Subscription Sofa? Rental Startup Feather Raises $12 Million to Fight 'fast Furniture'

Today furniture subscription startup


announced their expansion into two new markets, Los Angeles and Orange County California after securing $12 million in funding. The Series A was led by Spark Capital and had participation from Kleiner Perkins, Bain Capital Ventures, Y Combinator, PJC, Fuel Capital and Scott Belsky, among others. Spark Capital has helped fund other startups in the furniture industry including Wayfair, 1stdibs, and Everything But The House.

This brings Feather's total funding to $16 million. The company plans to use this investment to become a leader in reverse logistics as well as increase headcount.

A Greener Business Model

Feather launched in 2017 in the New York City market by three-time startup founder and Y Combinator alum, Jay Reno. Renodeveloped this business model to provide a solution to the problemscaused by the rise of "fast furniture." Much like fast fashion, fast furniture has a trendy look and low cost, but it isn't designed tobe used for the long haul. While some piecesarea great way to stay within a budget, especially for occasionalfurniture like side tables and accent chairs-there is a tendency togo overboard. While cheap clothing isn't generally purchased out of necessity, everyone needs a sofa.

Then factor in the statistic that millennials

move more than twelve times

before purchasing a home. So,home furnishingsare being purchased and disposed of at a higher rate than in previous generations. It's no surprise


9.7 million tons of furniture

end up in landfills every year. Particularly for this demographic,

rental subscriptions

like Featherare a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to furnish a home.

Furniture Rental 2.0

New furniture subscription services, like competitor


aren'tentirely different fromthe older rental models such as


, albeit with farsuperiorbranding and products. Feather is targeting a different market entirely. Furniture rental has traditionallyappealed to two very different demographics-real estate professionals (for staging purposes) and low-income populations. Feather subscribers can buy furniture, but they're choosing to rent instead because it is simply a smarter option for them.

A Millenial Solution

According to Reno, Feather's subscribers are in the stage after graduating from college before they purchase their first home, between the ages of 18-35 with a 50/50 split between men and women. "Their lives are often changing-jobs, relationships, cities, and as a result change apartments every one to two years," he says. "They are drawn to customized, on-demand services that give them access to items without bearing the burden of ownership to make this more transient life possible."

Feather also sets itself apart because their inventory isfrom the stores where their customers would normally be purchasing from.They currently offer 150 different pieces from retailers West Elm and Pottery Barn, who they have exclusive partnerships with as well as other popular brandssuch as Casper, Leesa, and Joybird.

Cost Effectiveness


subscription model has two tiers, members and non-members. Members pay $19 per month for an annual membership "Members get a significantly discounted monthly subscription price on their furniture pieces, which equates to 50% of retail after one year of their membership," explains Reno.

The startup also has a rent to own model built in, allowing subscribers to apply the amount they've already paid towards renting the itemto the cost of purchase. They can also change out theirfurniture for a charge of $99 per trip, with one free change annually for members. Delivery and assembly are also free, which is an added cost that many people forget to add on to the price of owning furniture.

But not all of Feather's subscribers are frequent movers. A portion of their business comes from people who rent out spare rooms in their home or have properties used as

short term rentals

through Home Away, VRBO, Airbnb, etc. Using Feather allows them to furnish these spaces in a more stylish and cost-effective way. However, saysReno "It's important to note that the overwhelming majority of our customers are using our furniture in their primary residence."

Looking Ahead

As for future expansion, the brand is focusing on its new markets for now, but Reno says not to count it out. "We haven't shared any public plans for additional expansion, however, we believe Feather offers a service that city dwellers across the country and world can use to furnish their homes without spending a fortune or hurting the planet in the process."

