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Springwel's memory foam pillow is a comfortable orthopedic pillow which helps in posture correction and spine alignment. This orthopedic pillow comes with a washable cover in regular size and can be used on either sides

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What is the best pillow for a good night's rest? For some sleepers, the answer is a memory foam pillow because it can provide a blend of pressure relief, support, and softness to help a sleeper achieve better rest. In this guide, we cover the types of memory foam pillows, pillow sizes, and pillow lofts available. We go over the pros and cons of memory foam, the expected price and lifespan of a memory foam pillow, and which sleeping styles best benefit from using a memory foam pillow. We designed the Zoma Pillow to not only be comfortable but moldable. The shredded foam and polyester MicroCushions inside the pillow let you shape and fluff the pillow to your liking. Our MicroCushions fill the pillow by the hundreds and keep you cool by dissipating heat. The hypoallergenic MicroCushions naturally resists bacteria and dust mites. A queen-size Zoma Pillow is 16 inches by 27 inches and 6 inches high. The pillow can fit comfortably on most mattresses. The pillow comes with a machine washable cover made from 97 percent polyester and 3 percent spandex. The breathable, stretchy knit lets air flow in and out. Our Zoma Pillow is also machine washable. We advise washing the pillow core on a delicate cycle with mild detergent every six to twelve months, then dry it on low heat. You can get a queen-size Zoma Pillow for $75 with free shipping. The Zoma Pillow also comes with a 10-year warranty to cover repairs or replacement. Memory foam is created by adding materials to polyurethane to make it more viscous and elastic. This means memory foam contours to the body when a sleeper lies down, but quickly reverts to its original shape when the sleeper gets up and leaves the bed. Memory foam's ability to shape itself around the sleeper makes it one of the best materials to alleviate pressure and pain. While a memory foam mattress is the best way to relieve pressure points, a memory foam pillow can provide further support and relief for your head and neck. There's not just one shape when it comes to a memory foam pillow. While there is the traditional solid rectangle available, you can find a variety of other pillow shapes and lengths. A solid memory foam pillow comes in different thicknesses to better suit various sleepers. A one-piece memory foam pillow requires little maintenance- just the occasional spot-cleaning and regular vacuuming. It has a shorter expected lifespan than a shredded memory foam pillow. Instead of one solid block of memory foam, numerous pieces of memory foam fill a pillow for better customization. You can add or take away from the fill to change the pillow's loft and firmness. The broken-up pieces mean more air can flow through, keeping the pillow cool throughout the night. A shredded foam pillow can require frequent fluffing, like you would with a feather pillow. Unlike a solid memory foam pillow, many shredded pillows can be machine washed. A contour pillow supports the neck's muscles while you sleep. The pillow has two raised ends, one higher than the other, to let you choose which side provides better neck support. The head rests in the dip between the pillow's two slopes. While we recommend contour memory foam pillows for side and back sleepers, stomach sleepers should not use one. A stomach sleeper may aggravate their neck by resting on a contour pillow. A wedge memory foam pillow has a triangular shape made to elevate your head while you sleep. Wedge pillows can help with a few different health issues. A wedge pillow can help control acid reflux or snoring when used as a head pillow. For acid reflux, raising the head, neck, and shoulders helps keep stomach contents in place. For snoring, elevating the head prevents the throat's soft tissue from blocking the airway. If you have lower back pain, a wedge pillow can help if you place it underneath your knees, with the crook of your knees resting on the pillow's right angle. This takes the pressure off the lower back area. A body pillow is large, typically 20 inches wide and 48 to 54 inches long. Twin-bed sleepers may feel cramped with a body pillow, but it should comfortably fit on a full-size mattress or larger. Many side sleepers benefit from sleeping with a body pillow, as hugging a body pillow can prevent tossing and turning. A body pillow can also help a sleeper make the change to side sleeping. Like any material, memory foam has its pros and its cons. It's one of the best materials for pressure and pain relief, but that might not be what a sleeper most needs from their pillow. One of the biggest appeals of memory foam is its pressure and pain relief. If you wake up with neck pain or headaches, a memory foam pillow can help you get a painless night of sleep. If you need silence to sleep, memory foam is one of the quietest bedding materials. It remains completely silent when you move, unlike a buckwheat or feather pillow. Memory foam is one of the more versatile pillow fills on the market. Memory foam pillows are typically one solid piece of foam in varying thicknesses and firmnesses, or full of adjustable, shredded foam. A memory foam pillow is easy to find- you can order one online or find one in the bedding aisle of most department stores. The main downfall of traditional memory foam is how it can absorb too much body heat, disturbing sleep. Many brands solve this problem by adding cooling gels to the foam mix, creating gel memory foam. Others mix in graphite, charcoal, or copper for a similar effect. A memory foam pillow can lack durability, but this mostly applies to a one-piece design. A shredded foam fill lasts about three or four years. Many sleepers notice an unpleasant smell when first opening their memory foam pillow. This smell results from a process known as "off-gassing" and occurs when organic compounds in the pillow break down at room temperature. The smell should dissipate within a few weeks at most. A memory foam pillow may not be for everyone; it depends on your preferences, sleeping position, and budget. However, a memory foam pillow can help others achieve a better night of sleep. Side sleepers need a mix of support and pressure relief. A high-loft, firm memory foam pillow can keep the neck aligned while soothing pressure points. And a knee or leg pillow can keep the hips aligned during the night. Side sleepers spend the night with part of their face pressed into their pillow. We recommend a cooling pillow with a breathable cover to prevent heat retention. A shredded memory foam pillow is a good way for a back sleeper to find their perfect loft and firmness without having to try out numerous pillows. A back sleeper who snores or has acid reflux can alleviate their symptoms with a wedge foam pillow. A memory foam pillow can prevent and alleviate allergy or asthma symptoms. The dense structure of memory foam works to keep out allergens and pests such as dust mites and bed bugs. Dust mites, in particular, can worsen allergy symptoms. A memory foam pillow is a good choice for any sleeper with a natural fiber, feather, or latex allergy. According to Sleep Like The Dead, a quality memory foam pillow should last longer than other hypoallergenic fills such as polyester or down alternatives. You can use a mite-proof cover on your pillow to further prevent an allergen invasion. Washing your bedding every week can help, too, especially if you wash it in hot water to kill any lingering germs or dust mites. If you've woken up with a sore or stiff neck, a new memory foam pillow can be just what you need for a better night of rest. A traditional rectangular pillow can mold itself to your head and neck for relief. A contour pillow, however, can help you wake up pain-free by offering separate support for your neck and head. We recommend staying away from a high-loft or stiff pillow if you experience frequent neck pain. A pillow that's too high or stiff keeps your neck flexed throughout the night. You can find memory foam pillows in a few different sizes, as shown below. Most mattresses can accommodate a standard, super standard, or queen size pillow. When we talk of pillow loft, we are referring to the pillow's height or