers, it can be Windows too where things stop working. But it is up to the manufacturer to contact Microsoft in these cases------Why the television manufacturers (Samsung, Sony, LG, so on) exceed the voltage capacity on led strips (backlight) on TV's?Isn't 133V the open-circuit voltage? When LEDs are working, voltage should be lower.LEDs are driven by constant current sources, it's far better than using voltage regulation, because LEDs have widely varying forward voltages and they tend to have negative temperature coefficient :Overheating reduces voltage which raises current with a constant voltage regulator which leads to even more overheating until one LED in the chain die.Here is for example the datasheet of a LED driver used in a LG TV I've repaired : mode DCDC converter"------Unsolvable NVIDIA & Ubuntu 16.x compatibilityI had the same problem today when I was installing Ubuntu on my new MSI GL62 laptop which has the NVIDIA Geforce GTX 960M graphics aswell. The issue, it turned out was not with the drivers as such but grub setting. I had 'nomodeset' and 'acpioff' in grub to install ubuntu with the live CD. That setting got carried on to actual installation on my laptop. I think it's the 'nomodeset' that interferes with the NVIDIA graphics drivers and not the 'acpi'. So I manually removed the options from /etc/default/grub and runand that fixed the issue.------Eliminating buzz or high pitch noise from PWM LED Driver? closedYou are dealing with a common problem with microcontroller-generated PWM signals: An 8-bit PWM driven at the usual clock rate can skirt the edge of audio range. Let's say the chip has an 8MHz clock. An 8-bit PWM maximum frequency is 31.25 kHz. You won't hear that, but your dog might. Add in charlieplexing: now your 30 kHz PWM is being time-shared among several LEDs, effectively lowering (into the audio range) the signal to individual LEDs.There is no easy way around this without completely changing how you approach this problem. Charlieplexing PWM dimming will scream when implemented on a small microcontroller
New Location, Cause for Hemp & Co.
The space is newer and greener and Hemp & Company has decided to use its new Government Street digs as a launch pad for a new environmental award.The 15-year-old Victoria retailer, which works to expand awareness of organic and eco-friendly clothing, nutrition and bodycare, has launched the Eco-Hero contest in order to shine a light on entrepreneurs, volunteers and community leaders who make a positive mark on the environmental landscape."We wanted to recognize people who are involved in environmental issues and we thought what would be a good way to support them and get the community thinking," said Bill Finley, who runs Hemp & Company with wife Lorna Knowles. The company will be taking nominations until Nov. 23 for individuals and then the community will be able to vote for their favourite between Dec. 1 and Jan. 31. The winner will be announced Feb. 5 and will win an "awardrobe" of Hemp & Company gear."There are not many initiatives likes this, that award eco-heroes," said Jill Doucette, founder of Synergy Enterprises, a firm that works with companies to improve their green practices and worked with Hemp & Company to develop the award idea.Doucette said the contest will mean environmental leaders are profiled in the community and lauded for what they do, whether it be land conservation, developing innovative technology or rallying the community behind a cause."Hemp & Company loved the idea of connecting with environmentalists that share their vision," she said.Finley said that environmental bent is a huge driver behind the store, now open at 1312 Government St., two blocks from the old location at the corner of Government and Fort streets."I'm an environmentalist more than anything else. I've been on the protests and hugged the trees and all that and it's all well and good, but I always felt a little unsettled as it wasn't proactive," he said. "This business came along through my son [Mike Finley] and it felt like a business where you could do something and hopefully make a difference in the world." The new store makes a difference as well. It is smaller than the last locations. It has 1,300 square feet of retail space and includes a number of features that "green" the place up.The work and lease-hold improvements on the space within the newly renovated New England Hotel, an 1865 building, led to the company recording the highest score for a retail business on the Island from the Vancouver Island Green Business Certification program."When I completed the assessment at Hemp & Company, I was truly impressed," said VIGBC program manager Craig Sorochan. "They have integrated sustainability into everything from their light fixtures and flooring to the products on their shelves." Finley said most of the initiatives had been done in the old store as well - a heavy-duty recycling program, no plastic bags and the like. But the new store also includes wood reclaimed from an old aircraft hangar in Comox used for flooring, recycled lighting fixtures, LED lighting and a heat pump for heating and air conditioning."We thought of all the things we could and did whatever we could within the fine budget we had to create a space that was as green as the products we are selling," he said.Doucette said the company has been a "long-standing pioneer of environmental initiatives and products. They have always been on that cutting edge of the next environmental solutions and very supportive of local business."