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Smart Watch: Not All Reality TV Is Trash! These Unscripted Shows Are Actually Useful
The phrases "reality TV" or "unscripted reality" or whatever you want to call television that doesn't have an official writers room, even though much of it is scripted, is often associated with the word "garbage." That's a bit unfair. Unscripted television might not represent the total decline and fall of civilization but, at the very least, much of it provides compelling evidence that we may be collectively tumbling into a depression.That said, summertime's arrival means an inordinate amount of primetime real estate is now dominated by shows like "The Bachelorette" or "Big Brother" or "Love Island" or "Infidelity Boat" or "Phallus Battle" or "Crotch Wars." (Can you even spot the fakes)Then again, to those who would automatically tune out the unscripted genre I have two words: "Tidying Up." Improvement series are part of the unscripted genre too, you know. And after Americans met decluttering expert Marie Kondo via her Netflix hit, thrift stores around the country were flooded with so many hand-me-downs they couldn't handle it.Point being, no genre of entertainment is completely without value. But with so much TV to navigate, finding the gems can be difficult. So here are a few life-improvement series that might prod you to make a few seasonal shifts, including at least one that's gone but not forgotten."Queer Eye," streaming on Netflix. New episodes debut July 19By now you're well aware of how life-changing this series is, right That's old news. In case you haven't heard, Netflix's update of Bravo's "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" expands its mission to include everyone - men, women, nonbinary, you name it. Food and wine expert Antoni Porowski, interior design master Bobby Berk, grooming diva Jonathan Van Ness, fashion maven Tan France and culture cheerleader Karamo Brown drop into a lucky nominee's life and transform the person's surroundings, wardrobe and general mental outlook over the course of about a week. It's the ultimate mood enhancer.Why it has value: What, besides reminding the viewer that humans are basically good, flawed people who need a little dusting off and encouragement It's simple: "Queer Eye" inserts very light, gentle reminders of the little thing we can do to live better.Even acts as simple as putting product into our hair can have meaning and worth. Or of you don't want to get all woo-woo about it, it can teach you how easy it is to properly cook a steak or make an elegant drink. We can all use that knowledge."Flea Market Flip," airs Sundays at 8 p.m., Great American CountryPart creative showcase, part how-to, and part marketing lesson, Lara Spencer's upcycling game show is fascinating and addictive. No wonder this channel marathons the heck out of it on weekends. The gist is that two couples get an hour to find items at a flea market that they can then deconstruct and craft into new pieces that satisfy three thematic categories determined by Spencer and her producers. Examples include an ombre challenge, Hollywood regency, or something nebulous like "drab to fab."Contestants get a day in the show's workshop and assistance from master metalworkers, carpenters and general fixers to transform their pieces, with the goal of selling them on at one of New York City's finer flea markets. The team that makes the most profit wins.Why it has value: Warmer weather and sunshine often leads to seasonal cleaning and the urge to purge, which translates to garage sales and free item piles popping up. Now, while there are some items that are best left on that curb, anyone who has ever needed to furnish an apartment on a budget knows what gifts abandoned shelving, side tables and other items can be.This series inspires creative curbside claimers and dumpster divers to unleash their imaginations and artistry, and not be limited by the definition of an item's original purpose. On this show people transform apple crates into coffee tables, windows into side tables and just about anything you can think of into bars.Watch enough episodes and you'll also get ideas on how to negotiate the best deals without insulting flea market merchants, not to mention learning a thing or two about the psychology of sales. And we cannot stress this enough: everybody loves a bar."Amazing Interiors," streaming on NetflixYou may sense a theme here - interior décor series tend to be some of the best sources of inspiration on television. This one slipped into the Netflix stream a year ago, but it's one of those series that's great to discover whenever you happen to find it. Each episode visits three different homes in cities around the world occupied by residents of varying financial means. The only thing they have in common is that the outside of their places look ordinary.Open the doors, and you might be