Some Led Tv Questions

Do you want to know about led tv? Here are some frequently asked questions.

1. how do i convince my wife i need a 46" LED Tv with 240 hz and 4,000,000-1 contrast ratio?

You do it like this: "Dear, I was all set to buy a TV with a 240 hz refresh rate and a 4 meg dynamic contrast ratio for $3000, but then one of those experts on Yahoo Answers explained that the human eye can not tell the difference between 120 hz and 240 hz. Also, he said that advertised dynamic contrast ratios are mostly marketing exaggerations that have little meaning. So instead, I've decided to buy this much cheaper 120 hz set but with an even bigger 52 inch screen for only $2000. Since I've saved us a thousand bucks, here's your half. Have fun shopping, and I will meet you at Costco."

2. If I have to choose between a 720p LED TV and a 1080p LCD TV, which one is better?

Keep in mind, You are not going to see any difference between 720P and 1080P in screen smaller than a 46". The only source for 1080P is from the blu ray disc movies and some video games. HD tv programs are all in 720P, some provider will up convert the signal to 1080P. Go online to Home Theater Magazine and read the pro and cons of each technology. Hope this will help you out

3. Is vizio a good brand for led TV's?

Only if you think Hyundai is a good brand for cars. In other words, its not ALWAYS bad. There are much better options out there. But if you cannot afford something nicer (FYI, you can always afford something nicer than a Vizio), than just make sure you invest in a protection plan

4. 240hz LG LED TV will work with Nvidia 3D Vision?

Not automatically. The TV has to be capable of 120 Hz input over HDMI (it may work over VGA, but I have not tried it myself). There are a large number of TV sets that have panel refresh rates of 120 Hz or greater, but they are not capable of more than 60 or 75 Hz input. If you want to find out if your TV is capable of a 120 Hz or greater input over HDMI, connect your computer to the TV, go into display settings, click the advanced button, and check your available refresh rates... if 120 Hz is there, have at it.

5. Can someone help me with my Philips LED TV?

I do hope if all else fails, you have an extended warranty.... Hopefully, it is just something in your hookup. Does not sound good however, since you say you have sound.

6. How do I connect external speakers to LED TV having 3.5 mm DVI/PC Port, a USB Port, HDMI Port, Component Port, AV Port?

maybe buy a home theater audio system, it looks like a small stereo that supports HDMI input cord (or cable like tv channels travel through) . then connect external speakers to home theater system, connect cord between cable out or hdmi out of home theater audio system, and to tv

7. how much would it cost to replace a cracked LED TV Screen?

Led Tv Screen Replacement

8. Should I exchange my 46" LED tv for a 55"?

You are looking at TVs with a 2-3 year life span. Take it up a notch!

9. Which LED TV should I go in for?

definitely Samsung.. its only 1.6 inches slim

10. Samsung led tv monitor wont display color on wii?

Your picture shows two different cables. The one on the left is a component cable. It has two separate harnesses, one with red-blue-green for video and a separate one for red-white audio. It's intended for high-def connections, up to 1080i. The one on the right is a composite cable. The yellow plug is for video, the white one for left channel stereo audio, and the right one for right channel stereo audio. It will only work for standard-def video plus audio. If your Wii console has a component output, use the left cable in the picture. The connections to the Samsung are: video blue to Pb blue video red to Pr red video green to Y audio red to audio red audio white to audio white If your Wii console only has the composite output, how you connect it depends on your TV. Use the right-hand cable in the picture. If the TV has a composite input (labeled AV-1 or Video-1 or something similar), then it's a simple matter of matching the colors, yellow-red-white. But many late model TVs do not have separate composite inputs. On some of them, it will work by inserting the yellow video plug into the green "Y" jack at the component input, but not always. if you do that and it works, remember that the other two plugs, red-white, are audio. They do not go in the Pb or Pr jack. (You've probably figured this out by now, but the "Y" on the green jack does not mean "yellow." It refers to the y-axis on an oscilloscope.)

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