Rha T10i: in-canal Earphones That Challenge the Norm

If you think in-ear headphones only comprise the itty bundled ones packaged with phones and audio players, think again. Here's a bit of British kit that has brings the goods to your hi-fi listening game.

In-ear headphones have always been a polarizing bit of gear: there are those who swear by them, and there are those who can't stand using them. Based on a form factor that requires a part of them to be inserted into the ear canal, many users are simply not down with wearing them, especially during extended bouts of serious listening.Times have changes and in-ear headphones are no longer associated with marking the low-end of the quality and performance spectrum. These days they use exotic construction materials, imparting comfort and robustness not generally attributed to these little buds. Case in point, the RHA T10i kit we heard recently.RHA is a British company known for their prowess in creating high-end audio listening gear. Their top-of-the-line T10i is a pair of headphones that pushes the boundaries when it comes to how well-crafted a pair of in-ears can get. These are noise-isolating headphones--they do not have active circuitry that cancels ambient sounds, but instead rely on the quality of the seal that earbuds make to keep external sounds out. The fact that this is premium was very apparent, given its heft (so far as earbud standards go), and the excellent packaging. Pulling open the covering flap of the box reveals an excellently-crafted first-look experience, with the headphones and the numerous bits and bobs that comprise the kit revealed through the transparent window in the box, with appropriately awe-inspiring photos and graphs flaunting the products key features on the left flap. You want to leave it open and take it all in.Nestled in the foam tray are the two brushed-steel headphones, created using a process called metal injection moulding that apparently enabled the engineers to craft a more ergonomic and acoustically precise form. Also on display is the array of nine types of silicone and memory foam tips, aimed at providing a comfortable fit for virtually any ear. Nodding to smartphones and tablet applications, the headphones integrate a 3-button inline remote that includes a microphone. But most interesting are the two pairs of mysterious-looking 'pegs' mounted in a metallic plate within the packaging. Here's where things get interesting with these particular headphones.While most headphones rely on some form electronic tuning--generally via electronic crossovers--for enabling listeners to customize the audio signature toward the bass or treble end, these headphones use actual, tiny, metal-moulded filters for the job. Unscrew a tiny component at the tip of the earphones and it can be replaced with one of two additional screw-on filters that provide up to 3dB of boost in either the treble (above 1KHz) or bass (under 200Hz) frequency bands, enabling a 'tweaked' acoustic signature.We drove these headphones through their paces with our reference system comprising a Fiio E07K DAC/amp, through which we listened to a wide swatch of musical genres at mid- (190Kbps) to hi-definition (uncompressed FLAC) bitrates. Being such tiny devices, one does not expect to hear such expansive, crystal sound come out of them. But come out it did; sound that was tight, with clean and present bass and crisp treble. Off-the-bat and with no equalization dialed in, I did however note a lack in the mid-range response where vocals and wind instruments tended to take a back seat in the performance. Nothing that a spot of equalization could not fix--I use MediaMonkey, which does a fine job of managing diverse music libraries while lending fine-grained control over the listening experience.If you prefer the innocuousness of in-ear headphones and are looking for a solid set that will do justice to high-quality music--price no bar--the T10i does a fine job. Be sure to pair it with a good audio player and you're set.Frequency response: 16Hz - 22KHzImpedance: 16 OhmsSensitivity: 100dBPrimary construction: Steel, Kevlar, memory foam, foldable for storage Rs 14,999Available at

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Holiday Gifts to Fuel That Wanderlust
A pop-up book and a smartphone prop. A pretty little poncho and a sturdy, stylish tripod. A comfy new pillow and a little lamb that lulls you to sleep. These are some of the finds that just might wind up on your wish list — or your shopping list for the traveler in your life. Here are ideas curated by staff writers An Amlotte, Chris Erskine, Catharine Hamm, Anne Harnagel and Christopher Reynolds. Happy shopping.LuggageKnow when to fold 'emI lust after luggage the way many women lust after handbags. Can you really have too many suitcases? You can, especially if storage space is an issue, as it is for me. That's what I love about this Biaggi Contempo four-wheeler: You can collapse it so it fits under a bed. Useful for a cruise, useful for a cramped home, this 20-incher has another great aspect. It weighs only 7 pounds, thanks to its nylon exterior and aluminum frame. So far, I've taken it only on a weekend trip; if you're a Scrooge-like packer, you can probably pack it for a much longer stay. Or you could buy a larger size; you can find foldables up to 30 inches and several sizes in between. Comes in several colors too.Info: About $150, — C.H.Packing it inMore and more, our work travels with us. We're not saying that's a good thing; it's just a thing. And here's a nifty way to take along all the things that let you get the job done. Genius Pack's High Altitude Flight Bag is a contemporary take on an old-fashioned briefcase. It wraps around the upright tray table in front of you so that your papers, magazines and electronics are within reach during your flight. For cyclists, it wraps around the bike's center bar, out of the way for commuting but still safe. It also hooks nicely on your carry-on luggage. In sky blue, coral red, plum and mint. Just think of it as a stylish pocket protector.Info: $58 — C.E.Wild weekenderIt's time to ditch that frumpy old black backpack in favor of this colorful Allende weekender bag by Stela 9. Handmade in Guatemala, it features a finely embroidered exterior and rolled handles, with an optional pebbled leather shoulder strap. There's a convenient zip pocket in back, and the zip top opens wide to a lined interior roomy enough to store all the essentials for your getaway.Info: $282, — A.H.TechYou're getting sleeeeepyIt was love at first sight for me and Cirrus, SleepPhones' super-cute aid for people who have trouble sleeping when they're away from home. Although the plush sheep is a storage accessory for the company's comfy headphones, the soothing power of a soft, cuddly toy is not to be underestimated, even for grown-ups. The SleepPhones headband is home to two felt-covered speakers that deliver a warm sound for their size. Bluetooth pairing is a breeze, and the headphones are a dream to sleep with. The volume can be turned up high enough for air travel, but don't expect it to drown out that pesky chatterbox in the row behind you or silence snoring roomies. Be sure to order the correct size for the most comfortable fit.Info: $99.95, — A.A.3-2-1, chill!If you're the type of traveler who's always being reminded to chill, HeartMath's iOS Sensor is for you. It clips to your earlobe and feeds information about your pulse to the accompanying Inner Balance app, which in turn guides you through a training session that is designed to improve well-being and clarity of thought. Although we can't vouch for the science behind the technology, we did find that the app was effective at keeping our scatterbrained self focused on relaxation for a few minutes. The sensor has a 30-pin connector, so if your device uses a lightning connector, you'll need an adapter.Info: $99, — A.A.Getting an earfulReady to tune into "Song for a Winter's Night"? British speaker manufacturer KEF enters the headphone market with the M500 over-the-ear headphones, so warm and comfortable you could use them for earmuffs. Even better, the soundscape ranges from deep and warm to high and clear. The handsome headphones offer sweat-resistant and breathable memory foam ear pads that rotate easily to adapt to different-sized heads. They fold up into a stylish carrying case, ideal for travel. High fidelity, low fuss. Works with most computers, smartphones and other mobile devices.Info: $299, — C.E.Sound ideaYou have a fine set of earbuds or headphones that you love, but now you need a mike (for Skype or other VOIP uses or gaming). The MoovMic by Headset Buddy can step into the breach. This lightweight boom mike can attach to a spot on your buds or phones using a small adhesive-backed plate. Then plug the mike part into the appropriate receptacle on your PC and Skype away. The sound on my test call was crisp and clear, superior to the sound on my smartphone earbuds.Info: $24.95, — C.H.Steady thereOne key to great travel photos and videos — often underappreciated by amateurs — is a steady lens. Menotti tripods can give you that, with portability and a dash of style. Most of its products come in eight colors (handy for spotting your sticks when it's time to move on). The Day Trip tripod ($119 and up) is the most compact — just 9.4 inches long when collapsed. The top-of-the-line Globe Trotter can support up to 26.4 pounds, converts into a monopode and can be ordered in aluminum ($209) or lighter, pricier carbon fiber. The company also make $59 monopodes.Info: $59-$369, — C.R.Props for youIt's small, it's smartly designed and it makes life easier. What's not to love about an item like that, which is what Keyprop is. It's a smartphone stand shaped like a key that you attach to your key ring. Why do you need a stand? If you're watching a movie on an