Things You May Want to Know About Led Light Fixtures

An overview of led light fixtures

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How come it says a regular red LED uses 1.7 volts and a regular nightlight bulb uses 4 watts? of led light fixtures

wattage tells how much current a device draws.

voltage tells the voltage it is designed to run on.

an led's power consumption can be measured in watts.

a light bulb's power consumption can also be measured in watts.

led's are designed to run on very low voltage. (led light fixtures have a built-in transformer to step down the voltage)

light bulbs are designed to run on 120 volts. low wattage bulbs draw less current. high wattage bulbs draw more, but they all use the same voltage.

the reason that an led package tells you what voltage to use, is so that you won't put it in a circuit with too high voltage and burn it out.

the reason that a light bulb package tells you what wattage it is, is so that you'll know approximately how much light it puts out, since most people are already familiar with the intensity of a 40 watt bulb, compared to a 60 watt bulb. household light fixtures are all 120 volts, so the voltage is already assumed by the user.

LED Lighting Can Add Up To Big Savings of led light fixtures

The light-emitting diode (LED) is one of today's most energy-efficient and rapidly-developing lighting technologies. Quality LED bulbs last longer, are more durable, and offer comparable or better light quality than other types of lighting. Recent price reductions have now made LED lighting more affordable than ever.

LED lighting products use light emitting diodes to produce light very efficiently. An electrical current passes through semiconductor material, which illuminates the tiny light sources we call LEDs. The heat produced is absorbed into a heat sink.

LEDs are now being incorporated into bulbs and fixtures for general lighting applications. LEDs are small and provide unique design opportunities. Some bulb solutions may look like familiar light bulbs and some may not, but can better match the performance of traditional light bulbs. Some LED light fixtures may have LEDs built-in as a permanent light source.

Bulb Longevity

Theuseful life of LED lighting products is defined differently than that of other light sources, such as incandescent or CFL. This is because they typically do not "burn out" or fail. Instead, they experience lumen depreciation, where the amount of light produced decreases and light color appearance can shift over time. Instead of basing the useful life of an LED product on the time it takes for 50% of a large group of lamps to burn out (as is the case with traditional sources), it's product "lifetime" is set based on a prediction of when the light output decreases 30 percent.

LEDs and Heat

Because LED lighting systems don't radiate heat the way an incandescent or halogen light bulb does, the heat produced from the power going into the product must be drawn away from the semiconductor material. This is usually done with a heat sink, which is a passive device that absorbs the heat produced and dissipates it into the surrounding environment. This keeps the bulbs from overheating and burning out.Thermal management is probably the single most important factor in the successful performance of the product over its lifetime because the higher the temperature at which the LEDs are operated, the more quickly the light will degrade, and the shorter the useful life will be.

LED products use a variety of unique heat sink designs and configurations to manage heat, so they may look very different from each other. Regardless of the heat sink design, all LED products that have earned the ENERGY STAR have been tested to ensure that they properly manage the heat so that the light output is properly maintained through the end of its rated life.

Cost Savings

The table below compares a 60 watt traditional incandescent with energy efficient bulbs that provide similar light levels.

Comparisons between Traditional Incandescents, Halogen Incandescents, CFLs, and LEDs

60W Traditional Incandescent

43WEnergy-Saving Incandescent



60W Traditional

43W Halogen

60W Traditional

43W Halogen

Energy $ Saved (%)







Annual Energy Cost*





Bulb Life


1000 to 3000hours



*Based on 2 hrs/day of usage, an electricity rate of 11 cents per kilowatt-hour, shown in U.S. dollars. (

LED lighting is extremely energy efficient and consumes up to 80% less power than incandescent bulbs resulting in a dramatic decrease in power costs. Money and energy is also saved in maintenance and replacement costs due to the long bulb lifespan. All of these factors make LEDs smart economic sense.

