Things You May Want to Know About Led Light Fixtures

An overview of led light fixtures

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How come it says a regular red LED uses 1.7 volts and a regular nightlight bulb uses 4 watts? of led light fixtures

wattage tells how much current a device draws.

voltage tells the voltage it is designed to run on.

an led's power consumption can be measured in watts.

a light bulb's power consumption can also be measured in watts.

led's are designed to run on very low voltage. (led light fixtures have a built-in transformer to step down the voltage)

light bulbs are designed to run on 120 volts. low wattage bulbs draw less current. high wattage bulbs draw more, but they all use the same voltage.

the reason that an led package tells you what voltage to use, is so that you won't put it in a circuit with too high voltage and burn it out.

the reason that a light bulb package tells you what wattage it is, is so that you'll know approximately how much light it puts out, since most people are already familiar with the intensity of a 40 watt bulb, compared to a 60 watt bulb. household light fixtures are all 120 volts, so the voltage is already assumed by the user.

LED Lighting Can Add Up To Big Savings of led light fixtures

The light-emitting diode (LED) is one of today's most energy-efficient and rapidly-developing lighting technologies. Quality LED bulbs last longer, are more durable, and offer comparable or better light quality than other types of lighting. Recent price reductions have now made LED lighting more affordable than ever.

LED lighting products use light emitting diodes to produce light very efficiently. An electrical current passes through semiconductor material, which illuminates the tiny light sources we call LEDs. The heat produced is absorbed into a heat sink.

LEDs are now being incorporated into bulbs and fixtures for general lighting applications. LEDs are small and provide unique design opportunities. Some bulb solutions may look like familiar light bulbs and some may not, but can better match the performance of traditional light bulbs. Some LED light fixtures may have LEDs built-in as a permanent light source.

Bulb Longevity

Theuseful life of LED lighting products is defined differently than that of other light sources, such as incandescent or CFL. This is because they typically do not "burn out" or fail. Instead, they experience lumen depreciation, where the amount of light produced decreases and light color appearance can shift over time. Instead of basing the useful life of an LED product on the time it takes for 50% of a large group of lamps to burn out (as is the case with traditional sources), it's product "lifetime" is set based on a prediction of when the light output decreases 30 percent.

LEDs and Heat

Because LED lighting systems don't radiate heat the way an incandescent or halogen light bulb does, the heat produced from the power going into the product must be drawn away from the semiconductor material. This is usually done with a heat sink, which is a passive device that absorbs the heat produced and dissipates it into the surrounding environment. This keeps the bulbs from overheating and burning out.Thermal management is probably the single most important factor in the successful performance of the product over its lifetime because the higher the temperature at which the LEDs are operated, the more quickly the light will degrade, and the shorter the useful life will be.

LED products use a variety of unique heat sink designs and configurations to manage heat, so they may look very different from each other. Regardless of the heat sink design, all LED products that have earned the ENERGY STAR have been tested to ensure that they properly manage the heat so that the light output is properly maintained through the end of its rated life.

Cost Savings

The table below compares a 60 watt traditional incandescent with energy efficient bulbs that provide similar light levels.

Comparisons between Traditional Incandescents, Halogen Incandescents, CFLs, and LEDs

60W Traditional Incandescent

43WEnergy-Saving Incandescent



60W Traditional

43W Halogen

60W Traditional

43W Halogen

Energy $ Saved (%)







Annual Energy Cost*





Bulb Life


1000 to 3000hours



*Based on 2 hrs/day of usage, an electricity rate of 11 cents per kilowatt-hour, shown in U.S. dollars. (

LED lighting is extremely energy efficient and consumes up to 80% less power than incandescent bulbs resulting in a dramatic decrease in power costs. Money and energy is also saved in maintenance and replacement costs due to the long bulb lifespan. All of these factors make LEDs smart economic sense.

