Walmart LED TV Return: Can I Return It for a Refund?

Yes you can return anything at Walmart. I once returned something without the receipt

1. Can someone tell me which LED TV Brands to avoid and which are rated best....?

I was a RCA warranty repair station. RCA is only a label now. Owned and manufactured in China with no service networks set up.

2. my lg led tv has all kinds of horizontal bars of different colors srolling up, what's causing this? it's new!?

Bad LED panel. If you've had it less than 30 days take it back

3. How to get rid of light cones on Samsung LED tv?

ummm, if I had what appeared to be headlights coming from the bottom of my screen I would be returning the tv. Are these lights in the screen or under it in the bezel? If you are referring to the power and stand-by lights then it would be normal. If they are too annoying, cover them with electrical tape.

4. Can i get 40inch led Tv for 900$ of singapore ?plz tell the brands also..?

Yes, maybe a 42" LED TV during electronic fairs held almost every month and Sales by several Electronic stores during weekends.. Cannot get SMART TV lah, but normal sure can get. Go for Korea TV, like Samsung and LG or Korea-made LED panels, used by several Japanese brands and local brands.

5. Would a standard composite video cable work in a component input on a LED TV?

In the standard def world - a 3-wire component cable is just 3 identical length composite cables bundled together with red, green and blue markings to identify each end. But standard def video tops out at about 4 mhz. HD video tops out at 35 mhz. You can use 3 composite cables for HD component cables. But chances are the coax is not designed for the HD frequencies and you will suffer a loss of fine-focus, non-solid colors, and perhaps even ghosting. So it will APPEAR to work, but may not. If you are going to go component - just make sure to get cables rated for HD.

6. how to make my led tv look better?

no, unfortunately this is one of the big cons to lcd/led tvs. they are trying to develop better panels etc to minimize this from happeneing, but as of late, there is no fix you can do to make the picture looking better from angles. the only thing you can do really is to sit as far back as you can without letting the screen size get too small. if you do not have direct sunlight hitting the screen i would advise looking into a plasma, they have no problems with angles and will give you better picture overall anyways

7. Westinghouse LED TV usb video file type?

motion jpeg only as well as jpeg pictures

8. which is better lcd or led tv?

Samsung LED

9. Help! I dont want to break my new LED Tv?

As I cant see in your window to work out its design I cant say. What I can say is: (A) You dont deserve such a nice TV. Pack it up and post it to me. That will solve the problem. (B) You can buy some leads that can be plugged in to the TV inputs and these will hang down and so be easy to get to. Personally I would vote for option A. :)

10. LED TV USB service port for external speakers?

The speakers are not that powerful, so you should not worry about the risk of damaging your television

11. Should I buy a Micromax 40Z7550FHD (40 inch) full HD LED TV?

No...because it is not succesful

12. How big is a Samsung 40" inch Flatscreen LED TV?

It is 40' inches from bottom left to top right and it is 35' inches from top to bottom

13. flashlight effect on led tv repair?

If its a 60" or bigger, call them. Worldwide, 60" Samsungs are junk

14. Which one is better LED TV or LCD TV and why?

lec edge lit is the same as a regular lcd, but its uses led instead of the lapm used it lcd, now this dosent really inporve picture quality or do anything special, it only make you tv, more energy efficent and in some case the led edge lit make it possible to have a very thin tv, but then again this comes with a negative, thin led tvs tend to have bad uniformity, eg samsung un46b8000 ect, and there also alot more expensive, so there not really worth it . but if you talking about backlit led with local dimming then you talking about something way different then edge lit led, backlit led with local dimming has the ability to dim certain led to make pretty deep blacks, still not as good as plamsa but really really good. so backlit led vs lc, back lit led wins by far, just dont waste money on edge lit led, also oled is way better then both but supper costly, an 11 inch oled tv is the same price as like a 40 inch regular lcd.

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