airplane tray tabletop or you're shooting a selfie or you're doing video Skype. One prong of the Keyprop fits in the earphone jack, which means it works in non-iPhone products. Another prong fits into the lightning connector on an iPhone5 and above, which means it can work two ways on the Apple of your eye. It will not work if your phone's case is big and bulky. On an Otterbox-encased phone, it worked only with the earphone plug. Your world won't end if you don't have a Keyprop, but it may revolve a little more smoothly if you do.Info: About $13, — C.H.Neat, neat, neatWant to be the most popular kid in the class (or attendee at the conference)? Carry a power strip — one whose size is manageable as it is in the Pack and Plug, from GUS (Great Useful Stuff). When outlets are limited, you'll have star power. That's just one of the functions of the Pack and Plug, a roll-up home for that power strip and the other assorted lightning connectors and mini- or micro-chargers as well as a mesh pocket for that thumb drive, batteries and other assorted gear. It also keeps those various connectors neat and tidy; you plug them into the power strip and the power strip into your hotel outlet. No more snarls. Its blue protective case makes it easy to find in the recesses of your bag. Its sibling, the Cotton Cord Roll, does the same thing, minus the power strip. But this organizer, which is coated cotton, is lighter (no power strip) and has labels for the tablet, phone and computer cords. My bag no longer looks like Charlotte's web, which takes some of the bite out of travel.Info: Pack and Plug and Cotton Cord Roll, $19.99 each, — C.H.Zap those identity thievesWard off the unseen enemy with these protective passport sleeves, one of the most-interesting — and telling — stocking-stuffers of the season. These lightweight radio frequency-blocking sleeves purport to keep your information safe from cyber pickpockets. The simple cover, known as an RFID-blocking sleeve, looks just like another paper envelope, yet it's water-resistant and tough to tear. And something special for those with a James Bond complex.Info: $5, credit card; $6, passport; — C.E.Travel clothing, accessories and comfortFanny pack, reduxTo call Trabeca's sash a fanny pack is a bit of a cheap shot. It's a more fashionable alternative to the accessory that has room for everything but your dignity. With three styles to choose from, the sash is ideal for those who don't like to carry a purse. A zippered pocket at the small of the back holds a smartphone, and a front pocket with a Velcro closure has room for cash, cards or a key. Travelers no longer have to fumble with money belts that tuck under clothes; this sash keeps everything close at hand yet hidden from prying eyes.Info: $46-$68, — A.A.Slim slippersIf you need to make every centimeter of suitcase space count, consider the One Piece Camp Slipper Shoe, which lies flat in your luggage and weighs about 3 ounces. This slipper is what you want if you're staying in a dive hotel with a grimy shower floor or anywhere you don't want your tootsies to touch the ground (or anywhere where the owner of said ground doesn't want your feet scuffing up their lovely parquet, for example). To slip them on, you stick your foot through and flip them over. You don't have to worry about width if your dogs are wider than usual; there's enough neoprene to keep them covered. If you need arch support, these slippers aren't for you; if that's not an issue, these may be minimalist nirvana. In black, green, blue and red.Info: $11.95, — C.H.As right as rainThis cheery polka-dot poncho by Reisenthel could brighten even the rainiest day in London. Made of tough, lightweight polyester, it has a drawstring hood and a zipper at the neckline, making it easy to pull on and off. Snap closures on the sleeves keep out the wet weather. And when the sun does shine, the poncho folds into its own pouch. Also in black-and-white houndstooth.Info: $25, — A.H.Chill chaserIs it a wrap? Or is it a blanket? Either way, it means you have one less item to pack. The multipurpose Wrapper Blanket by Chilly Jilly can be worn as a sarong-like beach coverup or as a wrap in a drafty opera house. Impromptu picnic? It's a ground cover too. But I like it best as a blanket to ward off the arctic chill of a long-distance plane trip. The brushed microfiber and spandex fabric is warm, lightweight and washable. In brown, slate and navy.Info: $40, — A.H.Snuggle inEven the sturdiest road warrior could use some TLC — totally luxurious cashmere. This travel set from Ralph Lauren features a warm cashmere blanket and eye mask in a coordinating zippered bag that doubles as a pillow. Wrapping yourself in the blanket, which measures 32 by 55 inches, is like snuggling in your fave cable-knit sweater. In navy, gray, camel, black, red, Champagne and cream.Info: $395, — A.H.You snooze, you cruiseYou know those travel pillows that fit you like a collar? They're a pain in my neck. I fall asleep, my chin sags and the next thing I know, I've tipped forward and drooled on myself or tipped to the side and drooled on my seatmate. Not a pretty picture. The J-Pillow stops that from happening. It can be used several ways, but I used it like a mini-collar around my neck and the abbreviated elephant trunk cradling my chin. On a recent flight, it kept me from bonking my head on the plane window; when I switched to the right side, it kept me from becoming too familiar with my neighbor. It weighs in at about half a pound, but it squashes down to a packable size. Worth the weight for no crick in the neck.Info: $30.95 with free shipping, — C.H.Help's at handThere's no excuse for a droopy hemline or spinach in your teeth with this teeny-tiny (3-by-2-by-2-inch) tool bag. The Transportation Security Administration-compliant Minimergency Survival Kit is packed with 17 items — double-sided tape, dental floss, stain remover, mending kit and more — to help you cope with fashion, beauty or personal predicaments while away from home. The zip-touch pouch comes in glittery pewter or fuchsia, making it easy to find in your carry-on or tote bag.Info: $15, — A.H.Man upMen can keep their travel odds and ends organized with a lightweight pouch, detailed with playful graphics such as Man Things. The 8-inch-long pouch, from Flight 001, can handle most of your travel-related vitals — passports, cell chargers, keys, breath mints. In fact, they would make perfect cigar pouches for your next Vegas trip. Durable canvas topped by a heavy-duty zipper for travelers who are looking for a simple pouch that just gets the job done.Info: $18, — C.E.Get the message?Sometimes, the best thing you can do for a friend is to push them toward the paradise they might not otherwise explore. Use the power of suggestion to get them on the road with this luggage tag from Jonathan Adler. Also sold as a passport cover, the Take a Trip message gets the point across in a hurry. Both items are made of leather, with bold and colorful graphics. While you're at it, maybe you can get them to take a friend along as well?Info: $38 each, — C.E.Good to giftArt of the matterMaybe you don't have that killer photo that shows the glories of San Francisco or the beauties of San Diego, but you can have a representation of these and other destinations beautifully framed. And they may evoke more oohs and aahs than your photos. Art.com offers prints that evoke the heyday of the picture postcard and can be framed to your liking. If you're more literal-minded, check out Art.com's Associated Press collection, which can also be framed. For the traveler in your life — and maybe that's you — these are fitting reminders of the roads you've traveled and the memories you've brought home.Info: From $7.99, — C.H.Honk, honkNew York fans will appreciate this handmade 100% wool needlepoint pillow, velvet backed with a hidden zipper. Emblazoned with one of the city's ubiquitous taxicabs, this colorful pillow will elicit a smile from even the toughest cabby — just don't forget to tip.Info: $98, — A.H.Take a passHere's a cool tool for the beaten path. If you know somebody headed to New York or another major U.S. city, a Citypass booklet can save substantial money on major tourist attractions. With New York, for example, $106 buys adult admission to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, MoMA, the Guggenheim and several other major attractions, which otherwise would cost you $185 (and you'd spend more time standing in line). The booklets are typically good for nine days from your first use. Also covered by Citypass: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Hollywood, Houston, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Southern California and Toronto.Info: Price varies by city, — C.R.BOOKSPop goes the parkNothing better than feeling like a kid again, especially during the holidays. The 3-D "America's National Parks — A Pop-Up Book" evokes that feeling when you turn a page and up pops the Grand Canyon in all in its blazing-red-hued glory. Five other parks (yes, Yosemite is one of them) are given the pop-up treatment, and a dozen other parks are highlighted as well. The National Parks Conservation Assn. receives $8 from the sale of each book. From the signed, numbered, limited deluxe edition, $80 goes to the organization.Info: $34.95, $105 for the deluxe edition; — C.H.Not for women only"Earth's crammed with heaven," poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote in "Aurora Leigh," her poem/novel published in 1856. Those who have been to Yosemite know that's true; those who pick up "Yosemite Meditations for Women" can see it in the photographs that illustrate the quotes (of which Browning's is one) and vice versa. This small book with photos by Michael Frye and edited by Claudia Welsh is short and sweet. My only quibble: It's suitable for men too. Don't believe it? Look