Shall I Buy AOC 24 Inch LED Tv Moniter?

yes its an nice company dude go for it

1. I want the biggest and best 3D LED TV, however..?

I definetely recommend LG. My model is the 55" LW6500 and its beyond amazing. There are so many features. It give wider viewing angle and the 3D glasses are flicker free since they do not run on batteries. This model is probably gives the highest peformance out of all the passive models and bang for the buck.

2. I need help with LED TV picture settings?

Check your DVD collection for a DVD with the THX Optimizer Logo or invest in the Video Essentials DVD. They should help you set up contrast and brightness. Yes, warm or film mode is way too dark despite what reviewers say. Use "standard" picture mode.

3. Why do movies and shows look like B movies on my 55'inch HD LED tv?

what the hell are B movies?? I have an HD tv and my movies and TV shows look GREAT!!! just like HD

4. Walmart LED TV Return: Can I return it for a refund?

It is up to the store Call the store and just ask

5. who makes the best LED TV's Samsung or LG?

samsung. Lg are reletively budget tvs

6. Can i get 40inch led Tv for 900$ of singapore ?plz tell the brands also..?

Yes, maybe a 42" LED TV during electronic fairs held almost every month and Sales by several Electronic stores during weekends.. Cannot get SMART TV lah, but normal sure can get. Go for Korea TV, like Samsung and LG or Korea-made LED panels, used by several Japanese brands and local brands.

7. How do I remove gouge mark on samsung LED tv screen?

The damage is permanent

8. Can watch 3D movie from Laptop to Samsung LED TV with HDMI Cable?

your tv has to be 3d and also to view 3d you need 3d glasses

9. 55 inch led tv's display is too bright?

one hundred ten% trust David. we've 3 panasonic plasmas. you may no longer beat the image high quality or average overall performance of the reflects. bypass to cnet,avforum and homestead thearter magazine for added info. study the two the tech and shopper comments. particular advice is panasonic tcp55st50

10. How i connect comcast cable & samsung blue-ray & bose lifestyle 35 & samsung 52" led tv?

The Bose system is the weak link here. You need a proper home theater receiver if you want to hear surround sound from all of your sources. This is the main complaint regarding home theater in a box (HTIB) systems--connection limitations and the inability to expand/upgrade the system. I would also add the issue with inferior speakers. What you need is a receiver that has HDMI switching/repeating capabilites. That way you can run the Blu-ray player's audio and video to it via HDMI. If you have a Comcast HD box you could also run this through the receiver. Then you relay the video from the receiver to the TV via HDMI cable and you are all set. As it is the Bose probably only has one optical-in port (if that), so you will have to switch between the Comcast and the Blu-ray player if you want surround sound. Send your video directly to the TV via HDMI. Take the Bose back if you can. I see it on Amazon for $2,000. That is highway robbery. For that amount you can get a much better home theater receiver and speakers. For example, a mid-range Onkyo, Denon, Pioneer or Yamaha receiver will cost you no more than $750. You can get a good set of speakers--5.1 with floor-standing speakers, center channel, two-driver rears and a true sub (rather than Bose's "module" crap)--for under $900.

11. Which led TV I have to buy?

In-numerous brands of LED TVs are available in the market today, hence selecting the best one for your home requires deep thinking and research. Lloyd's LED TV is one the best brand available in the market; and comes with stellar features and benefits.1. The interfaceMost of the TVs are having complicated interface with poor quality due to which users are not able to traverse the intact potential of smart Television and because of this, they juggle many significant features. Lloyd LED TV offers the opportunity for the user to toggle between digital TV and live TV. Lloyds LED TV offer hassle-free navigation and you do not have to go through complex menus, unlike many other LED brands.2. Wireless connectionsLloyds LED TV has Wi-Fi installed in it so you can connect multiple devices to it at the same time. 3. The warranty schemeLloyds LED TV has an extended warranty because manufacturers know that LED TV is an expensive investment. The TV is available with different kinds of packages for the buyers to choose from.4. AppsAs a user, if you like a smartphone-like experience on the TV, Lloyds shall not disappoint. The Lloyds LED TV is equipped with an operating system, so the users can endure all the applications on the TV.5. USBs and HDMIThe TV comes with several ports for USBs and HDMI so you can connect several external devices at the same time.6. CostThe Lloyds LED is affordable with a starting price between Rs. 15000 to Rs. 18000 only.