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Hide the Toilet, the Buyers Are Coming, Home Staging - Beyond the Obvious
Staging is fast becoming a necessary marketing tool for selling a home. Staging is a technique that showcases a home for a smoother, faster and more profitable sale. There are many aspects to staging a home. I'd like to wax on here about one area in particular that is often overlooked and unattended to but very obvious to potential buyers.The day to day living we do is a necessary part of our lives. We cook, clean, do laundry and yes, even use the bathroom. These daily activities often are overlooked in the selling process because they are so routine, almost expected. It is important when showing your home to present all areas in the best possible condition, yes even including your toilet.Let's liken this a hotel stay. Upon arrival we don't often think about other people having to bathe, launder, throw garbage away or heaven forbid - use the bathroom! Even though we are fully aware that potentially hundreds of people have been there before us, we would not want to arrive at our luxury suite and find any unmentionables there - we expect it to be clean, fresh and neat. The appearance of the room matters. Crisp hospital corners on the sheets and toilet paper edges folded into triangles make us happy.It is no different while selling your house. In fact it is even more important. These are "guests" who are intent on buying a home - not looking for an extended holiday stay. No one wants to imagine YOU doing anything in your lavatory facilities and let's try and banish all thoughts of what really goes on in there shall we?It's silly when you come right down to it because we all do it. However, it may surprise you how many people are actually turned off by the sight of someone elses' garbage, dirty laundry or toiletries sitting out. An open toilet bowl - especially if not clean - is a huge turnoff and any parents of young children reading - can you catch my drift here? - get the OUST quick!Here is a quick list to use as gentle reminders of the importance of doing these and other things you may not have thought of while in the process of selling your home.BATHROOMSRemove all toiletries and electronics off the counters, especially medications. Place medicine in zippered plastic bags away from cabinets. Prescription medication is often a stolen item from homes for sale. This same rule can apply to firearms, knives or other weapons in a home. Always keep lids down on toilets. Keep toilets clean and fresh. Towels, mats and other bath products should be out of sight while showing and dry off glass doors once you've finished your morning shower.LAUNDRYRemove all laundry and cleaning supplies from sight - keep neatly inside cabinet, storage unit or the garage. Place dirty laundry inside a nice looking storage unit - wicker baskets are attractive or cloth duffel bag, but keep dirty piles out of site of potential buyers - even inside washer or dryer if you're in a hurry.KITCHENRemove and empty garbage cans daily. Keep out of sight and smell. Throw away garbage that will smell worse as the day progresses, many items will do this from tuna fish, pet food, beef, poultry, pork drippings and containers from last night's dinner. This includes things in your refrigerator that may have started to stink. People look everywhere! Try to keep strong smelling cooking odors at a minimum - if you MUST fry fish or cook an exotic dish try doing it outside on a gas grill if there is a side burner. Air out the house well if you must do it inside.PETSThis is hard to do but ideally, remove pets from premises while showing, crate or keep in one place and out of buyer's way. Many people have allergies to and/or fear of animals, even if they are the most gentle in nature. If you have inside pets, remove their bowls daily (especially if in kitchen) until returning for the evening - or place somewhere out of sight where pet has access. Clean kitty litter box, hamster cages, bird droppings or as painful as it seems in the short term relocate the dear ones to a friend's house who's willing to temporarily house them or find a good doggy day care.Enact "Poop Patrol" daily on the perimeter of the exterior of your house. You wouldn't want your freshly cleaned or new carpets to be stained or smelly in case an unsuspecting buyer steps in one of your puppy's piles. (This has happened more often than you may think) No more beating around the bush. Before you leave the house for a showing remember to hide the toilet, the buyers are coming!
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Selecting the Best LED Light Manufacturer and Supplier: Factors to Consider
Floodlights are important for lighting large areas like a stadium, a hangar, driveway, garden, or a tennis court. Selecting premium quality and energy efficient floodlights is essential to get proper illumination of the space that makes it comfortable for people to work, play or entertain themselves. Besides this, floodlights can be used to accentuate the beauty of the landscape or exteriors of a commercial property and enhance the security of the buildings.It is imperative to select the best floodlights for a general or special purpose that are factory certified, highly durable and caters to your lighting needs in a convenient way.Selecting LED floodlights and LED flood light housing can be the best way to get the most useful lighting solution as very few traditional lighting sources can beat the quality and efficacy of LED lights. Besides being highly energy efficient and eco-friendly lighting solution, they are long lasting and require least maintenance cost.You will find a plethora of LED lighting suppliers in the market. However, not