Secondhand Small Two Seater Sofa?

I found a fantastic 1950s couch on Ebay for dirt cheap. Usually, you can find some that offer 'local pickup only' on big items like that. Also, I believe there were UK versions of craigslist. I found many awesome pieces of furniture for cheap there, too.

1. my cats are tearin up my sofa!?

get a scratching post and a cover for ur couch (u can get these at bed bath and beyond i think) get a spray bottle and spray them each time they start scratching at the couch

2. What is a better and cheaper alternative to sofa?

Better and cheaper? Usually those two words do not go in the same sentence. Especially when it comes to a comfortable couch

3. Designer Sofa Set at Best Price in India

Tent sofa for Banquet hall and wedding lawns. White rexine sofa for parties and functionns. This event furniture is the need of Every event company. We are Manufacturer of rexine sofa and tent house sofa for events. This is a three seater sofa set at wholesale prices. Please watch our youtube videos. Two seater sofa also

4. What do you say couch, sofa or davenport?

I am a country girl so it's a couch to me. The first time someone said davenport I had to look the word up-

5. Best way to clean removable Ikea sofa cover?

hope we did not put it in the dryer yet if so hope this still workes hair spray then rub wash the spot with soap and water .you see it worked some do it again it was not sent it yet that should do it

6. My cat destroyed my second sofa.?

U can try declawing her if scratching is the problem

7. Why are you lurking behind my sofa...?

I am just tagging along with the Dalek. I imagine the Chiliman will be along soon, you had better bust out the taquitos. Say, do you have any of those M&Ms? I am thinking I need something sweet just now. Watch it Dalek, NOT right now! bean bag

8. what to clean my sofa with?

Uh, well, there is no such thing as shampoo for sofas... but you CAN remove the parts with zippers and wash them as directed on the label (usually cold water and soap), and put them in the dryer... and then for the rest of the couch you can put some baking soda to deodorize it for a few hours or a day (depending on what you want - avoid sitting on it at this time), and then just use the portable portion of your vacuum cleaner to vacuum it up - then you will have a beautiful smelling clean couch.

9. Why does my cat pee on the sofa?

You might want to spray the couch with a citrusy smelling fragrance. Cats tend to hate the smell of citrus and chances are, unless your cat has kitty schizophrenia, he or she will run away. (My kitten always ran away when we ate oranges).

10. Where can I find a good sleeper sofa?

A sofa sleeper is really not the best choice for daily (or nightly) use. They serve a dual purpose; seating and sleeping. The mattress is folded up like an envelope when not in use as a bed; it loses its' support and shape very quickly. If you have neck problems, you would be wise to go back to a conventional bed. (and consider a pillow that keeps your spine in line and your head & neck supported.

11. ikea sofa...whats your thoughts and experience?

In life you get what you pay for. Remember they are a big box and the look is good on the outside but its inside that matters

12. what are some cool ideas to do with my new apartment?

Without knowing your personal style, this is impossible to answer. But I would like to introduce you to my way of decorating (and I've done this with other people as well). Get about a half dozen of your favourite decorating magazines. Get a stack of post-it or other sticky notes. Go throught the magazines and every time you see something you like, put a post-it on the top of the page so it sticks out. Make a brief note as to why you liked that theme. For example, "colour" or "lamp" or "artwork." Eventually you will start to see a pattern emerge, a pattern of themes you are comfortable with. It might be something like "romantic blue damask, white trim around doors, with dark floors and modern chandelier." From the magazines, you can often source a lot of items on line, or you can shop for similar items locally. Take your time and really buy items you love and can live with, rather than rushing and compromising. Start with the most difficult items to find, those large ticket items such as sofa and rug; it's easier to find a paint colour to match the sofa than the other way around. Take your room measurements (preferably on an accurate floor plan) with you as you shop so you do not buy items that are too large or too small. If possible, keep swatches from items you buy, carry them with you as you shop so you can visualize colours together accurately. Some of my favourite stores and on line sources are Anthropologie, Restoration Hardware, Horchow. Local stores are Ikea, and even places like T.J. Maxx. Have fun!