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Sofa pillows are often points of interest in a room, so they can have brighter colors and patterns. Sage green and taupe are "earth colors", so brick reds, golden yellows, and even deep purples would go well with your current dcor.1. can you plant thyme,sage,oregano and marjoram together in a long planter?Mars has no talents over Earth as a place to are living. In fact, Earth has all of the advantages over Mars, like breathable air, liquid water, an ozone layer, a magnetic area, and of direction native existence that we rely on for matters like food. Mars does have advantages over the opposite planets although, in that it has some air and water. However the air is poisonous and very skinny and the water is all frozen. Venus has no water and it's 900 degrees there. Mercury has almost no surroundings in any respect, very like the Moon, and is of course hot too. Jupiter and the opposite enormous planets do not have any strong surface and anyway are so bloodless that even air would liquefy until heated2. What colors go with dark burgandy and a light sage green?Those two colors are fighting each other. You need to put a netural color on the wall such as a a medium to darker grey3. Parsley sage rosemary and thyme?? Please help?I do not know but if you put fresh parsley into a juicer or blender and drink it you will get very high. It's a powerful hallucinatory4. Who was King Nimi of the Ishvaku dynasty?Nimi born in Janakpur, now part of Nepal) was the grandson of Manu and twelfth son of Ikshwaku. Ikshvaku was the first King and Founder of the Solar Dynasty in Vedic civilisation in ancient Bharat. He was the son of Manu (the first man on Earth), sired by the Sun God, Surya. Lord Rama is a descendant of this magnificent Solar Dynastry and is fondly remembered as the "Raghu Kula Thilaka".According to Hindu mythology, there are fourteen Manus specified and the present Manvantara runs in the name of seventh in the series i.e. Vaivasvata Manu who is the son of Surya Deva Vivasvan) and his Consort, Saranyu Devi (Saj. ) He is also known as "Vaivasvat" or son of Vivasvan and/or Sraddhadeva or Satyavrata], the King of Dravida Kingdom.. He has ten sons, named Ikshvaku, Nabhaga, Dhrsta, Saryati, Narisyanta, Dista (Nabhanedista), Tarusa (Karusha), Prsadhra and Vasuman (Pramshu).Nimi was one of three sons of Ishwaku. He becomes Videhi (person without body) as Sage Vashishtha cursed him and also the Founder of Capital Mithila. The kingdom being called as "Videhi Kingdom". Hence, Sita Devi is nicknamed as Vaidehi. Nimi. In short, is considered to be the first king of the Videha Kingdom and belonged to the Janaka lineage of Mithila. King Ikshvaku was the son of Satyavrata also called Shraddhadeva Manu, the king of Dravida kingdom. According to the Vedas, Ikshvaku was the protector of the five territories of Panchajanah. Ikshvaku was succeeded by his son Kukshi. Note: i) Ikshvaku (Sanskrit: ) is a Hindu/Sanskrit Indian popular masculine given name, which literally means "fruit of a wild species of calabash, bitter gourd, bitter cucumber, name of a son of Manu Vaivasvata and one who attracts desire" in Sanskrit. Another meaning is one who brings wishes to effect.ii) Ikshvaku (): descendant of the house of Ikshvaku. So are Bhagiratha, Dasaratha, Luv and Kusa.iii) The term, "Ikshvaku" also denotes the sugarcane plant and as the Son of Manu first discovered this, he is called under the sobriquet, "Ikshvaku" ( dynasty). Please have a glimpse of the sugarcane plant there are varieties in this plant]:-Now, let us turn our attention as to how and why Nimi was cursed by the Great Sage Vasishta. Please see his picture hereunder:-Nimi was a pronounced king with all the noble virtues & faultless ruling. Living in an utopia like kingdom, the subjects of his Videha Kingdom (aka Mithila) adored him. Being a valiant King besides adhering to the path of Dharma, he built a heavenly mansion in the vicinity of Sage Gauthama's ashram, named as "Vaijayantha". He was desirous of performing "Satra Yagna" and after approbation of his father, Manu, requested the Great Sage Vasishta() for the performance of the same under his supervision. Besides, other Great Sages like Atri and Bhrighu were also invited for the Yajna. Sage Vashishta informed him that he has to wait as he has given word to Indra for the conduct of a sacrificial fire as the Chief Priest. Nimi went without replying and Vashishta assumed to be of his consent for the same.2. In the interregnum, as Sage Vashishta had gone to Indralok, the Yagna for Nemi was performed under the supervision of Sage Gauthama which was performed with great devotion for five thousand years. After completion of Indra's yagna, when Sage Vashishta came back, he saw to his amazement that the yagna had been completed. He, therefore, sought an audience from King Nimi, who was fast asleep after the Yagna. Sage Vashishta, having waited for a few hours, got infuriated mistaking it as an insult to his honour. He, therefore, cursed Nimi to be bereft of his body Videha). . King Nimi, after waking up from his deep slumber, was totally petrified at this terrible curse and for his part, he explained that the delay was unintentional and in turn, he cursed the Sage Vashishta that "he would cease to live in corporal form.As a sequel to their mutual curses, Nimi and Vashishta lost their physical bodies and assumed the form of subtle air. Vashishta immediately sought refuge in :Lord Brahma, the Creator seeking remedy for this curse, who advised him to enter into the "Tejas" of Mitra-Varuna to be born, not from the womb of mother. By performance of severe austerities, he could again come back to Brahma As directed, now Vashishta came to the Varuna where Mitra was being worshipped by Devas.In the meanwhile, Urvashi, the most beautiful celestial damsel, happened to come there and dragged by her bewitching and tantalizing beauty, Varuna made amorous advances and Urvashi spurned them on the plea that she has already given word to Mitra. Unable to resist the temptation, Varuna released his Veerya (Semen) in the divine pot. Thereupon, when Urvashi went to Mitra, the latter rejected her offer as she was having Varuna in her heart. He also cursed her to be born in the Earth and Pururava, the son of Budha shall be her husband. So saying, Mitra too, unable to resist her temptation, released his semen in the same divine pot. Please see the picture of Urvashi!From the divine pots were born the renowned Sages Agasthya and that's why, he was called, "Kumbha Sambhava". Please see his picture below:-Later, the Great Sage Vashishta was born and he was, therefore, called "Mythra-Varuna". King Ikshvaku, acknowledging the greatness of the Sage, requested him to be the Preceptor of his dynasty. Now, harking back to the main story, after the successful completion of the Yagna, Sage Bhrighu wanted to bring Nimi back to life and the celestials asked him as to where would like to live. Nimi replied that he is not interested in having a physical body, being an Atma Gnani, and insisted on residing in the eye brows of the creatures. His wish was accordingly granted. The word, "Nimisha" has, therefore, been a derivative from this root word, "Nimi". With its corrupt form, the same appears to have been transliterated into English, as "Minute".Later, the Sages, with the incantation of holy mantras, churned the body with Arani and a noble being emanated from out of it and he was, therefore, called "Mithi" also Janaka and Vaideha]. The city ruled by Mithi was named "Mithila". According to another version, due to the effect of the curse, King Nimi was left without his body to heaven with Sakra or Indra and stayed there for 9,000,000 years. After the Yagna was conducted successfully, the priests asked the Gods to return King Nimi in his corporal form. He returned and ruled Mithila righteously for 84,000 years. WISHING YOU A L L THE B E S T! HAVE A GOOD DAY!