Knowledge About Winds of Winter: Armada Campaign of Winds of Winter
Armada Campaign of winds of winterThe plan was for the French fleet to meet a Spanish fleet off the Sisargas Islands, near Corunna in north-west Spain, in order to begin an invasion of Britain. The French fleet was commanded by Admiral d'Orvilliers, who had also led at Ushant, and included 30 ships of the line and numerous smaller vessels. When the French reached the rendezvous point, the Spanish fleet was absent, the Spanish later claiming that the winds had been contrary, so d'Orvilliers had to suspend the invasion. Because the French fleet had deliberately departed from Brest before they were fully supplied, numerous problems quickly arose as the wait for the Spanish forces dragged out to several weeks. Scurvy weakened the crew, and in the hot, crowded conditions on board typhus and smallpox also broke out. It was not until 22 July that the Spanish fleet finally arrived, commanded by Don Luis de Crdova, who was to be subordinate to d'Orvilliers in the joint enterprise. It consisted of 36 ships of the line.Meanwhile, an army of over 40,000 men was slowly being gathered around Le Havre and St. Malo in northern France, with 400 transport boats. The goal of the combined fleet was to put the Royal Navy out of action so that the allied army could be safely transported across the English Channel, (La Manche), and set up a base on either the Isle of Wight or the nearby British coast. At the time there were fewer than 40 Royal Navy ships of the line available in the English Channel area, under the command of the ailing 64-year-old Sir Charles Hardy, who had been desk-bound for 20 years. On 25 July the Franco-Spanish Armada set sail northwards to take on the British fleet, with contrary winds greatly slowing its progress. It soon became apparent that the diseases which had afflicted the French had also spread to the Spanish troops. Having missed opportunities to seize two important British convoys of merchant ships from the West Indies, which reached Plymouth on 31 July, the Armada finally passed Ushant on 11 August and entered the Channel. Three days later, a squadron under American colours but consisting mostly of French ships with French crews set sail from the French port of L'Orient, heading northward towards Ireland as a diversion. This diversionary fleet was commanded by John Paul Jones, an American captain with an alarming reputation in Britain.Action against the Royal NavyUnknown to d'Orvilliers, the British fleet was not in the Channel. Having learned that the French fleet had gone out into the Atlantic in June, Admiral Hardy was instead patrolling off the Scilly Isles. On 14 August, the massive combined Franco-Spanish fleet came within sight of the English coast, causing a wave of alarm which quickly spread throughout the country but did not reach the Royal Navy ship Ardent, which had left Plymouth on 15 August to join Hardy on patrol. On 16 August the French and Spanish ships, which were sailing slowly eastwards up the Channel, received orders from France to turn around, as it had been decided by the government that the best place for the troops to land would be near Falmouth in Cornwall. D'Orvilliers considered this a foolish idea, and sent a reply asking the government to reconsider. The next day Ardent met an outlying French squadron of the great fleet, but was fooled into thinking it was British, and was swiftly captured.Allied failureThe Franco-Spanish allies hovered off Plymouth, waiting for a reply to d'Orvilliers' message. On 18 August a gale from the east drove them far to the west and out into the Atlantic. There was one beneficial result: as they struggled eastward again, on 25 August the French and Spanish finally learned the location of Hardy's fleet. They decided to neutralise it quickly, because they were finding it increasingly difficult to cope with sickness and a lack of food. The allies steered for the Scilly Isles with the intention of forcing a battle on the British, but Hardy attempted to dodge their move. On 31 August, under cover of fog, the British fleet slipped past Land's End, and Hardy began leading his would-be opponents as far as he could towards the key British naval base of Portsmouth. Remarkably, on 3 September, the completely undamaged British fleet reached the well-defended safety of the Solent, and set about equipping for battle. This was a problem for the French and Spanish, who were losing men daily to sickness. French military planners also realised that if the invasion were postponed much longer, their troops would be fighting through the British autumn and winter, which would be problematic. Accordingly, on that day the leaders of the great Armada abandoned their campaign and set sail for Brest.------The Popol Vuh of winds of winterIn the beginning of the Popol Vuh, Ququmatz is depicted as afloat in the primordial sea with Tepeu, wrapped in quetzal feathers. Nothing yet existed, only the sea at rest under the sky. Soon Ququmatz and Tepeu discussed the creation of man and it was decided between them to raise the earth and create mankind. The gods spoke the word "Earth" and the earth was formed as if from a mist. They then called forth the mountains from the water and the mountains rose at their command. Forests of pine and cypress then sprung up among the newly formed mountains and valleys. Ququmatz was pleased with their collaborative creation of the earth and thanked the other gods that were present. The gods created animals such as the deer, the birds, pumas, jaguars and different types of snakes. They instructed each animal where it should live. The