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My Living Room Is Light Blue. and I Have Beige Leather Sofas, White Trim and Oak Wood Floor?
black and white would look amazing. you need some contrast against the blue to make it stand out. if you find some white curtains with a little black, that would be best. then do black wrought iron lamps, and accessories throughout the room to tie to all together. your living room sounds beautiful.1. Is it safe to buy sofas on ebay? may get one that was used!!! Eww2. Stylish Velvet Sofas Are the Luxe Statement Piece Your Apartment is MissingA statement-making sofa, futon, couch, or love seat is not only essential for, you know, sitting, but it also functions as the centerpiece of your home-especially if you live in a smaller apartment or studio. Velvet furniture inherently looks luxurious and sophisticated, while also adding a touch of texture to your current interior design set-up. A stylish and sleek velvet sofa can instantly transform the overall look and feel of your space, and even though they look expensive, they do not actually have to put a major dent in your savings account to get the luxe look. In fact, it's relatively easy to find a beautiful velvet sofa that's well made and high quality for a budget-friendly price. And aside from aesthetics, velvet's soft feel makes sofas upholstered with the fabric extra cozy and comfortable to lounge on-see, it's got much more to offer than just good looks! Sure, you can always experiment with the velvet home decor trend with accent pillows and throws, but if you really want to go for it, a couch or loveseat is the way to go. Ahead, we've rounded up a few of our favorite reasonably-priced velvet sofas that we think you will love just as much as us. Our mission at STYLECASTER is to bring style to the people, and we only feature products we think you will love as much as we do. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link within this story, we may receive a small commission of the sale. STYLECASTER's mantra is 'Style To The People'- and our mission is to be an accessible, inclusive, ahead-of-the-trend destination for millennial and Gen Z women who want to live with style and substance. Our fashion, beauty and lifestyle coverage is equal parts informative and inspiring, and at once aspirational yet attainable. If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, we may receive an affiliate commission.3. My neighbours say my home is haunted. I have also experienced some paranormal activities. I hear my sofas sound like someone is sitting on it. What should I do?If your neighbors have also experienced such kind of activities then u should take this seriously....and should seek somebody's help who have knowledge in this aspect...usually people do not share with anyone regarding this thinking everyone will make fun of them...But I think delay can cause further trouble to you and your family so kindly ask for help and talk to people about it.I hope this helps you...4. How can I train my dog to not go on the sofas anymore? ?She's been allowed to get on the furniture since she was a puppy. Now, all of the sudden, you are changing the rules and she does not get it. When she jumps on the furniture, gently tell her "no" and place her on the floor. Maybe put her bed right down by your feet next to the sofa so she can be with you. But, suddenly closing her off from the rest of the family because you got new furniture wo not make any sense to her and is cruel5. wanting to buy this ticket but scared for my leather sofas...?trim its nails weekly and your sofa will not be shredded6. How can I prevent my cat from accidentally scratching sofas?Trimming the nails will not help, but squirt gun training will. Get a spray bottle. Any place the cat scratches that's not approved he gets a squirt of water. I've done this with my cats with great success.7. who makes the best quality reclining sofas?Lazyboy, weve had one for 14 years and its still the most comfortable chair ive ever sat in
How Do You Keep a House Smeeling Fresh All the Time?
Use Febreze! Before you go to work everyday, spray you house down with a coat of it. Spray it on sofas, carpet, beds, clothing in the closet and in the hamper....anything that is fabric. It is safe on all fabrics and it is safe to use around animals. If you dry your laundry, spray a few sprays of Febreze on your laundry before starting your dryer. Febreze is made to "eliminate" odors and not mask them. After using it for a week you will notice a huge difference. It cheap, too. You can find it anywhere you can get groceries like Walmart. The bottle usually lasts a while. I also recommend Febreze Laundry Refresher. It's in a royal blue bottle and it's with the laundry detergent in some stores. Usually a little more expensive that regular Febreze, but you pour this stuff in clothes that have odors like fried foods, work smells, sweat, smoke, etc. It will get the odors out completely. The only places I can find it though are Walmart and Kroger. I live and stand by these products. Hope this helps you out!1. which colour leather sofas shall i buy?Decorate your life with color. Go for the red2. I need a party rental place in Los Angeles where I can rent sofas or couches. Where should I go?Maybe try CORT? or Rent-A-Center. I think they are monthly, though. What about LA Party Rents or Classic Catering? If they do not do it, they will know who will. GL3. How do I get dog odors out of my fabric-covered sofas?Baking soda absorbs odors very good. Sprinkle it thoroughly, let sit overnight if you can, vacuum thoroughly. Repeat as needed. You could also use Arm&Hammer Carpet Fresh Pet Odor Remover. . Bob never layed in a yard? He must have had a very dull earlier childhood. (sad). .4. We have espresso leather sofas from Pottery Barn. what color should we paint the walls?Espresso Paint Color5. Cat peeing on sofas, carpets, pthers places... Please help!!?For an older cat to start behaving that way, it's more than likely a medical issue. Has your cat been tested for diabetes? My cat used to have the same problem and would pee on the couch, and we attributed it to bladder infections (which he used to get a couple of times a year). But it persisted and he started peeing around the house - he even peed on my husband while he was sleeping! The poor thing was really trying to tell us something was wrong. After testing negative for the infections again, we brought him to another vet who checked for diabetes, and his sugars were off the charts! Luckily we caught it before it did any major damage to his organs. He is now on insulin, and has not peed outside the litter box since.6. What do you think about leather sectionals sofas? Particulary this one?If you like it, that's all that matters. I personally do not care for leather furniture. As for the color of carpeting or an area rug, rust would be pretty for a splash of color.7. how do i get the smell of smoke out of leather sofas?You can not . The smell is in the frame, the leather, and the padding8. how do i care for italian leather sofas?Italian Leather Couches9. What color of sofas/sectional sofas will match a yellow wall in the living room?A