all can provide you premium quality residential and commercial floodlights and accent lights at a discounted cost in the most convenient way. Selecting the best LED supplier requires that you consider the following factors for making the right choice:-1.Check out the experience level of the manufacturerWhen looking for a LED lights vendor or a company engaged in Die Cast Heat Sink manufacture you should check out that, the manufacturer has been producing LED lights of all sorts for over 5-10 years. You should also see that the manufacturer operates as OEM and ODM manufacturer that designs and manufactures a product as per the specifications and the products are rebranded for sale.2. Find out whether the manufacturer supplies ISO certified productsISO certification for LED lighting products manufacturer (ISO 9001: 2008) is essential to get assured of procuring the highest quality products. You should check that the manufacturer is an ISO certified company and it follows the highest international standards for quality management system.3. Check out that LED lights meet energy star compliance standardsWhen you get energy star certified LED light bulbs, floodlights and lighting fixtures then it means that you get the maximum value for money. These LED lights will not only save a considerable amount in energy bills but will also help you contribute your best in reducing the carbon footprint thereby saving the environment.4. Get suitable warranty coverage for your LED lightsBesides these factors, you should also look the warranty coverage that your supplier provides. This would ensure that your Led lighting products would be repaired or replaced when they are under the 3-5 year warranty period.Selecting quality floodlights and Flood Light Housing necessitates that you check out various manufacturers and suppliers and select the one that is extensively experienced and commands an enviable reputation in the market.SummarySelecting a reputed and experienced LED lights manufacturer and supplier is very important to get premium quality products at a competitive price. This article guides readers to consider some of the important factors that will act as a benchmark to differentiate the most suitable supplier from others·RELATED QUESTIONI didn't get Google Glass Explorer Edition. Is trying to learn Glass dev without the hardware a futile effort?No, you can still learn the fundamentals of Glass development without the hardware.There are three main approaches for accomplishing this:1) Visit the Mirror API documentation, get into the playground, and start hashing up some code. Download the PHP, Java, and Python library, whichever you're most comfortable with. Familiarize yourself with the jargon and converntions (timeline, bundles, menus, etc). Read the support documentation (second link below) to see how the Glass hardware actually functions. Build some apps to this specification. Soon enough, you will find a friend with hardware to t
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New Trends in the Bedroom - Platform Beds
Platform beds are becoming a modern contemporary trend in bedroom designs and are starting to be offered in many types of construction. Featured in many home design shows these beds are becoming very popular with interior designers as they offer clean lines and function in any home decor. This article takes a look at these beds and what makes them different than conventional beds. Trends in furniture designs specifically in the bedroom have been evolving much over the last 15-20 years. One category of furniture that is gaining much popularity in particular is that of platform beds. Many people however aren't sure what these beds are though and this article will try to explain what these beds are and what they can offer your home bedroom decor. Platform beds have come along way since their simple introduction as just a basic flat/solid wood foundation that a mattress could rest on. These beds are now offered with stylish headboards and footboards. Metal designs, contemporary as well as traditional and transitional wood styles. Many of these beds are also available in colors and finishes that have never before been offered to the consumer. This has created so many more choices that had not been previously available in bedroom furniture. Much of today's TV programming of home shows like Extreme Makeover or design channels like HGTV are showing more homes featuring these styles of beds as the central designing point when it comes to the bedroom. Offering more interesting form and function in sleeping spaces. What makes platform beds such a great choice is that they are designed closer to the ground than most mattress/box spring beds making them easy to get in and out of. Since platform beds are designed for just a mattress customers can create a cleaner look as well that sometimes is harder to do with traditional beds since there is an extra foundation or box spring unit to contend with when choosing bedding, bed skirts and sheets. There is also a cost savings as well since the beds already have a built in foundation, there is no longer a need for the purchase of an additional box spring or foundation to go with the mattress. There are many styles and designs in the way of platform beds. Many platform beds are made of solid wood. One such manufacturer by the name of Ramblin Wood offers solid platform beds made of Oak, Maple and Bamboo woods in a variety of sizes and finishes. Metal or steel manufactured platform beds are becoming quite popular. Amisco Industries located in Canada makes metal beds in a wide assortment of tradition, transitional and contemporary styles that are unique and European in design. Several import companies have also brought popularity to modern designed platform beds by offering rich, exotic finishes and styles unique to this furniture. Platform Bed designs offer customers the ease of using just a mattress with their bed. Giving them the flexibility to create a style all their own. Many different styles and designs are available today. From solid wood beds made of oak or maple. To steel and metal beds designed in traditional, transitional and contemporary styles. To import beds offered in exotic styles and finishes. If you are shopping for a new bed or just looking to try something different and unique , then go out and take advantage of owning a platform bed yourself.