welcoming into a life-sized Barbie palace; a house in which every room is themed to evoke a fairy tale or a holiday, or a horror house. There's a guy who transformed his garage into a futuristic showcase for his high-end sports car and a wine collection. And there's the couple who bought a rusted-out boat and through sheer determination and their own elbow grease, carved it into a super-mod chill pad.Why it has value: Summer tends to be the season when people bite the bullet and finally get to re-painting their sad, boring rooms. But most of us tend to think small in this department. WhyWatching this series could make you re-think settling for off-white, or beige, or greige, or slapping up some Ikea artwork on the walls in the name of refreshing your surroundings. Your home is yours to mold to your comfort and thrill.There is absolutely no excuse for settling for middle-of-the-road, inoffensive color schemes in your living space, where the only person you need to please is you.Or maybe you're too tired to take years to transform your place into a portal to another dimension. We get it. At the very least, this show challenges people to think more expansively."Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives," airs Fridays at 9 on Food Network.Confession: I do not enjoy Guy Fieri. I do not fantasize about spending any time in his presence. I just can't. However, Salon's editor in chief Erin Keane agrees with his recommendations when it comes to finding a good breakfast place in a strange town. A self-described "Enneagram 7 with a trash-panda appetite," she's road-tested a few of his selections on vacation and swears his opinions are legit. I looked up his eateries of choice in my hometown and what can I say, I agree with his endorsements.Why it has value: Not every great hole in the wall is going to be discovered by Eater. Yelp isn't entirely reliable. And without Fieri, these places probably wouldn't make the pages of a Zagat's. Or maybe they would. At any rate, if Fieri's done the work for you, why quibble Drive up, sit down and eat."Ground Force," full episodes available on YouTubeThere's no question that the British do home improvement and culinary television better than most. We have them to thank for "Trading Spaces" and "The Great British Baking Show." But this series, which aired between 1997 and 2005, is one of those incomparable all-time greats of the gardening series that aired in the U.S. on BBC America.For a brief period Alan Titchmarsh, Charlie Dimmock and Tommy Walsh were celebrities stateside and the U.K. due to their non-nonsense and highly attainable approach to whipping landscapes into shape and lowering inhibitions when it comes to adding some greenery to living spaces.Why it (still) has value: While it's true that the British are generally more passionate about gardening than Americans - we are lawn folk - "Ground Force" invites the viewer to think strategically about their outdoor spaces. 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Not only does he walk viewers through creating dishes, he explains why chefs use certain techniques, thereby making the home cook better.In this series Brown revisits classic episodes and updates his methods, recipes and techniques. In some cases he re-does them completely.Why it has value: Not only does he walk viewers through creating dishes, he explains why chefs use certain techniques, thereby making the home cook more educated and confident about their efforts. Regardless of a chef's experience, this series has some knowledge to drop on you. Listen to what Brown says, and dig in.
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CB2's Spring/Summer Collections Will Turn Your Home into a ...
It's nearly April, and that means the sun is beginning to feel warmer, the cold winter air is starting to ease up, and you're probably daydreaming aboutsummer vacations in luxurious destinations. While a glamorous vacation might not be so easily accessible, you can always invest in a spring home décor refresh that will make your place feel like a five-star resort.EnterCB2 and its breathtaking spring and summer collections for 2019. The always chic retailer recently released new products for both seasons, offering up trendy pieces for your home's interiors and equally design-forward designs for exterior spaces.The spring collectionwas intended to be a mix of warm and edgy pieces. Inspired by Marrakech, hand-painted Italian ceramics, and materials from destinations across the globe, the line feels worldly, sophisticated, and right on trend. You'll find materials like rattan, velvet, black marble, and shearling insimple silhouettes fit for just about any space.When it comes to the summer collection, the items read much more European. The pieces were inspired by a trip to Costa Brava, a seaside region of Catalonia located in northeastern Spain. As you might expect, the indoor and outdoor furnishings