thickness. Pillows come in low loft, medium loft, and high loft. The right pillow for you promotes a healthy spine by keeping your head and neck aligned. Your sleeping position and type of mattress can help you figure out what your ideal loft is. Each sleep position works best with a different loft, as the height needed to keep the neck and head aligned changes with your body's position. A side sleeper often gets their best sleep on a pillow with a higher loft, between 4 to 6 inches. We recommend side sleepers shop for a firm pillow, rather than a plush pillow that might let their head sink in too deep. Back sleepers sleep best on a memory foam pillow that falls in the middle when it comes to loft and firmness. We do not recommend stomach sleeping, as it can cause or aggravate health concerns such as back pain, neck pain, and restless sleeping. We advise stomach sleepers try side sleeping or back sleeping instead. However, those who choose to continue stomach sleeping should look for a low-loft pillow or skip the head pillow entirely. Instead, we recommend using a pillow underneath the abdomen to better keep the spine aligned. A memory foam mattress or latex mattress molds to your body, leaving less space between your neck and the mattress. So if you sleep on a foam bed, a lower loft pillow keeps your neck properly aligned with the rest of your spine. If your bed is an innerspring mattress or a hybrid, you wo not sink in as deeply as you would on a foam bed. This creates more space between your neck and the mattress, requiring a higher loft to provide enough support. How Much Should a Memory Foam Pillow Cost? Many memory foam pillows fall into the $30 to $75 range, although a few cost more than $100. Extra features such as cooling gels and adjustable loft can increase the price. Memory foam pillows typically rest in the middle when it comes to pillow prices. Often, a memory foam pillow costs less than a natural fill such as down or buckwheat, and more than a synthetic fill such as down alternative or polyester. For a queen-size pillow, we recommend a budget between $50 to $80. A lower-cost memory foam pillow is unlikely to give you several years of use. How Long Should a Memory Foam Pillow Last? You can expect about three to four years of use from a pillow with memory foam filling. We recommend keeping the pillow receipt in a safe place so you will know exactly when you bought it. This may seem like a short amount of time, but pillows need regular replacing because they absorb dead skin, hair, and sweat. These s inevitably attract dust mites, a microscopic pest many people are allergic to. The weight of your head flattens your pillow over time, causing it to provide less support. A shredded memory foam pillow tends to last longer than a one-piece pillow since you can fluff it up to keep it in shape. So how do you know when your memory foam pillow needs replacing? If any of the below describes your pillow, it's probably time to shop around for a new one: Your pillow has developed lumps or is otherwise losing its shape Your pillow has stains that wo not wash out You wake up with neck or shoulder pain You wake up with headaches or have more headaches than normal You see an increase in allergy symptoms after you've slept To better protect your memory foam pillow, we recommend a pillow cover or protector. Some pillows come with a cover, but if not you may want to take the time to purchase one. A removable cover is easy to wash, and using one can help you get the most out of your pillow. Wash any pillowcases and pillow covers once a week with your other bedding. A solid memory foam pillow should be spot cleaned on a regular basis, ideally about every once every one to two months and at least every six months. Clean your pillow if you've recently spilled something on it or if you've just recovered from an illness. Do not put your one-piece memory foam pillow in the washer or dryer, as the agitator may break the foam apart. Instead, gently clean it by hand and allow the pillow to air dry. Make sure it's completely dry before you pull the cover and pillowcase back on. To freshen up a one-piece memory foam pillow, sprinkle baking soda on it and give it some sunlight for a couple of hours. Then vacuum the pillow, flip it and repeat the process. Vacuuming your pillow regularly can keep it free of dead skin and allergens. Because a shredded memory foam pillow is already in pieces, it typically can go into a washer and dryer. Read any included care instructions for the recommended water temperature and wash cycle. Fluff a shredded memory foam pillow regularly to help it keep its shape. You can fluff a pillow manually with your hands or by running it in the dryer for a few minutes. Sleeping on the Right Mattress Even the perfect pillow for you can only do so much when it comes to getting a good night's sleep. To get the most out of your bed, sleep on the best mattress for you. Just as the right pillow works to keep your spine happy by keeping your neck and head supported, the right mattress maintains a healthy spinal alignment. You do not have to overspend to find a top-rated mattress, either. It's possible to find a great mattress for under $1000. Not every pillow comes with a sleep trial, warranty, or return policy. Warranties are far more common than return policies; it's common for a pillow to be a final-sale item. We advise always shopping for a pillow with a warranty to protect your investment. A sleep trial is the time period you have to try out a new pillow. Not every pillow comes with one, particularly the more inexpensive ones. Some pillow sleep trials last about a month, while others extend to between 90 to 120 days. Warranties provide security for the customer, assuring them the pillow they are buying is a quality product. Memory foam pillow warranties often include tears, rips, or splits in the foam extending beyond normal usage. If the pillow comes with a cover, the warranty may only protect the pillow and not any damage to the cover's fabric or zipper. Many memory foam pillows need to be replaced every two or three years, although a high-quality pillow may last you about five years. A good warranty will cover at least three years. We strongly advise against buying a pillow that does not have an attached warranty. Warranties are a measure of the company's faith, so what does it say if the company does not include a warranty? A return policy outlines how you process a return, the time period in which you can make a return, and for what reasons you can make a return. To make it easier on yourself, take the time to read through it before you buy rather than wait until you want to return your pillow. We advise choosing a pillow with a return policy that covers at least 30 days. Memory foam pillows can flatten over time. A shredded memory foam pillow is less likely to flatten than a solid memory foam pillow thanks to the hundreds of pieces inside. When it starts getting flat, you can just fluff it up so it will regain its shape. You should not wash a one-piece memory foam pillow because a washing machine can break up the foam. Instead, try vacuuming your pillow every three months. Pillows yellow as they age and trap dirt, debris, and sweat. Washing your pillow regularly can help keep it clean and stain-free. Just make sure your pillow is safe to toss into the washer. What type of pillow is best for side sleeper? Side sleepers should look for a high loft pillow to support their neck and head. Otherwise, they will wake up with stiff neck muscles or a headache. Shredded memory foam pillows are a good choice for side sleepers because their fill is adjustable. They can be fluffed up or flattened. The pillow also adapts as you toss and turn. Should shoulders be on the pillow when sleeping? It's better to keep your shoulders off your pillow while resting. If your shoulders are on the pillow, they will likely create a gap between your neck and the pillow. Without support, your neck muscles will strain to hold up your head and feel sore the next morning. Did We Help? A memory foam pillow can provide many sleepers with a restful night of sleep. If you are unsure what loft and firmness are right for you, we recommend a shredded foam pillow for its adjustability. When it comes to pillows, what you pay for is typically what you get. Do not be afraid to invest $10 to $30 more to ensure you get a pillow that will last for years to come.