As a Midwife, Do You Believe That Home Unassisted Birth Is Ok Or Can Be Safe?
I am not a midwife, but I would never willingly have a home birth. Hospitals have all the equipment if something should go wrong. Do not assume you can get 911 out to your house in time. Do not assume you can rush to the hospital in time. If things go wrong during a birth, doctors need to operate quickly, before possibly losing both the mother and child1. Spanked as a child Questionnaire?I was never spanked. Honestly2. my fiance thinks this funny?i dont ????Well, Claire, I hope you at least read my answer to your question. Because I am not going to make fun and call your immature, people can be so cruel. You are very upset, and this could have an effect on your period. But to be on the safe side go to the store and buy a pregnancy test. If you are expecting a baby, then if you can move the date up. There are a lot of women walking down the aisle carrying a baby. So, you are not the first, and you definitely wo not be the last. So, put the shoes on, carry your purse, and go get the test. You maybe worrying over nothing, just a late period. Or, if you are pregnant then you can start dealing with it, and quit worrying whether you are or not. So, please get a move on. Your fiance's joke about the baby's name is funny. You can not see that it's funny, because you are so worried. You wanted your wedding day to be perfect, and being huge with child was not how you pictured it. Please ask him to stop the jokes, that he's wore that joke out. Be honest with him, and tell him "honey, I love you, but knock it off" Now, to his not helping in the planning, since he likes jokes so much. Tell him you think he's going to look awesome in the pink vest and purple tuxedo. And does not he think the wedding cake in neon colors would be cool? You are going to serve his favorite foods right? Wrong? Give him a made up menu with all the foods he can not stand. Oh, by the way, sweetie, that lovely Aunt of yours that kisses you all over the mouth is lucky enough to sit right next to you. It's that nice how it worked out. I just knew you wanted her near you. In other words, scare the hell out of him. He needs to help, and sometimes, they will say "it do not matter" when he definietly does not want certain things. It is his wedding too, so he needs to help, you just got to get him thinking what could happen if he does not help! Clair, you got those shoes on yet, get your butt in gear, and let's find out for sure. You could be giving yourself a nervous breakdown over nothing. I am sorry that some of the people giving you answers are so hateful, you got enough on your mind without hearing that kind of crap...... God bless us all...........3. How do christians respond to the question of abortion?Is Abortion Wrong? Yes, abortion is wrong. The Lord has said, "You shall not murder," (Exodus 20:13). The life that is growing within the mother is a child, a baby. The Bible looks at the life in the womb as a child.: Exodus 21:22 says, "And if men struggle with each other and strike a woman with child so that she has a miscarriage, yet there is no further injury, he shall surely be fined as the woman's husband may demand of him; and he shall pay as the judges decide,"(1) (NASB).4. Is this child abuse advice?Well, did she make you wear them or did she just ask to wear them? If she just asked, perhaps it was a joke5. Help getting my 2 year old to eat?YOU need to feed him the same foods you eat! My son went through this with his daughter and finally put his foot down because he was tired of preparing extra meals and tossing food in the trash. Place a plate of food in front of child, allow child to eat as much as he wants. Anything left on the plate, cover it and place in the refrigerator. Next meal, removed the covered dish from the refrigerator, eat food up and place in front of child again. Continue doing this until he finally eats everything on the plate. Do NOT add more food to the plate (for the next meal) and only give him water in between meals. Once he realizes YOU are the boss and NOT him...........he will be really hungry and eat everything you place on the plate. Once you get him to this point - then switch it up a notch; demand he eat veggies first, meats second and 'fillers' last (kids will eat these first and not have room for the good stuff). My son did this, with his daughter, and now she eats anything and, she always eats her veggies first.
Tips for Protecting Against Ice and Snow Dangers for Finance and Real Estate Companies
Tips for Protecting against Ice and Snow Dangers for Finance and Real Estate CompaniesIf you are in the northeastern United States, there are two certainties. First, it's going to be cold. Second? You are going to see snow. Lots of it. But you already know this. Knee-deep or even waist-deep snow is just a reality, thanks to the unique combination of latitude, altitude, and location between the ocean and the Great Lakes. That said, if you are a property manager or owner of a business, you also know just how much of a hassle it is to deal with all of the white stuff. Keeping parking lots, walkways, and even your facility roofs clear of snow is a necessity, because you know that a car sliding on ice, a slip and fall accident, or a roof faltering under the weight of snow are all threats to your business. Harder yet, if you run a finance or real estate business, you are probably not managing a single location. In fact, you might be spread across multiple cities, counties, or even states. Keeping one location maintained is tough, but keeping every single location clear of ice and snow and safe for your employees and customers is a herculean task. So what should you look out for? The first and most pressing area is likely the one that you have to take care of multiple times each snowstorm. Plowing parking lots, shoveling and salting sidewalks, it's a constant battle to ensure that people can safely get in and out of your facility. Knowing this, you need to have a plan each time snow is in the forecast, whether each location is in charge of self-removal or the job is contracted out. For those businesses who perform self-removal, everyone needs to know their role. We highly recommend you maintain