are reminiscent of the Spanish Mediterranean and are just the thing to bring the vacation to you. Think solid teak chairs, mahogany tables, outdoor velvet fabrics. It's everything you need to turn yourbackyard into a respite from the daily grind.Keep scrolling to shop our edit of CB2's spring and summer collections. You'll want each and every piece.CB2 Vicente Faux Shearling Sofa ($1499)Freshen up your living room with a faux shearling sofa. The material is unexpected and luxurious while the design is classic and timeless.CB2 Chopin Metal and Marble Side Tables ($249)Add a touch of glamour to any space with these metal and marble side tables. The cylindrical black base makes a statement and white marble tabletops with metal detailing complete the look.CB2 Cinnamon Mohair Pillow ($119)You don't have to buy entirely new furniture to spruce up your living space for the warmer months ahead. Keep things simple with a fresh throw pillow. This mohair one features a rich cinnamon shade of orange for the perfect pop of color.CB2 Iris Black Large Rattan Mirror ($299)The only thing better than natural rattan is black rattan. This art deco mirror boasts a glamorous black rattan border to surround a simple rectangular mirror. Hang it in the hall or entryway.CB2 Cypher Black Marble Dining Table ($1899)Upgrade your dining room with this round table featuring a brass base and a black marble top. It looks sophisticated with just a bit of edge.CB2 Covet Cypress Velvet Curved Chair ($999)Velvet was one of fall 2018's biggest home décor trends and it doesn't look like the rich fabric is going anywhere. This curved chaired features a deep gemstone green color that could work with a variety of interior design styles.CB2 Fan Natural Rattan Room Divider ($599)If you simply can't get enough rattan, prop this sleek divider up in your living room. Slits in the arched, fan-like doors keep the piece from feeling too bulky. It's just the thing to help guide the layout of an open floorplan space.CB2 Pool Party White Outdoor Sofa ($1279)Whether you have a spacious backyard or a cozy patio, now is the perfect time to prepare the space for summer (and the outdoor entertaining that goes along with it). If you plan on playing host this season, you'll need ample seating for you and your guests. Opt for something modern like his white outdoor sofa.CB2 Portal Outdoor Coffee Table ($849)This might just be the chicest outdoor coffee table we've ever laid eyes on. It's coated in a gray and white resin swirl that creates a modern marble effect. However, it's the design that really grabs your attention thanks to the table's playful experimentation with space.CB2 Cement Basket Planters ($25)If you plan on decking out your patio and backyard with plants for the summer, you'll need some stylish planters to put them in. Consider these cement planters that create the illusion of handwoven baskets. They look relaxed and natural but they're actually incredibly functional.CB2 Acapulco Pink Egg Outdoor Chair ($259)What could be more fun than enjoying an ice cold beverage poolside in this playful outdoor chair?It has vacation written all over it.CB2 Borderline Outdoor Rug ($249)Tie your outdoor space together with this durable rug that features a braided design meant to mimic a natural jute material. It would look lovely beneath any outdoor furniture.CB2 Round Run Shade with Base ($339)A nontraditional sunshade, this chic option replaces the typical umbrella. It's modern and gets the job done.CB2 Woven Malawi Chair ($399)When it comes to outdoor seating, you can't go wrong with a bohemian-inspired woven chair. We love the intricate design of this piece.Next Up: 10 Decorating Mistakes That Instantly Cheapen Your Home.Read More from MyDomaineA Curated Collection of Vintage Home Décor Is Coming to CB2-and It Will Sell OutIf Our Home Looked Like This Hamptons Weekend Retreat, We'd Never LeaveWe Asked a Professional How to Organize a Small Bedroom in 15 Minutes
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Ethnic Decor
Terracotta is no longer confined to just the roofs but is now being increasingly used inside the house as well. Take your pick from a myriad of options ranging from tiles and murals to pots, bowls, figurines and of course the most popular Pots. A water-filled Pots in deep red tones with Candles and fresh flowers floating inside is a beautiful way to add a welcoming touch to your home.Apart from adding an earthy and close-to-nature touch, terracotta also has the advantage of being more economical and relatively maintenance-free than its other metal counterparts. Terracotta artifacts are plentiful enough to suit any budget and are available almost anywhere, be it at a state or cottage emporium, an exclusive dealer, a craft bazaar or even at a roadside stall.Terracotta murals are a rage now and they make an attractive visual focal point in a room. At times adding a terracotta mural to our