gods then commanded that the animals should give them praise and worship them. However, the animals could not speak and simply squawked, chattered and roared in their own manner. Ququmatz soon realized that their first attempt at the creation of beings was a failure as they could not give them praise and so they condemned the animals to live in the forests and ravines. Their animals were ordered to live in the wild and to let their flesh be eaten by the ones who will keep the days of the gods and show them praise.They first formed men of mud, but in this form man could neither move nor speak and quickly dissolved into nothingness. Later, they created men of sculpted wood, which Huracan destroyed as the wooden manikins were imperfect, emotionless and showed no praise to the gods. The survivors were then transformed into monkeys, and sentenced to live in the wild. Ququmatz and Tepeu were finally successful in their creation by constructing men out of maize. Here the first men were formed: Balam Agab, Balam Quitz, Iqi Balam, Mahucatah. Their sight was far and they understood all.The Popol Vuh also mentions a historic ruler of the Kiche who bore the name or title of the deity, probably because he drew some of his power from the god. This title of "Feathered Serpent", was an important title used for historical figures in other parts of Mesoamerica, the personal name of this king was likely to have been Kotuja. This individual was likely to have been an Aj Ququmatz, or priest of Ququmatz, before he became the Aj pop (king). This king was said to have refounded the Kiche capital at Qumarkaj.
How to Fix Dc 12 Led Lights That Burn Out Due to Excess Voltage Or Current
Unfortunately you do not tell us how much current is needed by your LEDs and fans.Assuming that this current is less than 2 A you could consider using a buck-boost converter like this:In the description this model is listed as usable up to 3 A but you have to take that with a grain of salt. I would use it up to 1 A and not be worried. Maybe it would survive 2 A just fine, At 3 A it might get too hot and not work in the long run. Then it would be better to use a module rated for 5 A.Actually the name is wrong as the converter first boosts the voltage up to for example 24 V and then uses a DCDC down converter (a buck converter) to lower the voltage to the voltage you need, for example 12 V.This means the module will output 12 V as long as the input voltage stays within (quite broad) limits. So even at 10. 5 V or 15 V at the input, you will always get 12 V at the output.There are many different modules similar to this one, just search for "Buck boost module"1. What do I need to buy for my car to make LED lights flash to music?You need a modified color organ circuit, basically band pass filter, level detector, and comparator2. If i buy a custom xbox 360 controller can i change the led lights from the default green to purple?You can. You have to either put them in yourself, or get them like that. As for the battery drainage, if you are just getting it in the circle around the "X" then no. If it does, it will drain it so slightly, you wo not even notice a difference. Just make sure you use eco ones.3. In New York state, is is legal for a motorcycle to have LED lights on while moving?As long as they are not blue or red you can get away with it.4. My Frigidaire GLTF2940FS1 is plugged in but will not start nor will the LED lights come on?check the circuit braker box and make sure it's on. if that's ok, then test the outlet itself with a small appliance5. How do you solve the "half strand out" problem in a strand of LED lights?One of the bulbs in the light strand is defective could be more than one bulb. Find the defective bulbs in the strands and you will have a full working 100 light strand. I've been doing this for the past two weeks hanging my christmas decorations. That was the problem in every strand that did this to me.6. Is it against the law to have blue LED lights on your car in Pennsylvania?Who cares? They are ugly anyways....7. Can I use a 125v toggle switch to hook up led lights to a 12v battery on a motorcycle?12 Volt Toggle Switch8. What's the real Pros of using LED lights?they last waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than normal bulbs9. How many led lights can u put on a 12v battery?Depends upon the rating of the LEDs, but I would presume it could be about 100 due to 3V battery strings found during the holidays having 10-25 lights10. How many LED lights do you need for an Xbox 360 controller?4 1 for each player number11. LED lights that turn on when the doors open Chevy Impala?Hi Pat Mehgroin , There is no better way to light up your Chevy Impala than getting it equipped with the top-quality LED lights.12. Where can you get LED lights professionally installed?You can get ANYTHING professionally installed. As the first answer stated, it may or may not be legal wherever you are13. will adding led lights to your xbox 360 console get you banned from xbox live?Led Lights For Xbox 360 Console14. Will my LED lights for my keyboard and mouse die if I do not unplug them overnight?No Need... The lights on the keyboard will more than likely outlast the keyboard itself... so leave them on and get your money's worth..15. What are some good batteries for Inovas LED lights?John, as far as I know the only people that test the various batteries against each other are employed by the various battery companies. The results as published by them? "No battery lasts longer than ours!" Ooooh, boy. I think you better just go with the best buy, that's what I do. Welcome to the wonderful world of advertising.