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Which Is the Best Samsung LED TV to Get?
buy sony1. Is the Funai 32" LED TV worth the $98 that i just spent on it for Blacl Friday?It is not a high quality tv like say a plasma from Panasonic or Samsung, but it is adequate2. Which led tv is better, Sony or Samsung?Both are outstanding brands and your models are well respected. Neither one is 'worse' than the other. Here are some other things to look at: * Which TV has separate Brightness/Color/Contrast stettings per input? * Which TV has more HDMI inputs? * Which TV has a remote that lets you jump straight to an input? * When you mount the TV on a wall - which television gives you better access to the connections on the back? Hope this helps.3. What's the price I will pay to customs if I bring a 32'' LED TV to India, bought in Bangkok after the new customs rules in India?As per Customs law, if we carry something with ourselves while arriving from a foreign country, then it is covered under Baggage Rules.Baggage Rules specifies -the rate of tax which shall be applied on the goods carried.the total value of goods which will be exempted from any tax. Value of jewellery that can be bought in from a foreign country.Any other details relating to such goods are also specified there in.As per these rules, General Free Allowance (GFA) of 45000 rupees is allowed when the duration of stay abroad is more than 3 days and 17500 rupees when stay is 3 days or less. GFA includes used personal effects excluding jewellery.A laptop is also allowed to be carried from abroad without any custom duty.Goods outside of GFA and a laptop are charged to customs duty at 36. 05%. So, as per Question, if the value of all goods including TV can be accomodated in 45000 rupees, then nothing is chargeable to customs duty.In other case, Total value of goods including TV less 45000 rupees is chargeable to customs duty at 36.05%.So, there is no fix amount to be paid to custom authorities for bringing a TV from Bangkok, it is charged as per above mentioned rules.4. My LED TV has fingerprints, how do I clean it?Tell the keep thier dickbeaters off my flat screen, I would bet they would stop at once!!5. can any one suggest which car will fit 46" samsung led tv with box?We put a 60" tv in a Rav 4 toyota. Seats way forward. You should have no problem. Enjoy the tv6. Do I need DHMI cables on my new HD LED TV?Hi To get High Definition images, youll need to check your Comcast decoder (box) and what kind of cable connections are actually in use and which are available. You have two options to get HD: 1) Comcast decoder with HDMI out, connected with an HDMI cable to your Toshiba. This is a DIGITAL audio and video connection and its the best available on the consumer market today. The other way is: 2) Comcast decoder with Component Video out hooked up to your TV with RCA type cables: Red, green and blue for VIDEO and red/white for stereo AUDIO This is an ANALOG connection, but it supports high definition. If your decoder and your TV are connected by Composite video (RCA cables: yellow for video and red/white for audio) or Coaxial cable, they wont support high definition. Check the back of your devices and figure out! Good Luck7. I want the biggest and best 3D LED TV, however..?I say compare specs and read reviews. Best Buy, Amazon, Newegg, and Cnet are all good places to read reviews for television sets. Find TV sets you like, then compare the reviews from each of those sites8. Seniors: How often have you had to replace your LCD/LED TV since you purchased it?I've had a couple of flat screen monitors fail, both were easily and economically repaired. My TV is going on it's 6th year without a sign of aging9. I have Sony KDL-40EX650 LED tv and Creative T6100 5.1 which has a 3x3.5mm stero jack input. Now my tv has a op?You would need a "DAC" (Digital to Analog Converter, with Dolby Digital preferably). The 3 stereo phone plugs will pin out for you like this: #1-green-front left and right, #2-black-surround left and right, #3-yellow-center and subwoofer. The DAC would have to take the S/pdif "Toslink" optical from your tv, the single stereo phone jack is down-mixed to just that, stereo. A decade and a half ago, the Dolby Digital decoders were commonly found in the DVD players and not the av receivers, so for that unmatchable sound of six separate channels of audio, you had to run 6 RCA cables from the DVD player to the av receiver. Now that the receivers come with decoders, one RCA cable (S/pdif coax) or optical cable is all that is needed. Computer sound cards are formatted in this way, also. Good luck!
Read This Before Buying Any LED Tv | TV Buying Guide
It is given that there are already many people who are looking for the best led TV to replace their old TV set and just get the best energy saving TV set that they can use for their home. There are many people nowadays who are opting to get appliances and other equipment that can help in saving energy yet are providing high quality performances. This is the main reason why there are many homeowners are opting to make use of LED TVs since these TV sets can last for a long time without consuming the same amount of energy as their old sets. Since the use of LED TVs is in demand nowadays, many companies are manufacturing different models of TV sets that are suited for the needs of people and also their expectations. With the increasing number of people who are trying to find the best kind of TV set in the market, there are times wherein they may get deceived of a particular feature and find out that another product of the same prices does not only have that feature but is also equipped with others. This is sure to be a confusing thing to do. So, for those who are looking for ways on how to find the best led TV, it is necessary that they set up standards for their needs.Features that you should look for the Best LED TVWhenever you are in the process of looking for the best led TV, it is imperative that you already know what you are looking for. This is sure to be the only way on how they can get the best out of the item that they are going to purchase and just make sure that everything will be working the just the way you want it. So, if you are one of those people who are looking for the best led TV, check out the features that you should be looking for the right item to purchase:DisplayWho would want to purchase a TV that is showing blurred images? Of course, nobody wants that, making it necessary for anyone to ensure that their LED TV has an impressive video and image quality. A LED TV having a 120Hz refresh rate only means that the TV is able to show a clear image of any show you are watching. As this feature is considered, you are assured that the TV will not have any issues with motion blurring that may hinder your enjoyment of watching clear action. SizeIt is always an issue for some to get a smaller or larger TV set than what they used to have. One of the particular considerations that any buyer should take note is the area where they are about to put the size. Furthermore, they should also consider getting a TV that is in a size that is convenient for you to watch whatever show you want and still get the ultimate watching experience you are expecting from a new LED TV. Here are top 50" Tvs for you. SpecificationsWhen looking for the best led TV, the specifications should work the magic as this will let you know whether you have paid for the right amount with what the item has to offer you. A good choice for an LED TV is the one that is able to provide top of the line specifications that are also friendly and convenient on your part. If you are a movie buff, you can consider getting a TV that is able to provide 3D quality images that are sure to help in giving your entertainment room get a theater-like feeling. It is also convenient that you get a TV