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Memory Foam Pillows
Memory Foam Pillows
What is memory foam? It is visco-elastic polyurethane foam that is resilient. It's so soft and light, but it can be firm under your head and extremely durable. It is dense, yet yielding. And it feels so right when it's under your head as a pillow. From being created for use in outer space to becoming the popular choice for mattresses, pillows, and coverings, this material sure has come a long way!What does memory foam do for you? For starters, it improves the quality of your sleep. It does this by taking away the points of pressure that the weight of your body exerts. It conforms to your body shape and gives you just the right support to make you comfortable. No wonder it's a favorite with doctors and chiropractors all over the country. are great for neck and back problems, for chronic snorers, for those who can never find a comfortable position to sleep in and for the ones who just love a feeling of soft, luxurious, snuggly comfort. So never mind if you sleep on your back, your side, or your tummy; this pillow allows a perfect neck-and-spine alignment, gently cradling your head. And the cervical memory foam pillow is a boon to snorers, aligning the head and neck to just the right degree so their snoring is minimized. It all adds up to a great night's sleep.The memory foam pillow is temperature-sensitive and jumps back to its original form like a jack-in-the-box as soon as you lift your head from it. No other pillow, be it down, feather, synthetic, or conventional foam, can beat its advantage of being so soft and yet so supportive.More and more people have started to swear by memory foam technology. Once you've experienced it, it could be hard to resist!
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I have found them great help. JC Penneys has a great cheap one1. Guide for choosing the best carpet cleaning company | Moussy Home NetworkWhen choosing a carpet cleaning company, here are three items to keep in mind to help you find the best carpet cleaning company for your needs. What cleaning method does the company use? Most companies utilize a hot water extraction method while others use shampoo or dry foam. To be sure you are using the best method for your type of carpeting, speak to a company representative or your carpet manufacturer for recommendations. It is also good to research the type of cleaning agents the company uses. If you have small children or pets, you might need a special type of cleaning solution that offers an extra level of safety. You might also want to ask about what other services are included with the carpet cleaning. For example, does the company offer spot treatment for old or difficult stains? Will company representatives move your furniture and replace it for you? Will your carpet be treated with a stain guard product after it is cleaned? Find out if a company representative will come to asses your carpet before cleaning to ensure the right cleaning method is used for your particular needs. How does the company select its employees? Is the carpet cleaning company concerned about the quality of its workforce? Are employees licensed, bonded and insured? Make a mental note about how you are treated when calling the company. Is the person assisting you professional, courteous and helpful? Ask for references to find out about timeliness, work quality and if the company's services are recommended. Visit the company's website to see what information it offers about the company's employees and what promises/guarantees they are expected to honor. Specifically, know what is included in each price quote you are given. Does the company charge per room or is a flat rate price given for all carpet to be cleaned? Will you be charged more if your carpet is more difficult to clean, or if you no longer have a warranty? Be wary of a price that sounds too good - the company may be new and inexperienced, or it may not offer the cleaning services you need. Check the company's website to see if you can get an online quote. This will allow you to compare prices before you sign on the dotted line. To get the most from your home carpet cleaning company, try Chem-Dry of Franklin, ask questions, and do your homework too. The more you know about what cleaning method is best for your carpet and what price you are willing to pay, the better off you will be. Ideally, the company will exceed your expectations and will leave you with clean, beautiful carpet.2. What is one helmet that would be adequate (not perfect, of course) for skating, biking, rock climbing, and skydiving?To answer your question, I need to first warn you that no single helmet fits all your activity. I tried to get one to save money before then I learned that the activities mentioned have different impact characteristics. I am here informing you of the risk. It might be cheaper to get two kinds of helmet for its intended purposes. Is it safe to use bike or skateboard helmet while climbing?Generally foam helmets break on impact so as to disperse the energy, preventing it from jarring your noggin. Cycling helmets are usually made of hard foam. Some higher tiered climbing helmets are foam constructed as well and these are lighter than their polycarbonate cousins. Hard helmets with sponge/harness inside works a different mechanic. Sports or water sports helmets tend to be these types including climbing where you might face repeated bashing or missile drops.With the above said, here's what I can recommend. Vapor Helmet - Black Diamond Climbing GearWall Rider | MammutBoth of the above are rated for single use climbing. Meaning that if a 5lb rock falls on it or if you bashed your head on the wall, it is as good as compromised. Many bicycle helmets are similarly constructed this way. There's also this link here: Multi-Sport HelmetsI can't find the Petzl model on the web. You might be able to get it on Amazon if they still have stock. The helmets in the page are certified for a range of activities you might be interested in. However, if you'd want to save a little more cash, I'd recommend the Protec Classic like the other answer. Although it gets hot in there during summer cycles, it lasts through repeated knocks.Right below is another kind made by Protec purely for a US DOD contract. Known as bump helmets. Don't skip this without giving it consideration. It is rated like a hard hat that is a lot more comfortable. It has a semi-hard polymer shell that flexes upon impact, and a close-cell sponge that encapsulates your skull to give it a two tier shock absorption protection. Protec Helmets:What is one helmet that would be adequate (not perfect, of course) for skating, biking, rock climbing, and skydiving?3. Memory Foam For A Hard College Bed...?HELL YA!!!!! For 20 dollars im going tomorrow!!! I love memory foam beds , I just brought a king size one from overstock ( 14") it rocks!!! you will get hooked on memory foam!
