What Color Cushions Will Go Well with Warm Brown Leather Sofa?

red, cream, any color would look nice it depends on your style

1. Would this rug go well with a black leather sofa? Would red walls go as well? What should I do for curtains?

I am certain that it will give the room, an elegant Oriental apeal, especially since it should definantly compliment your bamboo looking shades. and black can be considered an oriental color. If you are looking for an Asian theme, this rug is perfect. If you are looking for a more italian theme, something more green and less red. Bamboo and black scream Asian/Oriental. The colors red, also yell Chinese. You may want to tone it down for a less dramatic look with a peanut butter color. or something more in the shaded oranges. But the rug will compliment the red. It sounds good though, Oriental and Yen are the new thing. I am not sure if you are trying to pull Italian, or Oriental. Either will work, depends on other things in the room. all these are warm colors, it's best to think about what side of the house you are on too, the room may feel a little too warm/hot, with the warm colors. If the room generally feels cool and breezy, definantly go with warm colors. if not, Greens may be a better choice to add more of a cooler feeling into the room. I am not sure if you go with the Feel, or if you are more with the apearances.

2. How can you clean dirt from a fake leather sofa?

use vanish oxey action spray all it for clothes it good for removing dirty stains

3. my friend gave me a leather sofa & chairs but they smell like smoke. how can i get the smell out ?

put it in the garbage or burn it

4. I'm about to buy a leather sofa set, do you think it's nice? I need some advice. pic?

Your money, your house, your choice. NOT mine, or anyone else's

5. my boyfriend wants to know:if u fart on a leather sofa, does the smell soak into the leather?

Should be no problem. The smell might linger on the surface for a few minutes-then dissipate shortly. Take care.

6. I have a leather sofa that is just beginning to crack. How do I prevent it from cracking further.?

I am not sure about repairing the cracks that are currently present, however one of the best leather treatment products you can buy to prevent furthat cracking that you can find almost ANYWHERE and is cheap is saddlesoap. You can also use it on baseball gloves!

7. how do I get ink off of a leather sofa?

Spray regular cheap hairspray out of an aerosol can on and wipe it off. It should come off first time but repeat if necessary

8. What's the best way to get pen marks off a leather sofa?

Funny, I just posted the same question today. I stand by the Magic Eraser, but do not use it on your couch! It will discolor it! Baby wipes did not work, leather cleaner did not work, and yes I even tried Clorox clean up wipes, did not work and slight discoloration. I did try hairspray on it today and some minor marks came out. I have a full scribble! I did get another post saying to try rubbing alcohol, so that is my next step!

9. HELP!!!! my daugther has just put pink nail varnish all over my leather sofa how do i get it off ??r=12518891?

put a cushion over it

10. I just became vegetarian. What should I do with my leather sofa?

In the Bible, people wore animal skins and ate animal and stuff. Leather is probably fine, just keep it. If you are a vegetarian, it does not matter, unless you are going to eat it! Good luck, and for your sake, DO NOT EAT THE SOFA! lolz!

11. how do u remove permenent marker from leather sofa?

try lemon juice, a leather cleaner, or a raw potato

12. What wall paint color goes with a beige leather sofa and loveseat?

Try antique white. It will set off just about any color in the room, and make the furniture the focal point

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