How LED Bulbs Are Helpful for Achieving a Brighter and Cleaner Tomorrow
Considering the current scenario of energy crisis being faced by people all over the world, contributing towards saving energy in whatever small ways possible, is the essential need of the hour. Therefore, manufacturers too, are seen switching over to Light Emitting Diodes or LED lights, as they are commonly known as, in their bid to reduce the energy consumption as far as possible. Thanks to the advanced technology, LED lights, as compared to fluorescent lights bulbs or conventional incandescent, require far less power consumption, to function. This is the reason why, LED lights are fast becoming the most preferred choice of people all over, when it comes to illuminating Circline T9 LED bulbs on sales their homes or offices. The following article will help look at the staggering benefits one can gain by switching over to Energy saving Circline T9 LED bulbs traditional forms of lighting options.Energy Efficient: This is one of the most major and biggest advantages of LED bulbs. Talking in terms of numbers, LED Circline led replacement bulb is as much as 90% energy efficient than your regular fluorescent bulbs. Only 10% of the electricity is converted to light, by a regular fluorescent bulb, with the balance 90% resulting in going waste as heat. People using regular fluorescent bulbs therefore end up paying even for the heat loss which is not so the case with LED bulbs.Longevity: As compared to traditional lights, plug and play LED T12 tubes and bulbs, are long lasting, with an average life expectancy of an LED bulb being around 1, 00, 00 working hours. On the other hand, a regular bulb can only last for maximum up to 1500 hours. Therefore, using LED lights can prove to be cost effective, in the long run.Cold Light: While, conventional bulbs make use of electricity, for producing heat which in turn converts into light, LED bulbs have a different process, for doing so. Semiconductors are used in place of filaments and electricity, for producing light, avoiding the use of heat completely, This is the reason why, LED light is also known as 'cold light'. LED bulbs can easily be used for prolonged hours as they are sans any risk of fire.Eco-friendly: One of the most vital benefits, which can be achieved from LED bulbs, is that, they are eco-friendly, which is also the current need of the hour. As, no harmful chemical like Mercury is made use of in LED bulbs, they are termed as environmental friendly. LED bulbs make use of eco friendly and toxin free materials.While, it is true that, Circline T9 LED bulbs on sales a bit on the expensive side as compared to regular lights, the advantages and benefits are far too many, for one to overlook this fact. Also, with LED bulbs being longer lasting and durable, the cost effectiveness is there for everyone to see·RELATED QUESTIONWhat are the uses of a triangle in a truss?There are many similarities of stage trusses, but which one is the most stable?The most stable and stable structure of a stage truss is a triangular truss. In physics, a triangle is the most stable structure, and it also saves the most material. So in some occasions, using a triangular truss is a very wise choice.The foldable triangular stage truss produced by SHIZHAN Group has a stable and stable truss structure. Compared with trusses of the same specification, it has a greater load capacity and span. The folding triangle truss is a pin interface and has a fast installation speed. The stage truss can be closed when not in use, which can save freight and storage space to the greatest extent. It is a perfect truss in all aspects of the truss.SHIZHAN Group is China's largest company group of trussed stage barriers. With 15 years of manufacturing experience, a professional engineer design team provides perfect solutions for our projects. If you are interested, welcome to come to consult.