a Snow Plow Log, a Sidewalk Snow Removal Log, and a Complaint Log to track snow removal (and failure to remove). You can access this in our Real Estate Loss Control Toolbox. For those who contract out the job-something much more likely for multi-location businesses-it's a top priority that every single detail is in writing with contractors. In our Snow Removal Best Practices Guide, we highlight a variety of important caveats you may forget when working with a snow removal contractor. It pays to ask yourself the following: • Is your snow removal agreement as long as it needs to be? With snowfall possible seven months a year, having a timeframe in place with your contractors is necessary. It pays to be ready for an April or October snowfall, and this should be written into your agreement. • How specific are the duties? Another area of focus should be the responsibilities of the contractors. How often should they show up? Who's in charge of the sidewalks? Where can they plow the snow? Defining everything is necessary, and providing a schematic can help confirm and clarify the respective roles and responsibilities. • Are you protected from contractor failures? Be sure to have a signed written contract in place before any work commences. The contract should have appropriate risk transfer provisions such as hold harmless, indemnity and insurance requirements. You should also obtain certificates of insurance from contractors, and require that contractors name you as an additional insured on their general liability and commercial auto insurance policies. • Are your contractors meeting your expectations? You have a reasonable expectation that if a contract is in place, your contractors will fulfill their obligations. Your agreement with your contractors should include provision requiring that a snow log/ sidewalk log be kept by them and their subcontractors, if any. For more information, please read our Snow Removal Best Practices Guide and be sure to look through the rest of our loss control toolbox to identify other steps you can take to protect yourself. Acadia Insurance: Peace of Mind for Finance and Real Estate Companies Whether you run a local bank or own a realty company, you have a lot on your plate. Worrying about your insurance should not be one of them. Acadia Insurance can offer a comprehensive insurance program to help protect your business in the event of a covered loss. We work with a variety of businesses like yours to deliver a complete line of insurance products tailored to the unique needs of your industry. Spring is Right around the Corner: Know What to Do after the Thaw While we may still have two months of cold weather and a fair amount of freezing and thawing cycles ahead, spring will come. Learn some of the key steps to prepare your business for spring and summer in our article, After the Thaw, 6 Tips for Commercial Property Maintenance. Get to know more about our services for banks, real estate businesses and other commercial building owners by contacting your local Acadia insurance agent. . Acadia is pleased to share this material for the benefit of its customers. Please note, however, that nothing herein should be construed as either legal advice or the provision of professional consulting services. This material is for informational purposes only, and while reasonable care has been utilized in compiling this information, no warranty or representation is made as to accuracy or completeness.
How Can India Get Back the POK and Aksai Chin Region?
Yes, certainly both !!! but why only PoK & Aksai Chin will fall itself & come under India's domain by it's own people - but so also Gilgit, Baltistan, Baluchistan & Sindh will try to come & seek India's domain & union type of Federal Rule, on it's own !!!There is no need for India's Aggression & forceful takeover of neighboring provinces, as these Citizens are fed up with current style of ruling & highly exploitative nature of Governance, without any benefit going to these provinces & to its Citizens !!!There will be revolt in these 4 - 5 neighboring provinces & will pose serious attraction from the outside World like, UN, USSR, USA & other European Union Confederation on atrocities & terrorism bestowed upon them by Current Ruling Regime & from past regimes since Independence period of respective provinces !!!• Suggested ReadingWhy are people against Jehovah Witnesses?I am not opposed to any religion although i may appear to be critical of some faiths this is due to the fact that they have for years been scathing themselves of other faiths due to the freedom of speech act, any one can pretty much say anything provided it does not promote hate or violence. 1st main reason would be cause people dont like having someone preach at their door. 2nd would be that they already have their own faith and dont want to change. 3 rd sometimes if they talk to the church pastor he will advise them not to talk with the witnesses. 4th cause people view religion in general as very hypocritical they dont want anything to do with any religion------Why is it so hard for people to believe that God really exists?Good question! I always wondered myself! But the proof of Gods existence has been here all along! The universe itself is the proof; it exists & we exist inside it. God is its creator. A creation cant exist without a creator. But who or what created God? According to the Holy Bible, God created Himself! (That truth doesnt seem to make sense, but paradoxes are like that. Anyway, God can do anything because Hes omnipotent!)Also, God is usually unseen. Invisible things that dont interact with others are difficult to distinguish from things that dont exist. However, being omnipotent, God can change His appearance; that means that maybe we sometimes see Him but cant recognize Him because He appears as we dont expect Him to appear!.------Is it possible that I might never catch SARS-CoV-2? How possible? What are the odds?Right now, there are 2 million cases in the US, out of 328 million people, so in a very rough (and maybe meaningless) estimate, there is about an 0.06% (6 cases per 1000 people) of catching the virus. It is likely much higher if you do not mitigate (6 feet), live in a densely populated area, live with many people that go to different areas during the day, and so on. So there is currently an 0.06% chance of catching the virus, or 99.04% chance you wont - but DO NOT stop mitigating.I, OTOH, live in a 6400 person small town on the central coast of California. (It is bright and sunny today, 70dF, light breeze coming off the ocean What you might call, Paradise. ) We do not know the actual number of cases because the local health department wont reveal the real number if it is 04. (Dont get me started.)------If electricity flows positive to negative, then how can the resistor come before the LEDDiodes require a current limiting resistor in series with it. Usually a light emitting diode (LED) sits adjacent to the resistor, and is called a series resistor where the two other components in that circuit node are an LED and a voltage source.