Submitting Adsense Blog to Other Search Engines?

Hi No, its not against any rules to submit your website to other Search Engines. You can submit your website to all the Search Engines.

1. How to put my website address into google, yahoo and other search engines?

This Site Might Help You. RE: How to put my website address into google, yahoo and other search engines? i completed my construction and now i am going to upload it but before doing it i want to know that, how to put my website address into popular search engines like google, yahoo etc to make it easy for people to search and veiw my site. if there is method then please explain it step by step and if...

2. Is it immoral to support Yahoo, Google and other search engines?

I Hope some of Them Read My Archives of Q&A's on R&S !!! Alot of PowerFull Spiritual Truths in there! Some of Them Just Might Get Saved !!! Thanky Jesus! Dit=============to!

3. What makes Google more popular than other search engines?

Basicly google was one of the first search engines. People were using it more frequently and spread it and ads. But yeah google kicks bootay. best answer =D

4. how we can make a perfect search in google and other search engines?

JUst use advanced search options. Or use"wonder ball" in google.

5. how do I get my website on other search engines?

Link to your site as much as you can from other websites. Submit your site to all the search engines you can manually. Put lots of text with keywords on the main page of your site. The are also companies who will do this for you.

6. Is there any way to make documents uploaded in a public website, inaccessible from Google/other search engines?

you may desire to think approximately some undemanding algorithms which, any time referred to and punctiliously commited in designing of an website with preserving of countless severe metatags which could rather gain a severe seek engine presence and boost international-extensive-cyber website visitors on your website. those kinds of metatag suggestions paintings effectively with revealed internet pages at Google and Yahoo

7. what other search engines are there apart frm yahoo and google?

Lycos, AOL, MSN

8. Why is the news & info on more captivating than other search engines?

It's a matter of personal preference. You like Yahoo. Personally, I find most of Yahoo's news coverage to be silly and superficial, and as a search engine, Google rules all. (And of course, a news site and a search engine are two very different things.) But everyone is entitled to his own opinion.

9. How can I have Google and other search engines pick up my small website?

There are also free companies that will submit your url (your website) to multiple search engines all in one shot. Just google this information by typing keywords such as "free website submission to search engines"

10. Does Google and the other search engines still take notice of the keyword meta tag?

Google definitely does not pay any attention to the meta keyword list, it was just too easy to manipulate the engines with terms that did not really appear in the content, I am not sure about the other search engines, though they often follow Google's lead

11. Anone else concerned that Google and other search engines put our personal info on their sites for all to view

If this is the case, I better purchase my condoms somewhere else

12. Are Bing's results more relevant than other search engines?

Lots of good answers, however the search engine is not at fault. You are. Sorry if that sounds a bit off but the cause of inaccurate results is inaccurate searches. For example if I want information on the newest phone from sonyericsson, the P990 and I simply type "sonyericsson" into Google I will get myriad ringtone sites at the top of the list. Therefore I think of something to add to that word to make my search more relevant. So, "sonyericsson specs" will get me what I want. The trick with searching is to start off by giving as much information as possible in the first search, then removing words or using different words that mean almost the same thing. So, if "sonyericsson specs" did not work I would try "sonyericsson technical" and see what happens. Play around with this, it is a very useful skill, many of my friends have searched for close to an hour for things before ringing me. Then they get annoyed when it takes me 30 secs to find the information they could not get. The search engines do a great job, if you try to automatically restrict the results you will lose functionality. You would be far better off learning to search effectively

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