Shoppers Check in Early for Black Friday, Camp Out for Holiday Deals

CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio - A full 10 days before Best Buy opens its doors for special Thanksgiving sales, Jonas Allooh was in line.

On Monday, he pitched his 10-man tent just to the left of the front doors and fired up his gas generator and space heater.

"This is the first time I've been first," said the 28-year-old.

By the next day, he had company.

Tony Regec - who was first in line last year - set up a second tent.

Regec "came earlier than he had planned to because he saw the other tent was here," said Regec's parents, Ed and Janet of Akron, Ohio, who were holding down the fort while their son made a run for more supplies.

Expect other squatters to join them by week's end.

"We've got a little community here," Allooh said.

Store manager Josh Parker said the bargain hunters are a little ahead of schedule. He's used to seeing the tents go up in anticipation of Black Thursday sales, but usually just a week early.

Still, he doesn't mind.

"It builds excitement for us," he said. "It's kind of the culture of our business."

Parker said employees will check on their temporary residents from time to time.

"We don't want anything bad to happen to them on our watch," he said. "But they're professionals. They know what they're doing."


In addition to a generator and space heater, Allooh's home-away-from-home has a bed, a microwave oven, a laptop computer, a TV and a game console.

Regec's digs will be suited up similarly by the time he's done, his parents said.

Allooh expects to have plenty of company. Nine other friends-some of whom have been part of this Thanksgiving tradition longer than he has-are in on the deal and will be with him when the sale commences at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day.

He said the store requires one person be present at the tent at all times, but that the tent reserves a space for 10 in line.

"We'll play board games and keep pretty active," he said.

Allooh said he recently graduated from a college program and is currently unemployed, so he's free to handle the third shift alone. He slept pretty good Monday night, he said, though it takes some getting used to the bright parking lot lights keeping his tent somewhat illuminated.

"The biggest problem is people coming through here in the middle of the night, honking," he said.

But he's never heard of safety being an issue, and as the line grows, everyone will look out for each other, he said.

Ed and Janet Regec said they and son Tony will also be joined by a few family members on Thanksgiving. In the meantime, they'll make food runs to him and relieve him for showers and breaks.

In 11 years, the Regecs said their son estimates he's saved "tens of thousands of dollars" on electronics and other Black Friday purchases at the store. The deals come in handy for the father of five, they said, and since he's a sound engineer for a rock band, he's got the spare time during this slow season.

For themselves, the retired Regecs have their eyes on a new TV for the kitchen. They purchased a new 40-inch set for the living room last year and saved a few hundred dollars.

Allooh is also interested in a TV as well as a new monitor for his desktop computer. Best Buy's sales are already online so he's had the chance to look them over.

"All in all, if you added up everything (the 10 friends) saved last year, it was a couple of thousand dollars," he said.