that is able to connect with your Wi-Fi network. This is sure to give you the ease of browsing the internet and also with the features of your TV. It will also give you the convenience of connecting to different streaming apps that allow you to watch movies and shows you want. ConnectionsThere are times when you have to connect other devices such as DVD and Blu-Ray players on your TV. It is also necessary that you will check the connection panel if there are available ports for a TV box and other connectors you would get from your chosen satellite or cable provider. Almost all of the LED TVs nowadays are equipped with the older component and composite connections that can make you familiar with the proper way of connecting HDMI cables. This is sure to help you in achieving HD signal for your TV. Take note that having more HDMI ports with your TV only means that there are also more devices that you can connect for receiving HD signals.Support and HelpTo be assured that the item you have purchased is the best led TV, it is necessary that it will come with a warranty from the manufacturer. It is a standard offer that companies should have with the LED TVs offered in the market to ensure that they are able to cover repairs of damaged parts and also the labor that the damage may need. If you are one of those buyers who really want to make sure of the item that they about to purchase is really worth it, you can try calling toll free numbers of particular companies or contacting their support group just to know more about their warranty offers. This is a sure way of getting the best led TV available in the market as you search for one. With all of these things in mind, you are assured that you will have an easy time getting the best led TV that would meet your needs. As you set all of these things as your standards, finding the particular LED TV is sure to be an easy task for you. Since you have already decided with getting an LED powered TV, you will not have to think about the total consumption of electricity all the time it is used by you or your family.I need a tv show to watch!?malrose place ?
Zhtpaa 2.El Televizyon Alan Yerler 0537 427 48 48 Zhtpaa Kinci El Lcd Led Tv Alanlar
Zhtpaa Spotu 0537 427 48 48 Zhtpaa kinci El Kullanlm Televizyon Alanlar Lcd Tv Led Tv Oled Tv Alnr,Zhtpaa Her Yerinden Adresinizden kinci El Lcd, Led Tv, Plazma, Oled, Sfr, Televizyon, Full Hd, Tpl Televizyon, Curved Tv, Smart Tv, 3d, Tv Alanlar Sfr Plazma Oled Led Tv Leriniz Lcd Tv Leriniz Kapnzdan Nakit Olarak Alnr.Lcd Televizyon Alanlar Lcd Tv Alanlar Lcd Tv Alan YerlerZhtpaa Lcd Led Tv Alanlar Sfr Lcd Alanlar 0537 427 48 48,Zhtpaa Sfr Lcd Alan Yerler Eski Lcd Alanlar,Zhtpaa kinci El Televizyon Alanlar kinci El Led Tv Alan Yerler,Zhtpaa kinci El Led Tv Alanlar,Zhtpaa kinci El Lcd Led Tv Alanlar,Zhtpaa kinci El Televizyon Alan Yerler,Zhtpaa Lcd Televizyon Alan Satanlar,Zhtpaa Smart Tv Alanlar Smart Tv Alan Yerler,Zhtpaa kinci El Plazma Alanlar kinci El Plazma Alan Yerler,Zhtpaa 2.El Plazma Alanlar Sfr Plazma Alanlar,Zhtpaa Sfr Plazma Alan Yerler kinci El Sfr Plazma Alanlar,Zhtpaa Kullanlm Plazma Alanlar Kullanlm 82 Ekran Lcd Alanlar,Zhtpaa Eski 106 Plazma Alanlar kinci El 72 Ekran Televizyon Alanlar,Zhtpaa kinci El Curved Tv Alanlar Alan Yerler,Zhtpaa kinci El Full Hd 3d Televizyon Alanlar,Zhtpaa Sfr kinci El Lcd Alan Led Tv Alan Televizyon Alanlar,Zhtpaa kinci El Lcd Alanlar Led Tv Alanlar Televizyon Alan Yerler,.·RELATED QUESTIONWhat are the new improvements in the OLED TV market?OLED is known as organic light emitting diodes. It is an advanced display screen technology which is made of carbon containing materials in order to enhance the display. An OLED TV is made from millions of pixels, each made from red, green and blue tiny OLED materials. In the context of China-US trade war and global economic volatility and uncertainty, it will have a big influence on this market. OLED TV Report by Material, Application, and Geography - Global Forecast to 2023 is a professional and comprehensive research report on the world's major regional market conditions, focusing on the main regions (North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific) and the main countries (United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea and China).Download Free Sample @ this report, the global OLED TV market is valued at USD XX million in 2019 and is projected to reach USD XX million by the end of 2023, growing at a CAGR of 14. 6% during the period 2019 to 2023. The report firstly introduced the OLED TV basics: definitions, classifications, applications and market overview; product specifications; manufacturing processes; cost structures, raw materials and so on. Then it analyzed the world's main region market conditions, including the product price, profit, capacity, production, supply, demand and market growth rate and forecast etc. In the end, the report introduced new project SWOT analysis, investment feasibility analysis, and investment return analysis. The major players profiled in this report include:LG ElectronicsSamsung ElectronicsHaier GroupSony CorporationPanasonicKonka GroupThe end users/applications and product categories analysis:On the basis of product, this report displays the sales volume, revenue (Million USD), product price, market share and growth rate of each type, primarily split into-AMOLED (Active Matrix OLED)PMOLED (Passive Matrix OLED)Visit full report with TOC @ the basis on the end users/applications, this report focuses on the status and outlook for major applications/end users, sales volume, market share and growth rate of OLED TV for each application, including-HealthcareDesigning & ManufacturingResearch LaboratoriesAutomotiveWhat are the new improvements in the OLED TV market?
BUCA 2.EL LED TV LCD SMART TV ALANLAR SPOTÇU 0531 649 44 08 BUCA 2.EL EŞYA OLED TV LED TV ALINIR FULL HD KTV SMART TV HD TV PLAZMA TELEVİZYON ALINIR SATILIR BUCA İKİNCİ EL EŞYA ALAN YERLER,BUCA İKİNCİ EL EŞYA ALAN YERLER,BUCA İKİNCİ EL EV EŞYASI ALANLAR,BUCA 2.EL EŞYA ALIM SATIM,BUCA SPOT EŞYA,BUCA SPOT EŞYA ALIM,BUCA 2. EL EŞYA ALANLAR,BUCA LCD ALANLAR,BUCA 2. EL LCD ALANLAR,BUCA İKİNCİ EL LCD ALANLAR,BUCA LED LCD TV ALANLAR,BUCA 2.EL LED TV ALANLAR,BUCA İKİNCİ EL LED TELEVİZYON ALANLAR,BUCA PLAZMA ALANLAR,BUCA 2.EL PLAZMA ALANLAR,BUCA İKİNCİ EL LED TV OLED PLAZMA ALANLAR,.• You May Also Want to KnowBathroom ceiling light LED retrofitYes - I would try the LED Flood light first which generate less heat than incandescent. This is less work than trying to convert the current can mounts to 4" round to mount the flat panels that are mounted by a crossbar in the outlet box. Flat panels do not need a can, but still needs feed outlet, either for power and some for the mounting point. Below is link to one brand/source that you can select the color temp, etc.Sample of Selection of color temp - LED FloodCan I connect my Samsung 32J4033 LED TV with my Android mobile phone by Wi-Fi or by Bluetooth?Yes you can, only if it is a smart TV.If its just a normal LED TV, then you cannot.You can make it smart though, by using either Google's Chromecast or Amazon's Fire TV stick and stream content on your TV, if that's what you want to do by connecting your android phone to the TV.Hope this answers it.Can I connect my Samsung 32J4033 LED TV with my Android mobile phone by Wi-Fi or by Bluetooth?.Adjusting LED currents same level for different voltage levelsThe smaller voltages would make it more difficult to light an LED with the same intensity using the method you talked about. I would probably use the different output voltages turn on N CH MOSFETS with very low Threshold voltages. Vdd should be 12 volts. Adjust your resistor values between the Cathode of LED and the Drain of MOSFET.LED light DROID 4You can use Light Flow to customize LED notifications; it also has a lite version.Light Flow allows you to take