living room, where we can entertain friends can be a fantastic idea because not only do we get to hear so many compliments but it also turns out to be a great party conversation starter. However, if you don't want to go to the mural way, then another option is to go warm, honey-colored wall with terracotta sponge effect, in the kitchen or the living room, makes for a very cozy ambience.To create an intimate look, using buffed or glazed terracotta tiles for the flooring in the bedroom or in the dinning room is an aesthetic as well as useful option. Not only are these tiles available in many different shapes and hues, but they also help keep the area cool. Warm and traditional, these tiles add a charming and cozy effect to these most used areas of the house. Depending on where you want to use terracotta in the house you can choose from a variety of artifacts. Tiles and garden pots for the patio or the living room, bowls and curios for the mantelpiece, figurines, lamps and masks in the balcony, the options are plenty. The ageless aesthetic appeal of terracotta never dies and is it in fact relatively easy to maintain. Usually a weekly dusting or wiping suffices. These artifacts add dash f elegance and also age gracefully.Terracotta offers infinite possibilities to enhance the beauty of a garden as well. The rustic brown-red tone of natural terracotta complements the green color of the plants. Add small or large terracotta planters with some colorful plants and add a gargoyle statuette in glazed terracotta or even a bird bath to a garden and we're done. Equestrian or animal figurines in terracotta are also a popular pick to decorate the garden or even to add a welcoming ethnic touch to the doorstep. These days, another popular option is to get the nameplate at the door done in glazed terracotta in vibrant colors.Whatever your requirement may be, terracotta is becoming an increasingly popular decoration pick for both homeowners and designers of commercial spaces. The timeless beauty and the aesthetic appeal of terracotta is one thing that will never go out of fashion.Simple Affordable DecorSimple affordable décor can brighten up any space and make a house a home. You really don't have to spend a fortune to give your home a pretty and cozy look. All you need is some imagination.Let's begin with the walls. Instead of going in for huge paintings or murals, frame photographs taken by yourself or by members of your family and hang them up. For a rustic look put up tribal or folk art. They are easily available and most affordable. Just a new coat of paint on the walls can transform your home. Or else get only one wall painted in a contrasting color. If you have young children, put up a felt board in their bedroom or even in the living room and pin up their works of art, posters, sketches, cards etc. This not only makes the room look more colorful, it gives a very personal touch to your home.Indoor SpacesIndoor plants with plain or decorative pots are an inexpensive, simple way to beautify spaces. A single long stemmed rose or a sprig of orchids in a long slender vase or slender old bottle looks classy. Even a money plant creeper put in a vase filled with water looks nice. With sleek, clean, straight lines being popular, the simple look is very in.Indian durries or rugs and even Carpets pep up the floor. Since good carpets are both expensive and difficult to maintain, a small rug could be all that is needed to lift up a living space. The Carpet is ideal for living rooms, yoga and meditation rooms and other spaces. Colorful cushion covers and pillowcase bring cheer to any room, instantly. Readymade cushions with covers in cottons, hand block prints, patchwork, and handlooms are available in many stores. Instead of investing in new lighting, adding a new lampshade, paper lanterns and paper lamps to your room will give it a nice glow. Carpet blinds for windows look simple yet very elegant. Readymade cotton and handloom curtains are fairly reasonably priced and can be changed once in six months or so to give your room a new look.Hand Woven WondersLow hand-woven seats and chairs, which are available at many state government emporia and at home décor exhibitions, are useful and affordable. Add a cushion or two and you have simple seating arrangement. Cover old tea boxes with pretty table clothes and convert them into sideboards or side tables. A single bed can be transformed into an attractive divan, which works as a sofa during the daytime and a bed at night.Terracotta artifacts like Pots, figures, ashtrays, pots, idols and vases add a touch to your home. Simple, basic cane furniture like sofa sets, centre table with a glass top, dust bins. Dining table and chairs and beds with side tables is a practical options for a young couple just setting up home. Add a few earthenware artifacts, ceramic accessories and stoneware to complete the look.Steal a DealScout around wholesale stores, economy bazaars, flea markets, art snatches and government emporia and you will hit upon a bargain for your home. And not all handicraft and lifestyle stores stock only high-end, expensive products. Look around and you'll find some simple and affordable home accessories.
