Subwoofer Led Lighting Help Please?

floor Black cord (-) cord and crimson () cord run to fuse container.. superb factor is to connect it with headlights so in ordinary terms at nighttime while u use ur headlights u use them.. no element in day time.. P.S. Duals Suck

1. How to Create the Perfect Restaurant Patio

For restaurants that have a subpar outdoor dining area or do not have one at all, it can be an instant loss of customers or even a poor Yelp review. That's why restaurateurs are getting creative with designing and choosing their restaurant's outdoor seating options. Whether you have a backyard patio or a strip of sidewalk, you can turn your outdoor space into a source of income for your business. Offering outdoor seating opens up new avenues of revenue and opportunity for a restaurant. If you are looking to create a perfect restaurant patio, here are some tips on how to get started. Every state and municipality has different laws on what restaurants can serve, how they can serve it, when they can serve it, and where they can serve it. Some local laws prohibit outdoor bars while others require partitions or caf barriers around sidewalk seating. Educating yourself on local laws and obtaining permits sounds about as appetizing as a spam and prune salad, but it's a crucial part of the process. Punishments violating local laws and not having proper permits can range from a citation to fines or even closure. Before you start building your outdoor patio, research your local laws and be sure to obtain the proper permits. Your gut reaction may be to cram as many tables and chairs into your restaurant patio as you can. After all, more tables means more customers and more revenue, right? Not necessarily. Before expanding any seating area (indoors or outdoors), make sure your staff and kitchen can handle it. With the added seating, your servers may be putting more steps in on their Fitbits while your kitchen may be struggling to keep up with the lunchtime rush. If necessary, hire more help or expand your kitchen to accommodate the growth. Even if your restaurant staff can comfortably squeeze another twelve tables into their workload, those twelve tables may not fit so comfortably on your patio. Make sure you have ample space between tables and chairs for both servers and guests to maneuver through your restaurant's outdoor seating struggle free. While it may seem like the easy and economical solution, do not reuse your interior table and chairs for your patio. Your restaurant's outdoor dining space needs furniture made of durable materials that can hold up to the wear and tear of the outdoors. Look for furniture that's weatherproof and easy to clean. If space and storage is an issue, opt for stackable chairs. Additionally, make sure your patio furniture jives with your restaurant's dcor and atmosphere. Having appropriate furniture that is well maintained is just as important for operations as it is for your restaurant's image. In other words, if you run a high-end restaurant, you may want to reconsider outfitting your patio with foldable plastic chairs - or at the very least fashion them with stylish covers. Unless you possess some mystical ability to conjure sunlight, you will need lighting for your patio if it stays open after sunset. Tea lights, Chinese lanterns, string lights, fairy lights, tiki torches, candles, etc. are great options for lighting and also help with your patio's ambience. Make sure your customers can easily read your menu options by using illuminated menus and boards with LED lighting. When serving outdoors, you have to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature has in store. From ways to keep bugs away to giving your patio some shade to keeping your diners warm, read our tips and tricks for protecting your restaurant patio area from the elements. Unlike sidewalk seating, outdoor dining areas like patios, decks, and rooftops are not as easily seen by passersby. Grab the attention of prospective diners with attractive signage, lighting, and dcor to highlight your outdoor seating options. Take your awareness campaign to social media, too: post your daily specials and even pictures of your restaurant patio to boost your customer base. Good restaurant patios have these basics and essentials mastered, but great restaurant patios take it a step further. Give your outdoor seating a personal touch to distinguish yourself in the market. Enhance your diners' experience with food and bar specials, live music, yard games, outdoor grill, portable outdoor bar, etc. A restaurant patio that's well planned, unique, and full of character can quickly turn those one-time customers into regulars and boost profitability.

2. What features add the most value to a house?

Square footage and design. Keeping with one style as opposed to having different ones. For example you can not mix contemporary with country.Maintenance upkeep is crucial. You can demand a higher price if you can show a home has been well maintained. Painted regularly and property is clean and orderly. Keeping a maintenance record. Having HVAC systems regularly inspected and So forth.Having or adding alternative energy appliances. LED lighting. Solar hot water and photovoltaic panels. This will be a cost saver and add value to the home. It will also be a selling point.Landscaping . Having a gorgeous front yard that's immaculate will give you curb appeal. Painting your home that compliments landscaping will set it off just right. Having storage. A great basement that's finished or even better a spacious separate storage shed 12'x12' would add a few thousand to a home price.Lastly and I know it's not in your control but have good neighbors. If you live next to someone whom just does not care about the appearance of their property then you will have a hard time selling. For most people it's a deal breaker.

3. Please let me know a little bit about the Benefits of LED lighting?

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New Location, Cause for Hemp & Co.
The space is newer and greener and Hemp & Company has decided to use its new Government Street digs as a launch pad for a new environmental award.The 15-year-old Victoria retailer, which works to expand awareness of organic and eco-friendly clothing, nutrition and bodycare, has launched the Eco-Hero contest in order to shine a light on entrepreneurs, volunteers and community leaders who make a positive mark on the environmental landscape."We wanted to recognize people who are involved in environmental issues and we thought what would be a good way to support them and get the community thinking," said Bill Finley, who runs Hemp & Company with wife Lorna Knowles. The company will be taking nominations until Nov. 23 for individuals and then the community will be able to vote for their favourite between Dec. 1 and Jan. 31. The winner will be announced Feb. 5 and will win an "awardrobe" of Hemp & Company gear."There are not many initiatives likes this, that award eco-heroes," said Jill Doucette, founder of Synergy Enterprises, a firm that works with companies to improve their green practices and worked with Hemp & Company to develop the award idea.Doucette said the contest will mean environmental leaders are profiled in the community and lauded for what they do, whether it be land conservation, developing innovative technology or rallying the community behind a cause."Hemp & Company loved the idea of connecting with environmentalists that share their vision," she said.Finley said that environmental bent is a huge driver behind the store, now open at 1312 Government St., two blocks from the old location at the corner of Government and Fort streets."I'm an environmentalist more than anything else. I've been on the protests and hugged the trees and all that and it's all well and good, but I always felt a little unsettled as it wasn't proactive," he said. "This business came along through my son [Mike Finley] and it felt like a business where you could do something and hopefully make a difference in the world." The new store makes a difference as well. It is smaller than the last locations. It has 1,300 square feet of retail space and includes a number of features that "green" the place up.The work and lease-hold improvements on the space within the newly renovated New England Hotel, an 1865 building, led to the company recording the highest score for a retail business on the Island from the Vancouver Island Green Business Certification program."When I completed the assessment at Hemp & Company, I was truly impressed," said VIGBC program manager Craig Sorochan. "They have integrated sustainability into everything from their light fixtures and flooring to the products on their shelves." Finley said most of the initiatives had been done in the old store as well - a heavy-duty recycling program, no plastic bags and the like. But the new store also includes wood reclaimed from an old aircraft hangar in Comox used for flooring, recycled lighting fixtures, LED lighting and a heat pump for heating and air conditioning."We thought of all the things we could and did whatever we could within the fine budget we had to create a space that was as green as the products we are selling," he said.Doucette said the company has been a "long-standing pioneer of environmental initiatives and products. They have always been on that cutting edge of the next environmental solutions and very supportive of local business."
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New Location, Cause for Hemp & Co.
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