Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas? Please Help!?

in my opinion the yellow wall may look a little odd..but you could always accent with yellow things for instance yellow curtains yellow vases, yellow boxes, yellow picture frames. i think that accenting with all the colors and the bedspread with yellow will be okay,. if you do not like the yellow wall you cant really change it

1. Bedroom ideas? Moving rooms!?

Brown is not a girly color. Actually it's quite urban and hip. You can save lots of money by building your own headboard with plywood, batting, great fabric and even some tacks to make it tufted and hang it on the wall behind your bed. Make it as large as you would like. A chocolate brown fabic would be great. With so much brown and black I would opt for taupe colors on the walls. Browns and blacks are considered neutrals so I would opt for pops of color in your artwork, rugs, and accessories. I would look at muted reds, pale yellows or soft greens. Find the artwork that you like and take your cue for accessory colors from them. Do not get too crazy. Less is more. Bathrooms should be spa like. If your bath is connected to your room, you can go a couple of ways. Paint the walls the same color as your bedroom. Choose either chocolate towels and rugs or go creamy ivory. Again introduce some pops of color in your artwork but keep the room clean and clutter free. And no brass fixtures or knobs. Change them out for chrome or platinum. Closets are easy if you can do a California Closet type fix. If you can not , buy good hangers, not wire. Organize clothes by color and take advantage of shelving space with plastic bins with drawers for extra clothing storage. Inexpensive hanging plastic pant racks are a great space saver. Stackable wooden shoe racks are great as are hanging shoe bags

2. (:!!!!!!!i need teenage bedroom ideas!!!!!!!:)?

My only advice is that if your walls are brightly colored, keep everything else simple. If you love music, maybe you could get a shelving unit (you can get them for about $30 at wal-mart) and dedicate it just to your favorite music

3. Small bedroom ideas teen girl?

Matching color. Paint the furniture one color, accessorize in that color or a contrasting coordinating color. Seafoam green is a color that has been scientifically proven to lower blood pressure. So how about seafoam green, which has blue mixed in w/ it and lavander? Mismatched color schemes might be contributing to the illusion of clutter. I would also paint the trim-the lintel of the door, baseboard, any moulding, closet trim, but that's just me. Hope I helped

4. Any cute teen bedroom ideas?

i would embrace the pink and add several different shades to give the room a little more depth. (some lighter, some darker.) adding white will brighten the room, but might make it look more juvenile. you will want to ground the room with a darker neutral color. black is common and easy to find accessories for, but also makes the room very modern. if you are into that, go for it. if you prefer something less stark, go for warm chocolate browns or deep grays, and adding some natural elements is always a good idea. (a few plants, some flowers, some natural wood. ) but mostly, have fun! if you like it, put it in your room. and if you have a homegoods near you, definitely go there! best store ever for finding accessories of any style you can imagine

5. any cool bedroom ideas?

Look at home decorating magazines,or watch HGTV

6. Zebra bedroom ideas?? Best Idea 10 points!!!!Hurry!!!?

I bought my zebra print shower curtain and zebra print window curtains from Anna's Linen. They are super cute. Wal-Mart has some new bedding and room decorations out for teens since you are also looking for neon.

7. victoria secret PINK bedroom ideas?:)?

Half-naked girls everywhere?

8. im moving and i need bedroom ideas ANY HELP?

Something I commonly see that is different is to buy a large stand-up mirror with any style frame or border you like (blue, black , or purple in your case ;) and just lean it against the wall perhaps fastening it with nails at the top to prevent it from sliding. This will be very effective in a large room as they should be large mirrors. Some really nice bedroom ideas can be found using my link (Heredity Homes) then once you are at the site go to gallery, then click on bedrooms on the right. Very nice finishing work and furniture. Hopefully this helps. Good luck!.

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