Should I Get a Plastic Dog Bed?

Sounds like your dog is teething. Get them a good teething toy and a plastic bed will do no harm even if it does get chewed a bit

1. What should you have for a puppy when you first get it?

Well here are the basics, especially for a dog that will grow as large as yours. 1. A crate with the adjustable wall, to make the crate smaller and larger as the dog grows. (even if you do not want to crate the puppy at 7 weeks you may need to at some point and it will be very useful to have.) 2. Puppy Food- Eukanuba / Iams 3. Food and water bowls with the rubber grips on the bottom, so the puppy will have a harder time knocking it over. :) 4.A cheap collar and a thick leash. I say cheap collar because the dog will outgrow it really quickly. 5.Some kind of soft dog blanket, or dog bed that the dog can cuddle up in. 6.Some kind of chew toys Good Luck with your new puppy! :)

2. Dog Bed for boxer pup?

I buy my Boxer the big pillow beds at Walmart $10-30 depending on size and if they are on sell. They are cheap, comfy, and easy to wash. You will have to replace them at least once or twice a year, and a pup will probably chew them up.

3. Husband washed dog bed w/out disinfectant in washer then put load in dryer. How get odor out of clothes dryer?

Soak a rag in vinegar then throw it in the dryer

4. What kind of bowl should I get for a new puppy?

Not plastic. Stainless steel. There's lots more to get than a food bowl! 1. Dog crate 2. Food and water bowls 3. A bag of the same dog food he's been eating (a switch in food can upset his stomach) 4. Collar and leash 5. Dog bed 6. Toys, especially hollow chew toys 7. Stain- and odor-removing cleaners 8.

5. Should i get a plastic dog bed?

I would not get one yet if I were you, instead of buying countless soft beds or a plasticine which will get chewed and then possibly sharp and dangerous, buy a metal crate for your puppy and put some towels, toys on the floor so it will feel like an investing den. Then, buy your puppy some teething toys so she can still chew on something. Crate training is great for puppies, just google it, plus, when you want to travel, your crate can just fit into the boot of your car. Good luck with your puppy!.

6. Orange dots/flakes on dog bed?

It's probably just dry skin that falls off in her sleep

7. Dog Bed Still Smells???

I would say take your dog to a local groomer get him all cleaned up.. They will clean his ears, express his anal glands and make him as good as new... Then once you do that buy a new dog bed that should help.

8. Things I need for a puppy?

Toys, leash, collar, choke chain for training purposes, water bowl, food bowl, dog bed, dog towel (to wipe his feet when rainy outside), dog treats, and also make sure you get the puppy a dog tag (you can get one engraved on-site at most pet stores. The below website lists 10 things that you need.

9. does any one know where to get a really great dog bed for my new lab. puppy?

Try : Dr. Foster & Smith Cherrybrook LL Bean Pet Edge KV Vet Supply The Dog's Outfitter Care-A-Lot Pet Supply J-B Professional Pet Supplies Ebay All have online stores and free Catalogs that you can mail order (except Ebay).

10. Where can I buy a durable dog bed?

Your dog should be comfortably sleeping in your bed with you, not on some ratty thing on the floor and certainly not in a crate. She is a member of the family and deserves the same comforts you do. All it takes is training to prevent her from destroying her possessions (except for toys, which are meant to be destroyed) or the furniture.

11. Dolce Vita heated dog bed - owner's manual question?

I do not have that particular model, but I do have a heated dog bed. The instructions indicate that it should NOT be placed on carpeting, upholstered furniture, etc. It should be on some type of hard, fire resistant surface. It's okay to put it in a dog crate provided it has adequate ventilation, that the crate door be left open and provided there is enough room in the crate for the dog to move to should it over heat. ADD: While the instructions did not say not to leave the house with it on - I never did. Maybe I am just a little paranoid, but I always made sure my smoke detectors were in good working order and that I, or someone was going to be home.

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