control of your notification LED colors and makes them successively flash one color after another.It also allows you to set repeating sounds on vibration patterns for you notifications. You can also set a "sleep" mode or "on charge" where the lights and/or sounds and vibrations will not be heard or seen.what kind of scientists study/create LED / OLED displays?Surely Electrical Engineers do this. But there are two types of Electrical Engineers. One who deal with power and the others who play with circuit design. Precisely , Circuit design professionals work with LES's or OLED's.Constant Current Square Wave through LEDWhy not use 1 side of an SN754410 Quad Half H-Bridge and ToneAC on the Arduino to drive the LED ?I am using this to drive 4 LED units, each 4.5V 54mA from my Arduino. My main power supply feeds a 7805 voltage regulator, and this supplies the Bridge. A diode on the output side drops the voltage to around 4.7V, and total current = 54 x 4 = 216mA.Do you think that the energy saved by using LED outweights the risk of lead?You will probably be delighted to hear that it is no longer much of an issue, as Lead (Pb) free LEDs are already in the marketplace (first link provided below), and several countries have already taken the lead in setting standards to eliminate LEDs containing lead already (second link). Arrangements should be made for the safe disposal of those which are in circulation, however they not that dangerous individually as they contain only very tiny amounts of lead usually in a sealed unit.Do LED lights get gradually dimmer as they age or just suddenly fail?Both failure modes occur. Generally more outright failures occur, due to cheaply designed power supplies that fail. But LEDs with simple power supplies just get dimmer with age. Sometimes power supply over voltages cause a premature failure of the LEDs, or heat build up will.Pi 3 not turning on red LED only lights up and the green LED lights up for 2 seconds before turning offThe number of times the green LED flashes indicates what the problem is:For Pi's running firmware before 20th October 2012:For newer firmware versions, so this will apply:I think the quickest fix is to backup anything important on the SD card. And try installing Raspbian again but on a different SD cardWhat happen if i connect the capacitors with few LED Strip in parallel?Yes, because they are in parallel. Which means that if the LED strips are different lengths, the voltage drop through each LED wo not be the same.No, the current through the capacitor will be higher so it will discharge faster. You could use a higher-value capacitor to compensate for this.Resistor calulation for two LEDI use two similar IR LEDs to send short RC code bursts without resistor without problems. If that#s your application then you should be fine. You may run into burned out LEDs, though, if the pin stays high for too long due to some issue.Do you absolutely need an LED or UV light for gelish/shellac nail polish?You would better use an LED or UV light for nail polish and the UV light will make your hands become black after you use for a long time and it will take more time if you use UV light ,so I suggest you use LED light. You can search led lights special for nail polish on website there will ba many kinds and you can choose oneHow do you like the Lg LED HX301G LG projector?First of all I have to say that I do not own one of these but I took a look at low budget LED before getting a standard lamp sourced projector. From what I understand, the HX301 can suit your needs but it has some serious drawbacks. It has quite a low resolution because a higher resolution LCD would block out too much light for the LED source to be useful. this means that image quality suffers because of both the low resolution and the low light output. None the less, if you can find a space that's dark enough, get a decent screen for it and do not care that much for high resolution movies people have achieved some very decent results. With the added benefit of functionally never needing to change any lamps. Check out some youtube videos for examples.Will LED lights ever be practical for home lighting?The guy who said they are a fire hazard was either a liar or an idiot. I have a mag flashlight with an LED. It is super bright. It's a blue shade of white though. Just like incandescent lights and fluorescent lights are a different shade of white, LEDs are yet another shade of white. It would be nice if the color could be changed, but even the way they are would be good for hallway lights and bathroom lights.Is it possible to increase CRI of LED lights/strips by using different ones together?OSRAM published an exhaustive document explaining the limitations of CRI and the case with deep red. It also describes the mixing of white LEDs with amber LEDs to obtain a high-CRI (including R9) light with high emission efficiency.http:/ pdf.Ohms law and LED driver efficiency? How can this possible be true?He's trying to sell you something that consumes > 30 W as a "30 W driver", whereas it actually can only supply less than 30 W. The ratio between power that goes in and goes out is called the efficiency. The difference in power in and out is simply converted to heat. You can upgrade your LED driver to a 2500W LED driver simply by putting it in parallel with a water heater of roughly 2470W, or any other resistor, for that matter. You can simply waste more energy.So, that's what we call a scam and that's why we only buy from reputable sources in jurisdictions where one can ultimately sue someone.As a personal note: Do not argue with someone who will be getting your money. Simply make "fulfill this or do not get the deal" statements. Make the requirements verifiable, as in "The driver has to deliver /$x/$ A at /$y/$ V with a ripple of less than /$/delta/$ V and without getting hotter than /$T/$ °C in continuous operation. These are my requirements, and I can only pay for equipment that fulfills these. ".Broken LED's on PS3 controller?As far as I remember, the LED unit is one piece, but you wo not really know what is broken unless you open your controller and look in there. You may be able to salvage the remaining LED's but I am not sure. Opening it and taking a look will be your best bet. If they are soldered to the board then, no; unless you can solder it yourself and do it that way. If it's a plug or wire or something like that, it should be simple. If it comes off, it should be able to go back on.Which tv is better for movie viewing experince LED OR PLASMA?LED is better by a long shot, here's why: - Superior picture quality, with a seamless refresh rate. - Cost Effective - Viewing 3D movies with an LED is so better - And of course, if your a gamer, you can enjoy that amazing virtual graphics that the PS4 is capable of much to fix an LED tv with a cracked screen?Just too bad . to replace the “ LED display display panel “ total cost is about 85 % of same screen size new LED TV. cracked screen = DISPLAY PANEL. cannot be repair-change parts . need to replace !! display panel sold as spare parts with out warranty. you take own risk after replace . get an new TV consider is much cheapest.Can an RGB LED reproduce the colours as we see on a PC monitor? [closed]Sounds like it -might- be working the way you need it to. What you are missing is a diffuser/combiner for the light coming from the LED. When you look directly at an RGB source that's not diffused you will see the individual colors. As for dark grey vs white, that's a matter of relative intensity (assuming everything's balanced).I've used ping-pong balls for diffusion- I am sure there are better solutions but that's what I had at the time. You could also try sanding the LED lens so it acts as a diffuser. If you let us know what you are trying to accomplish we might be able to come up with a more 'targeted' solution/suggestion