Wall Color for Red Sofa and Tan Carpet?

I would like to think that an off-white would match, maybe even a little yellowish in color would look good. but please, not too much yellow! LOL - you could probably go to a Lowes or Home Depot to see what they think to because they are pros at this kind of thing.

1. Will a sofa with a back height of 29" (floor to the top of the back of the sofa) fit through a 29" doorway?

Depth Of Sofa

2. how to remove sharpie from leather sofa?

I've read reports of what people had used and picked a body spray that had alcohol listed as #1, and it worked straight away!

3. Restaurant Sofa

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4. How to get dog urine out of a sofa, the smell ?

maybe go rent a steamer or something like that and see if that will work to get the smell out. Febreeze might mask the odor for a little while. I do not know what else to tell you, except look for a new couch! Good Luck!

5. what are some cool ideas to do with my new apartment?

Without knowing your personal style, this is impossible to answer. But I would like to introduce you to my way of decorating (and I've done this with other people as well). Get about a half dozen of your favourite decorating magazines. Get a stack of post-it or other sticky notes. Go throught the magazines and every time you see something you like, put a post-it on the top of the page so it sticks out. Make a brief note as to why you liked that theme. For example, "colour" or "lamp" or "artwork." Eventually you will start to see a pattern emerge, a pattern of themes you are comfortable with. It might be something like "romantic blue damask, white trim around doors, with dark floors and modern chandelier." From the magazines, you can often source a lot of items on line, or you can shop for similar items locally. Take your time and really buy items you love and can live with, rather than rushing and compromising. Start with the most difficult items to find, those large ticket items such as sofa and rug; it's easier to find a paint colour to match the sofa than the other way around. Take your room measurements (preferably on an accurate floor plan) with you as you shop so you do not buy items that are too large or too small. If possible, keep swatches from items you buy, carry them with you as you shop so you can visualize colours together accurately. Some of my favourite stores and on line sources are Anthropologie, Restoration Hardware, Horchow. Local stores are Ikea, and even places like T.J. Maxx. Have fun!

6. Is it worthwhile to try selling a slight to moderately damaged sofa?

Probably no one will want it. But you could try selling it on craigslist, you have nothing to lose

7. Bernhardt sofa back support fallen off internally. Springs OK. Any ideas how to fix the sofa?

I do these repairs professionally. There is not stock answer as construction methods vary greatly and failure points vary. I consider it a problem solving exercise. Pocket screws and glue blocks are often the way to restore structural integrity if it's just separated joints. Sometimes, the sinuous spring clips have just popped off. Sometimes, I have to remove pieces and re-cut from fresh wood and figure out a way to attach them without having to undo and redo a lot of springs and upholstery. I usually leave things stronger than I found them -- replace plywood with hardwood, replace slats with fabricated I-beams, replace pneumatic nails or staples with screws, etc. Normally, the best way to get in to have a look and effect the repair is to remove the dust cover (bottom panel). At that point, it depends on the damage, the construction, what your problem solving ability is and how handy you are.

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