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The Room Planners: How to Make the Most of a Basement
Paula and Phil Robinson, an interior design team, offer space-saving solutions, architectural advice and style tips. This week: how to make the most of a basement Paula suggests: Turning a basement into liveable space offers the luxury of additional floor space and takes the strain off the rest of the home by moving different activities below stairs. Basements can fulfil many different functions; they can also multi-task depending on their size. Consider A large kitchen, breakfast room and family room combination with a utility room; a pool and gym; a home cinema and games room; a library and music room - with additional work surfaces and storage for hobbies; guest accommodation or au pair's room; a wine cellar. Don't forget Invest in good lighting. Variety is crucial; washing the ceiling and walls with mood lighting works well if combined with task lighting but don't forget direct light. Dimmer switches are invaluable.Create concealed storage space wherever possible. Consider storage within seating units; floor-to-ceiling flush cupboards; built-in shelving and storage units that also house the home entertainment system. If there's a spare square inch, use it.Ensure that your wall and floor finishes have interest. A lack of daylight, a plain floor and walls can make a basement feel like a cell. Play with texture and colour, but avoid anything too vivid.Consider adding soundproofing if the basement's main activities are likely to be noisy.If your basement is dark, opt for a well adapted use. A home cinema is an ideal candidate. Use your imagination to create your personal ideal of a cinema - anything from sleek and hi-tech to old-style movie theatre glamour.Get your surround-sound and screen position right and work the rest of the room around that.Decide on the number of people that you want to accommodate and choose your seating accordingly, from bespoke sofas to old cinema seating from salvage yards. Make sure that your seating is plush and easy to sink into. Leather and faux-suede are good fabric choices for durability.Include accessible surfaces for drinks and snacks. Forget conventional side tables and be original - anything from adapted polished wheel rims for a sleek retro look, to old urns with glass tops for a vieux monde look.Opt for original, striking floor and wall coverings. For a fresh look in a combined cinema and games room, consider teaming panelite (translucent wall panels that can transmit light) with a concrete floor in a polished, matt or painted finish. For a more plush and sedate look, panel walls in fabric (a rich velvet or wool are ideal) and choose a luxurious carpet for a hushed atmosphere. Phil cautions: Useful contacts Home cinema installation: Finite Solutions 0113 255 4765; Audiovision Online 01480 471202; Libra Solutions 020 8428 2776 Panelite: Cafe Interiors 0161 371 5550 Games room supplies: Carousel Games 01653 668547; My Games Room Federation of Master Builders guidelines and finding a basement specialist: 020 7242 7583 General basement information: The Basement Information Centre 01276 33155 Information on waterproofing basements: Basement conversions: Basement Living 01706 831223; Basement Force 020 7924 1434; London Basement Company, 020 8847 9449
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Call for 'latte Levy' to Cut Cup Waste Is Backed by MPs ...
Calls to make people pay more to use disposable coffee cups - a plan already being considered in Wales - have been taken up by a committee of MPs. They want UK ministers to impose a 25p "latte levy" per cup, on top of the coffee price, to fund better recycling and reprocessing systems.The UK throws away 2.5bn coffee cups each year, the committee was told.Welsh ministers are considering asking for powers to tax the cups and other plastics that are difficult to recycle.Disposable coffee cups can be tricky to recycle because most are made with a combination of paper and plastic.The report, by the Commons' Environmental Audit Committee, calls for better labelling for consumers, and for UK ministers to introduce measures to make sure all coffee cups are recycled within five years. Committee member Anna McMorrin, Labour MP for Cardiff North, said: "We all use them, but as the committee discovered hardly any are recycled and most are littered, resulting in 2.5bn a year being thrown away."That's enough to circle the planet five and a half times."Ms McMorrin said the Welsh Government had "led the way in the UK" by introducing a charge for carrier bags and "we've seen single-use carrier bag usage drop by 71%"."That's why the committee believes that introducing a 25p charge on disposable coffee cups could have the same impact on consumer behaviour, and encourage people to carry their own reusable coffee cup."She added: "With the coffee shop market expanding rapidly, and more coffee cups being produced, we now have the opportunity to kick start a revolution in recycling. "We need coffee cup producers, distributors and governments to take