red that would complement the yellow would be beautiful. These colors would be easy to deco for all holidays also10. how do you erase pen marks on leather sofas?Ink removal from leather is not always a simple cleaning job. It is a technical job which often needs strong products to remove it successfully without damaging the finish on the leather. Household products often do damage the finish even if you do not think they are and this will cause more problems later down the line. Leather repair technicians should be skilled, trained peole and this is why they charge good money for jobs like this. This really depends on what type of leather it is. If it is on a pigmented leather then the first thing you should try is an ink stick. The fresher the ink the more chance you have of removing it. It is a good idea to have one in your house if you have a pale leather and children!!!! You should also be using a good quality leather protector on your suite. This will act like a 'scotchgard' and will make any more mishaps easier to clean off. If an ink stick does not work a solvent based remover will need to be used and it may also remove finish and pigment so is best left to the experts. Hairspray sometimes works but can also make the matter far worse as it can spread the ink over a bigger area (especially on an aniline style leather) Nail varnish remover or any other solvents will remove the finish and pigment which will need replacing. DO NOT USE Baby wipes as they are about the worst thing you can use on a leather as they break down the finish and will eventually ruin it. Please do not try milk it is a silly idea that this will work and will leave sticky residues on the surface which will help to break down the finish If the ink is on an aniline style, there is nothing that will remove it because the ink will have re-dyed the leather. It may dissipate over time with cleaning and protecting. Old ink will be harder to remove than new ink and may mean resorting to solvents which will also remove the finish. This is probably best left to the experts. Silicones are the worst thing to use on leather as they will form a coating on the surface of the leather which will not allow any moisture to get to the leather and will eventually break all the finish down and make it crack. Leather needs water and should not be protected against it.
Decorating with Console and Driftwood Sofa Table
A coffee table and end tables get a great deal of attention in homes, but there are other tables you might like to consider also, like console and driftwood sofa table.There always seem to be some confusion about both of these varieties of tables. Originally, a console table had just two legs and it was mounted on the wall, letting it look as if it were looking at just two legs, since the bracket was invisible. In later years, some console tables gained an extra set of legs, driving them to a lot more as their sofa backing counterparts. The word console means ledge, and these tables were inspired from the wish for shelves inside a convenient location, particularly in a hallway. Designers simply added legs to give them more stability along with drama. Driftwood Sofa table should indeed be similar and goes to comparable time, the 1600s and 1700s. Originally we were holding used as an impromptu writing desk, being placed higher and behind a settee or sofa. While note writing fell beyond fashion, a minimum of while at the sofa, the sofa table remained a trendy addition for homes, providing a handy location for candles from the pre-electric light age and making the couch look more attractive if this was set during a place in contrast to being from the wall. Today, console and driftwood sofa table are virtually interchangeable in your home, supplying you with more designsIn order to give a table in the hall, for instance, you can opt for a traditional console table, but you might like to look at sofa tables at the same time, especially if you are seeking a specific shape or style.Console and driftwood sofa table work particularly well inside a long hall or at the top of a stairway. You may also make use of them within an entryway in place of an accent table. If you use them from the entryway or at the conclusion of a hall, you might like to consider adding one higher than the table so guests can check their hair, makeup, and lipstick before heading out.If you wish to use the table behind a sofa, you can pick any number of console and driftwood sofa table for the position. Typically, you will need a table that is about two-thirds to three-quarters the length of the sofa or love seat and the top table should not exceed the rear of the cheapest portion of the sofa. For those who have your sofa resistant to the wall, consider pulling it out somewhat and adding a sofa table between it and the wall. This will help make your room feel much more spacious and you will make use of the table to display family photos, souvenirs, antiques or perhaps a spray of fresh of silk flowers.That's among the great things about console and driftwood sofa table. They permit you to add a great deal of personality to a room. While many people think they may be still just beneficial to candlesticks along with a bowl of fruit, these tables allow you to express yourself, not simply through the kind of table you decide on but additionally what you choose to visible on it.Just like a highlight table, console and sofa tables do not need to match one other table inside your room. They are able to naturally, however they do not need to. Instead, apply for an argument piece, choosing something a bit more ornate or embellished to highlight it. These tables are made being mindful of this although many times a wallflower or more within the bunch, chances are good that you can locate a table with a lot of personalities, regardless of whether you want something chic and modern or classic and timeless for your home.How comfortable is your sofa / couch, and how often do you sleep on it?Very comfy, and I barely ever sleep on itWhy is my Sofa peeling the paint off my wall?You have to put something under the couch legs to stop the sliding. Because you are probably damaging the floor as well. Go to the hardware store and look around for something like little rubber pads, that's not going to slide. Depending on the style of your couch, it might work and look better on an area rug. Also you really should make a user name, you are going to get spammed to death showing your email address.
How Do I Fix a Leather Sofa That Has Been Discolored with Nail Polish Remover?