for the Mae West quote. Yes, Mae West in the same book as Mother Teresa and Edna St. Vincent Millay. If that doesn't make a smile pass your lips, you need Scrooge therapy.Info: $9.95, — C.H.Time, stampedFor some, stamp collecting is about as exciting as watching paint dry, so you might be tempted to skip "A History of Britain in Thirty-Six Postage Stamps," by Chris West. Don't do it. West uses stamps as a way to explain societal and economic (and, of course, postal) changes in the United Kingdom. It's an unusual portal that, for instance, explains why the stamp commemorating King Edward VII, issued two days before his death in 1910, was so somber (coincidence because, as he notes, the king was anything but). The author uses the Diana commemorative stamp, issued in 1998, to say that the stiff-upper-lipped British let down their guard when she died, noting that the outpouring of love and grief represented "the tears of people who had spent their lives being told to bury their emotions and were now suddenly allowed to let them out. It was a substantial shift in national sensibility." A million times more interesting than watching robin's egg blue adhere to the walls.Info: $28, — C.H.Boston, belovedThis collection of essays is as Boston as a bowl of clam chowder. In fact, one of the essays deals with just that — the communal experience of making the beloved soup. But whether you're a true chowderhead, a Red Sox lover or just a fan of fine writing, you'll love "Our Boston," a celebration of the city by dozens of writers assembled in the wake of this year's marathon attacks. Eighty percent of the essays are original, but the book also includes classic Boston odes such as John Updike's "Hub Fans Bid Kid Adieu," on Ted Williams' last game at Fenway, as fine a piece of baseball writing as you'll find. Also featured: Mike Barnicle, Susan Orlean, Pico Iyer.Info: $16, — C.E.L.A. as it never wasHere's a strange and wonderful city you're never going to see in person, so you might as well buy this new coffee table book. "Never Built Los Angeles," by Sam Lubell and Greg Goldin, is an exploration of about 100 grand L.A. ideas that never got built. Some of these phantoms you may vaguely know, such as Walt Disney's rejected plan for a theme park in Burbank (before he moved the idea to Anaheim); or the Olmsted brothers' failed 1930 proposal for a series of parks along the L.A. River (before the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers entombed it in concrete). But mostly, these assiduously illustrated schemes and dreams will be revelations to you — sometimes cruel news, sometimes welcome relief.Info: $55, — C.R.Eye on Ireland"Ireland is a prism between the sun and the Irish Sea." With these telling words, photographer Jay Ben Adlersberg begins a book full of stunning images and lyric salutes to the Emerald Isle. Think you've already seen every kind of Irish steeple and saloon? Perhaps. But Adlersberg's eye for texture and detail brings familiar subjects alive in new ways. "Ireland: In Word and Image" is as wide and long as a dinner tray, making the 160 photos even more stunning. Passages by wordsmiths such as Thackeray and Yeats also grace the pages.Info: $60, — C.E.Fresh and breezyIf "Four Seasons of Travel" doesn't give you wanderlust, see a doctor immediately; you're probably half dead. National Geographic's look at destinations worldwide is a symphony in four parts: winter, spring, summer and fall. Christmas in London is fairly obvious. But how about a sleigh ride across Russia's icy Lake Baikal or the northern lights over Norway? Even the most experienced travelers will find fresh travel ideas in this vivid exploration of the best destinations on the planet.Info: $40, — C.E.Hitting the high notesOpera lovers and world travelers will want to treat themselves to the just published "The Most Beautiful Opera Houses of the World," with 200 color photographs by Guillaume de Laubier, text by Antoine Pecqueur and foreword by James Levine, musical director of the Metropolitan Opera in New York. This armchair tour of more than 30 of the world's most distinguished opera houses is filled with discussions of their history and architectural, design and acoustical features. Hundreds of photographs showcase the facades and often opulent auditoriums of these landmarks and take the reader behind the scenes for a look at dressing rooms, rehearsal halls and workshops.Info: $60, — A.H.Well-sited"Art & Place: Site Specific Art of the Americas" celebrates art created for a specific space, whether it be an urban environment, a far-flung island or a distant mountain peak. The handsome volume, edited by Amanda Renshaw, is illustrated with 800 color photos arranged geographically from Canada to Argentina, a road trip of sorts through 15 countries and some 60 cities to visit more than 500 artworks. Artists range from members of ancient civilizations such as the Anasazi and Inca to modern artists such as Claes Oldenburg and Anish Kapoor. "Art & Place" also includes a section on works no longer with us — either lost, destroyed or ephemeral.Info: $79.95, — A.H.travel@latimes.com
Find the Best Mattresses and Pillows for Side Sleepers Today
During my process of selection, I noticed the vast amount of time it took to research which mattresses provide the most comfort and support to side sleepers like myself. With literally several hundred different types of mattresses to pick from, I was overwhelmed. I ended up doing extensive research on the best mattresses for side sleepers by noting down the features, pros and cons of each product. Only then, I was able to finally narrow down my choices and purchase the right mattress for myself. I have learnt a lot during this process and I've decided to create this website to share with you what I knowledge I have gained. I do not work in the mattress or pillow industry, nor do I get paid by any of the manufacturers to promote their products. I am just like you, a side sleeper thriving to continuously improve the quality of sleep I get every night. I want to provide my fellow side sleepers with honest, objective and informative reviews on the best mattresses and pillows out there for a side sleeper. My Top Picks for the Best Mattresses in 2016 The following are the top 3 mattresses based on the extensive research that I've been collecting for this website for the past several months. More specifically, I've been keeping track of which mattresses people are most interested in, the mattresses that are viewed the most times, have been purchased a good number of times as well as the mattresses which have the best reviews based on my findings. From all my research, I've found that the best mattresses for side sleepers are... This Turf & Needle (T&N) foam mattress is one of the best-selling mattresses for a good reason. Its proprietary T&N adaptive foam layer provides the mattress with a unique characteristic, in that it has a more responsive surface when compared to most memory foam mattresses. The mattress also incorporates cooling gel and graphite to provide better airflow and reduce heat buildup between you and the mattress. You can not go wrong with the T&N mattress if you are a side sleeper as this is a mattress that provides maximum comfort and support. >>Click here to buy the T&N 10-inch Mattress >Click here to buy the DreamFoam Ultimate Dreams Mattress >Click here to buy the Brentwood Home 13-Inch Gel HD Memory Foam Mattress 1. how can i go to sleep faster ?Having trouble getting to sleep? Try these tips to help you go to sleep faster. Difficulty: Easy Instructions Things You will Need cozy bed and pillows Memory foam mattress or topper complete darkness silence 1 Lay down and clear your mind. Do not think about your tasks or problems of the day or the issues that you may face tomorrow. 2 Focus on your breathing. Inhale for 3 seconds (count one-one thousand...) Exhale for 3 seconds. Continue this with your eyes closed and mind clear. 3 Start releasing the stress in your body. Begin with your head. Tighten your face muscles, squint your eyes, hold for a second and then release. Next tighten the muscles in your neck. Hold and release. Work your way down to your shoulders. Tighten and release. Continue this process down your body all the way to your toes. Continue to focus on your breathing pattern while tightening and releasing your muscles. 4 Continue this pattern of breathing and stress release until you find your body fall into a complete state of relaxation. You will then be asleep. Tips & Warnings If you try this and still have problems falling asleep, then you probably are not clearing your mind. If you are having trouble clearing your mind, think of a tranquil scene. Sometimes I imagine I am laying on a sailboat or small yacht with a warm breeze and smooth waves rocking me back and forth. Repeat the above tips nightly and your body will soon recognize when it's sleep time and automatically put you to sleep. Update If you are feeling discomfort from your bed; springs, hardness etc. maybe you should purchase a new mattress or a memory foam topper. I highly recommend the memory foam topper because it's inexpensive and feels great to lay on. Also feel free to upgrade your pillows when they become flat and un-cozy.2. How can I stop my memory foam mattress from slipping off the foundation?Get a large sheet of rubberized mats they sell for putting under area rugs to keep them from slipping. Sold anywhere area rugs are sold. Lift the mattress off the box spring, lay the anti slip mat down and put the mattress back. No more slipping3. What is the best way you can prevent back pain without spending a lot of money?I suffered from horrible back pain until I did the following:1.) Yoga at least once a week 2.) Standing desk 3.) Memory foam mattress
Buy a Memory Foam Topper Or a New Mattres.. Big Dip in Current Mattress?