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Memory foam pillows are comprised of a space age foam that molds to body shape, while providing good ergonomic support to the head and neck. These pillows can be very uncomfortable if they are used improperly, and with a good-quality memory foam pillow priced at $100 or more, it's not an item you want to toss in the guestroom or in the pillow graveyard at the back of your closet. Natural latex is so luxurious that it almost doubled the manufacturing price - it did not matter, it had to be included. .Protect yourself from the effects of dust mites by applying dust mite spray on the memory foam before covering with sheets. Not only will you prevent allergenic reactions and a host of other ailments from the presence of dust mites, but many dust mite sprays have a safe clean scent that eliminates the smell of memory foam as well.. .4.Fabric softeners help.. .Most fabric softeners have a scent rating; choose one that has a strong enough scent that will mask the smell of newly-opened memory foam. It tends to retain heat or cold more than a feather pillow. Besides the basic pillow that you put under your head, you can buy pillows designed specifically to support your neck or back.Memory foam pillows are comprised of a space age foam that molds to body shape, while providing good ergonomic support to the head and neck. Memory foam supports the head and neck, while preventing pressure points. These pillows can be very uncomfortable if they are used improperly, and with a good-quality memory foam pillow priced at $100 or more, it's not an item you want to toss in the guestroom or in the pillow graveyard at the back of your closet. Like memory foam mattresses, it will take some time to become accustomed to a memory foam pillow and using it properly from day one will help hasten the adjustment process. Step 1 Purchase a waterproof pillow cover if this item is not included with your pillow. A few high-end memory foam pillows will come with a waterproof pillow cover included; most only have a generic fabric pillow cover included. It's essential the pillow cover is waterproof so the pillow is protected from sweat, saliva, spills, etc., as memory foam pillows are not washable. Step 2 Place the bare memory foam pillow outdoors in a dry, clean, shady location for several afternoons in a row. The chemical odor associated with memory foam pillows is often very strong and for some people, this makes it virtually impossible to sleep. Placing the pillow in the fresh air will allow the odor to diminish. Step 3 Put the waterproof cover on the memory foam pillow (once the odor has faded), followed by a pillowcase of your choice. Step 4 Remove other pillows from your side of the bed. Memory foam pillows are designed to be used alone. Step 5 Place the pillow at the head of the bed, with the flat side down and the larger of the two curves facing the foot of the bed. Most memory foam pillows have a flat side, and a curvy side that looks like two hills with a valley in the center. Your head sits in the valley, and the larger "hill" goes under your neck. Some memory foam pillows come in a traditional pillow shape, and for these, no special alignment is required. Step 6 Lay on the bed, place your head on the pillow and find a comfortable position. Step 7 Do not switch positions for five to ten minutes, despite how "hard" the pillow may feel. Memory foam pillows may feel too firm at first, but like memory foam mattresses, the body heat and weight of the head and neck softens the foam and comfort increases dramatically within five to ten minutes. Step 8 Launder the pillowcase weekly and launder the waterproof pillow case as needed.Dog Beds & Orthopaedic Memory Foam Pet Beds AustraliaPawpedics memory foam dog beds are not just for dogs, they are for everyone - we even let our cats sleep on them sometimes. Pawpedics luxury pet beds are comprised of three high quality layers and cater for even the fussiest sleepers. From Staffy's and Terrier's up to Retrievers, Dalmations & Great Danes there's a size and fit for all. The first layer is a 10cm thick (15cm thick for XL) high-density memory foam base with air flow ventilation cuts made horizontally through the foam to allow for air to flow through the bed, keeping your pet cool all year round. Having a supportive base means the Pawpedic is more than capable of providing adequate spinal alignment support to even the biggest of breeds. Some of our customers sleep two Great Danes on an XL size bed - that's over 140kg! The second layer is 3cm of cooling gel injected memory foam. Having a layer of cooling gel memory foam helps to relieve muscular tension and assist with temperature stabilisation in the warmer months. This layer is softer than the base, so it conforms a lot more to body contours and gives your pet a sense of security as it hugs them as they lay down. The top and final layer is 3cm of perforated, non-toxic, odor-neutralising natural latex. This layer completes our structural orthopedic design and is what sets our pet beds apart from the rest. Natural latex is so luxurious that it almost doubled the manufacturing price - it did not matter, it had to be included. It's so special that it's probably not even in your own bed. Its known for easing joint pressure and creating that cloud like comfort that Pawpedics is known for. An inner waterproof cover is what encases these three layers, protecting them from incontinence or puppy accidents. It's hypoallergenic so it wo not affect your fancy Bichon Frise and its anti-microbial to stop nasty dust mites annoying your pal. If by any chance you need to wash it, you can! The outer cover is luxury ultra-durable sofa fabric, made in Poland. We chose this fabric because we wanted the best and we noticed how much dogs and cats simply love sleeping on couches and lounges whenever they can get away with it. Our outer cover is machine washable, has an extremely high piling resistance and is dirt, hair and scratch proof. It's anti-static so vacuuming off loose hair is painless, and should incontinence or spills occur, simply wipe clean with baby or pet wipes.How to Remove the Smell of Memory FoamNewly opened memory foam has the faint odor that, while not dangerous, can be quite bothersome for some. Here are a few tips that should help you enjoy your memory foam mattress from the moment you take it out of the packaging.. .1.Air out the foam.. .Open the windows of the room, open the packaging, and let the mattress breathe for some time before putting any sheets on. An electric fan will increase air circulation thereby allowing the smell to leave the room faster.. .2.Use deodorizers.. .Place a bowl of ground coffee or coffee beans on one side of your memory foam bed. A bowl of distilled white vinegar left overnight would also be a great deodorizer that ought to get rid of other foul scents in your room as well. A scented candle will release carbons into the air that bind to the carbons of unpleasant odors much like that found from newly opened memory foam mattresses.. .3.Apply dust mite spray. .Protect yourself from the effects of dust mites by applying dust mite spray on the memory foam before covering with sheets. Not only will you prevent allergenic reactions and a host of other ailments from the presence of dust mites, but many dust mite sprays have a safe clean scent that eliminates the smell of memory foam as well.. .4.Fabric softeners help.. .Most fabric softeners have a scent rating; choose one that has a strong enough scent that will mask the smell of newly-opened memory foam. Fabric softener sheets act as deodorizers too. Have some of them lie around the room while airing out your memory foam mat in the meantime.. .5.Change sheets often. .For the first couple of days while the memory foam is new, replace your sheets nightly or every other night. The smell of freshly laundered sheets is often enough to mask the smell of new memory foam.. .6.Use an ozonator. .Ozone is the natural way our planet purifies the air we breathe and cleans our environment, making the air smell sweet and the sky blue. It is also the most powerful disinfectant readily available to mankind. Ozone increases the storage life of foods by oxidizing some chemicals and by neutralizing ammonia and