Should I Slipcover Sofa ? ?

I love the idea of a slipcover but have never had much luck with them. They are hard to fit and usually end up looking sloppy on my furniture. BUT, there is no reason you can not try one and see if it works for you; you can always return it (I have several times!).

1. my cat keeps jumping on the sofa ?

i think it's simply that your cat finds the sofa more comfortable... just let her sleep on the sofa... i let my cats sleep anywhere they like.

2. what's the difference between a sofa and a couch?

Pretty much the same : ) See how sofa and couch is explained on the Wikipedia.. : )

3. Removing crayon marks from a sofa?

I would take the cover off the cushion if you can and put it in the washing machine on the soak cycle, it might come out if washed right away. I would not dry it though, let it air dry. If it did not come out then treat it like you would other stains with some type of stain fighter and re wash it on the soak cycle again before drying it. And again air dry it when the stain is out, drying it in the dryer will probably cause it to shrink and the heat will set the stain.

4. What happens if you lose a lighter in the sofa?

It is not likely to explode

5. Why is church sofa king boring?

Because all you do is sit down and stand up and listen to someone talk about boring **** and then you have to sing

6. I want to buy a couch or sofa?

Here's a link with buyer reviews. Check out some of the comments. Good luck!

7. What is the best sofa for sectional room?

I think check this link It's most useful to you

8. Gold sofa and chocolate recliners decorating ideas.?

What about the rug color?

9. where can I buy the spring for sofa?

At hardware shops

10. Should i tell bf to sleep on the sofa tonite?

No that is stupid do not feel bad

11. milk spots on a aniline leather sofa?

Try using Club soda, or even white vinegar on a cloth, the smell of the milk will become sour and you will be able to smell the spot if you just let it dry itself

12. why does my dog keep peeing on the sofa?

You need professional help. And Valium

13. Need help Choosing a fabric for my sofa...?

I sell furniture and the best is microfiber. It is very hard to stain and very easy to keep clean with pets. good luck!!

14. could my sofa couch cause me itch?

actually i do not have idea about Ashley, but if u feel itching, u can leave your coach in sunlight a day, and u can make a coach cover on it and can use it comfortably

15. help! my sofa is too huge for slipcovers!?

I hunted for slip covers once and discovered there are companies that will custom make them for you. It's very expensive thugh (at least I think so). I once ran across a site that sold overstocks of drapes and custom make drapes that were never picked up. These were super cheap. I got the nicest set of drapes from them for next to nothing. So, if I were you, I would hunt for someplace like that which specializes in slipcovers

16. SOFA status to permanent resident of Japan?

I am the other way around..i had a permanent residence visa here before i become a SOFA status because my husband is on active duty here in Okinawa..we have a friend he's a contractor too, got married to an Okinawan national & been staying here for almost 8 years now but still not a permanent residencee..working in for the US gov. wouldn"t count but he may have a chance of having one by marrying a japanese national but it depends on many things. .his wife taxes. .his own taxes. .his backgrounds. .unfortunately,Japan become strict on this kind of things..i hope this li'l info will help..goodluck to your friend

17. Cat scratches in leather sofa?

watch a football game no home runs only touches

18. Removing colour from sofa covers - with bleach?

Do not use bleach. Have you considered a product like Rit Laundry Treatment Color Remover?