What Economic Policies Led to the Great Depression?
The great horde of Immigration from the Civil War until Johnson-Reed played a role, accelerating industrialization and keeping the supply of cheap labor replenished1. LED's to my Car Stereo?The link below is the best a safest way to hook up neon or led lighting to your stereo with damaging any of your amps. I hope this will help you .Good luck2. what is watt led bulb at 1.5v supply?power (W) = voltage (V) * current (mA) Currently there's no such LED bulbs that at 1.5V supply. As far as I know, that LED strip lights, MR11, MR16 LED bulbs are 12V supply with the power adaptor.3. What led to the protest of CA students?They want ICAI to amend the regulations so that students can get their answer sheets revaluated in case of any doubt regarding current evaluation. Currently ICAI does not do same4. Has skepticism by and in itself led to any reasonable scientific breakthrough?Skepticism is what leads people to conduct scientific investigations in the first place. If no one was looking for holes in the miasma theory of disease, we would not know about germs today. Our current scientific theories are only well accepted today because we kept looking for fundamental problems and found none.5. led underglow the actual lights show 02 mustang?friend has a 03 mustang also and he put some leds under it and didnt like it because he could see it and was going to take it off until i told him to put a body kit on it and he put a side skirt on it just to see if it works and it did now he is happy try the body kit6. Are you better led by emotion or logic?I learned from a friend of mine when young you do not have to be an intellectual to practice an emotional alphabet. Each emotion is the same as a vowel. Anger, hate, shame, pride, love, amazement, humor: put each emotion togather in infinite combination just like letters in an alphabet and the emotional language makes perfect since. To do this emotions must flow like letters off your tongue. Hanging on to emotions stifles your expression just like a being your tongue being tied.only emotions are real, ideas are fictional and temporary therefore irrational if their is no emotional sense to those thoughts.7. Color changing LED lights for a Motorcycle?Before you put any on check with your local police8. Is changing LED bulbs in flashlights easy?Inside delayed 1880s the 1st dry out mobile or portable battery pack ended up being conceived generating torch technological innovation probable. Throughout 1897, Brian Misell conceived a new torch created from a new cardstock tv, metal stop truck caps and also a bullseye lamp. The idea controlled in about three, sizing Deborah dry out mobile or portable battery power. These folks were handed down out and about for you to authorities inside NY authorities office using beneficial opinions. First flashlights developed 8 for you to 10 lumens for every watt. Ahead of BROUGHT ABOUT technological innovation, incandescent lamps ended up applied. These kind of wine glass lamps ended up underneath vacuum pressure as well as comprised argon, krypton as well as xenon petrol on the inside along with got a new tungsten filament to deliver your lighting. BROUGHT ABOUT technological innovation improved flashlights noticeably. Considering that these kind of lamps will be more useful, a lesser number of battery power are needed to generate your lighting ideal. These kind of flashlights get shrunk in space along with produced in whole productivity involving lighting. BROUGHT ABOUT equipment and lighting develop with regards to 100 lumens for every watt as well as 15 periods that will involving incandescent lamps.9. How does a LED Chaser work?If you are in a class advanced enough to create a chaser circuit then you should be able to tell _me_ how it works. Anyway, a 7490 is a decade counter, that is, it counts in repetitive cycles from 0 to 9 with attendant outputs. The 555 provides clock pulses and the 7470 is an edge triggered AND gate.10. FAVI LED PROJECTOR, Is it good?Yup, be make sure you get the details before choosing your selection.
Are Fluorescent & LED Lights Making You Tired?
