Sales Tactics Mattress Retailers Use!

Be a Smart Consumer!

When shopping for a new mattress today we need to be smart consumers so not to be taken advantage of by retailers who will do anything to sell us their products. Being aware of the 'tricks of the trade' so to speak will help you get one leg up on these stores.This article will explore several of the sale tactics mattress retailers use on the consumer.

A smart consumer is an educated consumer. One who does their homework before they go out to the store. One who is doing what you're doing right now in researching first which is the best strategy. Statistics tell us that about 85% of consumers pre-shop and research products online before going to retail stores. This will give you a fairly good idea of what is out there to choose from and a good idea about the pricing of mattresses. There are so many choices for mattresses today as far as

materials, styles and comfort levels

. So, the whole idea behind this article is to remember -

"If it looks too good to be true - Watch Out!"

These retailers know what to say, when to say it and how to say it as their job is to get you into their store.

Supermarket Sales Are Easy!

We are more or less all conditioned to the sales in a super market due to the fact that we shop for groceries regularly. Most people who food shop are pretty much aware of the prices of canned goods, meats, fruits and vegetables. When you study a flyer and a particular item that you purchase on a regular basis has come down in price you are more apt to pick it up because of the savings. Let's face it, we all know how to use the .50 Off coupon! You get the idea.

What is a 50% Mattress Sale?

Mattresses on the other hand are not grocery items and we're not in a mattress store every week therefore, we have to contend with the bombardment of daily mattress promotions. When you see advertisements in the newspaper, commercials on television or radio of a mattress store having a 50% off sale what immediately comes to your mind? Do you really believe that they are taking 50% off that product? Think about it for a second. If they're taking 50% off that product, how do they make money? So, the bottom line is very simple - They can't! These department stores, bedding stores, furniture stores and any other places that sell mattresses have to pay top dollar for advertising. It costs them thousands and thousands of dollars to get you into their store to buy their products. Who pays for that advertising? Ultimately - the consumer pays for this. So, the best way to fool you is to develop a sure fired marketing campaign using words and images that will get your eyes and ears excited so that you will want to visit their store. Then, in order to have this sale they double the price, call it a 50% off sale. And do you know what? It works! Many people see those ads and can't wait to get to the store to take advantage of them. Don't fall for this type of sale.

How Are Mattresses Priced in a Department Store?

I was pricing mattresses in a bedding store one particular day and studied the prices of a national name brand mattress and wrote them down. I then proceeded to go down to a nearby department store where they had the same mattresses on display so that I could compare prices. To my amazement I found the prices of the same exact mattresses higher in price by $300-$700 per mattress set.

In the previous bedding store I was told that their prices were set by the manufacturer (MMAP) and that you wouldn't find any store that would have these at a lower price.

Having never purchased a mattress in a department store before I thought I would test the system and role-play as a customer in that store. I let the salesperson try to sell me. I asked many questions to see if this mattress expert could answer them for me and just as I suspected this particular person was not knowledgeable about any of the mattresses on the floor. She just avoided the questions and instructed me to lay down and find the right one for me. My questions were very simple, they had to do with

construction at the mattress





and how like to get it


. What this person was all about had to do with the special card that I could open up with the store to get a reduced price on the set that I liked

The salesperson explained this very well. And I quote: "If you open an account with our store then we will give you an additional 30% off our sale price of that mattress set." These sales people get a pretty good commission if they can get a customer to open a new card with that store. So that's their angle! The selling of new accounts for the department store instead of the salesperson providing the customer with good reliable information about the product is the emphasis here. Needless to say if I was an educated consumer I would not be buying a bed from this particular store. The consumer wants to buy from the salesperson that they trust and they know they're going to get good service.

More Tactics!

Low Price Mattress Sales!

Mattress retailers will frequently advertise a low-end priced mattress set. When a customer comes into the store to see this mattress, however, sales people are told to sell them something higher in price. Many customers are told that that model is sold out. Some people call this 'bait and switch' and in many cases, this product is very difficult, if not impossible, to purchase. These low-priced ads are simply used to bring you into their store. Also, the quality of this mattress is usually not very high.

What is MMAP?