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If you were a painter and put a lot of love into your art,' says Harry Handelsman, 'would you rather sell it to a dealer who keeps it in a fireproof warehouse in Geneva, or for less money to someone who hangs it on their wall and looks at it every day?' The property developer who brought New York-style loft living to London, Handelsman was a driving force behind chic hangout Chiltern Firehouse , the resurrection of the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel and the creation of the Hackney fashion hub. He speaks in parables, and this is how he expresses his disapproval of developments built to be sold to overseas buyers as investments.Handelsman knows where he stands on property - and paintings. His considerable collection of modern art and sculpture fills the all-white rooms of his central London home: a three-storey flat overlooking Hyde Park, where he lives with his partner, Elizabeth, and younger daughter, Allegra.When they came here seven years ago, the place consisted of many dark, small rooms. The couple decided to bring the kitchen up to the middle floor and take the glass roof off an adjacent light well to create a garden in the sky. The result connects the kitchen with the main living and dining room on the same floor.'We bought 1960s Italian dining chairs at the Clignancourt market in Paris,' says Elizabeth. 'When we moved in, we gave formal dinner parties - almost to justify having them. But these days everything happens in the kitchen.' She glides open the tall glass doors around the garden, making the most of the space.A copper seat-cum-planter, designed by their friend Fernando Gonzalez, had to be lowered in by crane. In the garden's floor is a light work by James Turrell that takes 12 minutes to go through a sequence of colours. It looks fantastic at night. A huge, semicircular, navy velvet sofa, made by a friend who is a film-set designer, provides a sinuous centrepiece to a sitting room lined with paintings and sculptures.There are more works of art downstairs in the family sitting room, as well as a television, a study area with a sleek modern desk and cosy traditional Howard chairs, and a sofa, arranged round a table of nibble-edged fossil-stone, on a sturdy brass base. Everything is large, in keeping with the expansive proportions of the room.'I wanted spaaace. I'm a big person - very tall, very wide,' jokes the wiry Handelsman. 'I didn't want a thing that looked rich; I wanted it to be more loft-y.' The son of a Polish entrepreneur, Handelsman was educated in Germany, Paris and Canada. He came across loft living in late-1970s New York. 'Artists started it - they needed light, space and high ceilings for their studios,' he explains. 'A friend - a diamond dealer who was starting to collect art - bought a former industrial building near the artists' studios, made an apartment for himself, then sold the rest to friends. I thought, "This is something that could be exported."' In 1992, by which time Handelsman had moved to London, the opportunity arose in the shape of a former industrial building in Clerkenwell, picked up at auction for £425,000. 'The market had collapsed,' he recalls, 'and the previous owner's debt to the bank was £3.2 million.' Clerkenwell was neither smart nor up-and-coming in those days, but Handelsman was to change that. He called his company the Manhattan Loft Corporation , to distinguish it from British attics, home to water tanks and dusty piles of boxes.Clerkenwell set the blueprint for future developments. He chose former industrial buildings, with high ceilings and large windows, creating cool and enticing common spaces. Each buyer designed their own layout - you could have one huge bedroom, or three small ones; put the bathroom wherever you liked. His lofts attracted creative people who became engaged with developing their spaces.'Can you imagine?' he marvels. 'Fifty owners, 50 subcontractors, all in the same space! But it makes for a great community. Everyone has a stake in the building. There's jealousy when you see what your neighbour is planning; there's joy, excitement, anxiety, achievement.' Twenty-four years later, with agents selling minuscule 'lofts' in remote suburbs, the word has been debased. Undaunted, Handelsman is attaching the concept to a 42-storey tower block, Manhattan Loft Gardens , that he is building in Stratford, east London, near the former Olympic site. Designed by architects SOM , it is due to open in 2017.Handelsman has commissioned other world-class architects such as David Adjaye for his developments, while Sarah Featherstone tailored his own flat, incorporating a brilliantly workmanlike kitchen, concealed cupboards in the main bathroom and a glass-walled steam room and shower. 'Luckily,' says Elizabeth, 'the steam fills it up quite fast.' In the main bedroom - complete with highbrow paperbacks on both bedside tables - all is kept deliberately calm and simple. In Allegra's bedroom, a steep flight of stairs leads to a pod-like teenage den for hanging out with friends, with a study next door for homework and projects. Her father's ideas have transformed many areas of London, including helping to save the St Pancras hotel for the nation. When compared to other developers, Handelsman, notes customarily acerbic design critic Stephen Bayley, 'is Michelangelo - the rest are [master forger] Tom Keating'.Telegraph Media Group Limited 2019 Need help?Visit our adblocking instructions page.
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