Did you know: some of the lights you have in your house are damaging your mitochondria (and thus adding to your fatigue)?Your mitochondria are so attuned with your environment that even the types of light you are exposed to each day can cause fatigue! The "bad" light I'm referring to here is a modern-day invention. Some refer to it as junk light. Others as white or blue light.The mitochondrial damaging light is a recent development for the human species. I'm referring specifically to compact fluorescent bulbs and the new LED (light emitting diode) bulbs - yes those same ones that last for years and years. These bulbs contain specific wavelengths of light that are particularly damaging to your mitochondria.And as I hope you know, underfunctioning and/or damaged mitochondria results in fatigue.Your body on lightYour ancestors had been exposed to the same type of light (the sun) for millions of years. (1) Millions of years! That is an incredibly long time for your body to adapt to one type of light. Through the sun, your mitochondria are best able to absorb and utilize light. They struggle when exposed to modern-day lighting.The compact fluorescent light was invented in 1976 and made its way into houses and offices in the 1980s. (2) Compact fluorescent bulbs are the spiral bulbs like the one found in the picture at the top of this post. The fluorescent tube lights - the ones you commonly see in office spaces - began being sold in 1938. Making their way into most offices by the 1950s. (3)LEDs (light emitting diodes) are the most recent lights to enter the commercial market. They were developed in the 1990s and only became affordable in the past few years. (4) LEDs are adored for their long lifespan - lasting ten times longer than incandescent bulbs. More recently, it's these bulbs that come enabled with wifi; allowing you to adjust the brightness with your phone.For millions of years, your ancestors were only exposed to the wavelengths of light put forth by the sun. In the early 1900s, the incandescent light bulb changed that. Humans were able to illuminate the dark. Fortunately, the wavelengths found in the incandescent light bulb were not too far off from that of the sun.It is the compact fluorescent (CFL) and LED bulbs that affect your mitochondria in a very bad way. These lights lack the wavelengths/frequencies found in natural sunlight. The infrared, red, and violet wavelengths found in sunlight are completely eliminated from LEDs and CFLs. And the blue light frequency has been amplified.Take a look at an old-fashioned incandescent light bulb. Notice how the light emitted has a warm orange/red/yellow color to it. These are the red, infrared, and violet wavelengths being expressed. Now, look at an LED or CFL. Notice how that light looks blue and white, and it's almost irritatingly bright - this is the blue wavelength predominantly expressed.Your genes have been exposed to sunlight for millions of years. And to blue light for less than thirty years. Your genes have not adapted to this modern, artificial light. And because of it, your mitochondria are suffering. This is how something seemingly as benign as the lights in your house could actually be adding to your fatigue.Shedding some light on your mitochondriaYour mitochondria are your body's power plants. These tiny structures, found within nearly every cell in your body, produce a substance called ATP (adenosine triphosphate). And ATP is the energy that powers your body.Those with chronic fatigue syndrome and/or myalgic encephalomyelitis have a reduced functioning of their mitochondria. This results in a net energy deficit. (5) In order to increase your energy and overcome fatigue, you need to optimize your mitochondrial function.And the lighting you use in your environment is the perfect place to start.Just like you, your mitochondria have evolved over millions of years to utilize the energy of the sun. They have not adapted to utilizing the blue wavelengths found in modern daylight sources.One study showed that after only six hours of exposure to blue light, mitochondria were not able to produce energy as efficiently. As exposure time increased beyond six hours, mitochondrial function continued to decline. (6) It is hypothesized that exposure to blue light increases cellular aging and age-related illness. This occurs because blue light is thought to damage the DNA of your mitochondria.Suffice it to say that if you're dealing with fatigue, you need to minimize your exposure to blue light. But what do you use for lighting then?How to avoid blue lightIf you have chronic fatigue syndrome, the very first thing you need to do is ensure your home (and hopefully your office) are free from LEDs and CFLs. Replace these bulbs with incandescents. The small amount of money you save on your energy bill using CFLs or LEDs is not worth the cost to your mitochondria.If you work in an office where you don't have control of the lighting, you're going to need to be extra vigilant. To combat blue light exposure, you need to increase your exposure to red light sources. Your best bet will be getting outside every chance you get.Take your coffee break outdoors. Go for a walk at lunch. Look out a well-lit window. Try to get outside when the sun is at its zenith in the midday. Stay outside for at least fifteen minutes, ensuring you have as much skin exposed to the sun as