for youIs LED lights really that wonderful?LED lighting uses approximately 10% of electricity than that of a standard light bulb. Energy efficient LED lighting creates less carbon emissions, which helps our environment as well as saving you money. :)Can I replace a Maximum Bulb Wattage (Watts) 25 halogen light bulb with 5w LED light bulb? Is it safe?When choosing lamps, as long as the actual wattage is below the rating of the fixture, you are safe. It does not matter that the fixture generates a lot of light with the watts it consumes. The equivalent wattage they talk about, like where they say this 3W LED has light output equivalent to a 15W halogen, does not matter when selecting lamps for a fixture. The 3W actual wattage determines how much heat it may generate, not the 15W equivalent light output. In fact it's likely that the LED is more efficient, with less of the electricity consumed turning into heat and more into light, but you can not count on that. Just go by the actual wattageWhy did my 9V battery die when hooked up to a simple LED light?Very undesirable theory or layout to skill unmarried LED with 9v cellular, 70% of cellular capacity develop into wasted into ineffective warmth. replace it with 2 AAA cells to make a 3v battery %.. placed one 30 ohm 1/2 watt resistor in sequence with LED shall gentle it up and extremely last 10 circumstances longer than 9V cellular.
Dedeba 2.El Televizyon Alan Yerler 0531 649 44 08 Karyaka Dedeba Kinci El Lcd Led Tv Alanlar
Karyaka Dedeba Spotu 0531 649 44 08 Karyaka Dedeba kinci El Kullanlm Televizyon Alanlar Lcd Tv Led Tv Oled Tv Alnr,Karyaka Dedeba Her Yerinden Adresinizden kinci El Lcd, Led Tv, Plazma, Oled, Sfr, Televizyon, Full Hd, Tpl Televizyon, Curved Tv, Smart Tv, 3d, Tv Alanlar Sfr Plazma Oled Led Tv Leriniz Lcd Tv Leriniz Kapnzdan Nakit Olarak Alnr.Lcd Televizyon Alanlar Lcd Tv Alanlar Lcd Tv Alan YerlerKaryaka Dedeba Lcd Led Tv Alanlar Sfr Lcd Alanlar 0531 649 44 08,Karyaka Dedeba Sfr Lcd Alan Yerler Eski Lcd Alanlar,Karyaka Dedeba kinci El Televizyon Alanlar kinci El Led Tv Alan Yerler,Karyaka Dedeba kinci El Led Tv Alanlar,Karyaka Dedeba kinci El Lcd Led Tv Alanlar,Karyaka Dedeba kinci El Televizyon Alan Yerler,Karyaka Dedeba Lcd Televizyon Alan Satanlar,Karyaka Dedeba Smart Tv Alanlar Smart Tv Alan Yerler,Karyaka Dedeba kinci El Plazma Alanlar kinci El Plazma Alan Yerler,Karyaka Dedeba 2.El Plazma Alanlar Sfr Plazma Alanlar,Karyaka Dedeba Sfr Plazma Alan Yerler kinci El Sfr Plazma Alanlar,Karyaka Dedeba Kullanlm Plazma Alanlar Kullanlm 82 Ekran Lcd Alanlar,Karyaka Dedeba Eski 106 Plazma Alanlar kinci El 72 Ekran Televizyon Alanlar,Karyaka Dedeba kinci El Curved Tv Alanlar Alan Yerler,Karyaka Dedeba kinci El Full Hd 3d Televizyon Alanlar,Karyaka Dedeba Sfr kinci El Lcd Alan Led Tv Alan Televizyon Alanlar,Karyaka Dedeba kinci El Lcd Alanlar Led Tv Alanlar Televizyon Alan Yerler,.·RELATED QUESTIONWhy everyone keeps saying that OLED TV is going to replace LCD and LED TVs very soon?OLED TV is not familiar because it is quite a new technology which recently a few manufacturers have implemented in their TVs. And people are talking about OLED TV and its advanced technology which made this TV much thinner than a pen, it requires less power than a led tv, produces highly bright images
Which Wireless Router for Samsung 55" 240hz 3d Led Tv?
Any big-name Wireless N router will be fine - Netgear, D-Link, Cisco, Linksys are the main brands. As far as 15mbps vs. 60mbps, 15mbps is fine; most cable Internet is not much faster than 6mbps.1. What's wrong with my Samsung LED TV?Something is overheating. If you are giving the tv enuf ventilation, then it needs to be repaired. Below is the link to register your tv. If you can register it, you may be able to get warranty service. After you enter your tv's serial #, if it goes in ok and does not show the tv registered to someone else, you may be OK. So after you register it, and assuming you have a receipt, tho I do not know if ebay will qualify, you can call customer service and request a warranty repair. Otherwise, you will have to get it repaired at you own expense and in the future you will understand why most of us do not recommend "refurbished" tvs, because they do not usually refurbish anything, it turns on, they are happy and you get a broken used tv.2. Connecting Old Receiver to new LED TV, help?Ca not be done. Buy a new receiver with the applicable digital audio input3. I'm looking for a 42 inch led tv with a built in epg, can someone help me find one?well it would depend exactly how much your willing to spend for A tv set see there's A lot of TVs on the market and what you want on da tv set4. Unlock LED TV buttons without remote?On some modern smart TVs you can download an app for your phone that will pair with your tv over the wifi network and allow you to control it that way. This is true for my roku tv5. I am not able to connect my LED Tv to 5.1 channel as TV doesn't have an audio out.Can anyone tell me the best?you may ask a repairman to insert it on your tv. you may use headphones jack but sound volume should not be zero.6. How do I fix this? ( LED TV )?return to the store7. Which is a better selection a 3d tv; internet connected tv ;lcd tv; or led tv?Let's Make It Short and Sweet. Just looking for LED TV with screen size that you want (Recommend 46 inch), 1080p, 240Hz, 2ms response time.8. How do you clean wood polish spray off an led tv?It might deteriorate any coatings already on the TV. It could leave some tough to remove streaks (chemical build-up). But that should be about it. I would simply try to buff it off using a clean soft cloth (hopefully just remove it). If that's not working, then look at an LCD cleaning kit. It will come with a solution to use. Lightly mist that onto a clean soft cloth and then wipe down the TV. If you need the DIY method, you can mix Isopropyl Alcohol (91%) in a 1:1 ratio with water in a spray bottle. Mist that lightly onto a soft cloth (not the TV), and then wipe it down. Soft, real, natural fibers are your friend for the cloth (cotton, micro-whatevers). Anything from a tree is not your friend (tissue paper, paper towel, etc.).9. Hisense LED TV power problem!?Thats a 19in video show i've got confidence with the aid of variety given,make certain all cables are precise linked & not loose and attempt a annoying reset or unplug it some hours. If all is right and sign is powerful,and no help from reset,the video show could be having voltage subjects thats often the purple mild and no image. attempt those few coaching and verify samsung help for comparable subjects,it rather is greater low fee to purchase a clean one then restoration the smaller video show gadgets,regrettably.10. 32 inch LED TV with 1080-120 OR 720-60?You should definatly choose 1080p with 120 hz because it will look better in motion (no pixel bleeding) and it will have better detail. These tvs may cost more buy it will be alot better. You should definitly go with Sony, they are the best.11. How do you watch a movie on USB plugged into RCA LED tv?Without reading the manual, it's impossible to say. Why do not you try reading the manual and see what it says. Not all USB ports on TVs can be used for this function.
Which Is Best 32 Inch LED TV?
