if you are building with raw wood from the Lowe's or HoDepot then 1st thing that you do is measure the length of the mattress and the width so the matt' will stay inside the bed frame == the frame appears to be 2 feet by 4 feet [[ that may be off by a bit so compensate ]] ==== this pix of frame shows several points of easy structure .... the frame is made from wood that is 1inch thick and 6in. or 8 inches wide -- the blonde wood is supported by strips of 1X2in wood to place the matt' inside the frame == I would place 2inX4inch at the ends for sturdiness and a strong corner to hold the feets === the ends and side boards should be flat & square [[ it is difficult to do mitered corners for the novice woodsman --- the corners and all other parts can be put together with dry wall screws --- those screws are to be counter sunk and covered with wood putty [[ small can is all you need]] dry wall screws are black and do not rust == side boards cover the ends == 2X4's flat inside the ends and same width == when you go to select the lumber pick through the wood pile and do NOT buy any wood that has knots === how big is the dog ?? & be sure that the bed fits === TOOLS that you need --- hand saw [[correct # of teeth for cross-cutting wood [ask] ,,,,, Phillips screw drive #2 [[ regfular drill bits for pilot holes to prevent splitting at corners ]] == if you have a drill (good) just do not buy a cheap drill (a good drill will last for years) === buy long wood & cut to size the blonde center in pix is on a shelf in the big box store already cut to 2ft X 4ft. == dry wall screws are sold by the small pack or the pound only buy what you need == the feet are on a shelf [ask] === if you have problems [[ and you should not if you draw a planned basic BOX of the frame]] you are welcome to e-mail me === XTX == remember to measure TWICE and cut once === draw the plans and this will help you buy the correct wood and parts - and screws

1. Dog Bed Still Smells???

I would say take your dog to a local groomer get him all cleaned up.. They will clean his ears, express his anal glands and make him as good as new... Then once you do that buy a new dog bed that should help.

2. No such thing as a free dog how much does it cost without illness to care for?

The shots and rabies only need to be given every 3 years now EXCEPT kennel cough which is given every 6 to 12 mos. Grooming around here for a smaller dog is $45, a good brand of dog food, Pro Plan, 37.5lb bag and there are 4 cups to a pound I belive of Pro Plan. If you feed a better dog food such as Pro Plan you wo not need extra vitamins unless the dog is very active, sick or older. There are online places such as K V Vet that sell heartworm and flea stuff cheaper then vets so check them out. A good collar and leash will last for years. I feed chewies, rawhides etc plus stuff Kong toys with PURE pumkin and dog food and freeze so treats would be extra but not much. A good dog bed lasts for a long time also, especially if you buy extra covers or cover the bed with a sheet such as I do. A proper sized crate is handy for emergencies and runs about $30 at Wal*Mart's. Heartworm runs about $20 for 6 mos at KV and flea stuff $50 for 6 mos. Say $180 a year for dry food and canned if you want it runs under $1 a can, $40 for heartworm, $100 for flea, dog bed from simple, under $20 (to extreme over $100), leash and collar $20, treats say $50 ($0 to $100) plus shampoo and brushes $ I would say less than $500 for the first year if the dog has shots and depending on vets another $50-$150 for the shots plus $20 for yearly heartworm test and $20 for yearly KC intranasal vaccine. It is always a good idea to start a dog fund too that you put an extra $20 a paycheck in for emergencies. With my 7 dogs I had gone 2 years w/o any unexpected emergencies until this week when 1 of my dogs got hurt and had to be PTS and another got cut requiring surgery. That put me almost $700 in the hole in those 2 days.

3. I bought a dog bed and I ripped the tag off, how can i wash it?

It says the cover comes off for washing. Since it is cotton, I would go with cold water for washing. I would not expect it to shrink too much

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