2021 07 19
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Feng Shui Expert Says This One Design Flaw Could Be Ruining Your Sleep
Do you constantly feel drained at night or have trouble sleeping? Well, according to one feng shui expert that could be down to the layout of your bedroom.Speaking to lifestyle website My Domaine, Laura Cerrano insists that whether you believe it in or not, feng shui can drastically impact your sleep and overall health.And, that there is one major design flaw many people make when it comes to designing their bedroom.She says that one of the most important principles to follow is to ensure that you leave equal room on both sides of the bad and that you should never have it pushed up against a wall."This is symbolic of creating equal space for both you and your partner," Cerrano explains.Of course, this isn't always possible in smaller spaces but she insists that even being able to spare an inch will make a difference.Besides that, she also suggests having two side tables and lamps to help create balance.Despite furnishings, the layout of your room can greatly affect sleep and energy levels too.To battle this, Cerrano explains that its essential to have a view of the bedroom door but to make sure your bed isn't completely aligned with it."This allows the occupant to literally, energetically, and metaphorically see and feel who and what opportunities are approaching their life," she adds.The same goes for the bathroom too. If you have an ensuite, Cerrano recommends avoiding placing your bed in direct alignment as this is associated with energy drain.
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Backstage Tour of Dim Sum Dollies: a Photo Essay
It's the eve of the opening night of Dim Sum Dollies: The History of Singapore Part 1. Amidst an ongoing full-dress rehearsal, Dream Academy took Popspokenon a tour behind the curtains for the first time ever at the Esplanade Theatre.Backstage, the first thing we saw was the control panel. All the knobs and buttons baffled us to no end.Ever wondered what the stage looks like from the perspective of the cast and crew?It's hard to ignore the heat radiating from the warm lights of the Hollywood-style vanity mirrors in the hair and makeup room.Sprawled across the table is a multiplicity of cosmetic thingamajigs, and like any makeup station, there's always a trace of disorder. Case in point, how did a plastic spoon find its way to the brushes?Hair designer Ashley Lim made about "40 to 50 wigs for this production", said Tricia Tan, Dream Academy's PR and marketing manager. The fastest it takes for the Dollies to change wigs is five seconds, she included.On to Selena Tan's dressing room. The multi-hyphenate not only performs as one of the Dollies, but is also the founder of Dream Academy.Cosy and dimly lit, the space includes an open sink, a couple of mirrors, a small rack of costumes, side tables and armchairs. Not to mention, the leftover beverages from Toast Box.In the wardrobe room is where the colourful costumes are kept. And yes, that's a dress made of bubble tea cups and straws. According to Tan, there are more than 100 costumes in the production, all of which are courtesy of costume designer Frederick Lee, and an outfit quick-change can happen as fast as a second.Taped to a mirror beside the door, loose pages of scribbles list the various things that the wardrobe department needs to do.After exploring the grounds, we snuck a peek at the actual performance. Here, Denise Tan plays a jaunty British mistress, while Pam Oei takes the role of a Cantonese-speaking handmaiden.Hossan Leong reprises his role as Chopstick in the production. In this scene, he puts on an Indian accent and unleashes a barrel of riotous puns.When the curtains close, the Dollies will be hoisted up from the stage.Making a return from 2007, Dim Sum Dollies: The History of Singapore Part 1 runs from nowtill 21 at the Esplanade Theatre. Read about how we felt the production went here.Photos by Angela Low/Popspoken.Stay updated and social with Popspoken: Facebook| Twitter| InstagramThe post Backstage Tour of Dim Sum Dollies: A Photo Essay appeared first on Popspoken.
2021 07 16
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3 Fresh Ways to Breathe New Life into Old Furniture
