Way to Organize and Decorate My Apartment Living Room?

I had the same problem..

1. my question is about area rug for living room and dinning room?

No. They should contrast one another

2. How smart are miniature schnauzers?

Mine knows what Im going to do even before I do. So I say a 1. Seriously though, they are smart enough to not just blindly do whatever you tell them to do, but will decide if they WANT to do it or not. So they are smart but they can also be stubborn. They always want to please their owners though so they mostly do what you want them to do, and learn very quickly. I have a circle in my house (kitchen to hallway to living room to dining room to kitchen) and I used to try to get him to chase me around it. I would take his favorite toy and start running and he would chase me. After chasing me around the circle a couple of times he realized he does not have to chase me around in circles to get the toy. When I would run into the kitchen from the dining room, instead of following me he would go over to the living room and just wait for me to come around.

3. Help!!! Ideas for making a brown living room look good?

If she will let you paint, I would suggest that. It can still be neutral - use a warm taupe that matches the colors in the couch. I would use the navy and burgandy in the couches as accent colors. Lots of plants always warms up a space, and is a really inexpensive way to add color to a room

4. What color to paint my living room?

I could keep away from the sunshine blue. Consider a complemetary colour to the brown and beige. With all the ones impartial colours, it sounds such as you would ought to pass darkish. My strategies are nighttime blue or a darker crimson. (now not deep lipstick crimson) A crimson with a few black in it

5. Is it leagal for my mom to set up cameras in the living room?

for her to do a thing like that i wish to ask " what kind of a screw up are you " ?

6. Tips for Taking Down Walls and Creating an Open Floor Plan

Open living -- one room for all reasons -- is the trend that keeps on trending. So if you are still living with niche rooms -- a kitchen for cooking, dining room for eating, and living room for formal entertaining -- it's time to open your mind and home to a new floor plan that adds flow and light. "Open is how we live," says Dan Nelson, a Stanwood, Wash., architect whose firm Designs Northwest Architects specializes in open floor plans. "The idea of a formal dining room and living room does not fit our informal lifestyle today." Adds space without changing your home's footprint (a good thing because it saves money) Lets you enjoy more of your home more of the time Here are some ways to achieve open living: It's a simple concept: Take down a wall to combine spaces ($500 to $4,000 professionally done). If the wall in question is not load-bearing and does not hide plumbing pipes, it's a relatively simple task for a contractor to: Build a chase for an HVAC duct hidden in a wall Patch and paint the ceiling where the wall was attached Taking down a load-bearing wall is not as simple, but definitely doable by a professional (not a DIY project). You will need an architect or structural engineer ($100 to $150 per hour) to determine what type of support will replace the wall -- such as a post and beam -- and how you will need to shore up the wall while you are working. You do not have to take down the entire wall to get a more open feeling. A half or knee wall will open sight lines while still defining the different spaces. Half walls also can pull double duty as breakfast bars, bookcases, and extra storage. Adding daylight will make your rooms appear bigger and brighter. Here are some ways to bring in more light: Widen windows. Bust through your home's exterior and add bigger, more energy-efficient windows. If you change a 3-foot-by-5-foot double hung window to a 5-foot-by-5-foot picture window, it will cost you $450 to $1,000 for the window and $350 to $473 for labor. Add another 50% to 100% in installation costs if you have to remove siding and reframe the new window. Add French doors or sliding patio doors. Put them where windows used to be ($1,200-$3,000 installed for 6-foot-8-inch-tall by 5-foot-wide wood door). To make the most of these doors, let them open up to a patio or deck -- finished outdoor space that feels like you are extending indoor living. Install skylights. Adding skylights brings in lots of daylight -- about 30% more than a similar-size window. Install skylights ($650 to $3,500 for a 2-foot-by-4-foot model) with build-in light fixtures that you can turn on when the sun does not shine. Lighten the drapes. A low-cost way to bring in more light is to exchange heavy curtains for sheer drapes or fabric blinds. If you have an older house, there's a chance you have a dropped ceiling beneath the original ceiling, which once was considered a good way to save energy costs. Check to see if you can remove the dropped ceiling and gain 6 inches to a couple of feet in height. You also can alter ceiling joists and rafters to create a vaulted, coffered, or tray ceiling. You will want to consult an architect or structural engineer first, because ceiling joists stabilize the walls of your house. The engineer will redesign new supports to make sure the house remains secure while you raise the ceiling. All this is not cheap -- vaulting a ceiling over a 300 square foot room costs $18,000 to $25,000. If your roof is framed with trusses, raising the ceiling height will be problematic, expensive, and probably not worth it. Staircases are not set in stone (mostly). You can open them up by: Removing risers so the staircase is open and breezy This is a pricey project ($2,000 to $10,000) and not for DIYers. You should have an architect or structural engineer advise you if there are any structural concerns about dismantling the stairway. Open living can be death to storage. Removing walls and widening windows erase areas where family room hutches and cabinetry once lived. "Those are the things people do not think about until they are sitting with a box of books and wondering where they are going to put them," says Ginny Snook Scott, chief design officer for California Closets. The solution is to think out of the traditional storage box. If you've lost a bedroom, install a Murphy bed (starts at $1,350 for a queen bed) in the new space to provide an extra sleeping area when needed. Find additional storage space you might not know you have. Creating Storage Between the Studs in Your Walls 1. Make the most of scenic views when opening your floor plan. Orient new windows or doors to exploit your yard's natural beauty and the sun's free light. 2. When planning to open space, consult an HVAC specialist who will help relocate ducts and vents, and evaluate whether your heating and cooling system can handle the increased volume that raising a ceiling creates. You may have to upgrade your system. 3. Install the same flooring throughout the space. Uniform, light colors on walls and floors make open spaces look bigger and more cohesive, says Eric Tan, a real estate agent. 4. During the planning stage, make an inventory of furniture and art you must have on walls. That way you wo not be surprised when your upright piano has no home after you've renovated.