I have personally experienced that buying Led Tv and not having enough sound experience packed in it means a waste. Above all connecting sound bar or external speakers make a huge mess and troubkes every other day.I would suggest Sony Bravia HD 32 Inch W622 @Rs. 25000/- Appprox which is not android but packs almost all basic Entertainment apps and is a sound & picture master.I am sure after u have a demo you will shell out some more from your pocket but will have a purest entertainment experience.Link with specificationsExploring..!• Suggested ReadingWhy is the number of Florida COVID-19 cases and deaths going up after a model predicted that Florida had passed its peak? Could Florida have relaxed its restrictions too early?A state or country reaching the peak of its infections (or deaths) doesnt mean that there wont be any more infections (or deaths). It means that there will be steadily fewer. To borrow from the imagery of flattening the curve, the idea is that youre either at the top of the curve or beginning the gentle slope downwards. In either event, theres no precipitous decline in infections or deaths, unless something very dramatic changes.Its certainly possible that relaxing restrictions may have happened too early, or perhaps that the wrong restrictions were lifted first. It would all depend on what assumptions were put into the model.------Why did slavery in America differ so much from that which was already occurring in African nations?There were limits and boundaries on slavery as practiced in Africa. An enslaved person in Africa did not lose his status as a human being. But enslaved people shipped to the Caribbean and eventually the South of the US were considered chattel, not people. They existed to be worked to death and to breed more slaves to be worked to death. Very, very different. Part of the reason was the presence of Christianity in the early US. The inhumane practice of slavery, particularly the version in place in America, could only be reconciled with Christianity if enslaved Africans were seen as non-humans, unworthy of divine love and human compassion required of Christian believers.------Was there any real justification for the Third Punic War?Depends what you mean by justification.The Romans had fought two close wars with Carthage. Rather than take a risk the temptation was to utterly destroy Carthage so that it could never rise again.To this end Cato the Elder's constant refrain was "Delenda est Carthago" - Carthage must be destroyed.After the Second war Carthage was so denuded of lands and allies that it was unlikely to resurface as a serious rival - in this context the Third Punic war was not justified.For further reading you might like to try Richard Miles excellent book on the subjectThe Rise and Fall of an Ancient Civilization: Richard Miles: Books------What is the truth about the photos stating China killed 158 Indian soldiers?The primary source of this bogus news is Dunya News of Pakistans incredulous media which pulled out this flimsy stunt. This is a new low in media industry, without even a single evidence a fake story was created to build a pressure situation between already intense standoff among India and China.Chinese cross border rocket attack kills 158 Indian soldiers - World - Dunya NewsUpon closer inspection you'll not find any source, picture or Official statement which puts weight behind their claim. Probably Pak Army or ISI forwarded old photos, videos to Dunya News to intensify stress in Indo China scheme of things.How Pakistan is trying to escalate tensions between India, China using fake news------What was the American civil war about?It depends on how educated you are. Things that most people may find surprising may not surprise someone who specializes in The Civil War. If these aren't surprising to you, I apologize.*The British very nearly attacked the Union after the Trent affair. They even sent troops to the Canadian border.*The Confederate States paid black soldiers more than the Union did. Many say it's because they were slaves and the cash went to the owners.*The CSA was not the only slave-holding nation. Spain was yet to abolish slavery in Puerto Rico (1873), and Cuba (1886). Also, Russia, which abolished Slavery in 1861,the year that the war began.*Robert E Lee was against slavery. He also did not approve of pillaging civilians, who have Suffered enough'. Unlike Sherman------What were the outcomes of the Battle of Waterloo?Clearly the end of the Napoleonic Wars that have afflicted Europe for over two decades. This was apparent at the time and a cause for much celebration, what was not apparent then was that it also marked the end of many Centuries of regular, major Anglo-French conflict which had profoundly affected both countries. Indeed from that climatic battle conflict onwards, Anglo-French became allies, if not quite best buds: Crimea, WW1 and with the Free French, not Vichy who were opponents, in WW2.That the is War lead to centuries of regular, very regular, conflict and continuous animosities which regularly spread across the globe, shows how profound the impact of that War was------Why weren't Hong Kong & Macau given back to the Republic of China instead of People's Republic of China? ROC still exists today!Presently, 22 states recognize Taiwan, and I would guess that when Hong and Macau were handed over to China, the number of states was less than 22. And if both Portugal and the UK had recognized Taiwan as a sovereign state and handed those nations to Taiwan, it would lead to conflict between Taiwan and China. And I doubt that Taiwan wanted the headache that it would bring with China. They just wanted to be left alone by China. They didn't want to give China additional reason to start a war, so I doubt that they would accept Macau and Hong , even if both were handed to them------How did the industrial revolution cause imperialism in Britain?How did the industrial revolution cause imperialism in Britain? I dont think one caused the other, but for sure there was a very powerful synergy between them. Britain already had settlement colonies prior to the start of the Industrial Revolution, and these provided both a secure source of raw material and a market for the manufactured goods produced. This reliance was certainly recognized very early by those in power, and they responded by growing both the number of colonies, and those markets and used their superior military and economic might to dominate populated regions of Asia for the same reasons.------Is the Internet making us stupid and shallow thinkers?I had a conversation with Michael Crichton once on this topic and was surprised to hear of his trepidation about the Internet and what it would do to our collective intelligence. Crichton, who aside from being an author and medical doctor was a professor of anthropology at Cambridge, felt that the very social networking that is currently seeing exponential growth would cause a homogeneity of thought. He felt that to germinate an Einstein you needed isolation and the ability to contemplate.I agree in the sense that we are constantly consensus building on the web. What is everybody else buying? What is everybody else liking? What is everybody else thinking? What place does iconoclastic thought have in a world that's all about interconnectedness?------What do you think of Jeremy Corbyn?This is a man who rose from obscurity to almost single-handedly shift the political discourse in this country leftwards. Whether he wins an election or not, his name will be down in history just for that - for breaking the 36-year trend that took the country further and further to the Right.Whether you agree with him or not, you have to respect that. Before him, there was no true Social Democrat that people with social democratic views could vote for - no one who represented the people who believed in a role for the state in controlling the economy or who stood up to the rampant ideology of the free market. Now there is------Why is "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin always considered the number 1 classic rock song of all time?Pages solo is great - because its lyrical. It is really a melodic call and response theme, and something that you can sing - with each phrase you can anticipate the response - and when it comes it makes sense -According to Rolling Stone Magazine, the number one rock song of all time is Bob Dylans Like a Rolling StoneIf you have you not heard this song, stop what your doing. Stop reading Quora. Go listen to this song.Its an angry anthem - an honest cry - a story - an anthem - a series of questions we all face at some point -Once upon a time you dressed so fineThrew the bums a dimeDidnt you?.