comfortable.What do you do if you live at a latitude that results in very cold temperatures for half the year? Or, if you live in an area constantly covered by clouds?You're going to need to utilize technology to increase your red light exposure. In the morning, expose your body to an ultraviolet sun lamp. I recommend spending 10-15 minutes each morning during the winter months in front of it. While working in your office, invest in some red LEDs. These will ensure your mitochondria get exposed to the red wavelength during the day. This simple act will improve your mitochondrial function and in turn increase your energy levels.While the type of light is indeed very important, the time in which your body gets exposed to light is equally important.AM light and PM lightDo you hit the snooze button 10 times each morning?This morning fatigue is often caused by a suppression in your cortisol awakening response (CAR). The cortisol awakening response is a surge in your cortisol levels shortly after waking. It is this surge in cortisol that should energize you to get out of bed in the morning.In order to trigger a healthy CAR, you need to get exposed to sunlight immediately after waking. If you live at a latitude that results in a sunrise well after your alarm, you need to invest in a full spectrum UV light. Turn your UV light on immediately after your alarm goes off. This will mimic a sunrise ensuring your body has a healthy cortisol awakening response. This is why so many people notice an increase in fatigue during the winter months - a lack of sunlight exposure.As the day progresses into night, you're going to want to decrease your body's exposure to blue light. Blue light is the wavelength that signals to your body that it's daytime. It's this wavelength that suppresses melatonin production. Remember, you need your body to produce melatonin in order to easily fall asleep.In the evening, ensure your electronic devices (cell phone, computer, television, etc.) have their blue light filter enabled. This blocks the blue light frequency from screens which ensures your body is still able to produce melatonin before bed. There are apps like f.lux that you can install on your devices to ensure blue light is blocked when the sun starts to set. Most cell phones come equipped with blue-light blockers in their operating system.Devices aside, as you approach bedtime, you are going to want to decrease your body's exposure to all light sources. Your skin is the largest organ in your body. And it is full of light receptors. Even if your eyes are not exposed to light, your skin will be. Dim all your lights two hours before bed. And be absolutely certain that your body is not being exposed to any sources of blue light.Make your bedroom as dark as a cave. It should be so dark that you struggle to see your hand in front of your face. Blackout blinds are a must (especially in the summer months). Ensuring your bedroom is this dark will allow your body to produce enough melatonin to keep you asleep all night long. Restful sleep is absolutely essential for anyone working towards overcoming fatigue.One last trick that can improve your sleep is to purchase (and use) orange-lensed glasses in the evening. These glasses block the blue wavelength from entering your eyes. Doing this will help increase your body's melatonin production. Resulting in a more restful sleep.Ok, now you know just how important the right type of light exposure is in overcoming fatigue. Do not underestimate the importance of this. It is so important that I include it in my eBook - seven small steps you can take to overcome fatigue today.Now it's time for me to hear from you!How has changing your lighting changed your fatigue?Want to know more than your doctor about how to overcome fatigue and increase your body's energy reserves? Click here.Originally published at Fatigue to Flourish.·RELATED QUESTIONWhat are some of the cleverest inventions and ideas ever? Where can you purchase them, if possible?Possibly some of them are the smartest inventions...A show piece that can be disassembled to a sofa set and a centre table.2. An automatic water pumper that quenches your dogs thirst.3. A water bottle with some secret space.4. Different Coca-Cola bottles for different uses.5. A comb-cum-bottle6. An ice-tray that produces diamond-shaped ice cubes.7.8. A ceiling hammock.. What a bliss!!9. A cycle that has flexible structure that it can be tied around like this anywhere.10. A shower with LED lightsthat changes colour according tothe room temperature.11.12. An ice cream cup that comes with a lock.13. Carpet alarm clock.14. Waterproof touchscreen keyboard.15. A toast-cum-omelette pan. A real time saver!!16. A coffee mug that indicates temperature of the coffee...17.18. A pillow that wakes you up by the time you set...19. Sleepers with LED lights which helps you to see the floor even in the dark.20. Shark tea bagsThank you so much for such an overwhelming response to my answer. Thanks upvoters :))I'm adding a few more pictures to the answer, and hope you will like them too.21. Pizza box oven22. selfie toaster23. Cookie cutter tray24.25. 3-D pen26. Clear kayak27. Linux smart pen that vibrates when you have spell something wrong.28. Planet plates29. Galaxy night light30. Weight measuring chopping board.That's it for now... will add more later :))
What Is a Tactical Led Flashlight?