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best space heater to warm living room?We have 3 1500 watt electric heaters in our living room/ kitchen area. About 400 sq ft floor space. It gets down to 63 at night. According to the packages, one 1500 watt heater will comfortably warn a 150 sq ft area. If you have any pet birds, you should not use kerosene as the fumes/ carbon dioxide will hurt their lungs. I would rather use the kerosene, as it heats this place up fast and keeps it warm, but I have an African Grey this year, so I guess I will suffer and wear a sweater :) Heat rises, so a fan on low pointed up will help to circulate the warm air.— — — — — —I have a hole in the vent of my dryer. Do I need to fix it or is it OK for the hot air to go in my house?Your husband is correct that many people vent their dryers into the house. This is not dangerous, but the lint could start to make a mess. Depends how large, and how well ventilated, your laundry room is. I just installed a Heat Saver in my dryer exhaust (do not do this with a gas-fired dryer.). It's a big plastic tee that enables you do divert the warm air into the house in winter and divert it out of the house during summer. It has a screen on the outlet to prevent lint from entering the house. It's warm, moist air but it is MUCH less humid that what you produce while showering. Just do not use fabric softener dryer sheets with it - the scent is a little overwhelming.— — — — — —03 Chevy Impala Air Conditioning - All diagnostics indicate AC's better than average, but warm air is blown in?If the high or low pressure hose all your AC refrigerant will leak out. Is this the issue? If AC system checked OK may be a baffle in the passenger compt, but sounds like this should be OK with all the work you had done. Maybe take to an AC specialty shop for another opinion?.— — — — — —Theres a horrible smell coming out of the cold/warm air fan in the car?Probably blowing coolant. Anti-freeze tends to have a nasty smell if its old and what not— — — — — —Do ceiling fans rotate one way to push heat down (winter) and another way to push cool air down (summer)...?Susan, heat rises, so in summer, set blades to rotate where the blades pull the heat upwards. In winter, rotate blades so that the blow the warm air (heat rises) down into the room.— — — — — —where would the cold front and warm front be in my bathroom?Initially there is not a cold front in the conventional way because the warm and cold air is not next to each other, but the warm air lies above the cool air near the floor. Now when you open the door the cooler air near the floor will move into the bathroom (acting like a miniature cold front) while the warmer air near the ceiling will move outward into the other room, acting like a miniature warm front up there— — — — — —i overclocked my laptop now its blowing loud and warm air normal?come on, genius. you overclocked it, which is forcing it to work harder than it should. of course it's going to be warmer and blowing more. overclocking a laptop is a very bad idea, by the way. you are basically shortening its usable lifespan.— — — — — —My central AC wont blow cold, unit only 5 years old. The compressor and fan run- but warm air.?Turn it off! you will ruin it if you keep running it, that is the oil from the compressor on the ground and when it all leaks out from running the compressor will lock up. Call a service Technician, you will need to have a line re soldiered and more oil and R134A refrigerant replaced. This is not real expensive but you should plan on at least $200.— — — — — —House air conditioner blowing warm air, fan not turning...what is it?When I had my A/C unit serviced this past summer, the guy removed an access panel and immediately knew it was one of the capacitors used to start up the compressor and fan. The capacitor had clearly blown, as it looked rather like what happens if you stick a can of pop in the freezer. 10 minutes later, he had a new capacitor in place and that solved everything. He explained the capacitors only last about 3-5 years.
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