urgent action to rectify this - and if they can't achieve this by 2023, then they should be banned."But Mike Turner, of the Paper Cup Alliance, said they were the most sustainable and safe solution for drinks on-the-go. "The paper cups we manufacture in the UK are sustainably sourced, responsibly produced, recyclable and, through a number of facilities, are being recycled. We are committed to increasing recycling rates," he said."Taxing the morning coffee run will not address the issue of litter, but it will hurt consumers and impact already struggling high streets."Welsh Finance Secretary Mark Drakeford has said he will take proposals to UK ministers, based on one of four possible options for a new Welsh tax, later this year.The three alternatives to a disposable plastic tax are a tax on vacant land, one to fund social care and a tourism tax.The proposals would require approval from assembly members, the UK government and Parliament before they could be implemented.Plaid Cymru climate change spokesman Simon Thomas said: "I'm confident the best option is to have a polluter pays principle when it comes to taxation and introduce a plastic levy. This could easily include coffee cups."
2021 07 23
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FlexLED 2.0 Uses Flexible PCBs for POV Display
Persistence of vision displays have been around for quite a while, and use LED light and rapid motion to create an optical illusion that acts like a display that can show anything from words to animated animals and people. While there are a ton of POV displays on the market, others prefer to design their own, including engineer Carl Bugeja, who is looking to improve on his original FlexLED. His original design featured a single LED on a flexible PCB, which was actuated back and forth using a magnet to create the POV effect.For his FlexLED 2.0, Bugeja is creating a larger version with more LEDs, which will use a pattern of traces that make up a pair of coils that interact with magnetic fields. The original only used one coil, but it only needed to produce the POV effect using a single LED. By using the right amount of current, the flexible PCB can flap up and down when in the presence of a neodymium magnet.The FlexLED 2.0 features 24 RGB LEDs, along with an LED driver, an H-bridge to drive the coils, and a microcontroller that controls both and communicates with the electronics via UART. Bugeja took to Altium Designer to design the PCB and place all the hardware components neatly before sending it over to a manufacturer. He also created a 3D-printed case this time to keep the electronics secure and also houses the magnet that actuates the flexible PCB. While the FlexLED 2.0 isn't yet completed, you can see Bugeja's design process in the video above·RELATED QUESTIONI didn't get Google Glass Explorer Edition. Is trying to learn Glass dev without the hardware a futile effort?No, you can still learn the fundamentals of Glass development without the hardware.There are three main approaches for accomplishing this:1) Visit the Mirror API documentation, get into the playground, and start hashing up some code. Download the PHP, Java, and Python library, whichever you're most comfortable with. Familiarize yourself with the jargon and converntions (timeline, bundles, menus, etc). Read the support documentation (second link below) to see how the Glass hardware actually functions. Build some apps to this specification. Soon enough, you will find a friend with hardware to t
2021 07 23
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Girl with Broken Doll' Syndrome Receives Makeup for Christmas After Having Her Face Rebuilt
A teenager who resembles a 'broken doll' received makeup for the first time ever this Christmas, after having her face rebuilt.13-year-old Kira Yates suffers from a rare condition, Apert syndrome, which means she was born with malformations of the skull, face, hands and feet.Apert syndrome is a condition involving abnormal growth of the skull and the face due to early fusion of certain sutures of the skull.Children with the condition have bulging eyes that are usually wide-set and tilted down at the sides.They are known to have problems with teeth alignment due to the underdevelopment of the upper jaw while some have cleft palate.Among other anomalies, children with Apert syndrome have webbed fingers and toes.It affects one in every 100,000 babies.Four years after pioneering surgery where her skull was 'smashed and reshaped', Kira asked for makeup for the first time.Her mum, Michelle, 52, says her daughter used to get bullied for her looks, but ever since the series of operations she has thrived.She said: 'When she had the surgery we lost Kira and gained an entirely new girl.'It has completely changed her life. Kira has started a dance class, is doing really well at school and has become a typical teenager.'There are still many things that she won't be able to do but she has done so well.'Kira has started to love fashion and has asked for make-up for the first time this year. She keeps up with the latest trends, she is a completely new person.'I'm so proud of her.'Kira has had more than a dozen major surgeries in her life already - including the 14-hour operation at Liverpool's Alder Hey Children's Hospital to lift her sunken face.The surgery involved inserting metal plates into Kira's face before fitting her head with a metal frame - which she then had to keep on for three months.Since having the frame removed, Kira struggled at school with bullies - but has been moved to another specialist school where she is now thriving.Michelle, a full-time carer for Kira, said the cruel taunts 'never stopped' her daughter.She said: 'The children can be so cruel. Kira knows she is