Term Paper on the History of Prosthetic Limbs in the United States?

O.ok. - this is a theory for you. you will agree that your u . s . a ., united statesa., is a sophisticated business u . s . a . and between the international Leaders in hi-Tech and business production. So whilst and how did this take place..? there grow to be a time whilst united statesa. grow to be only approximately completely a farming and settlement u . s . a . . What began the business Revolution. .? the place did it take place. .? What grow to be it. .? Coal. .? Textiles. .? steel Works. .? What. .? (interior the united kingdom, the middle of the business Revolution grow to be wool and cotton or, in short, weaving, which made it the richest u . s . a . interior the international interior the previous due 18th century.) in case you could not do a 12 web site paper on some thing like that, I supply up.

1. If you were writing a paper on the history of England, would Harry Potter books be a good research tool?

of course it mentions REAL ARCHEOLOGICALLY CONFIRMED TO EXIST PLACES like kings cross station and the fabled city of london! it must be correct

2. Need a topic for a paper on the history of the American Southwest. Any Ideas?

You bet. How about the Long Walk the Navajo people were subjected to...? Kit Carson came in and killed all the sheep of this peaceful, unthreatening nation, then forced them to walk - the entire tribe - to Fort Sumner in New Mexico. They survived the tragedy and are the most numerous Indian nation in the U. S. today. They also were responsible for the "code within a code" - the Code Talkers of WW2. The codes were never broken by the Japanese, and the Navajo people were instrumental in our nation's successes in the Pacific

3. have to do a research paper in history must be 600 words. details are below.?

you ought to write approximately Jim Crow regulations, the civil rights stream of the Nineteen Sixties, the ladies folk's rights stream. there have been 3 super assassinations in the Nineteen Sixties you ought to write approximately: JFK, RFK and MLK. in case you like a narrower topic, one element on the subject of the ladies folk's rights stream became into the tennis adventure between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs in the early Seventies. you ought to write with regard to the Vietnam conflict or merely the Tet Offensive in 1968. you ought to write with regard to the three hundred and sixty 5 days 1968, an rather tumultuous 3 hundred and sixty 5 days wherein many huge issues befell in the information. you ought to write approximately Watergate and Nixon's presidency and resignation. you ought to write approximately 9/11 or George W. Bush's selection to invade Iraq

4. Did you know that a Marriage certificate was an ownership paper in history?

I always thought "Mrs." was the possessive of "Mr."

5. Help with George Orwell's 1984..research paper for History 206??

Orwell fought in the Spanish Civil War on the side of the Republicans. He was very anti-Fascist. He was a communist, but his wife was nearly killed by one faction of communists, and Orwell became rabidly anti-Stalinist. During WW II, he worked for the BBC and essentially was a propagandist for the British side. Your own essay should center on these twin backgrounds: the Spanish Civil War and his BBC years. For your book you want to read some biographical info. I just read the Wikipedia article, and years ago I recall reading a summary in, I think, one of those anthologies containing selections from many of his works. I would read more than the novels if I were you, since your topic requires you to know something about his life. Animal Farm obviously draws from Russia. The revolution (book and Russia) starts out ideal enough, with nice feel-good principles, but the personalities who now have a dictatorship with unlimited powers, get carried away. 1948 is basically "what happens next." It's really an extension of AF. In this period of history--between the wars--you have several examples of unchecked power. Russia, Germany, Japan. It probably was not hard for Orwell to imagine his 1984 hero trying to exist in such a world as an outsider. In his 6 vol series on WWII, Churchill somewhere makes a reference to the fact that the Russians, Germans, and Japanese had divided the world in 3 spheres of influence; and this is not unlike what Orwell has done in 1984, altho if memory serves he only divides the world into two hostile spheres. And understand that one reason Hitler was so successful was he controlled the media, which in those days was really newspapers and radio. With the internet and tv today, it's hard to realize (look at how difficult it is for the Chinese to manage the news about Tibet) how a dictator could control what people believed. In 1984, the government writes and rewrites truth--exactly what Hitler was doing. So limited were the media--the word MEDIA either had not been invented or was never used. MEDIA is a modern word.

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