Not too many consumers know what MMAP is today. And you don't really find out about this until you're in a retail store when the salesperson explains it to you and even then you might find it hard to believe. MMAP means: Minimum Manufacturers Advertised Pricing. This means that the minimum selling price is suggested by the manufacturer and agreed-upon by the retailers who choose to carry and sell the product. Now there are two points about this. First, not all retailers are going to be on board with this program so you might find that they will do anything to get the sale and they may even bump the price down a few dollars lower to take you away from another retailer. In this case you need to weigh the difference between good service and saving a few dollars. Let's say you are in one mattress store and up until the price issue of this mattress you were treated well and having a great experience at this place but just want to go out and check out another store. At the next store there was a little shadiness in the presentation of the salesperson but they were willing to get you that mattress set at a lower price than the MMAP the other stores are giving you. If it was me I would be going with the store that's going to give me the service and not worry about a few dollars.

Free Financing!

A great tool that retailers use to get you to buy 'now', is to offer free financing. Whereas this could be a great option for you as the consumer there is always a hidden catch. The catch here is that the finance company is willing to float you a short term loan, interest free with the hopes that you will be delinquent on just one of the payments. If you are then you will be charged the full amount of the back interest on top of the loan. The interest charged on this type alarm is usually 30%.

Free Box Springs!

There are some retail stores that will advertise free box springs with the purchase of the mattress. Be very careful with these because there are two types of boxsprings. A foundation box spring which is basically four walls of thin wood with nothing in the box but to support the mattress. The other type of boxspring is made with steel supporting the mattress from side to side and head to toe. If this retailer is going to give you a free boxspring you had better believe that they will give you a cheap unsupported wood foundation box spring. For more on how important a boxspring is click here.

Free Delivery!

This is another tactic to get you to buy from them. A tactic that really works to get you into the store. Why? Because consumers many times don't read the fine print or listen to the fast talking person on the radio. Don't fall for this because nothing is free here. To deliver a mattress set to you it takes two men, a big truck, gas and time to do these deliveries. Most places that advertise free delivery have already factored it in the price of the bed. A store that shows you up front on the price tag what the delivery charge is, may possibly wave the charge if you press the issue with the salesperson. Then, you know that you got free delivery.

In Closing

I hope this article has been helpful to you. Again, it was designed to point out the many tactics mattress retailers who use through advertising and marketing to get you to buy their products. Just remember not to fall into their traps.

Let me know what you think!