Toppers are not for use with sagging mattresses. They are to make a firm bed softer1. Buy a memory foam topper or a new mattres.. big dip in current mattress?Based on your description "hammock" it sounds like the dip is too deep to fix with a topper. The foam toppers are made to conform to the shape of the supporting base; so you would have a hammock styled topper if you tried that. You obviously want to save money so my suggestion is to look into the Component Bed so that in the future you can just buy parts which is what you are trying to do now anyways.2. Are Tempur-Pedic mattresses worth the investment?When Tempur-pedic first came out there were no other memory foam options and for several years after that the other options that were available were not very good. This allowed them to build a reputation as THE memory foam company. This is no longer the case today. There are many many foam manufacturers who are now making memory foam that IMO is at least as good quality and in some cases better than TP at much lower prices. Many of these are also more breathable than TP and do not sleep as hot. Each of them has their own similar but unique feel. There is also unfortunately some very poor quality memory foam being imported from Asia and other places that will not last very long and does not have nearly the same properties as better quality memory foam. There is an organization that tests memory foam both for offgassing and durability in the US called "Certi-Pur" and its European counterpart called Europur and it is a good idea to both know the source of the memory foam in any mattress you are considering and to make sure the source is a member of one of these (there are others as well). Beware of anyone telling you that memory foam is in any way "green" ... even if some of the polyols (an ingredient used in manufacture) have been replaced with soy or other so called "natural" polyols. They are still 80% petrochemical in nature and memory foam itself is in no way green or natural. This is all a marketing gimmick based on half truths. A good US "brand" of memory foam IMO is either Sensus or Aerus made by a company called Foamex however there are also several other high quality memory foams manufactured in the US and Europe. The best quality memory foams are 5 lbs / cu ft or more and I would certainly avoid any memory foam with a density less than 4.0 lbs / cu ft in a lower price mattress and higher if your budget warrants it. Tempurpedic is a good quality memory foam and is a "known quantity" which makes them safer than buying unknown foam. Unfortunately they also take advantage of their position and the lack of consumer information and knowledge about memory foam in general to charge prices that I believe can no longer be justified in today's much more competitive market. More information here ...3. How can I clean cat pee out of a memory foam mattress?Go to the pet store and purchase "Natures Miracle" It comes in a red and white bottle. When you apply it, put it on heavy! Cat urine is extremely concentrated (desert animals you know they do not drink much water) and needs to be flushed out. The Natures Miracle has enzymes in it that dissolve the urine compounds that cause the odor.4. Families coated in tiny glass fibers after removing cover on memory foam mattressesMichelle Cantrell, of Austin, Texas, unzipped the cover on her daughter's 7-year-old memory foam mattress to wash it and noticed a tear in the cover. She did not think anything of it until several days later when she started itching after putting on a shirt that had been washed with the cover. She turned the shirt inside out and shined a light on the fabric, "just to see if I could see anything," she told Texoma's Homepage. "You could see all the shards of fiberglass just sticking up like knives." She realized it came from the mattress pad. The Cantrells bought their mattress from Canada-based DHP Furniture through Amazon. "In order for us to meet U.S. federal mattress flammability standards, many memory foam mattresses are constructed with a fire retardant knit fabric barrier that includes glass fiber threads," a company spokesperson said. The fibers are concealed under the quilting of the mattress cover on memory foam mattresses and serve as a fire barrier. The Cantrells hired a decontamination team to clean up the prickly fibers that had settled throughout their house. After six visits, the family still spots a fiber sparkling in the light, causing them to itch or cough. Cantrell also had to throw out all the pillows and blankets and nearly half of her clothes because she just could not get the fibers out of the fabric. What Cantrell cannot understand is why there was no warning label on the mattress. Oddly, Cantrell is not the only person who has been pricked by glass fibers after removing the covering of a memory foam mattress. Brittney Rodriguez of San Antonio said she followed the care instructions on her 7-year-old mattress, which said, "To Clean Mattress Outer Cover: Machine wash cold in mild detergent. Gentle spin cycle. Dry on gentle air cycle. DO NOT BLEACH, DO NOT DRY CLEAN." But after following the instructions, glass fibers suddenly coated her entire apartment. "This stuff gets up your nose, your eyes, and everywhere and it's hard," said Brittney's mother, Maria Astolfo. She called for an estimate to clean up the near-invisible mess and was told it would cost more than $4,000. Like Cantrell, many of Astolfo and Rodriguez's possessions were unsalvageable. "I am frustrated at this point, I am exhausted," Rodriguez told KUTV. Astolfo purchased her daughter's mattress from Walmart and got the name of the mattress manufacturer. The company agreed to refund the full $309 purchase price and are awaiting a separate estimate for cleaning the family's apartment. According to Texoma's, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is not aware of any health risks associated with fiberglass in memory foam mattresses or mattress covers. But Amazon reviews show that the problem is not an isolated incident. Beasley Allen is not currently accepting claims related to this consumer product.
How Nasa Inspired Paul George's New Nikes
Since 1958, NASA has been responsible for some of the greatest scientific feats in modern history - the 1969 Apollo 11 mission that landed the first people on the moon in and the STS-95 mission that sent 77-year-old John Glenn back into space come to mind. NASA's major contributions to humankind are without question, but it's also important to remember the little things.NASA recently teamed up with Nike to create the PG 3 X NASA. The shoe was inspired by NBA All-Star Paul George's love for NASA. The material and colors on the shoe are some of the very same featured on space suits. The kicks retailed for $120 before selling out almost instantly.The PG 3 isn't NASA's first foray into footwear. While the famed 1969 Apollo 11 mission served as an inspiration for an entire generation to dream of reaching the stars, one person had dreams of filling sneakers with air. That man was former NASA engineerFrank Rudy. After Apollo 11, the agency used a process called "blow rubber molding" to create hollow shoe soles that could be filled with shock absorbing material. This technology was originally used to produce safer flight helmets, but Rudy knew it could be used to help runners. In 1971 Rudy contacted Nike and pitched them the idea of putting shock absorbing air cells in the soles of its running shoes - and the Nike Air was born.Here's a look at other ways NASA tech and engineers have helped humankind take some giant everyday steps. And no, despite popular opinion NASA had no hand in creating Tang or Teflon.Memory foamIf you enter the sandman's sweet nightly embrace on a memory foam mattress, you have NASA to thank. That's right, the same folks that put the first human on the moon also puts millions to sleep every night. The material was first created to help keep test pilotswell cushionedduring flights, but soon went on to cushion everything from theater seats, football helmets and of course beds.Precision GPS navigationGlobal positioning system was implemented in the late 1970s after decades of work by scientists such asRoger L. EastonandDr. Gladys West. The technology that was initially designed for military pursuits would later be used by motorists across the world. Uncorrected GPS can be off by as much as15 meters. During the 1990s NASA, introduced Precision GPS, which is accurate within 5 centimeters.LASIKYears ago, wearing glasses seemed to be the resigned fate of everyone of a certain age. Now LASIK surgery uses laser pulses to reshape a patient's cornea. Involuntary eye movements are known as saccadic movements. For a LASIK procedure to be successful, those saccadic movements, which can occur over 100 times per second, must be tracked. In the 1980s, NASA helped develop a military tracking system calledLADAR. Later that same technology was turned into a LADARVision which is a USDA approved system used during LASIK eye surgery to help correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.DustbusterThat's right, NASA had a hand creating dust's mortal enemy - the Dustbuster. Black & Decker (SWK) refined a portable, self-contained drill developed by NASA and refined it until the cordless mini vacuum known as the Dustbuster came to be in 1979.Invisible Bracesif you have a sharp smile because of invisible braces, you have NASA to thank. In the mid-1980s dental companies were searching for a material that was strong yet transparent material as an alternative to traditional metal braces. Years earlier NASA research led to the creation of atransparent ceramic material that was stronger than steel and smooth to the touch. This technology would later be used to create invisible braces.Enhanced camera techEver taken a picture with a GoPro, DSLR or cell phone? If the answer is yes, then you have been the beneficiary of NASA technology. NASA invented theCMOSactive pixel sensor which resides in most digital camera-enabled devices. The same tech is also used at your local dentist office to take X-rays of your pearly invisible-braces-straightened whites.Reggie Wade is a writer for Yahoo Finance.
Memory Foam Pillows Good for the Back .........?