Akron Beacon Journal

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De'Miyia Walker Killed After Space Heater Caught Fire ...
A four-year-old girl was tragically killed in a house fire caused by a space heater.De'Miyia Walker was asleep in her bedroom at the family's mobile home in Duncanville, Alabama when the heater in her room caught on fire last Saturday around 4am.Her father, Demonia Clay, was unable to rescue her due to the thick smoke.State Fire Marshal Ed Paulk said the fire was caused by an electrical problem with the space heater, which led to the girl's death, according to WBRC.Her mother had purchased it the day before - and in the early hours of January 31, it caught on fire while the family was inside the home.The girl's sister and parents managed to escape.Jacob Henderson, De'Miyia's great uncle, said the family was awakened by the oldest daughter, and their nephew tried to rescue the girl but the black smoke made it too difficult, according to ABC3340.The child's great aunt, Juanita Tucker, said the family is hurting as they mourn De'Miyia's loss.She said the young girl was everybody's joy and that she had just spoken to her on the phone the day before as she was leaving for work, according to Alabamas13.Ms Tucker said: 'I told her I love her. She said "I love you too.'''The family hopes the incident will be a warning to others when it comes to how they choose to warm their homes during the colder seasons.Mr Henderson said: 'May everyone just be aware of what they're doing to heat their home each and every year.'Marshal Paulk also said that there are safer options to staying warm at night which include wrapping up in quilts and covers, and not leaving space heaters running all night.Funeral arrangements for Di'Miyia have been scheduled for Saturday.Services are at 1pm at Friendship Baptist Church in Duncanville.
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Space heaters are a great way to heat up your home as needed. There are different heaters for different square inches of your home. Some will heat up a large space and some will heat up a small space. Always make sure you keep an eye on your space heater and turn it off when you are not home. Never use a power strip because it is a fire hazard. Always plug your space heater directly into your wall. Some heaters have an automatic turn off when they are accidently tipped over. Try to purchase one of those heaters.Oil HeatersThese could take a long time to heat up. It would suck if you are already cold. I don't trust these kind of heaters as well because they can tip over easily. They would heat up a large space though. Using one of these heaters would defiantly heat up a large living room or a dining room. Out of a 1-10, I would give it a 5 on the rating scale. If companies would improve the base of this type of heater, I think it would be better to use. These heaters can cost up to $50.00 usd.Radiant HeatersRadiant heaters can heat up a room quickly. Most of them do have the function that when they tip over, they automatically turn off. This is a good safety feature in case you are asleep. You will need to keep on eye on children when using one of these, because they can get their fingers inside the bars and burn themselves. This type of heater can heat up a large room as well, so they would do well in a kitchen or a bedroom. These heaters can cost up to $80.00 usd. Portable HeatersThis heaters are great to use for an office space. They don't heat up a large room, but the area around you. You can also bring them into an RV or a camper. Some of them do not have the safety feature and may not shut off when tipped over. Always read the box it comes in before you purchase. It should say if it has the safety feature or not. The box may also have information on how large of space the heater will work in. These heaters can cost up to $30.00 usd depending on the size of the heater.Utility heaters work great in large spaces like a one bedroom apartment or a garage. They also include the safety feature and are safe around children. Three of these heaters would heat up a house. Baseboard heating can get expensive, but using space heaters can cut the bill in half and save you a lot of money. Always check your heaters to make sure they are working properly every year. A utility heater can vost up to $20.00 usd depending on where you go to buy.
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Supplemental space heaters are typically used when a home's central heating system is costly to operate. In many instances, these zone heaters are more economical when individuals want to supplement the heat in select rooms rather than using central heat to warm the entire house. For this reason a zone space heater, such as an electric fireplace, is becoming a preferred method for environmentally and economically conscious individuals to add warmth and ambiance to their living spaces.Space heater capacities generally range between 4,400 to 9,600 BTUs per hour and most rely on convection, which means air circulation, to heat a room. When using a space heater, safety is the top priority. Remember to purchase newer models that have current safety features such as automatic shut off and make sure the unit has the Underwriter's Laboratory (UL) label attached to it. It is also advisable to purchase a heater that is thermostat controlled to avoid energy loss. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy recommends that all heaters have a thermostat and control system because individuals can save as much as 10% on their yearly heating bill. Simply turn the thermostat back 5 to 10 degrees for eight hours and pre-program it to only turn on when you and your family are at home.Zone Heating With An Electric FireplaceForced air central heating systems distribute heated air from a central unit to various points in a home through a duct system. Furnace burners run through an on/off cycle as often as 3 to 4 times per hour depending upon a thermostat's setting. During average heating weather, furnace function times may be relatively short with the furnace shutting down before efficiency is reached. This results in reduced efficiency through cycling losses much like a car's mileage in stop and go traffic. Mileage isn't being added to the odometer because the car isn't moving. However, fuel is being consumed to keep the engine running even though the car isn't going anywhere.Room comfort levels often fluctuate because of this on/off cycle and it can become necessary to overheat the entire home just to maintain a certain comfort level in the areas that you are in. It is possible to end this expensive cycle through zone heating with an electric fireplace mantel package. Simply place or install an electric fireplace that offers a thermostat in the rooms most generally occupied, and set the temperature or heat range. Several contemporary electric fireplace packages offer on-screen digital programmable thermostats that work with a remote or can be manually controlled. The function indicator lights up when one is setting the temperature, then automatically disappears after 4 seconds. When lit, the function indicator light shows the temperature setting, downlight, brightness settings, and an automatic shut off timer for greater efficiency.An Electric Fireplace Mantel Package Is Ideal For Home Savings, Safety, And EffectAnother safety aspect for individuals interested in including a zone heater in their home is whether a unit is vented or unvented. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends that people do not utilize unvented units because they introduce unwanted combustion products such as carbon monoxide and water vapor into living spaces as well as depleting the available oxygen in the space where they are located. An electric fireplace mantel package can be the answer to this dilemma. Venting is not required for this type of heater, making it safe to operate inside a home while not needing to be located next to an outside wall because no chimney is required.Ideal for energy efficiency, safety and flame effects, several of the newest fireplace mantel packages offer very realistic flame effects coupled with digital thermostats for easy heat control. On average, electric fireplaces plug into any standard 120 volt outlet in a home. Built-in electric fireplaces allow for either hard-wiring installation or plug-in for 120 volts (4,600 BTUs) or 220 volts (9,600 BTUs) of power. The units that use 220 volts of power double the heat output of those that use 120 volts. The majority of electricity rates for electric fireplaces run $.02 per hour without heat and $.12 per hour with heat, providing a terrific option for zone heating.An Ideal Choice For Cost Conscious IndividualsWhile zone heating is one of the best methods for lowering heating bills, the method one selects does not need to be simply practical. Electric fireplace mantel packages are cost effective yet beautiful and can be placed anywhere in a room, on an inside or outside wall, above or below ground, or even fit into a corner which allows for greater versatility. Being economical does not need to be dull or boring any longer.
5 Essential Products to Help Weather a Winter Storm
Consumer Reports has no financial relationship with advertisers on this site."Never put off for tomorrow, what you can do today."That notion, attributed to Thomas Jefferson, is especially true now that awinter stormis expected to hit a large part the country this weekend.As winter rages on, each bad storm brings with it a new round of people flooding home-improvement centers in search of generators, flashlights, and just about anything else that can help weather prolonged cold spells and periodic power outages.Unfortunately, the eve of a storm is a terrible time to shop for cold-climate essentials."The period leading up to, and immediately after, a bad storm tends to be the worst time to shop for essentials like generators and snow blowers," says Courtney Pennicooke, CR's market analyst who oversees outdoor power equipment and generators.Instead, seize any lull in bad weather to make informed purchases on the gear you'll need most when clouds turn gray.Here, we've compiled the five items CR's experts consider to be essential for weathering a bad winter storm-and, for each product category, top-rated picks from our tests. For the models, we kept price in mind, too. You don't have to spend a fortune to get your home winter storm-ready.GeneratorIf you live in an area prone to power outages, consider a stationary generator. These aregenerally more expensive, but they can run on your home's natural gas supply, or on propanefor up to 13 days. Natural gas versions run indefinitely. Opt for a licensed electrician, who should connect it to your home's electrical panel using a transfer switch.Alternately, a portable generator can save you several thousand dollars. You'll still want it connected by a licensed electrician, but in a pinch, we walk through how to get your generator safely up and running during an outage until you have it installed professionally.Here, three of the best inexpensive generators to help weather an outage.Snow BlowerIf the allure of easily removing snow from your driveway hasn't motivated you to buy asnow blower, try thinking of it as a safety tool.In a serious winter storm, you'll be glad you've got a snow blower, which can easily clear a path to your car, not to mention make it possible to pull out of your driveway once the plows have passed.Below, the best budget-friendly snow blowers to clear a path quickly.Space HeaterIf the power goes out and you're relying on a generator, a space heater will let you hunker down in a single room and stay warm while using considerably less energy than an electric heat pump or furnace, both of which heat your