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I recommend using the pre-planed pine rather than the construction-grade spruce. It costs a bit more, but it's easier to work with, has no surface marks, and has nice square corners.The box spring rests mainly on three "ladder" sections. These are what you'll build first. Before you start, be sure to measure the dimensions of the box spring. In the case of a queen size bed, the outside dimensions are approximately 60"x80". Therefore, you will need six 2x4 pieces cut to 60" in length. In addition to this, ten more 2x4 pieces cut to about 14".Construct two ladder sections consisting of two 60" pieces and three 14" 'rungs'. One rung on each end, and a third centred in the middle. Construct a third ladder that uses four rungs, again with one rung on each end and the other two evenly spaced (ie. at 20" and 40"). This third ladder is going to be the foot of the bed, where the extra rung helps support the overhang.The classic "glue and screw" method works well here: simply run a thick bead of glue along the end of the 14" rung, position it, and drive in two 3" screws to pull the pieces of wood together. The ladder sections should be reasonably square.The bed rail serves to keep the box spring from sliding around, and provides a nice finish free of visible fasteners. In this step we'll attach the rails to the head and foot of the bed.Cut two 2x6 pieces of lumber to 60" in length. One of these should be glued and screwed to one of the three-rung ladders, and the other to the four-rung ladder. WATCH OUT!! Drive the screws from the INSIDE of the ladder, so that the screw heads will be hidden. Also be sure to use 2.5" long screws here, so that there's less chance of the screw point breaching the far side.This is probably the trickiest and most time-consuming part of the build. 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Naturally, you don't want to put any glue onto the side rail hole, or it will be impossible to disassemble the frame!Finish the job by driving 2.5" screws from the insides of the ladder sections to the side rails.The bed frame rests on an elevated platform. The platform is made of two stout 66" long 2x10s, and some 2x6 lumber to tie them together. The length of those 2x6 pieces will depend on the size of the bed. On a queen bed they're about 24" long. Too long and the lumber will be too visible from the side. Too short and the bed will be tippy.As before, glue and screw the lumber to form a nice, simple rectangle.The frame is attached to the platform by screwing them together at four points.Set the frame on top of the platform, so that "head" end of the platform is flush with the outside face of the "head" rail. The majority of one beam of the "foot" ladder should align with the other end of the platform. Left-right centre the frame on the platform.There's no way our 3" screws will be long enough to fasten through the frame rails to the platform, so we'll need to counterbore the holes. Using the 1/2" bit, drill a 2-2.5" deep hole in 4 or 6 locations. Then, drive a 3" screw into each.You could attach nearly any headboard to this bed. In order to maintain the aesthetic of the design, I chose a simple stack of spaced-out 2x6 boards.Start by fastening the headboard vertical supports to the bed frame. The length of the vertical support will depend on how tall you want the headboard to be. Four 2.5" screws per vertical support is enough. As you can see in the pictures, I attached them to both the frame and the platform, right down to the ground.The horizontal sections are made up of three 63" long 2x6 pieces, spaced 3" apart. I used some scrap wood as a spacer: simply place the spacer, set the horizontal board on top, then screw it in place with 2.5" screws. As you may have guessed, drive the screws in from behind so they won't be visible. Then stack the next horizontal piece on top and repeat!Once assembled, the entire frame can be sanded with an electric sander. I also used a placer to add a chamfer to any edge that would likely be stepped on or touched frequently. You may choose to leave it as-is, or round the corner.I left the wood of my bed "natural" and unfinished. By all means, paint or stain the wood to your liking!Being so close to Christmas, it was easy to find a section of LED rope light!Using wire clips (the type used to fasten electrical wiring to wood studs), run the rope light around the circumference of the platform, as high up as possible.I have my rope light connected to a timer, so it turns on and off automatically each day.As I mentioned in the intro step, this bed is designed to be easily disassembled and moved.
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Using a traditional mattress with a futon frame is a simple process. The main problem with using a regular mattress is that the futon will not be able to fold into sofa size. With a regular twin mattress, the futon must always remain as a bed. The futon may also need some additional support to support the weight of the mattress and box spring, if you use one. After choosing a box spring and mattress, converting the bed will take less than one hour.Inspect the frame of your futon. Check the distance between the slats and the material the futon is made from. Both metal and wood frames will work with regular mattresses, but some futon frames may not have the ability to carry the weight of a full-sized mattress every day. Check this by sitting on the frame alone. If it sags under your weight, the futon will not support the mattress. Expand the futon from a sofa to bed position.Add extra support to the frame