-V--------series resistor-LED-OR-V--------LED-series resistor-Either of these work. When there is no current limiting resistor on either, the LED will probably light up once then dim, or the semiconductor junction inside has been destroyed.If the circuit has other active components associated with the LED, then the conventional rule is to still place the series resistor adjacent to the LED on the anode, which is either marked () or the anode is the lead which is longer in length of the two legs or leads------Why do many consider Kurt Gu00f6del the greatest logician of the 20th century despite the fact he was a theist?Religion and theism is an extremely personal matter. People often forget how intimate, private such a topic is. For many, it is outside of realm of logic and objectivity. Its just faith as the saying goes.Also let us assume that God is not real. If a person believes the Pope is based in France, it does not necessarily imply that he is wrong about other unrelated topics. Hitler could state that killing Jews is wrong and he would be right. Being a massive hypocrite does not invalidate your points.I am not qualified to comment on his arguments for theism and particularly his ontological argument(s) for God. I suspect you may have a harder time than you expected trying to de-bunk them.Gdel's ontological proof------What rights do the USA, Russia, and other countries have to attack on Syria so blatantly?In reality NONE just the blocks BULLY boys inflicting pain and suffering trying out all the new advanced weapons in their arsenal. I think we have all dealt with bullies during our growing up years so this just takes it to another level. Africa with all its wealth oil, gold and diamonds is just another example of being ruled by bully dictators over the years stripping it of the wealth belonging to the people who live in abject poverty. The UN nobody steps in to help. Mugabe after 37 years of robbing raping and murder gets to ride of into the sunset with immunity. It truly is a sad state of affairs around the globe. At 79 years of age I am glad its close to check out time.------What role, if any, did the EU play in Britain's decision to leave the EU?Toe of the boot.UK is much better off in the very much richer EU. She would have benefited a great deal in the long run, but she was too insular and too stubborn to drop the in favor of the . She can't have it both ways, otherwise she's conning the EU. England must drop some of those English ways.Also there is the money laundering problem. The Cayman Islands is an autonomous British Overseas Territory. As a tax haven, it doesn't fit into the international fair trade paradigm, 181st in the world in export value, 92% of GDP in services. Switzerland, the world's actual financial center, ranks 17th in the world in export trade value.Once a pirate always a pirate, I guess. This stubbornness of theirs will be their undoing.------As a Christian, how do you feel about yourself when you successfully convert another person to Christianity?Like many others who have already answered, I have not converted anyone of my own ability or design.I merely give testimony of how God has solidified my faith through personal experiences throughout my life. I put down the Words that God leads me to put down. I do my very best to relate to unbelievers what God has told me to relate. And let The Holy Spirit of God do the rest.God is the only one who can show someone that He IS. God Commands and man chooses whether or not to obey. God gives evidence(on a personal and subjective level) and man interprets that evidence to his/her own benefit or detriment.Only God can quicken the spirit with discernment, understanding, and Faith. And then, only if the person has Love, Forgiveness, and Mercy in his/her heart.All Glory goes to God Almighty------Who ultimately caused the death of Romeo and Juliet?Friar Laurence was fully responsible. First, he married two young teenagers who barely knew each other, from feuding families, with no consideration whether their families might have an opinion about it. Then he gave Juliet a poison that made her appear dead and put her family through that nightmare. And then he didnt stay with Juliet to make sure she was okay. He relied on an undelivered letter and went back to tending his plants as if he had no further responsibility. If hed been watching over Juliet, as he should have done, he could have told Romeo when he showed up that he could wait a few minutes and shed wake up. How Romeo and Juliet could have dealt with their families after that, I cant imagine. But the Friar is guilty, for sure.------Why weren't Hong Kong & Macau given back to the Republic of China instead of People's Republic of China? ROC still exists today!Because the PRC threatened to invade when Margaret Thatcher met with them to discuss renewal of the lease. It is not clear that PRC knew the terms of the lease or the expiry date (or whether the lease needed renewal as it was in perpetuity) but the UK approached them about it. PRC were not prepared to discuss renewal and so issued an ultimatum, either hand HK over or they would invade. Handing over HK was completed but those wishing to leave born before 1997 could apply for a UK passport and leave.The PRC have so far broken the terms of the agreement and have continually undermined HK autonomy. I believe the above are factual, unlike much of the PRC china propaganda posted by their paid government snoops.------Why did early hominids stop climbing trees?It wasn't so much that hominids stopped climbing trees as it is that they committed to habitual bipedalism. The changes in anatomy associated with being habitual bipeds simply made climbing trees much harder than it was for our nearest relatives.Have you ever seen a chimpanzee climb a tree?They quite literally walk up the trunk. This style of climbing is greatly facilitated by having a divergent big toe to help wrap around and grasp the trunk. Further, having a lot of mobility in the ankle is beneficial. Having relatively short legs compared to arms helps.Humans can climb like this too, but it is far more awkward.The traits that make us good bipeds make us lousy arborealists: we have a big toe in line with the rest of our toes, we have much less ankle rotation, and our legs are exceptionally long compared to other apes------How long did your 'dark night of the soul' last?About 6 years.Constantly.It was brutal at times but letting go has been a grief process after grief process. There was no choice. I couldnt do any formal meditation practice.All I could do was watch the feelings and make sense of what was coming out.I have no regrets. The peace and stillness is lovely. And the insights I gained now help me to empathise with others in new areas of life and to share the methods I created to get me through it.Ultimately its all appearance but I find there is a natural flow to it.Im writing a book about how meditation methods can be adapted to help with recovery from abuse. Quora is proving useful in prompting content.Thank you for posting the question------What was/were the reason/s behind the decline of the Indus Valley civilization?Shortly after 2000 BC when an era of drought pretty much brought an end of this culture. The Sub-Boreal climatic era began in the BlyttSernander sequence of Holocene climates. The climate was generally dryer and slightly cooler (by about 0.1 C) than the preceding climate, but still warmer than today. In the Indus valley at the city of Harappa, Indo-Aryan people had began cultivation by irrigation.The Late Harappan civilization shifted from the Indus basin about 19001300 BC to the Ganges River basin. These were Indo-Aryan people known during the "classic" Vedic period. This archaeological culture is called the "Cemetery H culture" which was a Bronze Age culture in the Punjab region. It spanned from Pakistan and northern half of India and gave rise to the Vedic Civilization and the decline of the Indus Valley Civilization.