if you can, take back the sofa. sofa's covered in cheap, painted leather usually have cheap, poorly built frames. if you go to a furniture store that sells furniture for money not credit, you will be surprised to find how affordable quality really is. a good sofa will last several generations and age gracefully and usually retain or go up in value.1. What is the best way to prevent a 6 yr old cat from clawing at a leather sofa?The absolute 100% effective way is to keep him out of the room that the sofa is in! Get a scratch post, and cover it with some old leather from somewhere if that's what your cat likes to dig his claws into. Everytime you see him go to scratch your sofa, take him away with a sharp NO to make him jump, and put his paws on the scratch post. He should get the message. I hear soft paws work, but once they start coming off you may have problems if you do not catch them in time. Chalice2. What things match or look well with a black leather sofa? As in what colors should i paint the walls, etc.?Red walls-muted with Oriental decor-lots of brass and black lacquer, some Bonsai trees, a small table-top fountain, Oriental fans to hang on the walls, and do not forget the Chinese lanterns, and a screen. Sea grass area rugs. Or... Greens and florals-and earthy theme. African theme and use a leapord or tiger print throw for the sofa with bulky chest style coffee and end tables.3. Painting a room to compliment a caramel leather sofa suite?Since Caramel is sort of a neutral color you could go with just about any color you want. Do you have a favorite painting, or picture you are using in the living room? You can use the color schemes in that to paint your walls. Going with a lighter shade. Have you thought about using more than one color? That can be very striking...4. Removing rash causing allergen from new leather sofa?Lemons. Buy a dozen, cut in half and rub the leather down. It will cut any oils. Rinse and buff dry. Severe Allergy reaction can reoccur for up to a year. My spouse suffered penicillin reaction that lasted 8 months, flairs up for no apparent reason and Doctor said till the body is totally rid of any trace this will occur. You allergy is no so severe any iota of the contaminate and you will break out.5. What wall paint color goes with a beige leather sofa and loveseat?My sister put a medium brown color on her walls, which I thought would be horrible but really made the room look classic and elegant6. what color wood do you think goes best with a black leather sofa? ?A naturally clear finish on a light wood like ash or birch7. How can I clean leather sofa without damage?There are professional leather cleaning products out there. Look to an office supply / industrial products company for better quality ones. A good one will run $15 per 16oz8. Has anyone ever used turtle car wax on a leather sofa? Please HELP ME OUT!?I use cheap dry on shoe polish for getting rid of marks, but not turtle wax. You will slide off. Just a warm wash cloth with water will sheen it up a bit for the day. Then buy some leather restorer at the locat store. There are wipes available, also. Good Luck.9. What is the best way to clean a leather sofa? Specifically dog odor (no stains...yet!!!)?baby wipes, really they work i have a boxer and a bullmastif, and the wipes clean up quickly but are mild enough not to damage the leather10. Should I write with a marker on my leather sofa?The beige colored marker probably wo not work. I would suggest getting a leather cleaner or a leather stain remover11. Can leather stain removers bring back color to a beige leather sofa?Look in the yellow pages of the phone book for some one who does vinyl or leather repair. Car dealerships and restaurants use these pro's to touch up car upholstery or seating upholstery all the time. Best to let a pro mix up a matching color to take care of this accident. Afraid this service will cost a few dollars. Good Luck
Can I Put a Seat in My Bedroom (not a Sofa, Just One Seat of It)?
You will not be laughed at for having a nice chair in the corner of your bedroom. At least not by anyone that I think I've ever met. Dresser is usually used to store clothing. I am a guy and my dresser has: top drawer: underwear (boxers and t-shirts) and socks second drawer: t-shirts that have designs third drawer: jeans and shorts bottom drawer: work-out clothes and athletic socks Many people keep the dresser in the bedroom...some keep it in a closet. Welcome to America! : )1. Top 5 Inventions for KidsWhen we think of inventions, we sometimes miss all the fun stuff that's been designed for kids, like Play-Doh. Edison, Bell, the Wright Brothers -- sure, their inventions changed the world, but they never seemed to think up anything for the kids. If they had, there might have been a big payday waiting for them. Inventing for kids can reward more than bank accounts. So which inventions for kids landed in our top five? Read on to find out. Admit it. A balloon animal, made especially for you, would make today just a little better. Starting our list of inventions with a bang -- or a pop, at least -- is the toy balloon. Blow one up and bop it around or fill one with helium and watch it fly. You could make a strong case that balloons, at just a few cents apiece, provide the highest fun-to-cost ratio on the planet. Although toy balloons have been made from latex since the early 19th century, the first toy balloons were made of something a little harder to stomach -- animal intestines. After cleaning them out and stretching them, they could be filled with air, just like the balloons you buy at the store. Thankfully, manipulating animal entrails is no longer a part of the balloon-making process. Instead, balloon molds are dipped into vats of pigmented latex and allowed to dry. Once the latex is pulled away from the mold, the balloon is ready to hit the shelves. Fortunately, balloons are extremely cheap to produce. Otherwise, balloon enthusiasts like Treb Heining would not be able to create the massive spectacles seen at events like the Olympics and the Super Bowl. But whether you have a million balloons or just one, you are in for some fun. A car seat from the 1960s shows how far these essential safety devices have evolved. When car seats were first created, they were designed more to keep children from crawling around the car than for safety. Fortunately, car seats have come a long way since those early days. So even if you do not live in one of the dozens of states that hand out heavy fines for car seat violations, you should always strap your child into a car or booster seat no matter how short the trip. Of course, you will also need to make sure you are using the right type of car or booster seat for your child and that you are using it properly. In addition to following the car seat manufacturer's instructions, make sure to remember the general guidelines for keeping your kids safe in the car. For instance, infants should be placed in rear-facing car seats while toddlers should ride in forward-facing seats, and whenever possible, children should always ride in the rear seat of the vehicle. Yeah, but can you Hula-Hoop with your neck? Inventions are not always the result of tireless research and endless prototypes. The Kellogg brothers invented corn flakes after letting a batch of boiled wheat go stale. Percy Spencer invented the microwave oven only after accidentally melting a candy bar while tinkering with vacuum tubes. In the case of the Hula-Hoop, Wham-O toy company founders Richard Knerr and Arthur "Spud" Melin did not have to do much inventing at all. In 1958, after hearing about Australian children playing with bamboo hoops during gym class, the two decided to recreate the bamboo hoops out of a then cutting-edge plastic called Marlex. The rest is