According to some people the word "tactical" is just another marketing ploy used to sell flashlights, a mere adjective that is used to make buyers believe that they are purchasing a product that is better than most run of the mill flashlights.The reality is that a flashlight designed for tactical use is indeed different from a regular flashlight. However, not every product sold with the tag "tactical led flashlight" meets the design requirements that would make it appropriate for field work.First introduced in 1900, the tactical flashlights of the time were bulky, heavy, not nearly as sturdy and worked on dry cells. In fact, the bulbs often gave way in response to the acceleration created by firearm recoil. A decade down the line, the first US patent was filed for tactical lights with a series of improvements. These lights were designed to be mounted with a gun.Over the years, tactical lights underwent mammoth changes and by the 1980s they were a common sight in the hands of law enforcement personnel and were being used independently of weapons. Despite the upgrades, the tactical flashlights manufactured 3 decades ago were no match to the products available today.The current range of tactical flashlights are not just smaller, brighter and lighter, but also more effective than the older versions. They are actually meant to work as self-defense products, even when used on their own. Powered by LED bulbs and lithium ion batteries, these flashlights perform extremely well when used indoors as well as outdoors.They are light: A well-made tactical LED flashlight can easily be held in one hand and operated at the click of a button. In fact, its light weight means that it can be held in the left hand, leaving the right hand free for the use of a weapon or pepper spray.A tactical LED flashlight should offer no less than 500 lm of light output. In fact, if you can get 600 lm or even more (Real Lumens Output) from your flashlight, it can double up as a self-defense gadget as the brightness will be enough to blind an attacker.Tactical LED flashlights are designed to work in a range of situations; from lighting up the backyard in the dark to blinding intruders with the strobe mode, these portable devices should be able to do it all.The Zoom feature give the Tactical light the flexibility to be operated in various conditions, whether to shine on a distant object or to light up a wide area.The 26650 lithium battery has at least double the capacity then the standard 18650 battery. This will gives you twice the run time enabling you to operate your flashlight for up to 15 hours without recharging your battery.This is very important since you want to operate you tactical flashlight in all weather conditions, unfortunately many brands claim to have IPX5 or even more which will enable them theoretically to operate in all weather conditions. But...when you check to see if they have an O ring gasket sealing their LED you will find among many of them that there is none, thus exposing their LED to rain and snow. So make sure to stay away from such brands.Unfortunately many flashlight brands that are marketed with the 1000 lm claim or even more offer on an average only a Real output of 325 lm. Fortunately Brightex Technologies in cooperation with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has tested the real lumens of 7 popular flashlights all claiming to be the brightest flashlight with stated lumens ranging from 700 up to 1200 lumens, test results reveal that many of them delivery only a fraction of the promised lumens claim. So if you are looking for a truly powerful tactical flashlight make sure that the lumens claims are backed up by an independent lab test results.So before buying your next tactical flashlight make sure they have all the above features and that their stated claims have been verified
The Led Car Lights Quality Car Lighting and Signaling Features
There are car lights that helps improve the lighting and signaling system of a car. These lights enhanced the safety of driving the car and secured the driver and or their family when they are hitting the road. Car safety should always come first every time the car is taken for a ride. The car should be check to avoid problem that may arise while driving especially at the road. Car lights and signals must be in its proper condition to signal turning and stopping properly as well lighting the roads at night clearly. There are car lights products that aim to replace, renew, or improved the quality of car lighting and signal. Led car lights are great item that enhanced the signal and lighting system of the car. It gives extra safety lighting as well as having a reliable illumination at dark areas or at night. Looking for shop that offers led car lights will be best resolved by typing in the search engine the name DinoDirect. The site has more than enough led car lights to assist car owner in their purpose to elevate their car slighting and signaling system. Most of the led car lights are made high quality materials giving it features and benefits that are truly efficient and reliable for car safety and visuals. The site has different led car lights products and each is intended for a specific function. The products may fall as strobe ling, flasher, tail light, signal lights, alarm lights, brake lights, and headlights. The led car lights are available in different light color predominantly white, red, blue, and yellow. Depending on its purpose, the color follows. Some of the led car lights have special features that make it more beneficial and effective, waterproof feature is a good example of this specialty. The led car lights also have strong composition that enables it to be durable and bearing to everyday use and heat effects. The materials give the life long life and enough to compensate the expense given. The led car lights are products of proficient company and its technology for lighting products. This ensures that every item is tested to provide efficiently its intended features and benefits. One of the brands that are known for catering led car lights is the Xenon. The led car lights have different LED numbers that works to complete a product. Some of the products have 10, 12, 16, 36 , or 48 LEDS. The prices of led car lights are also noticeable. A car owners can purchase on LED light that will not bring conflict in a stiff budget. The lights are all highly effective and low in prices.
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