ethylene. Its commercial purpose is the elimination of odors. An ozonator can quickly rid your room of the smell of newly-opened memory foam.Most Comfortable Mattresses of 2021 - How to Find A Comfortable BedWho it's best for: • People who weigh up to 230 pounds Get $399 worth of free accessories with every mattress purchase. Sleepers who enjoy the close "hugging" sensation of memory foam should find the Nectar Mattress quite comfortable. Although this mattress is considered medium firm (6), the 3-inch memory foam comfort layer molds to the unique contours of your body for a cloud-like feel and even weight distribution. Additional polyfoam layers provide good overall support and prevent excessive sagging. The ideal weight range for the mattress is 130-230 pounds. Memory foam mattresses have a reputation for sleeping hot. The Nectar Mattress offers above-average cooling because the comfort layer is composed of open-cell foam, which is less dense and more breathable than the foams used in many competing models. A Tencel lyocell cover derived from botanical materials also regulates the surface temperature well. Another strength is motion isolation. Like most all-foam beds, the Nectar Mattress absorbs movement and prevents transfer from rippling across the surface - a major benefit to couples and co-sleepers. The mattress is also completely silent and wo not creak or squeak when you get out of bed. Given the construction and performance of this mattress, its sticker price is quite affordable. Nectar also offers free ground delivery anywhere in the contiguous U.S. You will receive a sleep trial that allows you to test out the mattress for an entire year, along with a lifetime warranty should you decide to keep it. Read our Full Nectar Review to learn more8 Best Mattresses Without Springs (2021 Discounts)Amerisleep's mattresses are also very reasonably priced for the high quality they offer - especially the AS1, AS2, and AS3 models. • AS1 - the firmest option for stomach, back, and combo sleepers. • AS2 - medium-firm for front, back, and combination sleepers; plus heavier weighted side sleepers or those with back pain. • AS3 - medium that will suit average weighted front, back, side, and combination sleepers. • AS4 - medium-soft for side and lighter weighted sleepers, or anyone that prefers a softer feel. • AS5 - the softest option for those who need maximum pressure relief and material sinkage. • More support and bounce - you may wish to consider the hybrid spring options for the selected models if you want more support and buoyancy whilst still retaining the pressure relieving qualities of the foam. • Unsuitable for children - Amerisleep say that none of their mattresses are suitable for children under 8 years old because memory foam poses a suffocation risk (this is typically true for most memory foam mattresses). • Suitable for heavier weighted sleepers - unlike many all-foam mattresses that cave under heavier loads, all of Amerisleep's mattresses are suitable for sleepers over 230 lbs. • Sleeps cooler than memory foam - Amerisleep use their own Bio-Pur foam to help you sleep cooler when compared to other foams. • More responsive than memory foam - the Bio-Pur foam is also designed to change shape quickly so that you do not get bogged down. • Good for pain relief - the Bio-Pur foam is designed to provide a combination of pressure relief, cushioning, and support that can help to soothe pressure points and possibly even aid with easing muscular and joint pains. • Healthier and lower odor - CertiPUR-US certified to ensure that the mattress is free from formaldehyde, ozone depleters, prohibited phthalates, PBDEs, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals, and is low in VOCs to ensure the mattress does not stink of chemicals. • Long lasting - the Amerisleep mattresses are designed to potentially last beyond the 7-10 year mark with the right care. • Hypoallergenic - may help to guard against dust mite allergies and reduce skin irritation. • 20 year warranty - covers defective sagging and indentations (very important for memory foam mattresses).Zinus Mattress Reviews (2021) - Reasons To Buy/NOT BuyThe 6″ bed has only two layers. It has egg crate support foam on the bottom and memory foam on top. The 8″ and 10″ models both have three layers. They have support foam on the bottom, transition foam in the center and memory foam on top. The 12″ model just adds a second layer of egg crate support foam on the bottom.How to Save Your Marriage by Sleeping on a Memory Foam PillowHow to Save Your Marriage by Sleeping on a Memory Foam Pillow. .When you were single, it was okay to toss and turn in bed. You could flip over, swing your legs to the left and then back to the right. If you wanted, you could do a back flip. No one was there to tell you no. That all changed the day you got married and had to share your bed with your partner.. .Your wife will not appreciate being kicked in the head because you just can not get comfortable. The pillow is too soft and does not support your head. One more night of tossing and turning and your wife has threatened to make you sleep on the couch. If you want to save your marriage, it may be time to invest in a memory foam pillow.. .Memory foam was created by. NASA. for use in the space program. It is a variation of polyurethane foam and comes in a much more dense form called visco elastic foam. Memory foam conforms to the shape of your head, neck and body and gives much better support than a conventional pillow. It tends to retain heat or cold more than a feather pillow. Temperature sensitive, a memory foam pillow will get harder with very cold weather and softer if subjected to warmer conditions. Moisture is an enemy of foam and memory foam is no exception. To protect your pillow from moisture, a protective pillow cover is available.. .There are many different types of pillows that are made of memory foam. Besides the basic pillow that you put under your head, you can buy pillows designed specifically to support your neck or back. An elongated pillow is made to help keep pregnant women comfortable.. .Using a memory foam pillow is not much different than using a regular pillow. They are available in different sizes and different thicknesses. When you lay down or place a pillow under a part of your body, the foam molds around you, creating a custom fit. Just like having a pair of shoes designed just for your feet, you can get no better support and comfort than you can with a memory foam pillow.
Where Can I Buy Baby Memory Foam Pillow-mitten?
do not use memeroty foam! in the bassinett, just use the bottom. any type of... ANYTHING in the bassinet is a safety hazard... suffocation, for example. having nothing but the baby in there reduces the SIDS risk and suffocation. yes, they need a hard surface. dont give your child any type of pillow until s/he is at least 3 years old1. What's the best way to clean a memory foam mattress topper?and there should be a zipper on the bottom or the side. then unzip the mattress cover (the soft side up) and wash it in the laundry. then put in the dryer. then put back on. just like the way you took it off. hope you get the cat pee out!.2. Did you let your Memory Foam matress pad rise up before putting in mattress?We did not have floor space, but left it kind of draped across a couple of chairs and it worked out fine. By now yours should have puffed up well3. Where can i buy "Memory Foam" for making seat cushions? How can you find out if the...?You can buy it amazon.com4. Why can't I machine wash my small memory foam pillow? It has a cloth cover on it.?the water is probably too harsh for the foam. it may degrade the material and make it break apart5. How can I clean a beer spill out of a memory foam mattress topper?Gosh why would you want to? Such an awesome smell. I say keep it in there Dude and renew it next weekend6. I am thinking about investing in a memory foam mattress topper?My daughter's bed has a cover for the topper. I put a deep pocket fitted sheet over that7. Is this a defect? Sams Club Tempsoma 3" Memory Foam Mattress Topper?This Site Might Help You. RE: Is this a defect? Sams Club Tempsoma 3" Memory Foam Mattress Topper? I bought a kingsize Tempsoma 3" Memory Foam Mattress Topper Friday morning at Sams' Club. It's been over 48 hours and three of the four sides have not expanded. It's only 2 inches on each side. I really want to go ahead and put it on the bed, even tho the packaging says it may...8. Do rabbits still need memory foam or any kind of blanket on the floor if its carpet?Nope. Carpet is comfy enough for them. Rabbits do not usually use cushy beds. Mine did like blankets. They liked to lay on those and dig in them. You need to watch out for chewing and take it away if they try to eat it. Fleece blankets are safest because they do not have threads9. We are expereincing uncomfortable heat from sleeping on a memory foam mattress....?We have a 3 inch Memory Foam topper on top of our regular mattress. I could not sleep on it, as it was very warm (we live in TX, so I feel you on the heat & humidity). I went to Marshalls and purchased a Ralph Lauren pillowtop mattress pad. It cost around $40, I think. Wow, it made all the difference and I now sleep wonderfully10. 