if necessary. Remove the old mattress. The slats should be about 6 inches apart from each other to provide the necessary support for a box spring and mattress. If the slats are too far apart, rest wooden planks on the frame between the slats for additional support. Cut the slats so they fit onto the frame without sticking out too much. Don't worry about screwing them to the frame. The weight of the mattress will hold them in place.Check to see if a box spring is necessary for the installation of the mattress. A box spring provides additional support and also helps remove potential bumps from the mattress caused by the frame. It is possible to feel the slats of the futon through the mattress in some cases, which will be eliminated if you use a box spring. Choose a box spring if you prefer firmer support while you sleep.Place the box spring on the bed. Place a dust ruffle over the box spring to hide it and the futon frame from view.Place the mattress over the box spring. Place additional padding over the mattress if desired. Cover the bed with sheets and blankets.
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Hey there, time traveller!This article was published 4/11/2010 (3138 days ago), so information in it may no longer be current.DEAR MISS LONELYHEARTS: I was just cuddling with my boyfriend on the bed and we started wrestling and we rolled off the bed onto the soft carpet and something belched out of the space between the bed and the box spring - a naked picture of his ex-girlfriend. He swears it must have been there for years, but the bed is relatively new - maybe six months old. We have been going together eight months. Does he keep the picture there for the reason I think he does? Why her picture, and not mine? I don't have a naked picture of myself, but never mind that. I feel sick. I accused him of cheating on me, and he looked so surprised I believe him. So why would be have her picture there? - Upset GF, WestwoodDear Upset: He keeps it there because it gets the job done. There's a small chance he's gazing at her face wanting her back, but it's more likely he's gazing south of the neckline. You might be tempted to have a naked photo of yourself done, but that's dangerous these days. Anybody with the right electronics can post nude photos in seconds. You need to have a heart-to-heart talk about this old girlfriend and what she means to him. If you're satisfied he doesn't care about seeing her again, in any way shape or form, he can go back to anonymous visuals at solo playtime, if he must.Dear Miss Lonelyhearts: I went to a gas station to get a fill and ran into my former employer. She came over to me at the pumps and asked me to go for lunch with her and catch up on mutual job friends and our lives. I thought it a bit strange, but agreed to go and we met a few hours later for lunch nearby. She sat beside me in the booth "so we could both see out." I found that kind of strange and then part way through the conversation she rested her hand on my thigh and then I knew what was up. To be fair, she didn't move it anywhere, but there it was. And all through dessert and coffee, it was still there. We had fun, but I'm not into her. I don't have another girlfriend and this woman's only seven years older, so should I see her again just for fun? It's a sure bet we won't sit through another whole dinner the next time, I'm thinking. - Hit On By My Ex-Boss, St. BonifaceDear Hit On: Sex is more than just sex, when it's with a person who's been your boss, especially when you got hit on so clearly. She tried to quietly push that situation and you didn't respond. Good for you; keep it that way. You're better off with no one awhile longer, than having an uneasy sexual liaison with your former employer. What if she wants you to become her boyfriend, meet her family and friends? You already know you don't want to do down this path. It's not worth it for a few rounds of sex and an awkward "can't do this anymore" scene with her where you duck your head, mutter and run.
Do Some Metal Frame Bunkbeds Need a Box Spring Or Some Kind of Extra Reinforcement?
Purchase some plywood to cut to size, and place under mattress. It works well and seems to make the frame even sturdier1. How to winterize my 15x 42 Metal Frame Intex Pool?Metal Frame Pool2. how do i cut out the metal frame of my back dash to allow the air from the subwoofers into my car?You could just take out the seats.. as far as cutting the actual frame of the car.. I think that's a huge safety concern and something bad will come out of that3. Intex Metal Frame Pool - 15'x48". Anyone have one?I could not keep it clean with the small filter that comes with it. I bought a sand filter, pump, and side skimmer that you would find on a regular above ground pool and installed that to the intex. I had to cut the liner to install the side skimmer. Then we used it about 4 summers. The pool was always clean with that big filter. That filter and pump was about 500.00 but it will well outlast the pool. I am getting ready to buy another intex since the first one only lasted about 4 years. But I can still use the same filter on the new pool...4. Proper machine tool for sanding metal frameI do serious restoration work. Heres what I would do exactly. That's your prep. The ready-for-paint coating is a smooth (but deglossed) old paint. Next I do a 2-cloth solvent wipedown in the new paint's solvent, also looking for any reaction between solvent and old paint, as that will nix the deal. Then prime if needed and topcoat. Done and done. The purpose of the scuffing is to introduce microscopic crags and fissures in the