history. Wham-O's hoop sparked a craze that swept the nation, with 40 million selling in the first year alone, and international orders pushed the total over 100 million in the following years [sources: Martin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology]. While the Wham-O founders had a great eye for new toys, their business sense was not quite as strong. The demand for Hula-Hoops dried up as quickly as it had grown, leaving Wham-O with warehouses full of hoops and no buyers. In the end, Knerr and Melin netted only $10,000 in profit from the whole experience. The experience was not a total loss, however. Only a few years later, they would put their knowledge of toys to good use when they marketed their next big invention, the Frisbee. Can you blow a bubble inside that bubble? The search for the perfect bubble gum was not an easy one. About a half century after manufacturers first produced chewing gum, Frank Fleer, founder of the Fleer Chewing Gum Company, made his first attempt at producing bubble gum. The resulting product was a mess -- literally. It was so sticky that the bubbles would stick to everything and ruin your clothes. What is more, Fleer's product was so thick that it was hard to chew and, worse still, virtually flavorless. The company would experiment with different bubblegum formulas for the next 20 years, but it would take an accountant at Fleer's by the name of Walter Diemer to concoct the perfect batch of bubble gum. Using his free time to tinker with different ingredients, Diemer stumbled on the secret to creating the perfect bubble: latex. By adding a special type of latex and a bit of pink food coloring, Diemer created a recipe for bubble gum that would inspire countless copycats. Not only was Diemer's bubble gum easier to chew than Fleer's earlier concoctions, it was not nearly as sticky, easily coming off of skin and clothing. Bubble gum turned out to be such a novel product that the Fleer Company hired a team of people responsible for teaching customers how to blow bubbles. Before long, Diemer's Dubble Bubble was delighting kids across the country and making millions of dollars for the Fleer Company in the process. These days, the bubblegum industry has blown up. A world without playgrounds would not be quite so much fun. Nearly everyone can think back on their childhood and recall their favorite playground, but that was not always the case. Before the women's suffrage movement that began in the late 1800s, public funding for playgrounds was virtually nonexistent in the United States. Before long, playgrounds were popping up in cities across the country, even in poor neighborhoods. Schools soon followed suit, emphasizing recreation and physical fitness more. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission advocates a number of common sense precautions parents can take to keep such injuries at a minimum, such as supervising children at play and ensuring the playground has a soft surface for children to land on. Still, some experts say that, while playgrounds should never be dangerous, an element of risk can actually help children learn their limits. Just keep that in mind the next time you see kids dangling by one foot from the monkey bars.2. How to choose a bicycle seatThere are a couple of factors that at least help you narrow your search3. LibGuides: Bicycle Laws in Louisiana: HelmetsA. The following words and phrases when used in this Section shall have the meaning assigned to them: (1) "Approved helmet" means a bicycle helmet that meets or exceeds the following minimum bicycle helmet safety standards: (a) A bicycle helmet that was manufactured prior to March, 1999, shall meet or exceed the minimum bicycle helmet safety standards set by the American National Standards Institute or the Snell Memorial Foundation. (b) A bicycle helmet that was manufactured after March, 1999, shall meet or exceed the minimum bicycle helmet safety standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. (2) "Bicycle" means a human-powered vehicle with two tandem wheels designed to transport, by pedaling, one or more persons. (3) "Operator" means a person who travels on a bicycle seated on a saddle seat from which that person is intended to and can pedal the bicycle. (4) "Passenger" means any person who travels on a bicycle in any manner except as an operator. (5) "Restraining seat" means a seat separate from the saddle seat of the operator of the bicycle that is fastened securely to the frame of the bicycle and is adequately equipped to restrain the passenger in such seat and protect such passenger from the moving parts of the bicycle. B. With regard to any bicycle used on a public roadway, public bicycle path, or other public right-of-way, no parent, guardian, or person with legal responsibility for the safety and welfare of a child shall knowingly allow any of the following: (1) Such child under the age of twelve to operate or ride as a passenger on a bicycle without wearing an approved helmet of good fit fastened securely upon the head with the straps of the helmet. (2) Such child who weighs less than forty pounds or is less than forty inches in height to be a passenger on a bicycle without being properly seated in and adequately secured to a restraining seat. C. Notice shall be provided in accordance with the following provisions: (1) A person regularly engaged in the business of selling or renting bicycles shall post a sign stating the following: "Louisiana law requires a bicycle operator or passenger under the age of twelve years to wear a bicycle helmet when riding a bicycle. Louisiana law also requires a passenger who weighs less than forty pounds or is less than forty inches in height to be properly seated in and adequately secured to a restraining seat." (2) The sign must be at least twenty-four inches in length and twelve inches in width. The lettering on the sign must be at least one inch in height. The sign must be posted conspicuously so that it is clearly visible to all persons buying or renting bicycles. D. The issuance of a citation for a violation of this Section shall not be prima facie evidence of negligence. The comparative negligence statutes of Louisiana shall apply in these cases as in all other cases of negligence. E. The Louisiana Highway Safety Commission shall provide funds to the Louisiana Safe Kids Coalition to be used for the purchase of bicycle helmets. These helmets shall be distributed by the Louisiana Safe Kids Coalition to indigent persons in furtherance of the provisions of this Section. F. The provisions of R.S. 32:57 shall not apply to a violation of this Section. No civil penalties or court costs shall be assessed for any violation of this Section.
Want to Buy Sofa for Living Room. What to Do About Cats?