whole house.If you heat your home with gas or propane or another heating source, skip the space heater in favor of your furnace. And if you rely on propane, heating oil, or wood pellets and a bad storm makes the roads impassable but doesn't knock out the power, use the heater to stay warm and toasty while you wait for your next delivery.We've rounded up three top-rated and inexpensive space heaters from our ratings.Chain SawHeavy snow and ice can down branches long after a storm has passed. That's one of the struggles faced by utility workers as they attempt to restore power after a storm. So take a hint from them and buy and use a chain saw before a winter storm hits.Not only will you get to choose from top-performing models, but by being proactive and trimming precarious limbs before a storm, you'll also minimize damage to your home during snowfall and avoid the tedious yard cleanup after.Below, three stellar chain saws for quickly clearing limbs.Smoke & CO Alarms and Fire ExtinguishersAll three are safety essentials, but the unusual risks posed by weathering a winter storm power outage make them even more important.Burning candles for light, operating a generator, or using a space heater can all increase the chances you'll need one of these life-saving devices.Here, three standout smoke and CO alarms.Consumer Reports is an independent, nonprofit organization that works side by side with consumers to create a fairer, safer, and healthier world. CR does not endorse products or services, and does not accept advertising. Copyright 2019, Consumer Reports, Inc.
Winter Prep Guide: Protect Your Home, Yourself From Fire
Most fatal fires happen right where you think you are the safest - in your own home, according to Jennifer Mieth, public information officer for the Massachusetts Department of Fire Services.Many break out at night when people are asleep, Mieth said, and "your sense of smell goes to sleep when you do.''As you prepare your home and yard for winter, waiting until the last minute to turn on the heat, there are things you can do to keep you and your family safe from fire. There were 14,173 residential-building fires last year, with 44 deaths, according to the Department of Fire Services. That represented 84 percent of all structure fires reported in the state and a 2 percent decrease from 2015. It was the lowest number reported since 2008, but we can do better."There are a lot of things people don't know and a lot of misconceptions,'' said Susan McKelvey, communications manager for the National Fire Protection Association. "There are so many things we can do to dramatically reduce the risk of fire - sometimes things people don't think about.''We asked Mieth, McKelvey, and the state's fire marshal, Peter J. Ostroskey, for fire-prevention tips:Check your alarms"It is important to have working smoke alarms,'' Mieth said. "People that have battery-operated alarms [need to] replace the batteries twice per year to make sure they are working.''Smoke alarms last only 10 years, she added; after that the sensor deteriorates.The National Fire Alarm Code requires a smoke alarm in every bedroom, on every level of the home, and in any area other where people sleep."There is a sense of overconfidence at home,'' Mc-Kelvey said. "People don't think fire will happen to them, so they don't take it seriously.''Don't forget to have working carbon monoxide detectors on every floor, too. Make an escape plan"The key is to have two ways out'' of each room, Ostroskey said, "so you have the best chance if one is impeded for some reason.''Today's homes burn a lot faster because so much furniture is made of synthetic materials, Mieth said. Home fires double in size every minute, and they emit toxic gases, she said. (Watch a video shot by the Brockton Fire Department in 2003 that shows how quickly fire can spread. Clickhere.)When making an escape plan, McKelvey said, ensure all exits are clutter-free, and designate a meeting place outside, in front of your home.Once you are outside, do not go back in for anything, she said.Be careful cookingTo prevent a fire, "stay in the kitchen when you are cooking,'' Meith said. If there is a fire, "put a lid on it, turn the heat off, and resist the temptation to move the pot.''And never leave the house or go to a bed with a major appliance like a stove or dryer running or Christmas lights or space heaters on, she said. Keep the electronics to a minimum"As a general rule, one plug, one outlet,'' Meith said. "Heavy-duty appliances need to be plugged directly into the wall. Don't plug an extension cord into a power strip.''And check your cords. Make sure that they are not pinched and that nothing is sitting on top of them, Ostroskey said.Need to charge your phone for work in the morning? "Never leave a lithium ion battery-powered appliance charging after it is fully charged, so it is best to break the habit of leaving cellphones charging overnight,'' Mieth wrote in an e-mail. "I have a terrible photo of a fire at Framingham State of a laptop left on the bedclothes, starting a terrible fire, and [I] have seen photos of cellphones under teens' pillows starting fires. ... Battery-operated appliances like this generate heat. ... charge your appliances on noncombustible surfaces.''Have a licensed electrician check your home's wiring every 10 years. Small upgrades and making sure that grounds are secure usually don't cost a lot, Meith said. "As our electrical usage over time grows, it's important to have your system keep up. ... Just as you need a new roof every so often, one should plan to make upgrades to the electrical system.'' Keep it clean"We are coming up on heating season, so make sure chimneys, woodstoves, and other fossil-fuel equipment is clean,'' Ostroskey said. Also, get your gas heaters checked before turning those on.Be sure to dispose of ashes in a metal container with a lid - not in cardboard boxes, recycling