------What is the difference between a smart TV and an Android TV?Smart TVs are TVs which don't just receive broadcast TV signals but which also can access services via the internet. It doesn't mean that they necessarily provide internet access because general internet access via TV is a terrible experience, but it means that certain apps and services are available via the TV screen. Usually those apps and services have been optimised for the TV format / experience.Android TV is an operating system used in a few Smart TVs from some manufacturers. Other non-Android smart TV operating systems and environments include webOS from LG, Tizen from Samsung, DTVKit, UTK, Opera TV, Netfront by Access, etc------Who were the worst rulers to sit on the iron throne?4: Robert Baratheon. How would he describe his rule? Drinking and whoring.3: Aegon the "Unworthy". He was no stranger to drinking and whoring. He also lead a few failed expeditions into Dorne which got thousands killed. Not bad enough? On his deathbed, he legitimized all of his bastard children leading to four Blackfyre Rebellions.2: Joffrey Baratheon. Started a civil war, tortured and killed his own subjects and vassals. All around terrible at making any decision.1: The "Mad King" Aerys Targaryen. Started a civil war (and lost), burned any vassal or subject he suspected were plotting against him. All around terrible ruler------Why did the Huns led by Attila invade Europe and not China?Because they still remember their defeat, and on't want to repeat that again. For the Huns are either Xiongnu themselves or people driven from their home range because of the Xiongnu.there is already a kid on the block for the asian steppes, Attila have to beat that first, and I don't think he can.------Why did Renly Baratheon believe he had claim to the throne over his elder brother, Stannis Baratheon?Renly Baratheon believed that he would make a pretty nice king, much better than his stoic smug brother, Stannis. He was also shrewd enough to mobilise a large army which was arguably the most powerful army among the five kings who were engaged in what was being called 'the war of the five kings'. With the best army at his disposal and self-belief in his governing capabilities, the throne was waiting for him. There was no point thinking of a claim. You seize the throne and its yours. That's what Robert did about 17 years ago. And that is what Renly was planning to do until a shadow was cast on his future------What documentary has fundamentally changed American society?I dont know about America, but the mini-series Holocaust changed German and Austrian society. From then on, they started calling the horrors committed against 6 million European Jews The Holocaust, started educating all the high school children about it - in depth, and enacted the strongest laws against anti-semitism and holocaust denial outside of Israel.Charles Dickens works about the plight of the poor in the UK inspired parliament to bring about laws to protect the poor, including working conditions. These were tiny steps though.When they do a documentary of the horrors of the Trump Administration, in depth, it will probably change America, to ensure such a shameful era never happens again
Which Is Better: a Smart TV Or an HD LED TV?
Almost all 2019 TVs are some form of LED, the most expensive being much better OLED or QLED. This has nothing to do with the completely different subject of Smart TV, it's like asking is my gas driven car better or is a gas driven car with a radio better?Almost all LED TVs are going to be Smart since it's cheap to ad onto a tv, like 5-20$ add on. Here is what Smart TV means:A smart TV as many people know and many don't is not proof of IQ, it simply meNs it gets WiFi and Ethernet Internet. That's all it means, that your TV has internet reception so it can get www. Content. Mist can get straight up internet which can be used to check email and go to websites, remember without a keyboard typing out internet names is usually done one letter at a time and typing in web pages is annoying.It also means it has apps or buttons at the bottom for going to places on the internet made to be moved through using the direction buttons on your remote control. Each kind of Smart TV has a different interface (desktop or way of showing and navigating content), different collection of apps, this most people don't know much about.Sony, LG and Samsung all have Smart TVs with built in apps. They also have one app button for new releases that is definitly post-ownership advertisement.They'll have another for any free content (usually free cheap stuff) and a button for pay-per view recently released movies. Most have YouTube because it's good and free, Amazon firestick makes this more difficult because of the animosity between Amazon and Google(parent company of YouTube).Most have a live TV app that usually has a suscibtion fee, and might or might not be better than basic cable or an HDTV digital antenna.Most have CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC and other stations that don't have subscription fees because they show ads, and your getting these over the internet, usually on demand (not live but sometimes) instead of by cable, dish or antenna.Most have Netflix, HBO, Hulu, YouTube Tv and other subscription services that have free movies and shows you can watch if you pay a monthly subscribtion. Hulu TV and YouTube Tv have live TV as well and are more like an internet based cheaper but not lacking version of basic cable.Then, wether your TV is already Smart or wants to become smart you can attach by USB or more usually a HDMI a Fire Stick from Amazon, Roku, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, and some others. They come in a bunch of levels which change download speed, clarity from 720-4K, voice command, and certain benefits. Google fits better with Google home, Apple is better if you already have a library of Apple movies and Music and Apple products, Roku is best for channels if you want foreign language channels for Brazilian soccer or Russian parades, Fire Stick is good with Alexa and Amazon Prime. The benefits and features change and this is just an overview of what these attachments generally do please check products on internet.That's an intro into what you can expect if your TV is labeled Smart or you get a device to make it Smart• Other QuestionsWhat were Jawaharlal Nehru's greatest achievements?As Felix David has rightly pointed out, we need to consider Pandit Nehru's achievements against a backdrop of his era. He went to study in England as a 17 year old and returned after 5 years in 1912. From then on, he would spend the next 35 years as a key pillar of India's freedom struggle. This period would witness 2 World Wars and hence had a major impact on his outlook considering he had a deep interest in global dynamics. World was coming out of dark shadows of Colonialism and an independent, self-sufficient state that blocks all external influence was the ideal position to be in. His Post-Independence life started with a bloody partition involving millions who were uprooted and thousands dead and a war over Kashmir. In a short amount of time, India would lose Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel. He held charge from 1947 onwards for 17 years until he passed away in 1964.Even though he had several shortcomings too, his image in modern India unfortunately takes a further undue hit due to the actions of his future generations - Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Sanjay Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi. Several answers have already covered his key