You're unlikely to be able to make the sofa inhospitable to the cats without also making it inhospitable to yourself, but there's steps you can take to minimize the damage they'll do.Ensure they have sufficient approved scratching surfaces; if they don't have many yet, add more before you get the sofa, so they get used to them and their locations, and are less likely to go looking for additional surfaces.Discourage scratching on target surfaces (typically the corners, back if accessible, and sometimes the top of the sofa) with materials they don't like. These include double-sided tape (often sold under the name "Sticky Paws"), aluminum foil, and heavy plastic sheeting (similar to what's used for office chair mats). Depending on how clever your cats are, the clear materials are better, because they won't be able to easily see if and when they're removed.Additionally discourage targeting those areas by putting a scratching post nearby. You may also need to redirect them if you catch them scratching at an unprotected part of the sofa. By having the appropriate target close to the inappropriate one, it's much easier to redirect their attention.If there's a corner they just won't stay away from, consider a long-term solution. It may not look as nice as the untouched sofa, but it'll certainly look better than a shredded one. Look into plastic corner protectors as a way to discourage interaction, or try a sisal scratching mat (like the LURVIG mat sold by Ikea) attached to that area for a durable, appropriate scratch spot.And if all else fails, find a way to embrace concealing the damage; there are many examples of how to use lace, fabric, or other techniques to disguise damaged corners and surfaces on a sofa that can look quite nice when finished, and add some unique personality to your furniture.I want to buy a new sofa for our living room. After I buy it, I'm 100% sure my cats will also want to sit in the new sofa and sharpen their nails in the new sofa and ruin the new sofa. I've talked to them about the issue, but they seem to ignore me.I guess my question is: What type of sofa should I buy to minimize this? Or what can I do so that they stay away from the sofa? IS there a specific material that cats particularly dislike?The living room doesn't have a door, so closing the area off is not an option. I also prefer not having to spray the sofa.
Does a Lighter Colored Leather Ottoman Go with a Darker Leather Sofa?
Sounds good together. You know what would set it off, is making your walls in a faux suede illusions paint the same color as your ottoman. Then accenting your walls in The dark worn brass look. Maybe even curtains the same as your couch. Have fun.1. Anniversary Gift Ideas for Husband who is a beginner artist?Awwwww!!! Congratulations! Well, traditionally, the third anniversay is supposed to include leather. Maybe get him a new leather wallet, jacket, or other leather item related to something he's into. Also, keep in mind that leather can be engraved. Maybe get him a leather wallet with a meaningful inscription2. The best western belts for men - 2019A belt chosen properly can add a subtle detail and dimension to your look. Belts are an amazing accessory to showcase your individual taste, personal preference. Below are the best western belts for men. This belt is made from genuine leather with a stunning embossed pattern on. It allows interchangeable buckle and all you have to do is snap out to change it. This belt comes in four different sizes to choose: Small (30-32), Medium (33-35), Large (36-38) and Extra Large (40-42) and available in two colors: black and brown. The snap is sturdy, strong. The beautiful embossed scroll work will add a wow factor to your western-style outfit. The buckle is changeable, so you can replace it with any of your favorite ones. However, this belt is not so durable and may not be a good choice for petite people since it is longer than expected and not have enough holes. This is the perfect choice for people who just wants an average belt and is easy-going in picking belts. This is the perfect belt for a cowboy look. It is made of genuine leather, overlaid with a tooled design and featured with a cowboy prayer conchos. The length varies from 30 to 46 inches. The belt itself is well manufactured with sturdy, thick leather. People who love authentic western belts will just fall in love with this. The conchos are what made this belt looks special. The buckle is also removable, allow you to replace with the buckle of your choice. The only minus point is the inaccurate size. It is smaller than expected. Therefore, remember to order somewhat 2 inches over your actual waist size. This belt is also made from genuine leather. It comes with snaps for changing buckles, which is convenient. It presents in four color options: black, dark brown, brown and white. There are five sizes available: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large and is promised to fit 80% as expected. In addition, five holes at the tip end allow this belt to fit you comfortably. The design is amazing with a classic vintage distressed look. The edge is stitched for extra strength and looks nice without any stray threads. The leather feels good. However, it is bonded with glue, not a whole piece of leather. The snaps are also not sturdy. The belt itself is not durable at all. Overall, this is just an average belt that suitable for people who love the vintage look. This is made from 100% leather, which is really nice. The belt has a unique design featured a colorful fabric-inlay that looks great with any pairs of jeans. The size varies from 32 to 44 inches. This belt is really sturdy, well manufactured. The design is versatile and unique. The fabric-inlay really adds something special to this belt. It also will add a stunning finishing touch to any outfit. However, it is hard to fasten because of the stiffness. Overall, this is a great option for people who want a unique belt that can go well with any outfit. This belt is also made from real leather with no bonded scraps or glue. It was embossed with a stunning western style leaf pattern. The belt also came with snaps for changing buckles that are stiff and sturdy. Sizes vary from 32 to 46 inches. There are two colors available: brown, gray-black. The biggest plus point is the design. From the pattern to the color, the belt give this gorgeous antique look that can liven up any outfit. However, the quality is not really good. The belt does not seem to be well manufactured. Instead of having stitches along the border to secure and keep the belt from splintering, this has none. Because of that, its durability is not really long. Overall, this belt goes well with people who care more about the look that the quality. This amazing belt is made from authentic cowhide leather. It is embossed with real leather hand-woven into an X pattern and scorpion design. There are snaps for the interchanging buckles. Sizes vary from 32 to 46 inches. There are three colors available: brown, tan and black. The most eye-catching part is the beautiful hand work design of the belt. With this unique design, you can dress up any casual or western-style outfit. The leather itself is thick, strong and sturdy. The quality is above average, better than what you would expect. However, it is not really durable. The lacing pattern will unravel after a period of time. Overall, this belt is a great choice if you just want an average belt with a unique design. This is also a 100% made from real leather. The belt does not provide snaps for the interchanging buckle. However, it