I have found them great help. JC Penneys has a great cheap one1. Guide for choosing the best carpet cleaning company | Moussy Home NetworkWhen choosing a carpet cleaning company, here are three items to keep in mind to help you find the best carpet cleaning company for your needs. What cleaning method does the company use? Most companies utilize a hot water extraction method while others use shampoo or dry foam. To be sure you are using the best method for your type of carpeting, speak to a company representative or your carpet manufacturer for recommendations. It is also good to research the type of cleaning agents the company uses. If you have small children or pets, you might need a special type of cleaning solution that offers an extra level of safety. You might also want to ask about what other services are included with the carpet cleaning. For example, does the company offer spot treatment for old or difficult stains? Will company representatives move your furniture and replace it for you? Will your carpet be treated with a stain guard product after it is cleaned? Find out if a company representative will come to asses your carpet before cleaning to ensure the right cleaning method is used for your particular needs. How does the company select its employees? Is the carpet cleaning company concerned about the quality of its workforce? Are employees licensed, bonded and insured? Make a mental note about how you are treated when calling the company. Is the person assisting you professional, courteous and helpful? Ask for references to find out about timeliness, work quality and if the company's services are recommended. Visit the company's website to see what information it offers about the company's employees and what promises/guarantees they are expected to honor. Specifically, know what is included in each price quote you are given. Does the company charge per room or is a flat rate price given for all carpet to be cleaned? Will you be charged more if your carpet is more difficult to clean, or if you no longer have a warranty? Be wary of a price that sounds too good - the company may be new and inexperienced, or it may not offer the cleaning services you need. Check the company's website to see if you can get an online quote. This will allow you to compare prices before you sign on the dotted line. To get the most from your home carpet cleaning company, try Chem-Dry of Franklin, ask questions, and do your homework too. The more you know about what cleaning method is best for your carpet and what price you are willing to pay, the better off you will be. Ideally, the company will exceed your expectations and will leave you with clean, beautiful carpet.2. What is one helmet that would be adequate (not perfect, of course) for skating, biking, rock climbing, and skydiving?To answer your question, I need to first warn you that no single helmet fits all your activity. I tried to get one to save money before then I learned that the activities mentioned have different impact characteristics. I am here informing you of the risk. It might be cheaper to get two kinds of helmet for its intended purposes. Is it safe to use bike or skateboard helmet while climbing?Generally foam helmets break on impact so as to disperse the energy, preventing it from jarring your noggin. Cycling helmets are usually made of hard foam. Some higher tiered climbing helmets are foam constructed as well and these are lighter than their polycarbonate cousins. Hard helmets with sponge/harness inside works a different mechanic. Sports or water sports helmets tend to be these types including climbing where you might face repeated bashing or missile drops.With the above said, here's what I can recommend. Vapor Helmet - Black Diamond Climbing GearWall Rider | MammutBoth of the above are rated for single use climbing. Meaning that if a 5lb rock falls on it or if you bashed your head on the wall, it is as good as compromised. Many bicycle helmets are similarly constructed this way. There's also this link here: Multi-Sport HelmetsI can't find the Petzl model on the web. You might be able to get it on Amazon if they still have stock. The helmets in the page are certified for a range of activities you might be interested in. However, if you'd want to save a little more cash, I'd recommend the Protec Classic like the other answer. Although it gets hot in there during summer cycles, it lasts through repeated knocks.Right below is another kind made by Protec purely for a US DOD contract. Known as bump helmets. Don't skip this without giving it consideration. It is rated like a hard hat that is a lot more comfortable. It has a semi-hard polymer shell that flexes upon impact, and a close-cell sponge that encapsulates your skull to give it a two tier shock absorption protection. Protec Helmets:What is one helmet that would be adequate (not perfect, of course) for skating, biking, rock climbing, and skydiving?3. Memory Foam For A Hard College Bed...?HELL YA!!!!! For 20 dollars im going tomorrow!!! I love memory foam beds , I just brought a king size one from overstock ( 14") it rocks!!! you will get hooked on memory foam!
7 Top Picks - Best Cooling Mattress Toppers (Pads) UK | [UPDATED 2021 ]
If you are like many of the population and suffer from extremely hot sweaty nights under the covers, then this guide is for you. We know that a memory foam mattress is great for both comfort and support, but they are renowned for retaining heat...which, if you suffer from night sweats, much harder to get a good night's sleep. The goal of this article is to find the best cooling mattress topper for your needs and budget. The Panda topper is our best overall mattress topper for most people thanks to its suitability for most mattress types. It's corner straps mean it fits nice and snug to your existing mattress and the anti-slip layer prevents it from sliding around as your turn-over at night. Made up of "3rd generation memory foam", which was introduced to the market in 2006 and is essentially a gel memory foam, which is made up of gel particles and visco foam - a combination that is designed to reduce trapped body heat and allow body heat to escape. There is also a removable bamboo cover, making it easy to keep your topper clean and fresh and last for many years to come. With 8 sizes to choose from, you can find the exact fit you need, from single to super-king and all sizes in between. All Panda toppers, regardless of size, are 5cm thick (2 inches), and when your topper arrives it will be rolled into a nice neat and eco-friendly box with minimal packaging to throw away as most can be recycled. All in all, we highly recommend the Panda gel topper if you suffer from sleepless nights due to being too warm. The Dreamzie Orthopaedic topper is designed for all types of sleeper and has a focus on comfort no matter your preferred sleep position be it front, back or side. With 5cm of memory foam, it is built to relieve pressure points whilst you sleep, reducing those aches and pains many of us feel first thing in the morning. Thousands of people have tried this topper and it's reviews and ratings show just how good this product actually is, even if you've not heard of the brand before when it comes to cooling mattress toppers, Dreamzie know what they are doing. With a machine washable cover and all UK/EU sizes available, it is a great choice for those that run a little warm at night and would like a topper that increases the comfort of their existing mattress and provide some cooling properties. They do recommend allowing the topper ti 'air' for 24-hours after opening from its vacuum-packed box in order to allow it to get back to its pre-packaged state and any odors to dissipate. RECCI decided to take a different route with this product when compared to most cooling mattress pads on the market, in that they decided NOT to use gel, aloe or any other infused materials. They've kept this topper 100% memory foam, so if you have an existing foam mattress and love it, then this would pare nicely. They stand out feature of this topper is it's ability to form to your bodys contours and releve any stress placed on your joints as a result and since the do not use any gel infusion, they have a special weave that encourages airflow across and around the body, allowing for a cooler sleep. If you are looking for something a little different from the others and want a 100% memory foam topper, that uses a hypoallergenic bamboo cover then the RECCI could be for you. Especially if you suffer from any type of upper or lower back pain, as this product has been proven to reduce soreness and is also certified by the ISPA (International Sleep Products Association). The Millard memory foam topper is infused with PCM cooling gel, which provides a more consistent cool night's sleep thanks to the improved airflow around the body. This product uses high-density memory foam and is very durable, so it should last a long time. If you suffer from Asthma or have any other allergies, then the anti-microbial properties of the materials used in the Millard mattress pad will certainly help with those snuffles, itchy eyes and scratchy through many of us suffer from. This topper has proven to keep you cool on those warm nights and prevent night sweats that can give us a terrible broken night's sleep. the Millars's price point is also very attractive and it is the second cheapest cooling topper in our list, so if budget is the most important to you then give this a try. You make think of down as an insulative material and that it has no place in a cooling mattress topper, and I did too until I researched more about this product and the materials used. First of all, Rayon is made from bamboo, which is in most if not all toppers that help to reduce body heat, then there's the down-alternative, which is primarily used to provide the comfort layer that you lie on, providing a cloud-like padded feel. This is what you would call a pillow top mattress pad, where the top layer is like what you would find on a down duvet, for example, small squares of 'puffed-up' sections to provide support for your hips, legs, shoulders, and back. Having sold over 1-million mattress pads, it's easy to see that this is a product worth looking into. The Silentnight Airmax Mattress Topper is the budget option on our top 7 cooler toppers list, which may surprise you considering it's arguably the most recognised brand featured here today. If you've got a budget of less than 50, then the Airmax could be the best option for you. This product is slightly thinner than the others at 3cm thick, however, it does boast a cooling pillow top that allows air to flow freely and the Airmesh sidewalls allow the product to breathe, meaning no trapped hot air and a cooler nights sleep for you. Designed for mattress depths of up to 30cm, this topper has 4 corner straps which allow for each fixing to your existing mattress and also prevent the pad from sliding around. If you have allergies, the hypoallergenic materials used will certainly help to alleviate any symptoms you suffer from at night. Last but by no means least is this gel memory foam mattress topper from Inofia, which offers the thickest topper on this least at 3 inches (7.5cm). The 2cm of gel beaded infused memory foam provides ample cooling properties for any style of sleeper, combined with the 5.5cm of "Biogrey Reliefom" which is designed to relieve pressure on the body and is actually infused with charcoal, which helps to release negative ions to help with the bodies circulation, reduce fatigue and relieve stress. We really like how thick and sturdy this product feels and for the price is a real steal when compared to other products on the market that are higher-priced and offer far less than you get with the Inofia topper. In summary, a great option for those looking for a mix of quality, comfort and a reasonable price. What Are The Benefits of Mattress Toppers? If you are unsure of why you need a mattress topper or if you even need one at all, let me run through some of the key benefits they bring when it comes to getting a better nights sleep and I will let you decide if it's enough to make you try one. Of course, top of this list must be the fact that they help to keep your body cool whilst you sleep. This is not to be confused with 'cold', but 'cool' is the aim as you sleep much better in a cooler state, rather than being too hot, sweating and overheating, which causes you to wake up and kick the covers off whilst tossing and turning. Of course, you should look for those toppers that offer cooling features, such as the 7 products listed above. If you suffer from any kind of joint pain in bed then toppers have been known to really take the edge of and even remove the pain altogether. The pillow-top style of these pads provides more support, comfort and cushioning that you mattress perhaps does not , allowing your joints to take a break for being under stress all day/night. If you have asthma or any other allergies related to dust and fumes/odours etc, then a topper can be a cheaper alternative to getting a new mattress. The materials used are key here, so be on the lookout for anything that states 'Hypoallergenic' and 'Anti-microbial'. In bed, you give off moisture, sweat and perhaps smells that can ruin a mattress since so few of them have removable covers that can be washed. Toppers, on the other hand, are much smaller and easier to clean with most providing a remember (often made of Bamboo) zipped cover that can be washed at 30 or 40 degrees depending on the materials used. In addition, many of the toppers come with dust-mite resistant material, which again, is great for allergy sufferers and just general cleanliness and hygiene. They also keep your mattress super clean which will lengthen the life span, which is a bonus since mattresses are much more expensive to replace than a mattress pad/topper. Will a cooling mattress topper make me feel cold at night? In short, no. The cooling properties come from the materials used, which help to draw excess heat and moisture away from the body and improve airflow around you. They do not make you feel cold, however, most offer a 30-day trial at a minimum so if it's not for you you should be able to return it. If your product comes with a cover, then yes you can typically was the 'cover only' at 30 or 40 degrees. You cannot wash the actual topper itself in a machine, however, a sponge clean ann a quick-dry would work for stains. This refers to the top sleeping surface of the mattress pad and is the filled portion, which is often separated into diamonds or squares to kee the material in place. The materials used are usually down or a down-alternative, or some other man-made hybrid material that provides added comfort. How thick should my topper be? Generally, you will find most toppers come in 3cm, 5cm and 7-8cm thickness and how thick your topper is, is really down to personal preference. For example, if you have an older, thinner or cheaper mattress, then a thicker mattress pad would be the way to go to increase the comfort of your existing sleep setup. However, if you already have a thick mattress, then a 3cm would do just fine. If you are unsure then most will come in at 5cm which is a nice happy-medium and suitable for most. We've covered the 7 best cooling toppers and what to look for when choosing the one that fits your needs. If you are still on the fence, I encourage you to try the one you feel ticks the most boxes for you and take advantage of the money-back guarantee and sleep-trials available. With so many products on the market when it comes to improving sleep quality, companies are taking note that buying these products online can be difficult and you may not always be 100% happy with your choice. So buy it - try it is my motto and rest comfortably in the knowledge that you can always try a different product if needed.1. Homosexuals, please vote in this poll:?I am a bisexual woman...but I've been known to bite my fair share (and your fair share, and his fair share) of pillows. Synthetic is best. Down gets stuck in your teeth, and memory foam is too easy to bite through.2. How do i fix my sagging memory foam mattress?Yeah that will help temporarily
How Do I Fix My Sagging Memory Foam Mattress?