25 Best Mattress Toppers For The Best Night Sleep EverMany of us get to the point where our bed really needs an upgrade, but a new mattress just can not happen at the moment. For those instances, a mattress topper can be a great purchase. Mattress toppers are often a fraction of the cost of a new mattress, yet upgrade the comfort and support you get from your bed. Whether your mattress is aging or is just not as great as it once was, a mattress by itself is not always enough support. The best mattress topper can help with everything from comfort to muscle soreness, and give you a better night's sleep and a refreshed start to the day. This topper is designed with the same pressure-relieving material found in Tempur-Pedic mattresses. The material conforms to your body to deliver a deeper, uninterrupted sleep. Unlike other mattress toppers, this one is 3 inches thick and more durable than ordinary memory foam. RELATED: 8 Ways To Get The Best Sleep Of Your Life (Plus 3 Things To Avoid At All Costs Before Bed) Two inches of ultra plush memory foam conforms to your curves and hugs you to sleep. It's infused with temperature regulating gel beads that capture and dissipate heat to help prevent overheating. Lightweight quilted mattress pad with hypoallergenic fill is ideal for allergy sufferers. Knitted fabric sides stretch to ensure the perfect fit, and poly-cotton fabric on both sides ensures breathability and easy care. This supportive mattress topper features a combination of memory foam clusters and hypoallergenic fiber fill. Cover features Nanotex Coolest Comfort Technology designed to provide a cooler night's sleep through advanced moisture wicking. This topper is covered in the same luxury cooling fabric found on Nest Bedding's Alexander Mattresses. It attaches with straps at all 4 corners to hold it in place. Mellanni's Microplush Mattress Pad maintains its shape, is luxury-made, and brings a velvet softness to any mattress. The mattress pad is easy to care for, machine wash friendly, hypoallergenic, and protects your mattress from dirt and dust. OOLER Sleep System is a device that functions like an air-conditioned mattress pad to help lower the body's core temperature and help users fall asleep faster. It enables users to have a deeper sleep cycles that last longer to help maximize their energy in the morning. Brooklyn Bedding's luxury line mattress protector features a premium smooth top knit delivering ultimate cooling and protection for your best sleep experience ever. It has a super conductive material that draws heat out and away from your body, creating a cooler sleep environment. Add the DualTemp individual layer to any bed and sleep up to 35 percent cooler or warmer. Plus, half sizes allow each sleeper to individualize their side. The memory foam adds a layer of comfort and breathability. The open cell design provides enhanced airflow, allowing heat to escape for cool, comfortable sleep. This mattress topper has an embossed quilted twill microfiber fabric for added softness, and SensorElle memory fiber fill cradles and supports to entire body. The CoolFusion cooling gel beads provides cool, therapeutic relief. Special memory foam formula is extremely soft, airy and responsive. Ventilated design improves airflow for a more comfortable sleep climate. Memory foam is infused with a plush gel material that captures heat to control temperature. RELATED: 20 Cool Bed Sheets To Soothe Your Skin On Those Hot, Sticky Nights A 4-inch California king pillow top mattress cover ideal for side, back or stomach sleepers. A machine-washable cover holds both layers perfectly in place for unbeatable comfort that feels like you are sleeping on a cloud. 14. Duck and Goose Co. Synthetic Down 2-inch Mattress Topper An easy solution to a too-firm mattress. Enhanced new features for extra plumpness, anchor bands and stitching ensure secure fit and adapts to mattress depths. ISOLUS memory foam formula offers superior comfort and pressure relief. Ventilated to increase air flow and regulate sleeping temperature. This machine washable mattress pad is made of 100 percent cotton. Its 300 thread count gives a luxuriously soft top layer. Memory foam is loved for its adaptability to our bodies and the way it cradles the pressure points, releasing ache that might otherwise build up during the night. This mattress topper is medium firmness. Great for anyone who wants pinpointed support from a somewhat firm topper, and is made of natural latex. This power feather bed adds three inches of luxury to your mattress. Its dual-chamber design provides two layers of down and feathers for snug, enveloping comfort and uses three-dimensional baffle box stitching to keep the fill evenly distributed. This one is made of latex, which is known for being extra breathable. According to John Breese, a Sleep Science Coach and founder of HappySleepyHead "This particular model is soft, so it can be perfectly used to make a firm mattress softer. However, there are two more firmness options available: medium and firm. You can also choose between three levels of thickness, based on how much you want to alter the feel of your bed." The Tempur-Protect Mattress Protector is a lightweight, water-proof cover to help protect your mattress from spills and stains. The temperature-balancing ThermalSense fabric helps maintain even sleeping temperature. Side panels adapt to securely fit even the deepest mattress. This mattress topper features a 1.5" blended fiberfill cover combined with 2" of premium memory foam. The removable, washable fiber cover features a 17" stretch-to-fit bed skirt. Starting with a nice light violet color and up to zoned support, this mattress topper offers great value for money. Says Breese, "Costing a little more than $50 for a Queen, it is thin enough not to alter the firmness level of your mattress but still can add up some comfort. Its textured surface may provide a massage effect and enhance the pressure relief properties of your mattress." This model is unique in a way that it consists of two separate layers, which can be pretty much used independently. Adds Breese, "These two layers are made of different materials (quilted fiber and memory foam) so they have a different feel, allowing you to experiment a bit to find what feels most comfortable for you. It maintains neutral temperature through the night, not providing much cooling and not making you hot either." 25. Reversible Down Alternative Topper With Sherpa by Yorkshire Home This one is like two toppers in one! Use the cool side of Microfiber for warm nights, or the soft warm side of Sherpa for cool nights. Breathable Microfiber keeps you cool and dry. Bonus sleep tip: To keep that good sleep going all night long, top your mattress with these Ettitude bamboo lyocell sheets. Feathery soft, smooth, hypoallergenic, and a sustainable textile made from renewable plant material. It's soft as a cloud, and a touch that's light as air. RELATED: How The Way You Sleep Directly Affects Your Relationship Aly Walansky is a NY-based lifestyles writer who focuses on health, wellness, and relationships. Her work appears in dozens of digital and print publications regularly. Visit her on Twitter or email her. YourTango may earn an affiliate commission if you buy something through links featured in this article.