Interior designer Sasha Bikoff suggests three ways to revive your antiques.By CHANTEL TATTOLI for Architectural Digest."Use your imagination -- you don't have to color in the lines," Sasha Bikoff says of redecorating. The New York-based interior designer known for her playful upholstery choices has a penchant for revamping midcentury Italian and French furniture with remnants of luxe fabrics from fashion houses such as Pucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Oscar de la Renta, and Chanel. Bikoff, whose projects recently outgrew her Tribeca basement, just opened an antiques showroom down the street that offers her own colorful riffs on Milo Baughman chairs and French Empire stools. Architectural Digest caught up with the revisionist thinker for tips on how, as she puts it, "to wake up oldies but goodies."Photo: Patrick ClineReupholster the tired. Upholstery is a sure way to transform an old hand into a statement, says Bikoff. Do not be afraid to opt for fabrics with a lot of personality. To create harmony, study the shape of the piece and pick a print that mimics its design, or recover a classic with a strikingly modern print to make it pop. "If purple is your favorite color, you should have a purple piece your house," she adds.Photo: Patrick Cline Overdye the rug. Send a large-format rug to a good dyer for brilliant recoloring. Overdye antique rugs--Bikoff is partial to Chinese Deco carpets--in fresh colors such as marigold, cerulean, and peridot. Gentle tie-dyeing techniques can also produce wonderfully vivifying results. Reset the stage for an otherwise muted room, or match a rug to a vignette of furniture to create a whole new world.Photo: Patrick ClineReshuffle the mix. Sometimes, introducing one or two pieces into unexpected company changes everything. Move an 18th-century love seat into a room with side tables from Dorothy Draper's Hollywood Regency moment, or scoot a balloon-back chair up to a Memphis Milano desk. "The magic is in the mingling," Bikoff says. "It's like a conversation between some unique personalities."More from Architectural Digest:Inside Jennifer Aniston's Gorgeous Beverly Hills HomeTour Sarah Jessica Parker's Epic East Village Townhouse30 Incredible Classic White Kitchens10 Unbelievable Dream ClosetsGisele Bündchen and Tom Brady's Incredible L.A. HomeAn Exclusive Tour of Caitlyn Jenner's Malibu Home
2021 07 16
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Design Tips to Transform Bedrooms into Beautiful Calming ...
Soothing colours, open spaces and plenty of storage create an enticing bedroom.Source:SuppliedBEDROOMS are an important area of any home, especially if you are selling.Buyers want stylish, peaceful spaces where they can see themselves escaping the stresses of everyday life.Main bedrooms are particularly relevant today as most modern homes have spacious main rooms with an ensuite and walk-in robe.If you have an older home, you can work towards creating the feeling of a large main bedroom by visually opening the space with light, reflective colours and decor items such as large mirrors.When updating decor, firstly decide on a style. A bedroom should be serene and peaceful, so soothing colours and smooth textures work well.Soft blues, tan, mauve, beige or white are good choices for a bedroom. Tone upon tone rather than multiple colours are best as they are easier on the eye and therefore calming to the mind.If all muted tones are too lacklustre for you, bring life to the room with a splash of pattern or colour in non-permanent decor such as cushions.Repeat your chosen pattern elsewhere in the room in, say, curtains or drapes to create balance and interest.But beware of anything too bold or bright if you are planning on selling your home because you might exclude potential buyers if it is not to their taste.The exception to the rule is children's bedrooms which should feel happy and lively with bright, bold colours.Furniture should be simple and streamlined and belongings on display should be kept to a minimum. A few family photos in smart frames will add warmth to the room, but avoid clusters of personal objects on side tables and other surfaces as they will create a cluttered feeling.Storage is important, so if your bedroom doesn't have a wardrobe, it is worth buying a freestanding unit that co-ordinates with your existing furniture, or having a built-in one added.New side tables and substantial-sized, new lamps are a worthwhile investment when updating decor in a bedroom because they will give the room a modern appearance and make a dramatic impact for minimal outlay.I say substantial-sized lamps because small lamps tend to look cheap and create a visual imbalance next to a large bed. They will also give the room more of a designer look.If you don't have a bed head, a large artwork or canvas wrapped in a modern fabric and hung above the bed are clever ways to make the room feel finished.I like a carpeted floor in a bedroom because it is less noisy. If you have floorboards, or any other hard surface, it's best to place a large rug in the room to minimise noise and create a comfortable ambience.- Juliet Love is a stylist andinterior designer who runs her own business, Love Style
2021 07 16
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