different but doesn't understand why at this point.'As she gets older she is asking more and more questions [about her condition].'Since she moved schools, Kira has done so much better. She is happy now and has a lot of friends.'While she had the frame on her face, Kira continued to be able to feed herself.She now attends a dance class and loves watching Youtube videos and spending time with her new friends.Mum who asked people to send birthday cards to son who had 'given up on life' gets 3,000These star shaped pimple patches are an acne game changerCult Beauty launches its first-ever advent calendarMichelle, who also shares two older children, Ryan, 22, and Victoria, 20 with husband Mark, added: 'She loves everything to do with fashion now. She has bought herself some trendy new leggings and is keeping up with all of the trends of her friends.'Kira is just like any other schoolgirl. The surgery has allowed her to be more independent.'There is light at the end of the tunnel now.'MORE: The best fitness deals in the salesMORE: Artist gives iconic women 2018 makeovers, with botox, lip fillers and more
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Subodh Gupta Is Back in Mumbai After a Gap of Nine
Studio One of Famous Studio Mahalaxmi has transformed yet again into an art space, this time housing Subodh Gupta's latest solo, Anahad/Unstruck. The show comprises four paintings and four installations, all featuring various metal components - specifically Gupta's favoured alloy, steel - installed in two cavernous film studios. However, for many in the city used to Gupta's trademark enmeshing of pots and pans and other steel utensils found in Indian homes, his current experiments with form and structure offer a whole new world. Shifting focus Gupta's last solo in the city, Start.Stop in 2007, at the erstwhile Bodhi Art's Kalaghoda space, played off scale against the white cube space of the gallery. The "sushi belt" work, with sushi conveyer belts stacked with tiffin boxes, created the impression of a constantly moving city. The size and motion together made it an impressive memory of an improbable object. At Famous Studio this month, everything is an improbable object, but in the movie studio location, each work, be it installation or painting, demands a starring role in your memories. More importantly, each work shows you a shift in Gupta's interests, politics and artistic form. "For me, it's just a progression of Subodh's work," says Peter Nagy, director of Nature Morte Delhi, the gallery that has brought the show to Mumbai. Nagy, of course, as Gupta's gallerist, has been around the artist and his work for the last decade. And a lot of what Gupta has been up to in that decade can be seen here. But one of Nagy's challenges was to find a space the artist could fall in love with. After much reconnaissance, in August this year, Gupta settled on Famous Studio, a space Nature Morte used last in 2014 for The Science of Speed, a group show that included artists Aditya Pande, Asim Waqif, Rajorshi Ghosh and Vishal Dar. Subodh Gupta, Birth of a Star (2016), stainless steel, steel, led light, 120 x 120 x 130 inches.Comment on our times "I like unconventional spaces," Gupta tells us of his decision to use a film studio for his show. "Space is always a challenge, but for me and the nature of my work, this kind of space suits me." Unconventional spaces definitely suit Gupta. His work at the first Kochi Muziris Biennale, titled What does the vessel contain, that the river will not, challenged the large and otherwise overwhelming room it was given at the biennale's Aspinwall House venue. We are also reminded that Continua - the gallery Gupta works with in Italy - is a repurposed movie theatre.Unconventional is certainly a word that describes the space at Famous Studio. The walls are grey, the floors are stripped, the ceiling crisscrossed with lighting catwalks and beams to hold up lights. As you enter the exhibition, you see a large, very tightly lit metal container. As you go closer you notice the container is created of blocks made of pressed and fused kitchen utensils. As you go even closer, you notice there are chinks in the container stuffed with pieces of brightly coloured cloth. Often, a cloth piece will be pulled away to reveal a chink from which an eye looks furtively at the viewer. Then, it's gone. Rising 11 feet, 'Aakash, Pataal, Dharti' can have multiple meanings, but there's one that really stands out if you've been reading the news for the last few years: migration. It's not a new concern for Gupta, who, hailing from Bihar has seen and spoken of economic migration within India (and the movements from India to the Gulf and so on). But the form also speaks of refugees, illegal immigrants, and the challenges undertaken to escape an increasingly politically and environmentally unstable world. Thankfully, Gupta does not attempt the conceit of making the viewer to feel like the migrant. Rather, he wants you to feel for the migrant, and think of the impetus for people to travel in extreme conditions - move heavens and earth - in their search of somewhere better to plant roots in. "You put the bird in a cage, or put the bird in a forest. In both places, the bird is the same, the difference is the environment it is in," Gupta tells us. He's talking about his work in various spaces, but the thought stays with us as we view this work and remember that underneath our outward differences, we're all human. Subodh Gupta, In this vessel lay the seven seas; in it, too, the nine hundred thousand stars (III) (2016), oil paint and digital print on aluminum, LED lights, 144 x 96 x 2 inches.Channelling anger For many at the opening, the constant thudding of a chain from the height of the light