Yeah that will help temporarily1. Is there anything that your Tempurpedic® Memory Foam Mattress would like to forget?Yeah the salesperson said NOTHING about that mattress remembering every single fart I would ever cut for the rest of my life2. Where can I buy baby memory foam pillow-mitten?do not use memeroty foam! in the bassinett, just use the bottom. any type of... ANYTHING in the bassinet is a safety hazard... suffocation, for example. having nothing but the baby in there reduces the SIDS risk and suffocation. yes, they need a hard surface. dont give your child any type of pillow until s/he is at least 3 years old3. for crying out load..someone help...need recommendations..memory foam mattress topper and pillow-tempsoma???The reason you are seeing conflicting reviews is because mattresses are a very personal decision. People are very different in build and sleep preferences so I recommend that you just go and start laying on all sorts on beds. Mattresses stores always welcome this level of "intimacy" and usually will leave you to wonder on your own so you do not feel awkward. Just go test one and see if you like it, then you will know4. Families coated in tiny glass fibers after removing cover on memory foam mattressesMichelle Cantrell, of Austin, Texas, unzipped the cover on her daughter's 7-year-old memory foam mattress to wash it and noticed a tear in the cover. She did not think anything of it until several days later when she started itching after putting on a shirt that had been washed with the cover. She turned the shirt inside out and shined a light on the fabric, "just to see if I could see anything," she told Texoma's Homepage. "You could see all the shards of fiberglass just sticking up like knives." She realized it came from the mattress pad. The Cantrells bought their mattress from Canada-based DHP Furniture through Amazon. "In order for us to meet U.S. federal mattress flammability standards, many memory foam mattresses are constructed with a fire retardant knit fabric barrier that includes glass fiber threads," a company spokesperson said. The fibers are concealed under the quilting of the mattress cover on memory foam mattresses and serve as a fire barrier. The Cantrells hired a decontamination team to clean up the prickly fibers that had settled throughout their house. After six visits, the family still spots a fiber sparkling in the light, causing them to itch or cough. Cantrell also had to throw out all the pillows and blankets and nearly half of her clothes because she just could not get the fibers out of the fabric. What Cantrell cannot understand is why there was no warning label on the mattress. Oddly, Cantrell is not the only person who has been pricked by glass fibers after removing the covering of a memory foam mattress. Brittney Rodriguez of San Antonio said she followed the care instructions on her 7-year-old mattress, which said, "To Clean Mattress Outer Cover: Machine wash cold in mild detergent. Gentle spin cycle. Dry on gentle air cycle. DO NOT BLEACH, DO NOT DRY CLEAN." But after following the instructions, glass fibers suddenly coated her entire apartment. "This stuff gets up your nose, your eyes, and everywhere and it's hard," said Brittney's mother, Maria Astolfo. She called for an estimate to clean up the near-invisible mess and was told it would cost more than $4,000. Like Cantrell, many of Astolfo and Rodriguez's possessions were unsalvageable. "I am frustrated at this point, I am exhausted," Rodriguez told KUTV. Astolfo purchased her daughter's mattress from Walmart and got the name of the mattress manufacturer. The company agreed to refund the full $309 purchase price and are awaiting a separate estimate for cleaning the family's apartment. According to Texoma's, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is not aware of any health risks associated with fiberglass in memory foam mattresses or mattress covers. But Amazon reviews show that the problem is not an isolated incident. Beasley Allen is not currently accepting claims related to this consumer product.5. Where can I buy a QUEEN MATTRESS MEMORY FOAM SOFT 6 INCHES?I purchased one at walmarts, less than $ 300. it was the 6 inch one. It has been several years ago, and i did give it to my mom. But it sure was comfortable when i used it. If not there check with Sam's or Costco, ask around with ur friends to see who has a card, and can get u in. Sam's is running a promotion right now trying to build up business
Best Mattresses From Canada Reviews and Buyer's Guide (2021)
Below, we share everything sleepers need to consider when buying a new mattress in Canada. In recent years, 'bed in a box' mattress brands have taken the sleep industry by storm. These companies primarily sell their products online and typically price their beds lower than models sold by companies with brick-and-mortar stores. The majority of 'bed in a box' brands also offer free shipping for customers in the U.S., but in most cases this gratuity is not extended to shoppers across the border in Canada. However, Canadian mattress buyers can choose from a handful of reputable mattress brands that manufacture their models in Canada and offer free or low-cost shipping within the country. They may also select a mattress from one of the U.S. brands that offers free shipping to Canada. How to Buy a Mattress in Canada Buying a mattress is a step-by-step process no matter where you live. In Canada, customers should complete the following four steps when shopping for a new mattress and comparing different models. The vast majority of mattresses sold today cost at least $400 - and many cost $1,000 or more in Queen and King sizes. For most shoppers, these figures represent a significant financial investment. This is why calculating your mattress budget is an important first step. Be sure to take the following into account when calculating a mattress budget: None The cost of the mattress model in the size you need. Most adults require a Full-size mattress or larger, and couples should consider Queen, King, or California King sizes. Keep in mind that U.S. mattress brands list their model prices in U.S. dollars; you can convert the currency to Canadian dollars using None Taxes. The sales tax for goods purchased in Canada varies by province, but most mattress brands charge a flat 5% sales tax for online orders. U.S. mattress brands may charge sales tax, as well. The applied taxes typically show up during order checkout. None Shipping costs. Some mattress brands utilize ground couriers for deliveries and offer free shipping for all orders in Canada. Others employ their own couriers who assemble the mattress in the customer's residence; this service, known as 'White Glove delivery,' may be free-of-charge or incur a fee, depending on the company. Saatva includes White Glove delivery to most Canadian residences for free with both the Some mattress brands utilize ground couriers for deliveries and offer free shipping for all orders in Canada. Others employ their own couriers who assemble the mattress in the customer's residence; this service, known as 'White Glove delivery,' may be free-of-charge or incur a fee, depending on the company. Saatva includes White Glove delivery to most Canadian residences for free with both the Saatva and Zenhaven mattresses, our Best Value and Best Luxury picks. None Return fees. Many online mattress brands offer free returns; they will either pick up the mattress from the customer's home or mail a prepaid shipping label to the customer. In some cases, customers must cover shipping and handling fees for mattress returns. None Additional bedding. If you are purchasing a mattress that is smaller or larger than your current bed, then be sure to include new sheets and/or blankets in your budget. It's important to note that many mattress manufacturers offer monthly financing, which enables customers to pay for their mattress in monthly installments over a longer period. This may be the best option for purchasers who do not have enough cash on hand to pay for their mattress in a lump sum. In most cases, monthly financing is offered interest-free - but be sure to read the fine print just in case. Due to the wide range of mattresses sold today, it may be easiest to research models based on mattress type, rather than by brand. Although each model is inherently different, mattresses generally fall into one of the following categories: Below we provide an overview of each of these mattress types, including their pros and cons. Foam mattresses are made entirely of foam, including at least one support layer of high-density polyfoam, topped with one or more layers of polyfoam, memory foam, or latex foam. These mattresses are known for their characteristic pressure-relieving "hug." All foam mattresses often feel like you are sleeping "in" the mattress, as opposed to "on," but as with any mattress build, foam beds come in a large variety of firmness options, so the sinking in vs. floating on top. Can have a tendency to trap heat May not be sufficiently responsive for sex Latex mattresses feature a support layer of either high-density latex or polyfoam, topped by at least one layer of latex. Latex mattresses can be made from Dunlop or Talalay foams. Dunlop latex has a denser feel, and is often used in the support layers. Talalay latex has a lighter, fluffier feel more suitable for comfort layers. Latex mattresses are advertised as natural or synthetic, depending on the amount of organic latex they contain. Natural latex mattresses contain 95% organic latex or more. These are typically higher-quality, and boast the longest lifespans of all latex mattresses, due to being made from all organic materials. However, they also tend to be more expensive. Blended latex mattresses