bins, trash barrels, plastic bags, or with other refuse, Mieth said. Keep an eye on those portable heatersEstablish a 3-foot circle of safety around your space heater, free of anything that can burn, Meith said, and be sure to turn it off before you go to sleep. Avoid using an extension cord; plug any heat-generating appliance directly into a wall outlet."Daisy-chaining'' extension cords was a factor in both fatal space heater fires last year, she said. "Extension cords don't have the safety of a circuit breaker tripping when overloaded.''"Use the proper appliance [to heat your house]; don't use a stovetop or oven for heat,'' Ostroskey said.Store flammables away from the furnaceKeep a 3-foot safe zone around the furnace, free of anything that can burn, Mieth said, adding that paint and chemicals should be stored in a shed or a locked garage. Gasoline, however, should not be stored in an attached garage.And what kind of fire extinguisher should you have on hand?"I do not recommend fire extinguishers,'' except as a way to help you escape, Mieth said. "Most people are not trained to use extinguishers, [and] most home extinguishers are not recharged periodically, so you don't know if they'll work."It is a contradictory message to get out and stay out,'' she said.
Reptiles' Space Heater Blamed for Raritan Township House Fire
RARITAN TWP. - A space heater that was warming some creatures in a daughter's menagerie is being blamed by the family for setting her room ablaze this morning. But firefighters put the fire out quickly and saved the house.Michael Willett had just returned to his Oriole Way house near Ringoes after dropping his 20-year-old daughter Dana off at Polytech, he smelled smoke in the hallway and the smoke alarm started beeping. He saw what "looked like fire under the door" and when he opened it, the fire "was raging pretty good." He then closed the door and told his older daughter Lauren to get her dog and get out. He rounded up another dog and a bird and left, then called 911 from outside.Firefighters from seven companies responded and the fire was quickly put out before it spread to other rooms. They put a hole in the roof to get at any fire that had ascended into the ceiling of Dana's upstairs bedroom, Willett said.Lauren said her dad had joked, "Well, Dana has been wanting to remodel her room." Dana, who is in the pre-veterinary program at Hunterdon Polytech, has many pets. The species represented in her room are hermit crab, gecko, frog and turtle. Willett believes the cause of the trouble was a space heater that was supplying extra warmth to the hermit crabs.While the firefighters were still occupying the house, Willett said that some of Dana's animals had probably died. In the house, but not in Dana's room, were a snake, a sugar glider (like a flying squirrel) and a bearded lizard. "It's quite a little zoo," he said.A police officer approached Lauren and, on behalf of the firefighters, asked for more snake information. Having seen one snake, they didn't want surprise attacks from any others.The fire trucks closest to the house belonged to West Amwell and Raritan Township, but standing by or helping were vehicles and personnel from Readington, Three Bridges, Quakertown, Amwell Valley (fire and rescue), Kingwood and Sergeantsville.Oriole Way is off Old York Road, not far from Route 202-31.More Hunterdon County news: • Facebook • Twitter
Fire Causes $75,000 Damage to Cambridge Townhouse ...
CAMBRIDGE - A fire in a Cambridge townhouse Wednesday morning is suspected to have occurred because of an extension cord and a covered space heater, says the Cambridge fire platoon chief.Three adults in the rental unit on Elgin Street North were unhurt in the 7:22 a.m. fire. The fire was contained to a second-floor bedroom. Damage is estimated at about $75,000.Platoon Chief Martin Mills said the person living in the rental unit was using hydro from another unit across the laneway at the Max Saltsman Co-operative Housing Inc. complex.The extension cord could be seen going from the bedroom window to the other unit, about 30 metres away. It is believed that the hydro had been cut off from the unit where the fire occurred for about a month. Mills said the extension cord in the upper floor bedroom was covered in tape and the space heater was covered with clothes."We know the origin was in the bedroom," he said.Mills said the space heater was buried under clothing and furniture."This time of the year, everyone is using extension cords and people tuck them under the carpet but they release heat," he said. "If using extension cords keep the clear and away from combustibles."Also, extension cords are meant to be used temporarily, he added.The extensions cords, covered in painter's tape, could be seen on the front lawn.Fire prevention officer Eric Robinson said that when fire crews arrived on the scene they hit the extension cord that was hanging from tree limbs as it went from one unit to the other.Robinson said it was unclear how many people lived in the rental unit. Firefighters were able to quickly contain the fire to the bedroom within 10 minutes but there was smoke damage to the rest of the unit.Neighbouring units were not damaged.Mike Watson, a friend of the woman who lived in the unit, said he was walking by the complex just after 7 a.m. People were yelling fire and he went in to help.He tried to grab a garden hose but it was frozen."I was filling up buckets of water from the kitchen and taking it upstairs," he said."It was hard to see. It was really smoky. We were choking," said Watson, who had black soot on his face from the fire.Grand River Transit arrived to keep residents warm while they were temporarily evacuated from their units. The woman from the unit where the fire occurred is being assisted by Canadian Red Cross.Mills said the woman will not be able to return to the unit because of the damage.Twitter: @MonteiroRecord