achievements. I'll try to list out few more. Bargaining a better deal for india from Mountbatten - Pandit Nehru's personal rapport with Lord Mountbatten (the last Viceroy tasked with closing the British chapter in India) or I should say Mountbattens somewhat helped India's case. Jinnah was seen as somewhat stiff and not easy to get along by Mountbatten. Envisioned the merging of princely states into independent India - Though this vision was implemented by Sardar Patel with an iron fist, it was Nehru's brainchild. Note that many of the princes lived a lifestyle not very different from sheikhs of oil rich middle easter countries and could have severely dented India's growth post independence. In July 1946, Nehru pointedly observed that no princely state could prevail militarily against the army of independent India. In January 1947, he said that independent India would not accept the Divine Right of Kings, and in May 1947, he declared that any princely state which refused to join the Constituent Assembly would be treated as an enemy state.Internationalizing India's freedom struggle - Much before 1947, Nehru was lobbying for India in the right forums in Europe. He was one of the few leaders who could connect with everyone in various parts of India as well as abroad. Of course, post Independence, he took international relations to a new height.Re-settlement of millions of refugees post-partition - While Muslims who migrated from India to Pakistan are till date looked down upon and called Mohajirs in Pakistan, Hindu Punjabi refugees despite horrible circumstances, came out better than their Pakistani counterparts and became first class citizens of India, especially Delhi. Pandit Nehru helped create many refugee resettlement colonies (For instance Lajpat Nagar, Patel Nagar, Rajinder Nagar, Punjabi Bagh in Delhi. I was born in one of them).Indus Water Treaty - Soon after partition, one major contention was control of the rivers of Punjab. Pandit Nehru played a pivotal role in signing of the Indus Waters Treaty in 1960. Had this treaty not been signed, we could have expected few more wars with Pakistan over water.Making the first elections possible in Independent India - India's population by early 1950s was around 300 million with over 80% people illiterate. When the idea of first general elections came, the whole world was watching and wondering how can a poor country of illiterates hold democratic elections. It was going to be a logistical nightmare and a task almost impossible. Pandit Nehru roped in Sukumar Sen (civil servant) who became the First Election Commissioner of India. That is when the idea of party symbols was invented given majority of people were illiterate. I wonder why Apple or Microsoft or Xerox lay claim to the idea of icons when India had it back in 1950s!Building foundations of India's infrastructure - Pandit Nehru laid the foundation stone for Bhakra Nangal Dam that was built with help of Americans. Bokaro Steel plant was envisioned by Nehru as a swadeshi venture on lines of Soviet plants. Bhilai steel plant was established in 1955 with support of the soviets. He helped build the city of Chandigarh from scratch and his vision of the city was to be 'unencumbered with past'. It is one of cleanest and most well planned cities of India till date. He brought in people like Homi Bhabha and Vikram Sarabhai to set up Atomic Energy Centre and have Nuclear Programme for India. As other answers have covered, his efforts lead to creation of premier institutions like IITs and AIIMS.Building cultural foundation of India - With a deep interest in history and heritage of India, Pandit Nehru helped establish the National Museum in Delhi. He personally identified a site for creation of the prestigious India International Centre (though eventually it may not have achieved the intended purpose unfortunately and became an elitist adda)
How to Remove Scratches From an Led Tv PLEASE!!!?
Try it very carefully, use a Q-tip and some toothpaste, rub the white spot, wipe with a soft rag, see what happens. It may work. Also, try rubbing alcohol, or DVD scratch remover1. How to connect Altec Lansing 5.1 speaker to LED TV?The simple answer is you do not . That is a PC speaker system, for a PC with discrete outputs. You need a surround receiver that has digital and HDMI inputs, and speaker system.2. What led TV brands are Reliable?Samsung, LG, Sony are top brands3. How high should i hang my led tv?Whatever looks good to you. We are not the ones that will be in your house looking at it. I personally have a 61" sitting on a stand and an lcd hanging about 8" down from an 8' ceiling. And I am satisfied with both, and that's all that matters since it's my house.4. Samsung led tv monitor wont display color on wii?i might like advise you to purchase Samsung LED . Why Use LED television : a million. uncomplicated setting up 2. Low capacity intake 3. vivid image 4. extra balanced colour saturation 5. No Mercury used as in another liquid crystal exhibit backlight structures. for extra data. approximately Samsung LED :5. Is it safe to buy a LED TV from Flipkart or Amazon?I bought a LG led tv from Flipkart. When installation team opened the box then we found a crack on display. At that time I raised a request for replacement. It has been around 2 months still I am waiting for replacement. Now I am regretting why did I purchase it from Flipkart. Same thing happened with me two times but I did not faced such type of problem from Amazon.Once I ordered from Amazon then they took more time for replacement that they had mentioned. That time they gave me full refund with product. #Amazon is far better then #Flipkart6. Can I play my PC games with LED TV?Yes you can. As long as your pc has a suitable output port which can be connected to your TV input port. In my case I used HDMI cable to connect my pc to the TV.I would not recommend playing FPS games though due to a high response rate. Enjoy. . :).7. I have difficulties choosing these two led tv:?as long as they are both full HD it wont make a difference so if they are both full hd just get the cheaper one8. What should I use for the highest quality on my xbox 360 with a 1080p LED tv?HDMI is a lot better than component,and there's no difference between a 15$ cable and a 100$ cable,i tested it and the quality is the same edit: nice cable,but as I said earlier you still can save 15-20$ easily:)9. is there a way to hook my desktop up to my flat screen, led tv without a vga port?Get a HDMI to VGA convertor. Radio shack and lots of others have it. May lose some resolution.VGA is not HDMI. Why buy out dated junk?10. What is the best LED TV brand?This became an identical subject with me until now a month and that i searched lots to get the main suitable and finally I have been given this and that i am quite pleased with this product Sony BRAVIA XBR KDL-32XBR9 32-Inch 1080p 120Hz liquid crystal demonstrate HDTV A sixteen:9 finished HD 1080p decision Panel can provide optimal decision from any HDTV source that can provide 1080p content fabric that's a super HDTV. hands down is between the main eye-catching reflects in this length. that's a quite severe-end HDTV meaning that's designed for use basically to view HD content fabric over a HDMI cables.11. What is the difference on a LCD TV and LED TV?lcd uses ccfl lights, while led tv's use edge lighting technology which makes the tv thinner12. How can I purchase LED TV & Mobile from Bangkok, if I go there can I formy business.?I am not sure I get your business plan but if you want to be selling electronics, you better be going direct to the manufacturer - not purchasing at a retail outlet in Bkk - the little I know of the electronics business is that there are amny many many places doing it and margins are low and competition is high... good luck
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