Tree for Database Objects and Other Elements
But I have a concern related to the positioning of non-database elements in the tree (Diagrams, Documentation, Code) since versioning for them makes no sense.When you change anything in a database, the diagram also changes. Even if it's a tiny little bit switching type on a column from INT to BIGINT. And since the diagram changes, the documentation should also be changed accordingly. Otherwise the documentation does not belong within the database and could be published somewhere else (web, DVD, printed manual, Google Docs,...). Code, as in my interpertation procedures, functions and triggers also changes when you make database changes, thus Code should also be under version control - in your screenshot. It puzzles me that you feel a need to have every version visible, and presumably also idle, like the way you describe your design. I have never seen this kind of previous version representation apart from the version control tool itself (read Subversion). I think you need to step back and rethink the idea of previous versioning, and make use of available and free versioning tools instead of current suggestion. Always ask yourself what problem you are trying to solve— — — — — —Could be there other elements outside of the periodic table we don't know about?I 'm not sure what you are getting at with this question? Most of the elements in the periodic table, up to atomic mass number 92, occur naturally. The rest of the elements were either created in particle accelerators and nuclear reactors, or resulted from beta decay of radioactive uranium isotopes.Since there are not any gaps in the table between 1 and 92, I conclude that we have discovered all the naturally occurring elements. That does not mean that more elements wo not be created in the future, but they are likely to decay before we can measure most of their physical properties— — — — — —Where to find gold and other elements inside of a computer?Inside CPU chips there are a few short microscopically thin gold wires. There is barely any measurable amount of gold in the average PC, and it is an environmental nightmare to extract it. There are typically no other precious metals present. The circuit boards and the wiring contain a certain amount of copper, but the cladding and the insulation is some chemically nasty stuff. I do not mean to discourage you, but I do not want you to get your hopes up. Grandpa— — — — — —Potassium forms compounds with what other elements? What does that mean?It means name the elements with Potassium reacts to form a new compound eg. 2K Cl2...>2KCl— — — — — —In ATLA, Monk Gyatso tells Aang that he shouldn't know he was the avatar until he was 16, however the other elements manifest in Korra at a much younger age, around 5-6, without training. How did it not manifest in Aang?I dont think its a case of "manifest" I think an avatar can bend all elements straight away with proper instruction.The air nomads knew the next avatar would be born to the air nomads so test all new borns to see who will be the next avatar but werent to reveal it until they were 16.During Korra's time everyone knew the next avatar would be from the water tribes so the white lotus was set with finding them. Also given how Aang was a celebrity in this new globalised world people wanted their child to be the next avatar so instead of parents waiting for the traditional testing I am guessing parents had their children or the child themselves wanted to be the avatar would attempt to bend the elements having seen different bending forms. Dont forget many people were claiming to the white lotus that their child was the avatar before Korra was found— — — — — —How do those carnivorous animals (tigers, wolves, lions etc) live healthy if they donu2019t eat any vitamins or other elements which are found only in vegetables and fruits?They actually get it from the food they eat. Now granted, carnivores do not have the stomach system to break down plants but herbivores do. And when a carnivore eats an herbivore, they are also ingesting the digested plant material already broken down enough to pass into the carnivore's system by eating the digestive tract (of course they wo not eat the escriments). Other organs contain more than just proteins. The heart also has several B vitamins, zinc, and phosphorus, liver has a concentrated source of vitamin A as well as iron and Coenzyme Q10, and kidneys have a lot of B12. That's why carnivores exist, they do not just control the population of herbivores, they can get all the nutrition they need from eating their prey bursting not just the muscle but all the organs as well to meet their daily needs.
Why Do Some People Seem so Intent on Fixing Climate Change even Though We Don't Really Have Any Idea
That is the right question to ask. The science has been unsettled with weather prediction for quite some time. EG forever1. Does it seem like white liberals are intent on pushing us into a race war?Yes. They are raging purple that too few of their progressive and socialist (they are not liberals, see below) policies are adopted and the ones that are too often fail to have the results they dream. They are exploiting black people -- like their "carpetbagger" predecessors exploited ex-slaves -- to force in their fairy tale dream programs. Today in the US most progressives and some socialists fraudulently call themselves "liberal." Below are accurate definitions. True liberalism advocates: individual freedom, weak government, and free markets. Progressives advocate: social concern, omniscient government, and controlled markets. Socialism advocates: social responsibility, omnipresent government, and collective markets. Conservatism advocates: moral responsibility, strong government, and protected markets ("neo-cons" with international businesses have adopted freer market policies).2. What to say in 30 day written notice of intent to vacate?This Site Might Help You. RE: What to say in 30 day written notice of intent to vacate? I am giving my landlord my 30 day notice today, in writing, but I am not going to drop my rent check off until Saturday. How would I explain this in the note? The reason being is because payday falls on Friday and he gives us until the 5th at the latest. thanks.3. Do those with NPD usually assume other peopleu2019s intent?Hmmm..... Let me put on my spy glass and go ask him. BRB!ok, I am back! I asked him the question word for word but without using NPD- I asked: "Do you usually assume other people's intent?" He gave me a side look, (he was probably wondering why I was talking to him cuz I usually do not and....we hate each other but anyway) He had to consult his 2 selves (does not help he's a Gemini, so he has FOUR selves to wrestle with!!) then he asked:"What does that mean?" Sigh. I re-phrased the question down to a 4 year olds comprehension level and SLOWLY asked: "Do. You. Think. About. What. Other. People. Are. Going. To. Do?? I am writing a book and I need your opinion."