catwalks harks back to UK-based art giant Anish Kapoor's show in the city, in a suburban film studio. The chain is part of a work where it rises and falls into a copper receptacle. But Gupta's Krodh is different. While Kapoor's work was timed to the hour where people almost ceremonially gathered at prescribed times, Gupta creates an almost three-minute loop of the chain being picked up by a magnet and then dropped back in with a thud. Gupta last used the chain in his turn set-designing a Bolshoi Ballet performance. The work speaks to Gupta's increasing frustration with the world, and finds response in that of many others viewing it. A part of you almost wishes the receptacle would shatter, and the rise and fall of the chain stops. In conversation, Gupta speaks of the numerous political situations that build the feeling of anger and helplessness in a citizen: war, rising fundamentalism, the rise of American President-Elect Trump and of course, homegrown issues such as the answer to end all corruption, demonitisation. It makes you think of the nature of anger, and specifically political anger, in the time of social media. It's that increasing feeling of exasperation, frustration, helplessness and sometimes all out confusion that many of us feel today. Subodh Gupta, In this vessel lay the seven seas; in it, too, the nine hundred thousand stars (I) (2016), oil paint and digital print on aluminum, LED lights, 144 x 96 x 2 inches.Different mediums Interestingly, the show is full of performance, but for once, it's mostly the objects on display that are performing. The paintings on aluminium - a series of four titled 'In this vessel lay the seven seas; in it, too, the nine hundred thousand stars' (taken from a poem by Kabir), Gupta uses oil paint on digitally printed aluminium sheets installed with LED lights. In these paintings he elevates a simple cooking pan to the cradle of all creation - from looking like the nucleus of a cell, or the imaginings of the big bang, the work speaks to Gupta's interest in the metaphysical. How does the universe's constant motion affect us and what lessons do we learn from it? The paintings are also well-made objects, with the technical aspects of digital printing and fitting in the LED done so well, the back of the work is as exciting as its front. The title of the show comes from a work comprising six steel sheets polished to reflection. Anahad/Unstruck uses a transducer to periodically induce vibration in the six steel sheets till they create a thunderous sound as you stand in a cavernous space with a giant death-star like steel sculpture surrounded by the aforementioned sheets. The sculpture is 'Birth of a Star'. Made in Korea, the work is a large, polished sphere caught in the midst of binary fission. The split is made clearer by a bright LED light. This scientific 'performance' is fascinating. When the steel sheets vibrate, the images of everything reflected distort, and looking at the sculpture amidst this does make you feel like you're in the centre of creation. It makes for an experience not to be missed. What is interesting about this exhibition is it uses elaborate gestures and overwhelming sizes, sound and light to recreate what could be really quiet moments in your mind: the formation of an idea, the internal terror of losing a home, to the strength required to search for another, to the knowledge that change requires an unending reservoir of hope. Gupta speaks of artists historically engaging with politics through their art. There's Picasso's Guernica, or Goya's commentary, including the series The Disasters of War, or Gupta's contemporary, Chilean artist Alfredo Jaar, whose work constantly engages the politics of our times. "I don't start with the intention of making political art, but somewhere in the process, it gets mixed in," says Gupta. You cannot deny (socio-political) situations, and as an individual you have to do what you can. And you've to do your work, no? So it gets mixed in."The author is a freelance writer Images courtesy: Subodh Gupta Studio and Nature Morte Gallery
2021 07 23
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A Kingsdown Mattress - Good Value for Your Money?
Kingsdown makes three ranges of mattress; the Kingsdown Perfect Partner, the Kingsdown Plush Sense mattress and the Kingsdown Body System mattress. Each offers different characteristics to give the consumer a comfortable mattress. But in order to review Kingsdown mattresses and then decide if they offer good value for money one must understand the niche market that Kingsdown fills.Companies like Sealy and Serta are well-known in many countries and many consumers feel confident when buying their products. However, Kingsdown is a small, independent mattress manufacturer that specializes in making mid- to high-end mattresses. The company has also been in business a long time; over 100 years.Over the last 30 years there have been many new designs of mattresses using many different technologies. We have seen the rise in popularity - and then fall - of water beds; we can now buy air mattresses like the Simmons Luxaire mattress; pocket coil spring mattresses like the Beautyrest Pocket Coil system, also from Simmons; the latest innovation of memory foam mattresses from Tempur Pedic; and the marrying together of conventional mattresses with memory foam from Sealy and others.Kingsdown does not manufacturer any of these types of mattresses. Instead it sticks to what it knows best; innerspring mattresses. This is no bad thing as over 90% of mattresses sold use the conventional, inner-spring coils. The plain truth is that most consumers feel more comfortable sleeping on an inner-spring coil mattress. What Kingsdown does is try to make the best, most