Memory Foam Pillow Supports Your Neck and Head in a Better Way
Memory foam contour pillow give a gentle care to your neck, shoulder and head. Memory foam contour pillows are rounded on both sides, hence the word "contour." The rounded area is supposed to support the neck. Memory contour neck pillow helps relieve tension from neck and shoulder areas along with back strain. Memory foam contour pillow is the best pillow for those who generally sleep on their back. Ordinary pillows do not offer enough support for your neck and head as a result find your neck and head strained. Ordinary pillow loses its shape after some time, that leads to neck ache and shoulder discomfort, and as a result, you get sporadic sleep. However, this is not the case with memory foam contour pillow. A memory foam contour pillow conforms to your head and neck and properly props them to help you get a better night's sleep. You can find memory foam contour pillows anywhere the mattresses are sold. Any online retailer of Memory Foam products will have the pillows at a great price. Like the mattresses and other accessories, Memory foam contour pillows come with a money-back guarantee and a warranty. The warranty is usually good for one year. Before purchasing your Memory Foam contour pillow, you must read the retailers return, exchange, and guarantee policy. You may even read pillow user testimonials to get a better idea of how well Memory Foam contour pillows truly work. Most retailers have a way of being reach, by either email or phone, if you have any questions regarding purchases or products. Memory foam contour pillows contains uncountable microscopic cells and when you put our head and neck on it the air of those particular cells which are under the head and neck enters the adjoining cells and as a result that part of the memory foam contour pillow gently conforms to neck and head. You get your neck and head utterly relaxed in the morning. If you are thinking of buying a memory foam contour pillow then you will not have to arrange a big amount of money, as they are not as expensive as they are generally considered. In brief, it can be said that memory foam contour pillow assures you a better sleep. It promises you that when you sleep on it you will fall asleep sooner, without much tossing and turning.
Why Can't I Machine Wash My Small Memory Foam Pillow? It Has a Cloth Cover on It.?
The foam might be ruined when it becomes wet or the washer machine will the destroy it. Those type of pillows are delicate. It would be best to spot clean it with a damp cloth1. Does anyone own the Tempur-Pedic memory foam mattress?I work in furniture I bought one because I have back problems THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE WORSE THING I HAVE EVER LAID ON I returned it2. Am I supposed to put a Memory Foam Mattress Top under covers?I agree with "The original me" I would only ad that sleeping directly on the MF Topper would damage the foam and could be hot as well. Enjoy3. Best Firm Mattress Topper (June-2021)The Firm mattress Topper is a commodity in significant demand and increasing popularity. The Form Mattress Topper is one of the easiest and most affordable methods of improving your mattress's firm feel or improving a worn-out mattress. The Firm Mattress Topper comes in various types and materials and firm and extra firm options to choose from. A firm mattress Topper is a mattress topper that is much denser and thick than your average mattress toppers and offers much more support than a soft mattress topper. One thing to remember about a mattress topper is that the denser it is, the firmer it will be. A Firm Mattress Topper can add a comfort layer for an old and worn-out mattress. A firmer mattress or mattress topper provides much better posture and alignment and therefore is your most efficient mattress Topper for back pain relief. Form Mattress Toppers are made from much more durable and long-lasting materials in general. A firm mattress topper from memory foam molds to the shape of your body and provides exceptional pressure point and pain relief, and along with a Cooling Gel infusion, you will also keep cool. You can easily change your mattress's feel and firmness instantly with a new firm mattress topper if you have bought a too-soft mattress for you. The Firm Mattress Topper is much more cost-effective and affordable than replacing your mattress and will last almost just as long, so it is a much more budget-friendly option to look at if you are low on funds. Always keep in mind that a firm mattress topper is not particularly comfortable for side sleepers as it places pressure on soft body parts and for individuals who have joint pain or issues Memory Foam firm Mattress - The Memory Foam Firm Mattress Topper is one of the most popular choices for firm mattress toppers. A high-End memory foam mattress topper, although excellent quality, can also be quite expensive. Memory foam, regardless, reduces pressure and noise, and movement; it also conforms to your body's shape and is quite durable. The two downfalls with memory foam are that it does retain heat, and it does have a strong smell initially. Conventional Foam Mattress Topper - The Conventional foam mattress topper still offers firm options yet is much more cost-effective with a more plush feel. The only downfall is that most cheaper foam mattress toppers will not last as long as memory foam. Latex - Latex is another firm mattress topper material option that is a bit more rare yet very effective at offering firm and resilient support that is highly durable and completely natural. Latex is made from rubber from a rubber tree and is therefore 100% natural and will not cause any allergic reactions. Latex is naturally cooling; consequently, you do not have the issue of overheating, such as with Memory Foam and other foam types. Thickness - There will usually be a density option between 1.5 inches, which is very thin, and 4 inches, which are your thickest option. the denser the mattress topper and the greater the inches, the more reliable and durable the mattress topper is and the firmer support it provides. It comes with a durable and breathable cover. Lavender or scent infusions for bacteria and odor control. It comes in firm or extra firm options of density. Cooling and breathable cover from cotton or other breathable materials. Different layer options from 1.5 up to four inches, depending on the materials. Low smell and odor on the Memory foam options. Ventilated design with air holes for better cooling and breathability. Below we have some superb Options in Mattress Topper that give firm support and comfort;
Sleep Better Iso-cool Memory Foam Pillow Review
The Iso-cool memory foam pillow by Sleep Better is one product that will keep you satisfied and allow you to sleep comfortably without the inefficiency of other plain pillows. Have you ever wished that your pillow would stay cool throughout the night Perhaps you felt a little disappointed when you had to wake up in the middle of the night to switch to a fresher pillow or bummed out when it occurred to you that it's the time to switch and flip to the pillow's "cooler" side. Well, I have good news available for you. If you're looking for a not too expensive pillow that, doesn't interfere with the utmost highest quality of sleep, is supported by an overall amount of positive customer reviews, and will keep your head cool then keep on reading. However, please be aware though that this pillow may or may not fit your preferences. As I outline the product I will give you a brief overview of the product and the positive and negative aspects which I believe is crucial knowledge before purchasing any product.The MaterialThe technology used in the pillows is an outlast Adaptive Comfort material that has microscopic PCM (Phase Change Material) beads that absorbs heat and feels cool, or releases heat and feels warm. Made out of one hundred percent cotton, for a lavish night's rest, Sleep Better's Iso-Cool pillow responds to a body's changing temperature by warming or cooling. If it's too warm, the product absorbs heat and feels cool, and if the body's temperature is too cool, the product releases heat and feels warm to regulate their temperature. The cooling effect discussed earlier is based on the Phase Change Material but is also aided by the pillow's cover which has additional material on one side which provides assistance on the "Cooling" effect, the flip side of the pillow is more preferable to keep your head warm because it does not contain this additional material. Its material