(my b*llsh*t manipulation tactic)He quickly answered a: "No. " - There's your answer! Straight from the Narcs mouth.They have no insight to people's intentions. They do not even know their own intentions. They are 2 year olds that reach up to a glossy blue glass lamp, pull on the cord and it comes crashing down on them. They start crying - saying "the sky is falling! The sky is falling!" They did not learn a thing. Tomorrow, They repeat the same F up again. Will the Lord please take away their repeat button and....f it. Just take all their buttons away!4. I'm Christian and drew a sigil/charm/amulet. Although I did it with Christian intent, should I get rid of it?It's not magic it's like any prayer amulet. It's a prayer or hope for those things. Not witchcraft5. Was it Mrs. Weasley's intent to publicly shame the whole Weasley family by sending Ron a howler?The Weasley family was probably already publicly shamed. There was an article in The Prophet describing the flying car incident and with the subsequent investigation on Arthur Weasley for inadequate usage of magic on Muggle artifacts, which we can assume was also published, since breaking the International Statute of Secrecy is no small issue.The Prophet article:But a moment later, he understood, as Snape unrolled today's issue of the Evening Prophet. 'You were seen,' he hissed, showing them the headline: FLYING FORD ANGLIA MYSTIFIES MUGGLES.Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Chapter Five: The Whomping WillowAnd the howler sent by Mrs. Weasley:... ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED, YOUR FATHER'S FACING AN INQUIRY AT WORK, IT'S ENTIRELY YOUR FAULT AND IF YOU PUT ANOTHER TOE OUT OF LINE WE'LL BRING YOU STRAIGHT BACK HOME.Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Chapter Six: Gilderoy LockartAnd as other have said, Ginny being sorted into Gryffindor is not something private. The whole school already knows that, since everyone attends the Sorting Ceremony.6. Why does the Toronto media seem so intent on wanting the NHL to fail?I am glad you brought this up. I was not aware since I do not go to the Toronto G&M site often enough. But the points you bring up can explain why so many "un-Regulars" post questions that exude the same attitude about the same subjects. To answer your question, I think it is a simple matter of justifying their existence. In a way similar to those tabloid television shows that stalk celebrities for all the salacious stories to air on television while ignoring important things that are going on in Tinseltown (as if anything important does go on there). These subjects about the fate of teams and the league are the "sexy" things that sell to a willing market. Of course, it is not like the Maple Leafs provide them with anything to get excited about. (To all Maple Leaf fans, they are my favorite Canadian team and I would love to see them win a Cup or two - not to mention the Flyers too - before it's time for me to play for the great hockey league in the sky. I ai not bashing them.) LITY - I, for one, would love to see the Montreal Maroons get revived.
Can Solar Sun Rings Or Discs Be Used to Heat a Swimming Pool in Winter?
The best way to heat a pool for free in winter is to paint the pool walls and bottom Mat Black. XX1. Help with Swimming pool 20 by 40?Is this an inground pool. If it is your only concern would be how much pressure from the surrounding ground is there on the walls of the pool. Water would help hold the walls in place from the outside forces on these walls. If it has been empty for a while and there has not been any movement on the walls, you should be ok. If there has been movement, you should build braces and brace the walls until you can get a liner and fill the pool up. Chances are you are fine but without knowing the topography of your yard or what kind of ground,( sandy, clay, loose soil, etc.) it is hard to say for sure. If the pool company put in concrete all the way around the pool your walls are probably stable enough to just cover it and put the liner in next year and fill it up with water then.2. Swimming Pool Money Saving Tips and TricksMoney Saving Tips and Tricks for Your Swimming Pool Everyone wants to save money when it comes to maintaining and enjoying a backyard swimming pool. You may be wondering what some of the tricks are that would allow you to save money, while enjoying the fun of family and friends around the pool. Pool Troopers wants to share some tips for saving dollars when it comes to being pool-savvy. Operating your pool efficiently can save dollars in the energy costs of your pool while not diminishing its enjoyment. Although the cost of maintaining your swimming pool may depend on its size, its design and whether you have added a waterfall or other features, operating costs can vary. Cost-efficient actions can reduce your monthly energy and maintenance bills. 1. Keep your water in the pool According to HFS Financial, splashing, leakage and evaporation cause a water loss from your swimming pool. The more water that escapes your pool, the costlier it becomes. Some tricks for keeping water in the pool include: Repair leaks as soon as spotted Shut down fountains and waterfalls when not necessary to save on water loss through aeration Pool leaks are costly, according to Rain Harvest, an inch-a-day leak in a 15-by-30-foot pool can waste approximately 102,000 gallons per year. Evaporation in warm windy and dry climates can easily lead to a quarter inch or more loss per day. When you fill the pool, remember to keep an eye on the water level and to shut off the water when full. 2. Use a cover if you heat your pool Conserving heat within the pool will save you dollars, and a pool cover is the answer if you are already spending dollars to heat your pool. A solar pool cover, or a liquid solar cover will keep the heat in and may actually help trap heat during the day time. The temperature can be raised during the day by the heater and then turned off. The pool cover will make the heat within the pool last longer, therefore saving on heating costs. Liquid Solar Covers will also save money, and you will not have to remove the cover every time you use the pool. The water is treated with a proprietary isopropyl alcohol blend, which stays on the surface. It retains heat 30% as well as a traditional solar cover and is presumed healthy for adults, children and pets. 3. Invest in an energy-efficient pump By investing in a variable speed pump, you will be saving money in the long run. Conventional pumps run at only one speed, so you will be saving on energy costs with a new energy-efficient pump, which might cost in the vicinity of $1,000 but will more than pay for itself in energy savings within the first two years. Many states have rebates for installing energy-efficient designs. 