glass-like surface of the old paint. The new paint will flow into these, harden and interlock into them for a strong mechanical bond. Niw if the piece were much more distressed, I would use chemical stripppers and turn down the pressure in my media blast cabinet to blast to SSPC-SP10 near white metal. Mix up a batch of whatever aircraft grade primer EPA will let me spray this week, dab it under the little hooks with a brush and let it dry. Then sand all the lumpy excess from that brush job, hang the piece and spray it with that primer. If topcoat could not stick to that directly or needed color assist, another primer: 2-pack epoxy barrier coat, til the surface is uniform, then many dusting coats of spray topcoat to good cover and flow-out5. I need to replace the metal bar that connects my patio swing to the metal frame, any ideas?I would purchase a similar metal bar6. I have a 12' x 36" round metal frame Intex pool. What is the amount/dosage for Bleach, Borax and Baking Soda?I also use grocery store chemicals, but only IN BETWEEN trips to the pool store. Easiest and least stressful thing you can do...get a floating chlorine dispenser (they are pretty cheap) and drop in two slow disolving chlorine pucks! Get tri pucks and your problems should be solved. It's not a huge pool and it really should not be this much work for should be FUN!7. How do I remove my desktop PC's video card metal frame things?beleive it or not they push vertically up and in... from the outside of the case, just apply pressure to them in an upward and inward manner and they should pop straight out. for a 8800GTX you might need to remove two of them since it's a double wide PCI card. depending on your case, you might need to unscrew two small screws that hold the metal covers in place, if this is the case, remove the two screws and THEN push the plates out of the way. Hope this helps.8. How can you attach metal screws holding a metal frame into a wooden table once they've come loose?buy some steel threaded inserts, then you can press or pound them in and use machine screws. The inserts should hold well - they are made to expand when you tighten the screws9. How this requirement for grounding only single place is been handled in industries plants for example that motor process is been grounded threw feeding cable, metal pipes or metal frame? In many cases the motor has couple of ground loops.The regulators in CA require homeowners to have 2 ground poles separated by 8 inches. A ground loop develops with a frequency proportional to the gnd gap. Microwaves
The New Beds: a Step (or Two) Up
By MERYL GORDONAPRIL 15, 1999THE place of repose has reached new heights.''One woman complained that her dog now has to get a running start from the hallway to be able to leap on the bed,'' said Lee Sinclair, the director of marketing for Kingsdown, a North Carolina mattress manufacturer.The decorator Mario Buatta expects lap dogs to have trouble getting up on beds. But he is appalled to note that his clients are requesting step stools so they can reach them.''These beds are so high they look ridiculous,'' said Mr. Buatta, who believes the extra size throws a room out of proportion.These days a bed can be a yard high, with 20 inches for the plushest mattress, plus the box spring and an 11-inch-high frame. Put that bed in a room with an eight-foot ceiling and, he said, ''the bedrooms look like this vast sea of bed and nothing else.''AdvertisementIt is a problem that is facing shoppers like the actress Swoosie Kurtz, who, after years of sleeping on a fold-out couch, splurged on a fantasy bed last year. She ordered a custom-made king-size mattress and box spring, and hired a woodworker to build an elaborate headboard and frame, along with matching side tables.Advertisement''He asked me, 'How thick will the mattress be?' '' she recalled. ''And I said, 'I don't know, standard size.' ''What Ms. Kurtz did not realize is that deluxe mattresses have been expanding as if on steroids, from 10 inches to as much as 20.''When the bed arrived, the whole thing was waist high,'' she said. ''I felt like I was climbing into a bunk bed.''Not only that, she said, but the new mattress covered up half of her new headboard.How did Ms. Kurtz, now starring on Broadway in ''The Mineola Twins,'' solve the problem? ''We chopped the legs off the frame,'' she said.As today's mattress manufacturers compete to outdo one another in comfort, adding more and more layers of padding, the sky -- or rather, the ceiling -- has become the limit. ''I'm constantly aghast at the size of people's beds,'' said the decorator Jeffrey Bilhuber. ''It's become this looming object in the middle of the room. It's obtrusive.''Two phenomena are pushing beds higher than they've ever been lifted before. First, mass-market furniture makers have been compelled to build taller headboards to accommodate the bigger mattresses. ''We've had to raise the height of headboards by five to seven inches, so the pillows won't fall off,'' explained Korie Trevino, the product development director for the Fashion Bed Group, a Chicago-based manufacturer. Similarly, Crate and Barrel has added a hefty 10 inches to its Mission headboards.Further exacerbating this to-the-moon situation, furniture designers are taking inspiration from the romantic look of historic metal beds, with bedrails as much as 11 inches off the floor, for pragmatic reasons.Advertisement''You wanted the bed high off the ground because of rodents and vermin crawling around, or because there were floods and homes didn't have drainage,'' said Linda Allen, an owner of the Charles P. Rogers Company in