contain at least 30% organic latex, while synthetic latex mattresses are made entirely from synthetic latex foams. The less organic latex a mattress contains, the less expensive it will be. More expensive price range ($1,800 to $2,150 for a Queen) Innerspring mattresses use steel innerspring coils in the support core, with an additional base layer of high-density foam. For their comfort layers, these mattresses have at least one layer of foam. They may also include a layer of minicoils, as our Best Value pick, the Saatva mattress, does. Shorter-than-average lifespan, can be prone to sagging Hybrid mattresses essentially combine the standout qualities of foam and innerspring mattresses. Their support core is comprised of individually pocketed steel coils, sandwiched on all sides by a base layer and strong perimeter of high-density polyfoam. The comfort layers include at least two inches of memory foam and/or latex. Hybrid mattresses offer more conforming than an innerspring bed, while sleeping cooler than an all-foam mattress. Airbeds use air as their support system, with at least two adjustable air chambers topped by one or two thin comfort layers of foam. The appeal of airbeds is their adjustable firmness. Sleepers can adjust the firmness of the bed to their exact preference, by using manual hand crank or a remote control. Higher durability and longer lifespans, especially with regular parts replacement1. How do I decide which Memory Foam Mattress Topper is Best? 1.5 in, 2in, 3 in 4 in?I myself wouldnt mess with anything less then 2 inches thick. The thickness, will not make it necessarily more dense or softer. That is decided by the density of the foam itself. A topper is only as good as the mattress sits on as well. If the mattress is shot, the topper isnt going to be able to provide much relief. In most cases, its better to have a true memory foam mattress.2. Has anyone bought a mattress from Walmart? Bed in a box? Memory Foam?my mom just bought one a few months ago and she's never been happier. it's a really good deal. and if feels AMAZING on your back when you go to sleep. Also, it has not torn,ripped, or done anything. it holds up pretty fine if you ask me. good luck.3. Is sleeping on a memory foam mattress topper directly on the floor do-able?A four or five inch topper should be fine. If it feels too hard just put a roll out camping pad under it. When I go camping it takes a few days but then I am used to just the thin pad. Plus side- it will never develop a big dent or dip in the middle and you will have plenty of back support. I would recommend building some sort of base though to get it off the floor a bit
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Springwel's memory foam pillow is a comfortable orthopedic pillow which helps in posture correction and spine alignment. This orthopedic pillow comes with a washable cover in regular size and can be used on either sidesBest Memory Foam PillowWhat is the best pillow for a good night's rest? For some sleepers, the answer is a memory foam pillow because it can provide a blend of pressure relief, support, and softness to help a sleeper achieve better rest. In this guide, we cover the types of memory foam pillows, pillow sizes, and pillow lofts available. We go over the pros and cons of memory foam, the expected price and lifespan of a memory foam pillow, and which sleeping styles best benefit from using a memory foam pillow. We designed the Zoma Pillow to not only be comfortable but moldable. The shredded foam and polyester MicroCushions inside the pillow let you shape and fluff the pillow to your liking. Our MicroCushions fill the pillow by the hundreds and keep you cool by dissipating heat. The hypoallergenic MicroCushions naturally resists bacteria and dust mites. A queen-size Zoma Pillow is 16 inches by 27 inches and 6 inches high. The pillow can fit comfortably on most mattresses. The pillow comes with a machine washable cover made from 97 percent polyester and 3 percent spandex. The breathable, stretchy knit lets air flow in and out. Our Zoma Pillow is also machine washable. We advise washing the pillow core on a delicate cycle with mild detergent every six to twelve months, then dry it on low heat. You can get a queen-size Zoma Pillow for $75 with free shipping. The Zoma Pillow also comes with a 10-year warranty to cover repairs or replacement. Memory foam is created by adding materials to polyurethane to make it more viscous and elastic. This means memory foam contours to the body when a sleeper lies down, but quickly reverts to its original shape when the sleeper gets up and leaves the bed. Memory foam's ability to shape itself around the sleeper makes it one of the best materials to alleviate pressure and pain. While a memory foam mattress is the best way to relieve pressure points, a memory foam pillow can provide further support and relief for your head and neck. There's not just one shape when it comes to a memory foam pillow. While there is the traditional solid rectangle available, you can find a variety of other pillow shapes and lengths. A solid memory foam pillow comes in different thicknesses to better suit various sleepers. A one-piece memory foam pillow requires little maintenance- just the occasional spot-cleaning and regular vacuuming. It has a shorter expected lifespan than a shredded memory foam pillow. Instead of one solid block of memory foam, numerous pieces of memory foam fill a pillow for better customization. You can add or take away from the fill to change the pillow's loft and firmness. The broken-up pieces mean more air can flow through, keeping the pillow cool throughout the night. A shredded foam pillow can require frequent fluffing, like you would with a feather pillow. Unlike a solid memory foam pillow, many shredded pillows can be machine washed. A contour pillow supports the neck's muscles while you sleep. The pillow has two raised ends, one higher than the other, to let you choose which side provides better neck support. The head rests in the dip between the pillow's two slopes. While we recommend contour memory foam pillows for side and back sleepers, stomach sleepers should not use one. A stomach sleeper may aggravate their neck by resting on a contour pillow. A wedge memory foam pillow has a triangular shape made to elevate your head while you sleep. Wedge pillows can help with a few different health issues. A wedge pillow can help control acid reflux or snoring when used as a head pillow. For acid reflux, raising the head, neck, and shoulders helps keep stomach contents in place. For snoring, elevating the head prevents the throat's soft tissue from blocking the airway. If you have lower back pain, a wedge pillow can help if you place it underneath your knees, with the crook of your knees resting on the pillow's right angle. This takes the pressure off the lower back area. A body pillow is large, typically 20 inches wide and 48 to 54 inches long. Twin-bed sleepers may feel cramped with a body pillow, but it should comfortably fit on a full-size mattress or larger. Many side sleepers benefit from sleeping with a body pillow, as hugging a body pillow can prevent tossing and turning. A body pillow can also help a sleeper make the change to side sleeping. Like any material, memory foam has its pros and its cons. It's one of the best materials for pressure and pain relief, but that might not be what a sleeper most needs from their pillow. One of the biggest appeals of memory foam is its pressure and pain relief. If you wake up with neck pain or headaches, a memory foam pillow can help you get a painless night of sleep. If you need silence to sleep, memory foam is one of the quietest bedding materials. It remains completely silent when you move, unlike a buckwheat or feather pillow. Memory foam is one of the more versatile pillow fills on the market. Memory foam pillows are typically one solid piece of foam in varying thicknesses and firmnesses, or full of adjustable, shredded foam. A memory foam pillow is easy to find- you can order one online or find one in the bedding aisle of most department stores. The main downfall of traditional memory foam is how it can absorb too much body heat, disturbing sleep. Many brands solve this problem by adding cooling gels to the foam mix, creating gel memory foam. Others mix in graphite, charcoal, or copper for a similar effect. A memory foam pillow can lack durability, but this mostly applies to a one-piece design. A shredded foam fill lasts about three or four years. Many sleepers notice an unpleasant smell when first opening their memory foam pillow. This smell results from a process known as "off-gassing" and occurs when organic compounds in the pillow break down at room temperature. The smell should dissipate within a few weeks at most. A memory foam pillow may not be for everyone; it depends on your preferences, sleeping position, and budget. However, a memory foam pillow can help others achieve a better night of sleep. Side sleepers need a mix of support and pressure relief. A high-loft, firm memory foam pillow can keep the neck aligned while soothing pressure points. And a knee or leg pillow can keep the hips aligned during the night. Side sleepers spend the night with part of their face pressed into their pillow. We recommend a cooling pillow with a breathable cover to prevent heat retention. A shredded memory foam pillow is a good way for a back sleeper to find their perfect loft and firmness without having to try out numerous pillows. A back sleeper who snores or has acid reflux can alleviate their symptoms with a wedge foam pillow. A memory foam pillow can prevent and alleviate allergy or asthma symptoms. The dense structure of memory foam works to keep out allergens and pests