4. Turn down the temperature Be aware that costs increase as the degree of the temperature rise is increased. With that being said, consider keeping your pool's temperature at a cool, but comfortable setting and remember to turn the heat down when no one is using the pool. 5. Stay on top of maintenance Pool maintenance is important when it comes to saving money. By not maintaining a swimming pool properly, you could end up with a costlier problem of algae. The right chemical balance and timely maintenance are actually money saving tips that are some of the most important when it comes your swimming pool. Pool Troopers has some suggestions and ideas when it comes to maintaining your swim environment. 6. Be aware of what surrounds your pool When it comes to saving some more dollars, the surroundings of your pool matters. Trees that shade the water keep added heat out, if you are looking to have a warmer pool environment. Building a wall can save on dollars when it blocks the wind from causing water loss through evaporation and cooler temperatures of the water. These tips and tricks from Pool Troopers can help save energy costs while keeping your swimming pool clean and comfortable. Cutting corners will affect costs in the long run, so be sure that quality is not affected while trying to save some extra dollars. Pool Troopers can provide quality maintenance to help keep your pool running efficiently. Our three levels of chemical service include a choice of Conventional, Freedom or Freedom Enhanced. We also provide a choice of cleaning services to meet your budget and needs. Water testing and monitoring is part of our service, preventing problems before they become more costly. Weekly or every other week cleaning assures you of a pool that is free of debris, especially at certain times of the year. When it comes to energy-efficient pumps, Pool Troopers sells and installs the best brands. Saving dollars while enjoying your clean and comfortable pool with family and friends is an important part of having a backyard pool. Call Pool Troopers to schedule maintenance or find out ways to cut costs and save more in the long run with an energy-efficient designed heat pump or motor.3. my ipod touch just fell into a dirty swimming pool?I am sorry, but no. My brothers iPod fell in the toilet (I do not know how) and he put it in a bull of rice, but it did not work. If your iPod does work after you do that, you are very lucky
What Type of Nike Basketball Shoes Are These?
get the new lebrons.. $1401. Why are you selling them? Do you really need money that much?2. Adidas or Nike basketball shoes?Get Nike they might be a little more expencive but they are worth is3. Where to buy 90's Nike basketball shoes?Try Eastbay.com4. The 10 Best Nike Basketball Shoes - GrailifyHardly any other sport has inspired as many sneakers as basketball. Perhaps we have a legend to thank for this great success? You all probably already know what we are getting at. The big hype with basketball shoes really started with Michael Jordan. Twenty years ago, he made an incredible deal with Nike that still gives him a multiple of his salary today. We have selected the best Nike basketball and street-ready shoes for you, which are all still very popular and available. Let's go! Nike Air Jordans were simply THE basketball shoes back then. Sure, many sporting goods manufacturers had already developed hoops-ready sneakers that were made exclusively for the court. But after the great success with Nike's basketball shoes, the basketball market was then revamped. Nike's basketball shoe line does not only include Air Jordans nowadays. Other legends like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Paul George, or Kevin Durant have their own signature sneakers at Nike. Beaverton offers every basketball player the opportunity to identify with their star by launching several basketball shoes at once. In recent months, the Nike Zoom Freak 2 basketball shoes by Giannis Antetokounmpo have been gaining popularity. One of Giannis' best colourways was the Nike Zoom Freak 1 "Coming to America". The model was inspired by the favourite movie of the basketball player. Other basketball sneakers that have recently made their mark on the court are the sneakers from LeBron James. The new basketball shoes from Nike not only shine on the court but can also be seen on the streets. The success of LeBron James' basketball shoes increased as King James reached his new milestone and passed MJ on the list of eternal scorers. LeBron's latest basketball sneaker is the Nike LeBron 18, a shoe with several features that will help basketball players score, plus it has a sick design that will please all sneakerheads. The 10 Best Hoodies The 10 Best Cargos The 10 Best Flannels The 10 Best Sweatpants The 10 Best Longsleeves The 10 Best Sweatshirts The 10 Best Gilets The 10 Best Jackets The 10 Best T-Shirts The 10 Best Oversize Hoodies The 10 Best Air Force 1s The 10 Best AJ1s For Under 400 The 10 Best Shorts The 10 Best Nike Dunks Under 3005. Shoe Buying Help for Nike Basketball Shoes?hyperfuses or hyperdunks. Hyperfuses feel so good and I feel the breeze on my feet during a fastbreak. Hyperdunks are just like Kobes but high top. You decide.6. Adidas or nike basketball shoes?Just look at Nike: They got KD's , Lebron's , Kobe's and many others such as Hyperdunks While Adidas on has adizero's . adihoward's and Drose shoes . Nike is way better7. What is the performance difference between these nike basketball shoes?the nike zoom flight club is a great shoe for PG's i recommend it It has great ankle support, Grip and is really comfy8. Some cool Nike basketball shoes?Uh idk what hyperdunks run in but those are nice9. nike basketball shoes hyperdunks or sharkley?hyperdunks werent sued pistons mentioned hyperize became into undesirable yet they didnt sue every person i like hyperdunks extra advantageous than kobes yet kevin durant shoes are extra advantageous jordans sixteen.5 is extra advantageous too10. What kind of Nike Basketball Shoes should i get?Do Not get Jordans, there just for looks. I would go with Lebrons or shox11. Which Nike basketball shoes does Tony Parker wear?I believe it's the "I just stepped in dog doo" design12. Nike Basketball Shoes Squeaking, help!?same problem send them back if its not too late i waited and the squeak never went away the sit in my closet now13. are nike basketball shoes good ?I think they are the best and most used in the NBA14. What are the best Nike basketball shoes for flat footed people?Nike hyperdunk 2011 or hyperfuse 2011
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