The 20X4foot Pool Walmart Metal Frame Pool, the Filter Has 2 Holes and Water Splashes Out, How Do I

From the picture on looks like your filter is attached to the skimmer (the skimmer is the part with the opening into the pool that lets water into the filter) the lid for the skimmer usually has a hole in the middle.your water level should be half way up the skimmer opening.If the water getting out makes a mess just plug up the hole in the skimmer lid it should not harm anything :).

1. I want to have a Bunk Bed Twin/Full Futon Style Black Metal Frame shipped to me from California to Dallas.?

Trucking and freight companies will do this for you, but it will likely cost more to do this than the price of the bed. Unless the bed is of sentimental value or is worth more than $1500, you are probably better off finding something here locally

2. Where can I buy old baby grand piano metal frame?

The best place to find piano parts is at a local piano technician's shop or at a piano store. We dispose of hundreds of defunct pianos every year - most of them with perfect metal frames (called "plates"). The wood wears out long before the cast iron does. These plates are around 400-500lbs, so make sure you have help, but you can probably get one of these pretty cheaply. Good luck!

3. I recently got an AC motor from a garage door opener. When I touched the metal frame of the motor itself, the fuse popped. Is it normal for AC motors to have voltage going through the casing of the motor itself?

No, the metal motor casing should be grounded through the ground pin of the power plug. Some appliances have all the internal metal pieces ungrounded, but then the internal pieces must be double insulated so you won't accidentally touch any ungrounded metal. It's unlikely that the garage door motor is double insulated, though, since you won't normally be expected to be touching it, so the motor case would probably be grounded through the ground wire and ground pin of the three pin power plug. Perhaps when you took the motor out, you used a two pin power plug without a ground connection, or you used a three pin power plug, but didn't connect the ground wire to the motor case. And perhaps you plugged the motor into a circuit that has a GFI (ground fault interrupter). Outlets in modern houses that can be close to water, like garages, kitchens, and bathrooms, have a GFI. The GFI is very sensitive, and can turn off the power in the circuit if there is even a small amount of current flowing through your body in the earth. So when you said the fuse popped, it might have actually been the GFI protector turning off the power. At any rate, you probably shouldn't use that motor, it is a shock and fire hazard. I recently got an AC motor from a garage door opener. When I touched the metal frame of the motor itself, the fuse popped. Is it normal for AC motors to have voltage going through the casing of the motor itself?.

4. how much chlorine does a 15ft by 4ft metal frame pool needs?

go to a pool store and get a booklet on pool regulations and instructions, also ask the people there

5. Ever put a queen mattress on a metal frame without the boxspring?

Funny you should ask this... just tonight I put a new matress on a vintage wrought iron bed in my daughter's room! The box spring makes the matress too tall for the frame, as it was originally intended for a thinner ticking matress. I just measured the frame's width, cut a number of 3/4" x 6" wide boards to span the frame. I cut about 8 boards, layed them accros the frame (they fit in the angle iron that would have cupped up around the bottom of a box spring) then simply put the matress on that. Make sure you use a good stiff pine or similar board. Some plywoods would be ok, but stay away from mdf (medium density fiber board) as it can sag.

6. can i paint my metal frame futon?

I recently did just that! I had a black futon and changed it to white. I went to the hardware store and this is what they told me...and it worked great! 1.) sand the futon down with a fine sandpaper...not down to the bare metal just to scuff up. 2.) spray it with metal primer paint. They do have it in a spray can just like the paint. 3.) paint the futon the color of choice after the primer dries completely. I waited 24 hours between each coat... 4.) after the paint dries, put on a clear coat finish...also available in a spray can. This will help with preventing the paint scratching off if bumped or something. It took me a weekend to do mine. I sanded the futon, then washed it with just a little sudsy water,to get the gritty stuff off, let it dry...then primered it. The next day I painted it white. And the 3rd day (Sunday) I sprayed on the clear coat finish. By Monday it was all pretty and shiney and ready to go! Good Luck..and enjoy!

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