such as dust mites and bed bugs. Dust mites, in particular, can worsen allergy symptoms. A memory foam pillow is a good choice for any sleeper with a natural fiber, feather, or latex allergy. According to Sleep Like The Dead, a quality memory foam pillow should last longer than other hypoallergenic fills such as polyester or down alternatives. You can use a mite-proof cover on your pillow to further prevent an allergen invasion. Washing your bedding every week can help, too, especially if you wash it in hot water to kill any lingering germs or dust mites. If you've woken up with a sore or stiff neck, a new memory foam pillow can be just what you need for a better night of rest. A traditional rectangular pillow can mold itself to your head and neck for relief. A contour pillow, however, can help you wake up pain-free by offering separate support for your neck and head. We recommend staying away from a high-loft or stiff pillow if you experience frequent neck pain. A pillow that's too high or stiff keeps your neck flexed throughout the night. You can find memory foam pillows in a few different sizes, as shown below. Most mattresses can accommodate a standard, super standard, or queen size pillow. When we talk of pillow loft, we are referring to the pillow's height or thickness. Pillows come in low loft, medium loft, and high loft. The right pillow for you promotes a healthy spine by keeping your head and neck aligned. Your sleeping position and type of mattress can help you figure out what your ideal loft is. Each sleep position works best with a different loft, as the height needed to keep the neck and head aligned changes with your body's position. A side sleeper often gets their best sleep on a pillow with a higher loft, between 4 to 6 inches. We recommend side sleepers shop for a firm pillow, rather than a plush pillow that might let their head sink in too deep. Back sleepers sleep best on a memory foam pillow that falls in the middle when it comes to loft and firmness. We do not recommend stomach sleeping, as it can cause or aggravate health concerns such as back pain, neck pain, and restless sleeping. We advise stomach sleepers try side sleeping or back sleeping instead. However, those who choose to continue stomach sleeping should look for a low-loft pillow or skip the head pillow entirely. Instead, we recommend using a pillow underneath the abdomen to better keep the spine aligned. A memory foam mattress or latex mattress molds to your body, leaving less space between your neck and the mattress. So if you sleep on a foam bed, a lower loft pillow keeps your neck properly aligned with the rest of your spine. If your bed is an innerspring mattress or a hybrid, you wo not sink in as deeply as you would on a foam bed. This creates more space between your neck and the mattress, requiring a higher loft to provide enough support. How Much Should a Memory Foam Pillow Cost? Many memory foam pillows fall into the $30 to $75 range, although a few cost more than $100. Extra features such as cooling gels and adjustable loft can increase the price. Memory foam pillows typically rest in the middle when it comes to pillow prices. Often, a memory foam pillow costs less than a natural fill such as down or buckwheat, and more than a synthetic fill such as down alternative or polyester. For a queen-size pillow, we recommend a budget between $50 to $80. A lower-cost memory foam pillow is unlikely to give you several years of use. How Long Should a Memory Foam Pillow Last? You can expect about three to four years of use from a pillow with memory foam filling. We recommend keeping the pillow receipt in a safe place so you will know exactly when you bought it. This may seem like a short amount of time, but pillows need regular replacing because they absorb dead skin, hair, and sweat. These s inevitably attract dust mites, a microscopic pest many people are allergic to. The weight of your head flattens your pillow over time, causing it to provide less support. A shredded memory foam pillow tends to last longer than a one-piece pillow since you can fluff it up to keep it in shape. So how do you know when your memory foam pillow needs replacing? If any of the below describes your pillow, it's probably time to shop around for a new one: Your pillow has developed lumps or is otherwise losing its shape Your pillow has stains that wo not wash out You wake up with neck or shoulder pain You wake up with headaches or have more headaches than normal You see an increase in allergy symptoms after you've slept To better protect your memory foam pillow, we recommend a pillow cover or protector. Some pillows come with a cover, but if not you may want to take the time to purchase one. A removable cover is easy to wash, and using one can help you get the most out of your pillow. Wash any pillowcases and pillow covers once a week with your other bedding. A solid memory foam pillow should be spot cleaned on a regular basis, ideally about every once every one to two months and at least every six months. Clean your pillow if you've recently spilled something on it or if you've just recovered from an illness. Do not put your one-piece memory foam pillow in the washer or dryer, as the agitator may break the foam apart. Instead, gently clean it by hand and allow the pillow to air dry. Make sure it's completely dry before you pull the cover and pillowcase back on. To freshen up a one-piece memory foam pillow, sprinkle baking soda on it and give it some sunlight for a couple of hours. Then vacuum the pillow, flip it and repeat the process. Vacuuming your pillow regularly can keep it free of dead skin and allergens. Because a shredded memory foam pillow is already in pieces, it typically can go into a washer and dryer. Read any included care instructions for the recommended water temperature and wash cycle. Fluff a shredded memory foam pillow regularly to help it keep its shape. You can fluff a pillow manually with your hands or by running it in the dryer for a few minutes. Sleeping on the Right Mattress Even the perfect pillow for you can only do so much when it comes to getting a good night's sleep. To get the most out of your bed, sleep on the best mattress for you. Just as the right pillow works to keep your spine happy by keeping your neck and head supported, the right mattress maintains a healthy spinal alignment. You do not have to overspend to find a top-rated mattress, either. It's possible to find a great mattress for under $1000. Not every pillow comes with a sleep trial, warranty, or return policy. Warranties are far more common than return policies; it's common for a pillow to be a final-sale item. We advise always shopping for a pillow with a warranty to protect your investment. A sleep trial is the time period you have to try out a new pillow. Not every pillow comes with one, particularly the more inexpensive ones. Some pillow sleep trials last about a month, while others extend to between 90 to 120 days. Warranties provide security for the customer, assuring them the pillow they are buying is a quality product. Memory foam pillow warranties often include tears, rips, or splits in the foam extending beyond normal usage. If the pillow comes with a cover, the warranty may only protect the pillow and not any damage to the cover's fabric or zipper. Many memory foam pillows need to be replaced every two or three years, although a high-quality pillow may last you about five years. A good warranty will cover at least three years. We strongly advise against buying a pillow that does not have an attached warranty. Warranties are a measure of the company's faith, so what does it say if the company does not include a warranty? A return policy outlines how you process a return, the time period in which you can make a return, and for what reasons you can make a return. To make it easier on yourself, take the time to read through it before you buy rather than wait until you want to return your pillow. We advise choosing a pillow with a return policy that covers at least 30 days. Memory foam pillows can flatten over time. A shredded memory foam pillow is less likely to flatten than a solid memory foam pillow thanks to the hundreds of pieces inside. When it starts getting flat, you can just fluff it up so it will regain its shape. You should not wash a one-piece memory foam pillow because a washing machine can break up the foam. Instead, try vacuuming your pillow every three months. Pillows yellow as they age and trap dirt, debris, and sweat. Washing your pillow regularly can help keep it clean and stain-free. Just make sure your pillow is safe to toss into the washer. What type of pillow is best for side sleeper? Side sleepers should look for a high loft pillow to support their neck and head. Otherwise, they will wake up with stiff neck muscles or a headache. Shredded memory foam pillows are a good choice for side sleepers because their fill is adjustable. They can be fluffed up or flattened. The pillow also adapts as you toss and turn. Should shoulders be on the pillow when sleeping? It's better to keep your shoulders off your pillow while resting. If your shoulders are on the pillow, they will likely create a gap between your neck and the pillow. Without support, your neck muscles will strain to hold up your head and feel sore the next morning. Did We Help? A memory foam pillow can provide many sleepers with a restful night of sleep. If you are unsure what loft and firmness are right for you, we recommend a shredded foam pillow for its adjustability. When it comes to pillows, what you pay for is typically what you get. Do not be afraid to invest $10 to $30 more to ensure you get a pillow that will last for years to come.
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