features a stunning antique snap-off buckle with two-horse logo design. Sizes vary from 30 to 44 inches. Only one color is available. This belt is well made with high-quality leather that is strong and sturdy. The buckle is the most attractive feature of this belt. Its durability is also pretty impressive. The only problem is the buckle is not really sturdy and keeps coming off. Overall, this is a nice belt that you would want to have it in your wardrobe. This is an unusual option since it is made with nylon rather than leather. However, the Pueblo pattern looks gorgeous and gives a frontier heritage vibe to any outfit. The polycarbonate locking cam buckle is sturdy, strong and suitable for any outdoor activities. There is only one size that fits to size 42. This is a great belt for air travel. Well, we all know that moment when you have to take your belt off in front of lots of people to pass that security checkpoint. With this belt, no longer have you suffer that situation anymore. The belt is lightweight but holds securely. There is only one small issue that the belt is a bit thinner than usual, it would be perfect if it was wider. At a whole, this is an amazing belt that suitable for almost everyone. You wo not be regret buying this. This is just a basic, simple leather belt that goes well with a casual look. The size varied from 34 to 44 inches. It is recommended that you should order one size up from your pants size. This belt is absolutely well manufactured with thick leather, even stitches along the border to prevent splintering. The buckle is nice and sturdy. This is a staple piece in the wardrobe that every man should have. However, the leather is a wee bit stiff. It will probably soften up over time. Overall, this belt is perfect, an amazing choice for someone who loves simplicity. This is another amazing option for a western-style belt. The belt is made 100% from genuine leather with real leather hand-woven into an X pattern. The buckle is made in a set with three matching engraved pieces and removable. Sizes varied from 32 to 46 inches. There are two colors available: Black and brown. The design included star conchos and embossed western pattern that enhances the cowboy look. The quality is amazing. It is not hard to say that this belt is definitely well made with no cheap coated metal. This belt totally looks nice with boots. In conclusion, this belt has high quality, stunning design and absolutely fit the cowboy theme. Do not hesitate to grab one. Made with beautiful genuine leather, this belt certainly pleased any picky customer. The design featured a faithful recreation of the Walking Liberty half-dollar along with embossed western-style patterns that can liven up any outfit. Real leather is also braided into an X pattern. This gives the belt a stunning touch. The interchange buckle function is also added. The belt came with different size from 32 to 48 inches and available in two colors: black and brown. If you are looking for a stunning western belt, this one is definitely for you. The quality is just awesome. This belt is definitely well made with high-quality leather, sturdy snaps and careful bar-tack stitching along the border. The leather feels nice and lasts a lifetime. Not mention that the recreation of the Walking Liberty half-dollar is totally not cheap coated metal. There are no problems that you can find about this belt. Overall, this is a stunning belt with wonderful design and craftsmanship; a must-have for any men out there. A belt made with quality America tanned leather is absolutely a great option for you. This belt is embossed with classy basket weave using durable bridle leather. The inches buckle is shiny, sturdy and just look astounding. The size varied from 32 to 60 inches, which is amazing. The stitching along the border is carefully sewn. The quality of the leather is impressive. This is surely a high-quality belt on the market. Nevertheless, you can wear this belt on casual occasion or at work. The durability is also amazing. Due to the high quality of leather, this belt can last for ages. You cannot find any issues while using this belt. Everything is just right. At a whole, this is an excellent belt that any men would like to have in their wardrobe. Those are some options of the best western belt for men. Choosing a nice belt is not easy, hopefully, with this review, you can pick for yourself a perfect western belt. In conclusion, take your time and you may find something that is not just affordable but also attractive and high quality.3. define what a vegetarian is and what a vegan is?Vegetarians do not eat that which results from the slaughter of an animal. This includes red meat, poultry, seafood, gelatin, lard and rennet. Vegans do not consume meat or animal products, (like eggs and dairy) and avoid purchasing products made from animals, (like leather and wool) and products which have been tested on animals. (Like anything made by Procter and Gamble)
Legs Only Ottoman Coffee Table,Cupboard,Pack of 4 Hoowen Metal Sofa Legs Couch 5.5 Height Hollow Out
Tabic Handmade Solid English Oak Mantel/Display Mount Natural Varnish Finish. Extra Duty Felt Pressurized Tennis Balls 36 Balls 12 Cans Penn Championship Tennis Balls, Furniture of America CM3216SV Harrisburg Server Dining Room Buffet. Black No Doser Ascaso I1 Flat Burr Espresso Coffee Grinder, Self Warming Indoor Sleeping Bed Non-Slip Bottom for Small/Medium Size Dog & Cat IZO Home Goods 30 Round Dog Bed with Soft Plush Minky Dot Top. Natural Country Chic Home Decor Rustic Tiered Tray Christmas Decorations Farmhouse Wood Bead Garland with Tassels Black White Buffalo Plaid Wooden Bead with Jute Rope Plaid Tassel. Devo 6-Shelf Wire Shelves Metal Shelves Heavy Duty Shelving Units and Storage Silver Adjustable Storage Rack Organizer for Kitchen Garage Closet Pantry Laundry Bathroom 22 L x 12 W x 63 H, 10 Artificial Red Berry Stems for Christmas Tree Decorations 7.28 Inches Holiday and Home Decor Crafts IFOYO Red Berries, Rust Proof Stainless Steel Sink Caddy Organizer with Hanging Bar for Dish Rag Nieifi Reliable Sponge Holder for Kitchen Sink with Removable Drip Tray, BrandtWorks Minimal Blanket Ladder Black, Blue United Curtain Rachael Embroidered Straight Valance 60 by 12-Inch. Disney Descendants Split/Rule 100% Cotton 28 X 58 Plush Beach/Bath Towel, Catholic Rose Scented Wood Carved Rose Petal Rosary 7 Mm Bead and Wooden Hand Carved Rosary Box Wood Decorative Box, Wooden Bohemian Design Jewelry Hooks Storage Hanging Organizer Deluxe. Alen BreatheSmart 45i HEPA Air Purifier for Rooms Dander Coverage Area and Fur in Brushed Stainless Dust with HEPA Filter for Allergies 800 SqFt. Nostalgic Polka Dots Style Large Circles Girlish Vintage Rounds Pattern Apple Green 45 x 15 x 2 Standard Size HR Foam Cushion with Decorative Fabric Cover Ambesonne Lime Green Bench Pad. Multicolor Twin Size Soft Comfortable Top Sheet Decorative Bedding 1 Piece Ambesonne Lantern Flat Sheet International Chinese New Year Celebration China Hong Kong Korea Indigenous Culture, Fatboy USA PFF-BLU Pfffh Ottoman Blue. • USB Type C Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging Cable Nylon Braided Cord