Manhattan, founded in 1855, which makes reproduction antique brass and metal beds.''Then there was the chamber pot issue,'' she added. ''You could shove it under the bed.'' Before central heating or air-conditioning, higher beds also offered better air circulation.Even Crate and Barrel and the Pottery Barn have gotten into this pyramid scheme. ''It's old-fashioned and romantic,'' said Celia Tejada, Pottery Barn's vice president for design, describing the company's new four-poster pine beds with rails 10 1/2 inches off the floor. Add a new mattress and a box spring, and the showroom model is a Jack-and-the-beanstalk 30 inches off the ground.So, how are people actually supposed to get into bed? ''We're going to be selling rustic-looking stools made in Indonesia,'' Ms. Tejada said.PERHAPS this is the moment to confess that I'm not just an armchair observer of the bedtime scene. My husband and I did not take a tape measure with us when we recently upgraded from a queen- to a king-size bed, and no salesman at any of the Manhattan stores we visited ever mentioned the issue of height. So, we were caught short the day our new top-of-the-line Aireloom mattress and box spring and our Charles P. Rogers reproduction brass bed arrived.This movin'-on-up combination of bed and frame made us both feel positively Lilliputian. I now have to hop to make it onto my own bed. Our standard-size side tables are ridiculously low; our pole reading lamps cast a glow, not on our books, but on our stomachs.That's why it was a relief to discover, in conversations with friends and then in interviews with bed experts, that we weren't the only idiots around. ''It never occurred to me that my new bed would be higher,'' said Susan Birkenhead, a Broadway lyricist. ''I just thought it would be more comfortable.'' She and her husband, Jere Couture, an entertainment lawyer, bought a Stearns & Foster pillow-top mattress from Bloomingdale's in January and were in shock when it arrived. ''I love my bed, but you can't just sit on it,'' she said. ''I'm 5 foot 9 inches, and I have to jump up on it.''What many new bed owners find particularly annoying is that their old sheets no longer fit -- the equivalent of trying to squeeze a size 12 body into size 6 slacks. ''My sheets only go half-way down the mattress,'' said Nancy Porter, a documentary filmmaker based in Boston. ''The bed looks undressed.''AdvertisementMattress makers hear complaints all the time. Robert Malin, Serta's vice president for marketing, said: ''One of our biggest reasons for returns is that the bed's too high. People call and say, 'I'm really disappointed; this is much higher than I want it to be.' ''If a customer belatedly discovers that the mattress is too high, the odds are good that he or she paid top dollar for it. Serta's lowest-priced line, mattresses that sell for $799 or less, are from 9 to 13 inches thick. Up-market models, costing as much as $4,300, are as thick as 18 inches -- thanks to additional foam padding and upholstery.''In the past two years, the luxury sector has become a huge part of the market,'' Mr. Malin said, crediting the baby-boomer yen for comfort as its members approach middle age. His solution to the height problem: ''We suggest that people buy a low-profile foundation or frame.''In contrast, Sealy, the nation's largest maker of mattresses, has its own downsizing program to offset the thickness of its top-of-the-line mattresses. This fall, it will introduce a new box spring that is only four inches high, instead of the standard seven. ''The feedback we were getting is that people like to sit on the bed and talk on the phone,'' said David McIlquham, Sealy's vice president for sales and marketing. ''This will drop the height.''The Better Sleep Council, an industry trade group, recently conducted exhaustive interviews with women who had purchased new, thicker mattresses. ''They loved them,'' said Andrea Herman, the council's director. ''They said the beds made them feel like princesses. There was a feeling of nostalgia -- they felt like a child, safe and secure in a big bed.''Although men were not surveyed by the Better Sleep Council, my own random queries produced a decidedly less enthusiastic response about this race to the top. Perhaps the gender difference arises because men tend to like to dominate their surroundings, which is hard to do with one of these titanic beds.Mark Horowitz, an editor at New York magazine, said: ''What's ironic is that the baby boom generation started with our beds and mattresses on the floor. My wife bought this new bed, and now we're so high we can't see the TV. What's next, mounting the TV on the ceiling, just like a hospital room, preparing us for old age?''In fact, old age may well be the cure for the desire for towering bedsteads. Richard Ralston is the senior vice president for sales at the steel products division of Leggett & Platt in Carthage, Mo., which makes bed frames and rails ranging from 5.5 inches to 18 inches high. ''We're now selling lower frames to elderly people, who can't get into these high beds,'' he said. ''So as the baby boomers age, I think we're going to see a swing back to lower beds.''Before you take to the mattresses, remember the age-old wisdom: what goes up must come down.We are continually improving the quality of our text archives. Please send feedback, error reports, and suggestions to .A version of this article appears in print on April 15, 1999, on Page F00001 of the National edition with the headline: The New Beds: A Step (or Two) Up. Order Reprints| Today's Paper|Subscribe
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