comfortable mattress in the mid- to high-end price range.Kingsdown mattresses use good quality materials but so do all of its rivals. What Kingsdown claims makes its mattresses better than the rest is the use of computer technology in the design process of its mattresses.The latest offering from the company is the Kingsdown Body System mattress. The coil springs and the materials used are no better than other comparable manufacturers but the company claims that it will be the most comfortable you can buy when used in conjunction with its Dormo-Diagnostics Sleep Machine. Basically, the Kingsdown Dormo-Diagnostics Sleep Machine is a computer system that analyses your body shape, and weight distribution and uses this data against measurements from the result of studies involving millions of people, thousands of mathematical formulas and 18 key statistical measurements. The system is available from all licensed distributors of Kingsdown mattresses and only takes a few minutes to do. A data read out will advise you on the Kingsdown Body System mattress that best suits your requirements.Whether or not a machine can do a better job of choosing your mattress than your own judgment is debatable but maybe it can? After all, when choosing a mattress you're supposed to lie down on it for at least 15 minutes, try out your various sleep positions, and, ideally, lay down on it in your pajamas - or whatever else you sleep in. Doing this is not easy as most consumers feel very self conscious when lying down on a mattress in a busy department store.Many people sleep with a partner and Kingsdown have designed a mattress especially for couples: the Kingsdown Partner Perfect. The company claims this mattress is the best and most technically advance mattress for couples. I doubt this is true. The biggest problem with traditional inner-spring mattresses is wave-motion. This is movement felt by one partner when the other moves. This movement is inherent in all inner-spring mattresses because all the coils are interconnected. The wave movement is more pronounced when one partner is significantly heavier than the other. If you have this problem you might be better off looking at other types of mattresses like memory foam from Tempur Pedic or a pocket coil system from a manufacturer like Simmons.Finally, the company makes the Kingsdown Plush Sense mattress. The main selling point of this mattress is the ProEdge Spring System in the mattress and box spring. The claim is that the ProEdge gives greater comfort with a perimeter that is 20% firmer so giving better edge to edge support. Does a firmer edge give better support? Probably not but some consumers do like mattresses with firm edges. If you like a firm edged mattress then the Kingsdown Plush Sense mattress is a good choice.Kingsdown do manufacture top rated mattresses and many reviews of Kingsdown mattresses are highly favorable. Before buying a quality mattress you should decide what type best suits your needs. If you prefer traditional, inner-spring mattresses then a Kingsdown is probably as good as Sealy, Serta and Simmons mattress of the same type.
2021 07 23
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Install Kitchen Cabinets - Staying on the Level
You will want to check your four foot level for accuracy before you begin to install kitchen cabinets. By doing this, you will be sure of a quality and accurate installation. So, the best way to insure that your cabinet installation will be started off on the right foot, I suggest that you visit your local rental store and rent a laser level. You will be assured of the most accurate level line possible. You can set up the laser level in a matter of a few minutes, and once you have determined the high point of your kitchen floor, you can shoot the laser line at that height. This is when you can go around the corners of the walls and mark the level line locations. After you have done this step, you can take a chalk line and connect the dots. However, you will want to be sure of one thing here. Make sure that you stretch the chalk line as tight as you can get it. This will ensure that the line is not sagging in the center. Once you have snapped the chalk lines, you can go back with the laser level and double check the chalk lines. If you cannot rent a laser level or if it is not in your budget, then a four foot level will work just fine. However, you need to really pay attention to the bubble in your level and be very accurate with the drawing of your level lines around the walls of your kitchen. By measuring up thirty four and a half inches from the high point of the floor, you can start at that point and use the level to draw the lines. If at all possible, have someone else help you with holding the other end of the level while you level it up and draw the level lines along the walls. Once you have drawn the lines around the kitchen, take the level and flip it over end for end and go back around the level line and check to see that the level is accurate. If your four foot level is not accurate, this is where you will be able to tell. Only if the lines match up when you go back around the kitchen in reverse will the line be perfectly level. If the lines do not match up, your level is not accurate, and you will have to purchase a new one or have it recalibrated. By renting a laser level, you will not have to worry about your level not being accurate. It will save you some time at the beginning stages of the installation, but it will be the very best way to give you level lines to start with. Just remember that this step is like the foundation of a house. If it is not right here , the entire process will be compromised.
2021 07 23
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