for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Lilac Purple Note 9 and More 2-Pack 3FT Note 8 Benicabe Galaxy S9 Charger S8/S8 Plus • ChromeWheels 2 in 1 Balance Bike Toddler Trike for 2-4 Years Old Kids 3-Wheels with Detachable Pedal Best Gifts Riding Toys for Girls BoysWhy did the Ottomans convert Christian boys for the Jannisaries instead of choose Muslim born boys? Surely it was an unnecessary extra step.The devshirme system was not a system of assimilation or slavery. The converts of devshirme system were never considered and treated as slaves because the Islamic law did not allow the enslavement of Mu$lims. Therefore, the Ottoman Empire never had a "slave army". The janissaries were only a military unit and their primary duty was to protect the dynasty as the "household/kapkulu" troops.Before the Ottomans, Romans, Persians and many other previous Islamic states and empires implemented similar systems such as the Roman legionaries, the Turks in the Abbasid army, and the Kpchak Turks in the Mamluk army. The difference between the devshirme system and the Islamic gulam system was that the Ottomans only recruited the Christian subjects of the empire. The devshirme system emerged as a result of military necessities as the empire expanded. The recruitment process was conducted once in a few years and the total number of recruits was usually not more than 5,000-6,000. The average age of recruitment was 15, which means that the recruits were old enough to remember who they are, their homeland and families. Their personal information was also registered in detail.Unlike the common narrative, not every recruitment happened by force. In some relatively poorer villages, families voluntarily enlisted their children since they considered it as a chance for a better future. In the beginning, the recruitment process was limited only with the Balkans. In the 16th century, recruits were taken from Anatolia as well, including Turkish children.While the physically stronger recruits were sent to janissary corp. to begin their training, the smartest and most talented ones were sent to palace schools called Enderun to be raised as bureaucrats by getting maybe the best Islamic education of the era. The total number of janissaries and various devshirme military units had always been very limited. The Turkish and Muslim soldiers [by birth] always constituted the skeleton and the main fighting force of the Ottoman military since the beginning, and the military also always spoke Turkish. The devshirme system continued for approx. 220 years. The system began to decline after the 16th century and then completely abolished in the 18th century
Buy Air Sofa Cum Bed - Black Online at Best Price in India On
The bygone era of spacious homes at affordable prices will probably never come back. We often come across space constraints in our homes. Some look out for durable and cost saving options to stylishly design their homes. You ought to do some space planning for accommodating children, friends, guests, in laws, etc. What better solution could you get than the easy to assemble and inflatable sofa cum bed with the weight carrying capacity of 295kgs that is equal to that of a wooden sofa. A 25 kgs product which after inflation provides a huge weight capacity speaks volumes about the quality. However, it comes with a heavy duty repair patch. Made up of high quality durable (PVC) material, this modern design product can be used as a sofa, recliner, double bed, single bed or for lounging purpose. It can be inflated in no time, with the powerful electric dual-action pump which is a complimentary product. As it is durable and light weight, you can easily carry and store it. This is an ideal option for get-togethers or birthday parties or traditional functions at home or outdoor. Moreover, this is the most durable and portable furniture solution for couples, bachelors who rent apartments; also for professionals or employees who keep relocating for work. The color is shiny black the compliments the modern and rich design. This five in one solution at an unbeatable price of 4999 plus shipping charges, provides you multiple reasons to not let this product offer slip out of your hands. It is your friend in need to provide you with all the space and comfort in style.1. how to get dog puke stain out of a recliner chair?The stain is set now, but next time use peroxide2. Help me choose a paint color for living room with brown leather sofa and recliner?You did not say what color your carpet or flooring is....but going to assume it's neutral, like most carpet nowadays. If so....color is what you may want to do, so I would suggest a soft sage green making the trim work a cream color, not too far from the carpet shade. From there, you can incorporate a patterned rug with browns, beige's, sage and darker greens and a touch of red/burgundy or two. Take a couple of the colors from the carpet and accent around the room, and in the window treatments. You do not need a room full of neutrals, but a bit more color. And if you do not like the green hues....try a soft dutch pastel blue. Blues, tans and browns go really well together, and again, use a patterned rug to bring it all together. But most of all, have fun! Find the rug first, and go from there....once you see one that catches your eye...things, including your imagination....will take off and you will wonder why you did not start earlier! :)3. Would you prefer ...a bean bag chair or a recliner?bean bags are better4. My dog fell off a recliner and hit her side, I can't see the vet until Thursday (Very long question)?It's impossible to guess, but based on your description of what happened, it does not sound like this is something that could seriously hurt her. You did not mention other things like appetite/peeing/pooping, but as long as this is normal, I would not panic. Obviously, if she loses her appetite, this ratchets up the alarm a bit. I would also get back in touch with the vets you called and ask to be put on a waiting list for cancellations. They happen, and vets do not generally offer this unless the person requests it.5. What should I name my recliner chair?Who the hell names a chair? Really6. is a microfiber fabric made of 85%polyster, 12% nylon and 3% spandex wear well if put on a recliner?It should wear VERY well & very cleanable. With the spandex it should also retain it's shape, which has been a common complaint of 100% polyester microfibers. The best carpet is nylon, so this adds to the durability. Good choice overall.7. I need to modify my recliner to make it higher.?Go to pet store and get a bottle of Simple Solution. If it is possible to remove the cushion, do so and take out the foam. Follow the directions on the bottle for the fabric. For the foam, you will need to place it in your bathtub and work the foam like a sponge and get out all of the urine which is in it, then squeeze dry it and then set it into the sunlight to dry. Make certain that it is dry all the way through. When you are finished with this process, you may need to spray the rest of the recliner with Fabreeze or other such product. Good luck. Dan.
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