is made out of Visco elastic memory foam and doesn't have that "sinking" quality of a pillow during your beauty sleep.Great for People with Neck ProblemsMost people underestimate the power of a good beds and pillow; you can achieve neck pain relief by choosing a pillow that is neither not too soft nor too hard but rather one that applies that right amount of pressure. Perfectly described in a customer review for the contour size from amazon:"The problem with most memory foam pillows is that they are too firm at first (especially in the winter when it is cold in the bedroom), then mold perfectly to a person's individual anatomy until the material gets too warm from the person's body heat and finally it does not provide perfect support anymore because it gets too soft and allows the head to sink in too far. The difference between this pillow and the vast majority of them is that it does not feel too firm in the beginning, just supportive, and it does not end up being too soft during the night, it simply remains exactly the same."The Not-so great things said about the pillowAlthough it is general viewed positively as a great product, everyone has their own preferences concerning everything. I believe it is necessary to know all aspects of a pillow including the non-appealing aspects which may or may not interest or bother you. Having paid for the product and its shipping and handling, once you receive it you'll notice that the pillow emits an odor which undeniably stinks. The manufacturer gives instructions to allow it to air out but there have been cases where it has taken up to two weeks for the odor to dissipate. The pillow's size is another detail to not be overlooked. It is considerably larger than a normal pillow and because of the material used is quite heavy. It weighs a significant 5.5 pounds which is the trade-off from the firmness of this pillow.Your preferences and things to considerBefore buying a pillow you should consider a few things such as whether you prefer the material to be of synthetic, foam, memory foam, or feathers. Your positioning during your sleep is an important factor along with the firmness or softness of a pillow and more importantly the price range upon which you're willing to invest in your health.The SizesThe Pillow comes in three sizes:Contour- Has a thicker and thinner edge around the sides, more ideal for the man with a bigger frame and weight.Gusseted Side Sleeper- For the person, who likes to sleep on their side with a natural feel.Traditional Shape- The shape of a normal pillow with that memory foam feel.For the people with AllergiesThe Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow is a hypoallergenic pillow that is relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. It is specifically designed to minimize the development of an allergy. It repels dust mites which is one of the leading causes of getting an allergy. Hypoallergenic pillows are sealed to prevent these dust mites that naturally gravitate towards old hair, shed skin cells, and oils from seeping inside the stuffing of the pillows over time.Where to find it and priceUnfortunately I don't believe you can find these pillows widely available in retail markets anymore. Trustworthy stores like Sears and JCpenny sale them, however, you must buy them online. Amazon has a good return policy, and sale them for a significantly lower price than the retail stores. Under the return policy, they will return the full price of the pillow excluding shipping and handling if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase. One of the most appealing aspects of this pillow is its 15 year warranty with the manufacturer which is included in the box.Overall, my recommendation for this pillow is for anyone interested in a new approach to comforting their precious head. This pillow seems best suited for the individual who has broad features and requires a firm enough pillow that isn't too hard to support the body. I don't believe you will be disappointed in giving it a try despite your body composition but do keep it in mind. I hope you enjoyed this review, sweet dreams!
Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam Pillow Review
For getting a good sleep at night the importance of a pillow cannot be described in words. And if you don't get better sleep at night then you'll feel drowsy and fatigue all the day long and your work will hamper. So, you must need to choose the best pillow for leading a healthy life. And memory foam pillows works very effectively in this regard and also different from the ordinary ones. Coop Home Good Shredded Memory Foam has added a new dimension to the world of the Shredded Pillow.It takes good care of your head and neck. People of all sleeping positions can use this memory foam pillow. FeaturesThis is 100% made in USA with Certipur-US certified foam which guarantees you the best quality. It also assures you that this Shredded Pillow is free from all types of toxics and chemicals.All types of natural materials are used in manufacturing this pillow. So, in this pillow there is no metal, zone depleters, PBDES, TDCPP, TCEP and other types of chemicals. It is really very much healthy.The fabric of this is made of Bamboo which ensures you to provide the best quality than the ordinary pillows.The measurement of this Shredded is also perfect for everyone and the measurement is 20'' x 54".The cover of this Shredded Pillow is a bamboo blend cover. The cover is made of Viscose Rayon Cover and also 60% Polyester and 40% Bamboo is used in this pillow. The memory foam pillow is dust mites resistant and and also hypoallergenic. So, there's nothing to worry, it is really very healthy. Benefits of Using Coop Home Goods Shredded Pillow Besides these amazing features this Shredded Memory Foam Pillow has so many advantages which all are not possible to describe. But among them some of the most important benefits are given below. Perfect for All: This Shredded Pillow is made in such a way that it suits with the structures of every types of sleeper and with their sleeping positions. You can also use it as pregnancy pillow because of the size and softness of the pillow. This memory foam pillow takes the best care of your health by providing you with the maximum comfort. Improves Health: If you are among those people who are suffering from neck pain, back pain and other type of physical difficulties then this Coop Home Goods Shredded Pillow is the best option for you. Since it is very soft, flexible and comfortable it doesn't give the chance of feeling the pains and thus it helps you to get a better sleep at night. Air-flow Technology: Waking up midnight during sleeping is not pleasant to anyone at all. And it actually happens because of sweating or feeling hotness in the neck. But this Coop Home Goods Shredded Pillow is very much conscious about the temperature. Because of the air-flow technology it doesn't let you feel hotness at night and thus helps to get you a better sleep. The technology of this memory foam pillow is much more developed than the ordinary pillows. So, it is really very much effective for giving you a healthy life. Pillow Cover: The cover of the pillow is removable. So, you can remove the cover and wash it very easily whenever you want. But it is actually better to get it and pillow cover washed twice a year. If the cover gets very much dirty then you can also clean it when you want. But remember that the cover is not machine washable. So, you have to clean and dry it very carefully. Warranty and Price: The company of this Shredded Pillow has given a 5 years warranty of this. And also they have give an extra advantage of 30 days trial. That means, you can change or return the pillow within this time if you have any objection with this. Price of this pillow is also very much reasonable. That's why, the pillow is becoming very popular. Check the current price on Amazon. Cons of The Shredded Memory Foam Pillow Nothing in the world is flawless. In this way it has also come out with very least flaws which is very natural. And that is, when you'll uncover your pillow for the first time after buying you'll find an unusual odor in it. Though it is not a problem at all many people don't like it. But you can remove this odor by proper ventilation and air-outing Ultimately, this Shredded Pillow works really very effectively on your health and wins the heart of many user's. So, experience the ultimate comfort of this pillow and improve your lifestyle with the super soft technology.
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